Just Details

by Akis Marty

Important Notes

If you decide to put this story on your website, let me know first. I don't mind my story being distributed, but make sure you DO NOT modify it in any way! Other than that, you may NOT copy this story, and submit it as your own.

This story contains sexual intercourse between males, but it also has a story behind it, not just pointless banging. If you read it, you take full responsibility upon doing so, for I will not be held responsible for you wanting to and actually reading it.

The names in this story are Japanese (Aki has nothing to do with my own name, Akis). The few Japanese terms used here are a form of addressing people, titles, if you like. Kun is used for boys and young guys (usually in school, sometimes it also signifies friendship, closeness), senpai suggests that the addressee is the addresser's senior (at work or school - upperclassman), chan is used usually between friends (but sometimes friendly people use it with almost everyone), san is used to politely address someone, something like Mr. and Ms., and sensei is used for addressing teachers and doctors. Also take note that Japanese people address acquaintances using their surnames (family names) and a title (usually -san), otherwise it's considered either rude, or that those people know each other well. XD

The characters in this novel are (Japanese order of names is surname (family name, last name), and then given name (first name)), in order or appearance: Saenagi Akira, Igarashi Ran, Tatsuya Shin.

I knew I shouldn't have agreed to it in the first place. But now it was already over and done with. My house of course was trashed after the party, but I was so smoothly indulged. Yesterday somehow word got around in school that my parents are leaving on a business trip for the week. I was approached by one of the popular kids, a jock nonetheless, and also, so it seems, a friend, ok... the only popular kid that would talk to me, or is it that I don't mingle with them? His name is Igarashi Ran. He is on the basketball team and he's the captain's, Tatsuya Shin's, right hand man. Which basically means if they do something rebellious, they do it together... and of course many times with a few other team mates. At this point I would call them a gang.

It was one of spring's many Wednesdays when Ran-kun ran up to me, saying: "Hey Aki-chan! Heard your parents left for the week. What do you say we throw a party sometime soon at your place?" I was just walking down the school hallway, as he came from behind and I didn't see his face, until I turned around.

"Ahh.. Ran-kun. I don't.." I tried to refuse his offer but he already cut me off.

"It's settled then!" He slapped me on the back, although I think he was trying to pat me, but since he's a jock, he sometimes forgets his own strength. Not that he's over-built, but he does have more than just supple muscles. He often shows off his arm muscles to people, while smirking. "Tomorrow night at your place!"

"But.." I tried deterring him from that absurd decision, but he cut me off again.

"Don't worry! We will bring everything, so you won't need to bother." He grinned at me and then ran off, waving, before I could protest.

"Dick." I mumbled, but for some reason some kids that were walking nearby heard me and started whispering... again. Why do they always whisper about me? I don't care what, but don't they have anything better to do than whisper about the school's top student. Yeah, believe it or not, that is me, Saenagi Akira, 17 years old, like most seniors in this school. Maybe that's why people think I don't swear. Well of course I do. When I get irritated, although that doesn't show, because I have a calm face. Sharp, elongated, dark eyes, behind glasses, thin lips, straight nose, a serious young man's face, as some put it.

My hair is natural black, and since I am not so keen on cutting it, since I don't trust anyone with scissors to come near my head, and always cut my hair on my own, it's always a bit too long, so I can't call it short, but I can't call it medium length either. The jocks usually have short hair, wouldn't want it getting in the way when you're on the court, now would you? And the other kids... well, depends what they belong to. Hardcore kids usually have it long, punk have the weirdest hairdos, emo kids cover about 3/5 of their face, nerds have short, wavy hair, or long, but it never fits their facial bone structure, and smart kids usually have their hair done in some fancy salon, by a gay stylist and always look great. I couldn't say I fit in any of those categories. I never fit in anywhere, although I know a bit about everything, and am interested in many different things, but I am never stuck on something to devote all my attention to it. Maybe that's why I am not so popular, or don't have a circle of friends. Or maybe it's just because I don't care. Details...

