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West Fargo

Just A Story

Chapter 8

Paul has the most beautiful laugh. It's sort of a laugh and giggle at the same time. The kind of giggle a six-year-old would have; in one word, 'cute'.

"Pee – in – ha-ha – mouth! He-he".

I was confused again, "What! Stop laughing at me!"

"I'm sorry…really…<giggle>…no, it's not you…I mean <giggle> it's me and you <giggle>. <Sigh>, that's not what gay as in homosexual means. Just because you're gay doesn't mean you pee in someone's mouth!"

"Well, still," I was sort of embarrassed to say the thing about eating excrement, "I couldn't do the other stuff."

"What stuff?"

"Nasty stuff."


"Eating…eating your own excrement off of your penis, prick, cuz you had it up my butt! Forget it, I love you more than anything, but I could never do that! I will never do that!"

"Who has told you all this…this crap! It's utter bullshit! Gay is just when you are attracted to someone of your own sex. Like I'm attracted to you. I love you. I don't want anyone else. I don't want to be with anyone else!"

I wanted to believe him, but somehow I was still confused.

"Look, if you don't believe me, ask my mom."

"No way!"

"Okay, my Uncle Ben is gay!"

"Ben – gay."

He giggled.

"What? Wha'd I say, now?"


"No. Tell me!"

"You just said 'Ben – gay'"

"And, so!"

"It's a product for sore muscles and joints. It's called Ben-Gay."

"I don't get it."

"I know. It's just the way you said it was cute and…and look, just talk to him." He dialed the number and when Ben got on the line.

"Hello, sir, this is Charlie, uh, Charlie Harrington-Ford. Uh, are you gay?"

"Hi, Charlie. Yes, I am gay. Any other questions?"

"Yeah…uh…well…uh…what do gay people do?"

"Well, that definitely has a lot of answers. They cook, clean, have barbeques, talk, eat, sleep, some like me like to fish, some don't. But this isn't the answer you were looking for, is it?"

"No. Do they pee in each other's mouth? And do you have to eat you own excrement off the other guy's penis cuz it's been up your butt?"

"Generally, probably not. Some might. I never have. Why?"

"I'm confused. The other day when Paul called me and told me that he was gay, I thought he meant happy. So I said I guessed we we're just a couple of gay guys. John said I shouldn't say that because gays were two guys who were perverts, that homosexuals would pee in each other's mouth and eat their own excrement off of the other guy's penis after it had been up his butt. I could never do that so I figured I was not gay…"

"Well, there are some gays that probably do that, but then there are straight people who do that sort of thing too. The thing is, that is not what makes a person gay or straight. Are you attracted to other boys?"

"I'm attracted to Paul; and when we were all changing into our swim suits I was looking at the other boys. Ray has a huge, uh, what's the word, oh yeah, schlong! Phil's like me, we're not circumcised, but when I looked at Paul's penis, Mr. Prick – I changed his name from penis to prick because Paul told me it was called a prick. Do you call you penis a name?"

"Big Ben," Ben laughed.

"Hey, Richie, what do you call your penis?"


"What do you call your prick?"

"I call him Dick – get it? I'm Richard, same as Dick!"

"Oh! Right! What about you, Cory?"

"I call him stud!"

"Yeah, right!" laughed Paul.

"Shut up, Paul!" he laughed, "Ray said you weren't much bigger when you were my age!"

"He just didn't want you to feel bad. I wouldn't imagine you could feel anything!"

"Fuck you, ass-wipe!" he said as he and Richie went back down the slide.

"It's a guy thing," laughed Ben, "Charlie, how do you feel when you're around Paul?"

"Happy and sort of warm inside. I love his smile and his laugh. And his lips! I just kissed him on his lips and I felt tingly all over. <giggle> and Mr. Prick got really hard!"

"How do you feel when he's not around?"

"Lonely, sad, like something's missing, no, like part of me is missing." I scooted over on my bed so Paul could lie down next to me if he wanted. He did.

"So. Anything else?"


"Go ahead."

"Uh, when we were riding over here Em was sitting in my lap and I sorta got hard."

"Are you attracted by her?"

"Sorta, I mean, I like her a lot, but not as much as Paul. I don't know why, but I feel I've known him all my life, but yet I've just met him. It's like he's a part of me and now he's here I don't think I could live without him. But this thing with Em, does it mean I'm not gay?"

"Well, it could mean that you are bi as in bisexual."

"Is that good or bad?"

"Neither. It's just what I call an isness. It's like being totally straight or totally gay or a shade of gray between the two extremes. They are just isnesses. Things that are; as they are. Understand?"

"Yes, sir. Thanks…"

I looked at Paul, blonde hair, blue-blue eyes, longish face, but not too long, square shoulders, slender fingers, an ever so slight dimple in each cheek when he smiles. Looking at him, I couldn't help smiling. My own heart was beating really fast and I felt so excited. He was looking at me too.

"You know what?" I asked in a low voice.

"What, my love?"

I sighed, "You are so beautiful," I touched his cheek gently with my hand, "so, so beautiful and…"


"I'm gay," I said as I moved my face right to his and lightly brushed my lips over his lips.

"I know, me too," he barely whispered as he pressed his lips against mine and we pulled each other into an embrace. I could feel his tongue gently trying to penetrate my mouth so I allowed its entrance and was instantly pleased with sensations I had never even dreamed of. I moaned, as it felt so fantastic. I decided to follow his lead and our tongues began to intertwine with each other. The sensations were even greater and better. Our bodies began to press and gyrate against each other. I could feel his hardness as I am sure he could feel mine. His soft moans were driving me to the edge I knew any second Mr. Prick would explode like never before.

"Hey, guys! What's up?" yelled Ray as he came into the room.

We both were so startled that we flinched. Paul fell to the floor, grabbing what he thought was a sheet, but in reality was my towel, leaving me bare-assed naked with Mr. Prick standing at attention, wet with the clear slippery stuff.

Ray just looked at us and started laughing.

I snatched back my towel and covered myself as best I could; although you could see Mr. Prick was still at attention, not having grasped the situation; sometimes he just refuses to relax!

I looked at Paul and his swimsuit did little to hide his Mister Penis. I think Mr. Prick was trying desperately to signal Mr. Penis because I could feel him jerking about on his own! And I saw Mr. Penis do the same.

"So, Charlie, I take it you're gay."

At that moment I realized why Mr. Prick was jerking around on his own, he and Mr. Penis were getting ready to explode, which they promptly did. Both Paul and myself grabbed ourselves. All I could say was, "Yeeaahhh, ahhhh, ahh, ah, oh, oh, ah, oh, oh <sigh> ah! <deep breath> whew! Yes, I'm definitely, oh! Gayeeeeeeee! Oh…"

"Great timing, Ray! Couldn't you have waited a minute or two!" said Paul. He looked at me and then the three of us erupted in laughter

To be continued.

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