Justin's Story

Chapter 28 Part V


Justin and Tony's Story

Our Beginnings

Chapter 6


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


September 22, 2001


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Over the next day, I thought about what Tony had said to me. I thought about what it all meant. My true love wanted to have sex with Wendell and me. I know that I can't control myself. Sex is like an obsession with me, I just can't seem to be faithful. To the person I love or myself. I can't help but examine my motives and what makes me do the things I do.

I begin to think about where the feelings of remorse come from. I mean, if you love someone, truly love that person, aren't you supposed to be true? Isn't that what `they' say? Which brings me to who `they' are. Are they experts? Do they have direct contact with the Supreme Being? The one who knows? Aww, I don't know the answers. All I know is the idea of having sex with Wendell and Tony intrigues me. Am I Bad?

Two days later, Tony decided to stay home from school, just like he said he would. I woke that morning, Tony at my side in our bed. Wendell was due to come over and tutor me. I watched his smooth and tender body while he slept next to me. I really loved him. I was beginning to think we were making a big mistake. Tony seemed so excited about it though; I didn't have the courage to tell him how I really felt. I just thought about how much he wanted to try it, and realized he wanted to do it as badly as I had wanted to do it with Wendell. Who could blame him? Wendell was a hunk. His body began to stir; his long lashes began to flutter as his eyelids began to twitch.

"Good morning, Justjust," his voice was all froggy sounding from sleep.

"Hey, Buddy, did you sleep all right?" I asked him as I lowered my lips to his for a quick good morning kiss.

"Hmm," he said as he stretched his body against the sheets.

I could see his hard-on firmly pressing against the light blue cotton, as he pushed his butt off the bed. I began to feel my own loins stir with excitement as I took in the sight of my beautiful young lover. I laid my head onto his smooth chest, and listened to his heart as it beat in his strong chest. I felt the tears as they formed in my eyes and ran down my face.

"What's the matter, Justjust? Why are you crying?" His voice sounded so full of concern.

"I don't know, I guess I just love you," I half lied.

"What time does Wendell get here? I can't wait. Are you as horny as I am? Maybe we should do it first so we can last longer. What do you think?" His question cut through me.

"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe we should just take it as it comes." I didn't take my head off his chest, and the tears kept flowing.

"You don't want to do it, do you?" came his serious tone.

"No, it's not that," I lied.

"Yes, it is, I know you. You don't want to have a three-some. It's OK for you to have sex with Wendell, but you don't want me to join in. That's it, isn't it?" I heard some anger in his voice as he asked.

"I'm just afraid. I'm afraid of what may happen," I confessed, keeping my head on his chest and not looking to his deep set dark eyes; if I did, I certainly would start bawling.

"Look, Justin, I accepted the fact that you sold yourself to all those men when you were away. I even forgive you for having sex in our bed with Wendell. I know that sex is sex, and love is love. Why can't you understand that I may want to have sex too? It doesn't mean I don't love you, or that I will stop loving you. I just want to have a little more experience. Am I bad for wanting to try something different?" he reasoned.

"I don't know. I just feel like it's all my fault," I blurted out.

"What's all your fault? That I'm gay and have sexual desires like you?" he asked, and for the first time, I knew he really knew what was bothering me.

I lay motionless, my body close to his, with my head on his chest and, began to understand what I was feeling. I felt that I had corrupted this beautiful person, I took on all the blame for him being like me. I didn't think about the fact that Tony was Tony, and I had nothing to do with him being the way he was. He loved me because he did, not because I made him.

"Well, sometimes I really think that it's my fault you're gay. I wonder if I hadn't let you have sex with me, if you wouldn't have. I guess I feel like I robbed you of something," I blubbered between my sobs.

"Oh for crying out loud, that is such bull-shit. I was gay before I met you. You were my first, but it was because I wanted you. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at that Christmas Party." He stroked my hair as he said it.

"I still can't help feeling the way I do. What happens if Wendell freaks out? What happens if he falls in love with one of us? Are we fucking with him?" I asked him.

"I see what you mean. Well, I guess I'll just come right out and tell him what's on my mind and ask him if he's interested. After we smoke a joint of course. He's a big boy, he can make the choice, if it's no, it's no. I just hope he says he's all for it."

"Oh, I don't know, Tony. This sounds so fucked up."

"You think? Hey, he knows we live together, and he had sex with you. So he can't be that fragile." Tony continued to share his logic with me.

"Hey, you know what, you have a point. Here we are scheming on Wendell, and we don't even know what he'll do. He may turn us down flat." I felt better.