The party was really loud, with a lot of alcohol and LOTS of people. I just went to answer the door and when I opened it, all these people started swarming in my house, with Ran-kun leading them. A few minutes later Shin showed up too with a few people at his side as well. How come they even knew where I lived? I should look through the visor more often.

"You over-prepared yourself, Akira-kun." Shin said sarcastically as he walked passed me and into my living room. I just came out of the shower, so I pulled on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, and was about to pull on a pair of socks (I have cold feet, maybe due to my height, which is 1.82m, about the same height with the jocks) when the doorbell rang, the first time. Little did I know it was Ran. I wouldn't have gone downstairs if I did.

Of course I didn't want to be a stinker and call the cops on them, but I didn't have to worry, because after a few hours people started leaving, half-drunk, or so, and one or two hours later the last few people started exiting my house. During the party's "traffic hour" I couldn't go hide in my room, since then there'd be no one to watch over the strangers. When it dimmed down though I went into my room to check if anyone decided to get cozy. That would have really irritated me. My house is not a love hotel. Luckily there was no one having sex on my bed, but still, Shin was passed out on it, drunk. I tried to shake him awake and when that didn't work, I went after Ran. He was the last one to get up and go, after everyone left, so I caught him on his way out.

"Passed out, you say?" He grinned at me. "Well then, there's nothing we can do. It happens to him often... actually... on every party. He drinks like a pig. Hahahah..." He started laughing, but I didn't find it one bit funny. My parents don't trust me for some reason, so they made sure to lock their room, before leaving. At least I didn't have to check on people there. "Oh.. and I heard that in his sleep he humps people who sleep near him. Bwahahahah." He laughed again.

"WHAT!?" My eyes widened.

"Heheh. Don't worry, he only does that to girls." He beckoned.

"Still.. at least help me move him to the couch!" I rubbed my forehead, and squinted. I know I do that when I am at the edge.

"No way! Last time I tried doing that, he puked all over me. Good luck." And he ran off again. I thought he was a dick yesterday, but this definitely tops that.

Now I was standing in my room, looking at Shin. He had about the same build as Ran, a bit shorter though. Tonight his dirty blond hair was spiked for the party, but as he dug his head in my pillow, he messed it up. Also his blue eyes matched his dirty blond hair very well, but I couldn't see them since they were shut. He was silently lying on his stomach. I really hope Ran was kidding about Shin humping girls in his sleep. Well it's not like I am a girl. I definitely don't look anything like one. He was just trying to aggravate me more. I know it! If it's not my bed, I can't sleep. Well, if he starts humping me it won't bother me all that much either. I knew I was gay from the day I was born. Girls just creep me out, for some reason. I blame it on my great aunt. She was always whining about the nasty things happening to her body. My mother told me she didn't even have half those problems. She was just seeking attention. The gross things she said and sometimes did were just over the edge for me.

"Guess it can't be helped." I sighed. I took my jeans and my t-shirt off. It was too warm to sleep dressed. I took on a gray top instead and headed for my bed. At least two people could fit in it comfortably. It wasn't too big though, so I had to push Shin a bit over, since he was spread all over it. I could barely move him. It's not like I lack the strength, but it's generally hard to move someone just a bit over, without pushing them out of bed, when they are sprawled, lying on their stomach. Finally, I managed to climb into bed as well, being at Shin's right side (as he was still lying on his stomach). I didn't cover myself of course, because I didn't want to fry, so I didn't have to bother with the blanket. I turned to my left side, facing the window, and closed my eyes. Fuuuu. I hope I will catch a few decent hours of sleep.

