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Sam Lakes 


Just A Ghost's Story - Chapter 4

"I'd like that, to be friends," said Charlie. 

I could tell he was attracted to Lucas. Not as good looking as me or as I was, but still in the classification of being a babe.

"Look at that bod! Charlie, he's a babe, just imagine what little ..."

"Shut up, Paul!"

"Huh?" said Lucas.

"It's Paul. He's here trying to embarrass me."

"Oh? What did he say to you? The same thing he said last night?"

Charlie blushed. "You remember?" 

"Charlie, he's got the hots for you!" Charlie blushed even more. "Ah, and you got the hots for him!" I laughed. Talk about shades of red! 

"Yes, your mom said she agreed with what Paul said and you blushed like you are right now, right, Paul?" said Lucas.

"You see him?" said Charlie, "This isn't fair!"

"No. But you said he's here and that's good enough for me, so what did he say?"

"I dare you to tell him the truth, that you got the hots for him!" I laughed.

Some guy came in to pee.

"So?" smiled Lucas. God, he has a gorgeous smile. 

"Yeah, so tell him!" I said.

"Do you mind butting out of our conversation!" said Charlie.

"Excuse me, I'm just taking a pee. I am not involved in your conversation!" said the man.

"I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to him."

"His friend, Paul, a ghost," said Lucas.

"You guys are a couple of..."

"Don't say it!" I said as my temperature rose...well it's just an expression. I didn't like this guy's attitude.

"...crazy faggots!" 


"PAUL!" shouted Charlie.

I grabbed the guy's dick and aimed it back on him. He looked down in horror at seeing his dick waving around, spraying his piss all over himself. The guy tried to grab his dick, but I kept moving it so he'd miss.

Charlie started laughing and so did Lucas. 

"You pissed him off! You better apologize to him before he leads you out of the restroom by your dick," laughed Charlie.

"Fuck you! You little..." he started to say as I headed toward the door. 

"Charlie, give him one last warning," I said.

"Last warning, you better apologize."

"I ain't..." 

Out the door we went! I'm sure you can imagine the scene - I mean, nobody except Sam, Jordan, and Charlie can see me. So here's this bigot coming out of the restroom being led by his dick and right out into public view! He's hollering, "Let go of me! Let go of me!" Women are screaming; one little kid saying, "Mommy, look at that nasty man!" and she immediately covers the kid's eyes. "Too late, lady!" I laughed. Down the walkway past all the stores to the nearest cop! 

As I left I heard him screaming, "...there's a couple of queer boys in the restroom, they did this to me!" and the cop saying, "You have the right..."

When I got back to the restroom, guess who was in whose arms, making out!

"Hey! Get a room!" I said and they jumped apart.

"Jesus, Paul! You know how to scare a guy!" said Lucas.

"You can see me?" I asked.

"Yes, I guess I didn't really believe you existed until you grabbed that guy's dick and made him piss on himself," said Lucas, "and then when you led him out of here I saw you. You're not upset with me kissing Charlie, I hope."

"And if I was?" I feigned anger. 

"I'd never take my dick out in a public restroom with you around," he smiled a really cute and sexy smile. I couldn't help liking him.

We all exited the restroom, Charlie holding Lucas's hand, leading the way just like he used to do with me. As we arrived, Coogie said, "You're out?"

Lucas blushed, but didn't let go of Charlie's hand, "Yeah, at least to you guys."

She appeared overjoyed and Sam and Jordan approved too. I saw just the slightest tinge of sadness from Sam.

"Say, did you guys hear what happened. Some guy was running around exposing himself." Charlie instantly started laughing, followed by Lucas. 

"What's the joke?" asked Sam.

"He was a bigot that pissed off a ghost!" laughed Lucas, "Paul...the queer friendly ghost!"

This guy has a great sense of humor; I just hope he's the right guy for Charlie. I think I may be just a tiny bit jealous. What if Charlie loves him more and forgets me? . But then maybe it's better this way...better for Charlie...


I must have phased out because now the mall is empty. I panicked! What if five years passed? I had to find out, but where? Ah, yes! A newspaper vending machine! Damn! It's empty! OH! OH! Newspaper in the trash! Oh my God! One week! Oh my love! ONE WHOLE WEEK! They could have made babies in one week! Well, maybe not, they are both guys! But still! That slut is with my love!

(Charlie's Room)

Good! I can still get to the place I want by just thinking about being there! "Charlie! Charlie?" Check the bathroom...nope, not here...the blow room...no. Where the heck is he? Oh, God! What if he's at whatshisname's house! I haven't a clue where that is! What was his name? Oh yeah, Lucas! I know, Sam! Sam will know where he lives!

(Sam's Room)

Oops! He's beating off! Oh, well, this is an emergency! 

"Hey! Sam!"

Talk about being startled! 