A few minutes later, just as I was dozing off, and my breath slowed down, Shin woke me up by moving around. Next thing I know he was spooning to me. Was it the soap? Did he think I was a girl? I froze as he slid his hand over my thin waist and onto my boxer covered crotch. That's NOT where you touch girls. I know that much. If I was straight I would aim for the straight-guys' fascination, the breasts! Next thing I felt was his hard-on pushing into my ass, ever so slightly separating my cheeks. And, as he drew his hips back, my cheeks regained their original state. Then again. He pushed into me. And pulled back. And again.. and again. He was doing it so slowly it almost felt like he was teasing me. At this point I couldn't tell if he was asleep or not. It felt good though. For getting humped by someone I barely knew. I usually don't get turned on by people who I'm not even attracted to, but somehow this was a turn-on. He then started grinding against my butt faster, and also rubbing my half-hard crotch with the palm of his hand, and digging into it with his fingers. I couldn't think anymore. I started breathing faster, as he kept motioning his hips into me. I could feel his breath on my neck, which was half covered by my hair. I stood still and let him have his way with me, but soon enough the sensation took over me and I pushed my butt into him. His hard-on slid lower as he kept pushing into me, it slid over my perineum a few times, which made me feel even hotter. "Ahnnn" I let out a low moan, to my surprise. Shin just kept on going, pushing his hips gently into my ass, parting my cheeks over and over again. Stimulating me. I felt so hot. But he started increasing his speed and now it really was as if he was humping me from behind. I could feel his racing heart with my back, and his hot, gasping breath on my neck. Then.. he pushed into me hard and held it there for a longer time, repeating this a few times, and as he was pressed against my perineum, I felt him come as he let out a grunted moan.

After a few seconds he loosened his grip on me and finally turned onto his back. This was not right. My arousal was still pulsating. I wasn't even near coming, yet, somewhere in the middle, so I couldn't just wait until it went down either. I turned over and sat up. "Shin. Don't pretend to be asleep." I told him, as I looked at his dark silhouette in my room, which was dimly illuminated by the street lights.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Akira?" He frowned at me. "What is.."

"Don't force yourself. You definitely knew you were humping a guy. And in my house, who else could it be, than me?"

"Tss.. What do you want?" He grunted.

"To get the same relief you did."

"Oh? And what if I don't want to help you with... your problem?"

Yeah... jocks are definitely dicks. "You wouldn't want everyone thinking you're gay, would you?" I definitely wouldn't start such a rumor, since I am not like them, but he doesn't know what I am capable of.

"I'll tell everyone you're gay too." He smirked at me.

"Go ahead. I don't care. I don't have a reputation to maintain. And I'm not captain of the basketball team."

"Shit. Fine. What the hell do you want from me?" He fuzzed up his hair with an annoyed look on his face. Initially I only wanted him to continue with the hand-job. But somehow... as he lay on my bed, with his somewhat disheveled clothes, and fuzzed up hair, his arms under his head, and a knee up.. he looked real good. His shirt was a bit raised, revealing his V which barely peeked out of his jeans. He looked real hot right now. Something clicked in me. I was really attracted to him. My heart thumped at his sight.

"To screw you." I said still a bit dazed.

"WHAT? HELL NO. YOU'RE NUTS! I'm NOT letting you do that!"

"Either that, or you pay with your rep." I lied.

He stood silent for a few seconds, just looking at my face, trying to read me. "Alright, alright. Just hurry." He shut his eyes and sighed.

But he gave the go. So I took off my top and kicked off my boxers, revealing my hard-on. Shin looked at it, as I was kneeling by his side, and then back at my face. He didn't move to take his clothes off though. Wasn't he the one in a hurry? Fine. I'll just take it off for him. I reached over, pushing his shirt over his navel, when he put his hands on mine, stopping me. I frowned at him.

"Screwing doesn't mean I have to take off my shirt." He looked at me with cold eyes. My heart thumped again. Did I make him hate me with my fake-threat?

I sighed, dropping my head. How's this going to work? I straddled his legs and unzipped him. He just kept staring at me with that cold look. I didn't look at his face anymore. I took out his dick (which was still slippery from the "fluids" he released earlier) and started rubbing it, to make it hard. I could feel his gaze on me, but I didn't look up. He wanted it to end as fast as possible... What did I get myself into? There's no backing out now. Once he was finally hard, I positioned myself over him. Fuck it. I didn't even have time to go get some lube, or condoms. He could have left by then. I had to take it, no matter how painful it would be. I didn't even have time to stretch it out a bit with my fingers. I shut my eyes, relaxed my hole, took a deep breath and lowered myself onto him, as I held my cheeks spread with my hands. Slowly I was moving down on his length. It was painful, but I could take it. I clenched my teeth, as my eyes started leaking at the corners. "Gyaaa!" I let out a painful moan, tilting my head back, as his whole length was finally in my ass. I let my cheeks go, placing my hands on his abs, and letting my torso's weight onto them, as I exhaled rapidly. It usually hurts at first, especially without any preparation. I was looking through my hands and even through Shin. As I was trying to get accustomed to the pain, I looked up at Shin's face. He looked awestruck, as I was just sitting on him, with tears running down the sides of my face. Then he frowned at me again, with the same anger he had before. I shut my eyes again, refusing to look at his eyes.

I started moving my hips real slow at first. But the pain became fainter with every grind, until it wasn't there anymore. Then the good sensations finally started taking over. I pushed my ass into Shin's crotch with each grind. It was starting to feel more than good. My breath started a race with my heartbeat as I pushed down on him, rubbing my cheeks against his jean-covered hips, in what it seemed to me as small circles. Shin stood still, but as long as he was hard, I didn't have to worry. I tilted my head back and arched my back as I rode him faster, and lifted myself off of him more, taking him in deeper, as I pushed my ass back down on his hot dick. I was moaning loudly, panting, and then under Shin's uneven breath I finally heard a moan too. I lifted my heavy eyelids half way, and although I had a sad, but ecstatic (from the pleasure) face on, I dared to finally look at Shin's face again. He looked hot, both meanings! He had his eyes closed, and his lips parted, breathing through his mouth. He was enjoying me! That only made me feel even hotter. Then he opened his eyes and looked straight at my face again. From that moment on, neither of us looked away. I couldn't because his face was so sexy, when he didn't glare at me with cold eyes anymore. I felt like I was drawing nearer to my climax, but somehow I couldn't reach it, even though Shin started moving his hips as much as he could (which was little). I wanted to feel him push into me. To touch me in some manner. I couldn't come unless he wanted to fuck me too.

"Ahh... Shin.." I tried to speak, barely finding my voice. His lips moved like he wanted to say something, but couldn't form the words.

He just moaned. "Hnnn..?"

"I want.. you to... ahh... hnn.." I couldn't say it, so I stopped grinding him and lifted myself off of him. His face looked confused, until I turned over, facing the bed, on my elbows and knees, with my back arched and my ass up in the air, pointing it towards him. "...to fuck me harder.." I managed to finally say, in between gasps. Shin's eyes widened, and he got to his knees and slid his dick back in me. "Mmmmnn.." I moaned at the pleasure of feeling him in me again. He pulled almost all the way out slowly, and then pushed back deep in me faster, over and over again. I felt like I was burning. My body was tingling all over. I dug my fingers into the sheets, and moaned even louder.

"Ohhh.. Akira!" Shin yelled, fucking me harder. I could not believe the sensations his dick was giving me, as he slid in and out of me countless times, rubbing my insides, that special spot that could take me to heaven over and over again. Every time he touched it, I felt like I would burst! The friction was making me so hot I could barely breathe anymore. I was totally lost in the sensations. Rocking my hips as they were guided by Shin's, grinding his strong hips against my ass, and his thighs against the back of mine. He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him a couple of times, as I could feel his dick swell inside me. He didn't hold back, he came into me, and I came onto the sheets.

I dropped down and he dropped on top of me, taking his cock out of me after a few seconds of rest, and rolling off of me. I was still breathing fast. I couldn't move. I could only feel his cum leaking out of me, down my thighs. No one ever fucked me out of breath before. As I stretched my legs out, they reached my pillow, but that's all the movement I could handle for a while. I felt a bit empty now. Although Shin was sitting up, with his back to the pillow, right near me. A few minutes passed and I felt the bed go down with my weight as I was drifting off. Yet again, Shin woke me, as he got off my bed, zipped up and ran his fingers through his hair a few times, to fix it up a bit.

"Ah.." I raised my head off the edge of my bed, but what could I say? Shin didn't even turn to look at me. He just exited my room and went home. I dropped my head back onto the bed, burying my face in my lower arms.