"Damn! What the fucking hell are you doing here! Talk about scaring a person half to death! Fuck it, Paul! Knock or something!"

"Sorry, but it was an emergency! Jordan's not here?"

"Duh! I wouldn't be banging my meat if he was here, would I?"

"Well, at least I didn't interrupt you doing it with him."

"So, what's the BIG emergency?"

"Where's Charlie?"

"I wouldn't be banging my meat if he was here, would I?"

"You've been doing it with him?!!!"

"Gotcha!" he laughed. 


"Where have you been?"

"I don't know. I sort of phased out at the mall and the next thing I knew everybody was gone and it's one week later. Sam, is he doing it with Lucas?"

Sam smiled, "A little jealous, are we?"

"No. Uh. Yes. Uh, no, uh not really," I said with about as much certainty as I had on where I'd been for one week!

Sam smiled.

"I love him, it's hard to give him up. I know I have to, but it's my responsibility to see that he is truly happy. Where does Lucas live?" I asked.

"Over on Juniper - 543, I think," replied Sam.

"Could you drive me over there?"

"What? It's 1:30 a.m. I've got school tomorrow. Just go by ghost express or however you travel!"

"I can't. I don't know where Juniper is. Please, Sam, I'll be your best friend!"

"I already have a best friend, Jordan. The answer is no. I'm going to sleep. G'nite." He turned over and put the pillow over his head.

I started crying. It worked. Ten minutes later we were in the car over to Lucas' house.


Sam's POV

Paul really gave me a fright! I mean there I am fantasizing about, of all people, Charlie. Oh! It was going to be a good fantasy! I'm glad he didn't ask me whom I was thinking about. I love Charlie, a lot, but I couldn't imagine living the rest of my life with him. So, how do you get over such an infatuation? Help me, someone!

I think he's very jealous and much more than he says he is.

I can't believe I'm driving a ghost around the town at 2 a.m. He didn't say much on the way over to Lucas' house, I could feel he was worried, but about what I wasn't so sure. 

"Okay, here we are. Get out!"

"Come with me."

"No! I'm tired and I want to go to sleep."

"But I'm scared. Please. I beg you."

"What are you scared of?"

"Don't laugh. Ghosts."

I couldn't help it I laughed, "You afraid of ghosts! <ha-ha> Oh, come on! You're one of them!"

He started crying again. "Stop the crying. Come on, get out," I said as I got out the car, "You are pathetic, Paul."

"I can't help it! Some ghosts are bullies! I'm not into all this boo stuff and it has always scared me."

I walked up to the door with Paul. When we got to the door I said, "Go on. I'll wait here for you."


"Oh, what? What now, Paul?" I was beginning to get a little pissed off with Paul.

"I was hoping you would ring the doorbell and stay with me. What if they're having sex? Please, I don't think I could handle it without you. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please!"

I reached over and rang the doorbell. A minute later the porch light came on and I could hear someone unlocking the door, then the door opened. 

"Sam Lakes, what the heck are ringing the doorbell for? Do you know what time it is?" asked Mr. Larico.

"I'm sorry to wake you, sir, but is Charlie Harrington-Ford here?"

"No, I think Luke said he was going to Chicago."

"Ask him if we can speak to Lucas," said Paul.

"Could I speak with Luke? It's really important, sir."

"Hold on."

"Sam, I am so worried! I thought sure he'd be here. Why would he be in Chicago? I hate that place! That place scares me for some reason."

"Gee, I wonder why?" I said sarcastically.

"I really don't know. I mean I lived here my whole life, why should I hate Chicago? I've never even been there."

I looked at him in astonishment.

The door opened, it was Lucas. His eyes were puffy and red like he'd been crying. 

"Hey, Sam," he said. I'd never heard him sound so down. I could see that he was trying to hold back tears. My immediate thought was that he and Charlie had broken up.

"Luke, what's up, dude, you look really like depressed?"

"Where's Charlie?" asked Paul.

"Paul? Where have you been? Why did you leave? Do you know how worried we've been? Were you pissed with me? Did I do something wrong?" 

"You were worried about me? I would have thought you'd be glad to have me out of the way! Well, you two sure seemed to get all kissy-kissy awfully fast!" 

"But we thought that's what you wanted!"

"What do you mean, I wanted?" replied Paul.

"Guys! I'm going home to bed! G'nite!" I said.

"NO! You have to take us to Chicago!" they both said in unison.

"NO! NO WAY!" I argued. 

God! Am I a sucker for tears! So a half hour later we were on the road to Chicago, a six hour trip - all four of us, Lucas, Paul, Jordan, and I. What, you think I'd suffer through a six-hour road trip with Charlie's two loves? If I was going to have to suffer so was Jordan! 

Why Chicago? I have no idea, but the two loves say that they just feel they have to go - they have to find Charlie!