The next morning I felt like shit. It's not because I didn't get enough sleep, or that my ass hurt a bit, but Shin wore me out both physically and mentally. Why did he rub my crotch, while he was humping me, if he didn't even feel remotely attracted to me? What was going on? Why was my heart thumping every once in a while when I thought about him? What's wrong with me? I rubbed my forehead as I got out of my bed and walked into my bathroom. I took a shower, skipped breakfast, because I couldn't eat anything, and went straight to school.

Of course I would run into him. I would usually run into him everyday and usually I'd exchange a few words with Ran-kun, while he'd keep on walking down the hallway and stopping to chat with some people nearby, until Ran-kun would catch up with him. Even today, after a few classes passed, and lunch-break was nearing, I would run into him and his buddies.

"Hey, Aki-chan! Great party! We should do it every night, until your parents come back!" Ran-kun grinned at me, as they slowly passed me by. This time I was the only one who stopped. I looked at Shin, trying to catch sight of his face, but he had his head down as they walked passed me and down the hallway. "I hope Shin-chan didn't cause you too much trouble yesterday! Heheheh" Ran yelled from the distance. I dropped my head and sighed aloud. Which I bet would have caused whispers around me yet again, if there was anyone around me, but this time I was all alone. When I looked back up, after Shin, I saw him look back at me, but then quickly turned away. What.. what was that?!!

During lunch break I went to the lunch room, grabbed a tray, put some food on it, and took the first empty seat I could find, like usually. I never knew who I would end up sitting with. People somehow had their places even in the lunch room... except me. But all I managed to do was poke my food around. I still wasn't hungry. No... it's not that I wasn't hungry. I just couldn't eat. Finally the jocks came in too. They sat at their usual jocks-only table, which was further away, so I couldn't hear anything they said. Not like I cared. Some kids started sitting down next to me, but I didn't bother noticing their faces. Mostly girls though. They started chatting and giggling, when I noticed one of them was calling my name. I turned my head to my left, since she was sitting right next to me.

"Saenagi-kun. Saenagi-kun." She stopped repeating my name after I looked at her, with the same poker face I usually have on. "Excuse me for disturbing you during your lunch break, but now that I finally get to talk to you..."

I didn't manage to finish my lunch after all. I still had time though, even if those girls started talking to me. Even the guys they were with asked me some questions. Usually it's student council members wanting me to join them, or once even the basketball team wanted me to tryout for the team, since I was pretty tall, but I usually turn down these types of offers.

Since I had time to kill, I went out of the lunch room and sat down by a tree nearby, just trying to clear my head. I lay down in the grass covered by the tree's cool shadow, yet I didn't stretch out my legs as well, I kept my knees bent... didn't want anyone to think I was dead. Heh..

I almost drifted off, due to my lack of sleep, when the steps I heard nearing proved not to be imaginary after all. I opened my eyes and saw Shin standing over me. I sat up, calmly, letting my knees drop onto the grass, as I turned best as I could to face Shin.

"Shin..?" I looked at him as he glared at me in silence with something burning in his eyes, something that looked like anger, but not quite hate. "What is it?"

"Aren't we casual?" He spoke to me from under his breath.

"What..?" I looked at him surprised.

"It's Tatsuya." He looked at me coldly.

"Ah.." I was shocked. What was with his attitude? He more than willingly fucked me when I pointed my ass at him. I didn't force him. I dropped my head again, so I wouldn't have to look at him. It only made me feel worse, knowing he did hate me after all.

"Siiigh..." He sighed and dropped down next to me. "Why do you look so sad every time I look at you?"

"What?" I looked back at his face, and this time he wasn't glaring at me with angry eyes anymore, but rather hurt ones.

"You know.. first time you said you wanted to screw me, I though you wanted to be the top. When you lowered yourself onto me, I couldn't believe it... I was in you... in Saenagi Akira. But then I realized that you did indeed screw me over." He paused, looking away, and then he looked back at me.

"What are you talking abo.."

"Were you just playing with me!? What's with the sad face? Who is that girl from the lunch room??" He raised his voice, grabbing my wrist, pulling me closer, to make sure I heard every word.

"STOP IT!" I yelled, shutting my eyes so I didn't have to look at his furious eyes. He loosened his grip. "Stop it!" I repeated, as tears started leaking out the corners of my eyes. He then let my wrist go. "I wasn't playing! I don't just screw the first person I can, nor do I hump them! And those kids were just reporters from our school newspaper. They wanted to interview me for a while now, and since graduation is coming in a few months, they couldn't post pone it anymore. I never knew people were afraid to approach me."

"Of course they are! I was too! And I don't hump people! Shit... that was just Ran joking around. I don't usually go to parties either. I had you in my thoughts for quite a while now. A lot of people have. Don't tell me you don't know you're the most popular guy in this school!?"

"That's not true... you are.."

"I might have a reputation and I am popular, but you are the mystery everyone wants to crack. Smartest student in the school, handsome, calm, good with sports.."

"Good with sports? I'm not in any clubs..."

"People saw you play basketball and other sports outside of school, with some of the neighborhood kids. They know a lot about your habits, but nothing of you... you are so unpredictable." He sighed. "I wanted to get close to you, but when I went to the basketball courtyard, where you would occasionally play, you were never there. So the only way I could think of getting some time alone with you is through that stupid party."

"What are you saying? You like me? Or are just another fan?"

"I thought I just admired you, but then I realized it was more than just admiration." He said and then ran his fingers through his hair. "When you were making that erotic expression, while you were riding me. I knew then... I wanted to see that more often. I didn't realize until a few minutes ago, in the lunch room, that I liked you. I was jealous of the girl that was talking to you with such a happy face. When I realized I was jealous, I wondered why. I was really confused last night and.."

"It's ok." I threw my arms around him and embraced him tightly. "You don't have to explain anymore. I like you too. I have ever since I saw you lying on my bed, half-satisfied." I smiled at him and his face lit up. He pressed his lips against mine, and kissed me for the first time. We were outside where anyone could see us, but we didn't care. It felt like the world was made only of him and I... no one else, nothing else. I parted my lips and so did he, touching my lower lip with his tongue as he slowly slid it in my mouth. We lost track of time as we sat in the shade, embracing each other and making out. It gave me feelings that I never knew I could have. It was almost better than sex. That's when we both broke the kiss and looked at each other like we had an idea. We were thinking the same thing. If sex was mind blowing, making love, while embracing and kissing each other would cause indescribable pleasures.

We decided to skip the rest of the classes and go to my place. I finally felt my stomach again and how I had no energy, from being unable to eat. It turned out Shin didn't eat anything since yesterday either. So our first stop was the kitchen. And food isn't all we ate there. He lay me on top of the table and I still have glimpses of recollection of him pouring something cold on my abs and licking it off, while letting me suck his peanut buttered fingers. The rest is all just a blur of naked bodies rubbing against each other, tongues clashing, hands seeking every curve and line of the body, tongues tracing it, lips leaving warm trails of breath over the skin, teeth nibbling the flesh, being penetrated by his cock again, on the table and on my bed, in the shower, pressed against the cold tiled wall, under the steaming hot water, which wasn't as near as hot as we were.

After a week I finally had a lover and a friend, at the same time. The first and seemingly the only friend. The school paper came out too, and, only to my surprise, they had the biggest article on me. No one else was surprised. In fact they liked it. More whispers and gossips started. Especially since the ending sentence from the article was: "And it seems Saenagi-senpai is very close friends with the basketball team's captain, Tatsuya Shin-senpai. Another mystery to solve from Saenagi-senpai's life. Read it in the next issue!".

I think that next month will be interesting... that's when the next issue of the school paper comes out. Well it's not like we're hiding it. We fondle when we think it's as private as it can get (which means only a few people around), kiss when no one's looking, and make love when we find a secluded place with no one there (usually at one of our houses, since both of our parents are workaholics, having the house all to ourselves most of the time). I still remember what Shin told me the other day, so I wouldn't worry about people dubbing us the school's gay couple (worrying about Shin's situation, of course, not mine).

"I don't care if I'm called gay, as long as I'm gay with you. Everything else is just details."


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