"Cut the shit, how could he turn us down? He may turn you down, but I assure you, I will have him before he leaves here today." Tony emphasized every word.

"When did you get to be such a slut?" I asked, as I looked him in the eyes.

"Slut? Shit, I learned from the best Buddy. I ain't no slut, I'm just wanting to try it with that freaking Greek God that comes here and tutors you." Tony laughed as he sputtered the words out.

"Are you saying I'm a slut?" I was almost hurt.

"No, not at all. We're just two horny guys that love each other, and want to have sex with Wendell."

"Hmm, I guess. I need to take a shower before too long though." I kissed him again and started to get out of the bed.

He pulled me back, "I could give you a tongue bath first."

He reached his hand into my boxers and began stroking my thick shaft. I couldn't resist his touch. I fell back onto the bed next to him and began kissing him deeply and tenderly on those luscious lips of his. I gently tugged the waist-band of his white boxers down his legs. He lifted his hips off the bed to allow me the ability to slip his underwear down his smooth thighs and completely off him.

His smooth well-defined body lay before me, totally naked. His circumcised cock was raging hard, and a droplet of pre-cum sparkled in the morning sunlight that crept through the bedroom window. I slid my hands down the side of his stomach and gently rubbed my right hand on his swollen dick. His cock twitched with my strokes. I could feel the immense heat that pulsated from his rock hard prick as I lowered my lips to its head.

I flicked my tongue against the small hole and licked the clear liquid droplet that clung to it. The warm juice aroused my taste buds; the sweet salty taste lingered in my mouth as I sucked his dick. I pulled my lips around my teeth so as not to scratch his sensitive member with them as I plunged my mouth up and down his dick, following my mouth with my right hand. My hand squeezed his throbbing member and stroked it up and down while I sucked him with all my might.

"Ahh, yeah, that feels so good. Suck it, Suck it hard!" Tony moaned as he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his hips to my face, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth.

I used my left hand to jiggle his balls. I felt his scrotum tighten in anticipation of shooting the impending load of hot juice. I moved my hand lower, and felt the few strands of hair that grew below his sac and above his puckering hole. I teased at his hole with my index finger.

His hips bucked frantically up and down, as he pulverized the back of my mouth with his solid staff. He was pulling my hair as he shoved my head onto him. The pain from my scalp excited me. I wanted to feel him burst his hot cum into my mouth. I felt his cock as it expanded and he pushed my head onto it. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat as he plunged his dick as deep as he could into my waiting mouth. I shoved my finger up his ass just before I felt the first blast, and slowly pulled it out as he shot his load.

 "Agghh," he screamed as he climaxed.

His body writhed in pleasure, his cock continued to pound into my mouth with each and every shot of the thick creamy liquid that erupted from the tip of his raging cock. I swallowed most of it, but it was more than I could take. He thrust my head down into his scratchy bush with all his brutal strength.

My own cock exploded in my boxers at the same time his first blast hit the rooftop of my mouth. I felt my dick as it squeezed out every drop of my cum against the fabric of my undies. I pushed my body down towards the bed, almost like I was fucking the mattress below me with each shot of my own seed. The feeling was intensified because of the pressure caused by my cock being restrained.

"Was it good for you?" he quipped.

"Awww," was all I could murmur.

We lay like that for several minutes, my head still near his cock. He rubbed my head. I was in total bliss. I began to doze off. I was startled by the sound of the phone ringing. It brought me back to reality.

"Hello?" I heard Tony as he answered it.

"Hey, Wendell," he said into the receiver.

"Really, that's too bad. OK, we'll see you at 11:00 then," Tony said, and placed the handset back into the cradle.

I got out of the bed, my green paisley printed boxers stuck to my dick with my cum. I reached down and pulled the cloth from my body. I looked at my lover, as he lay naked in our bed.

"That was Wendell, he's having car trouble, he'll be here at eleven," Tony reported.

"Shit, I have to take a shower. It's already 9:30," I said nervously.

"Yeah, and do something with that hair of yours too." He chuckled as he said it.

"Very funny, Buddy, you're the one that messed it up?" I retorted.

"Get the water warm and I'll take a shower with you." He gave me that devilish smile of his and batted his long lashes at me while he said it.

"Yeah, you can do my back, and I'll do yours," I told him as I sauntered around the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

"Hell, I still want to give you that tongue bath I promised." He laughed and jumped out of the bed to follow me to the bathroom.

"Oh, God, you are a horny devil this morning," I shouted back at him.

He slapped my ass, as he nudged me towards the bathroom door.

"Yeah, but I'm your horny devil. Never forget that." Then he pinched my left butt cheek.

I turned to him once we got into the bathroom. I looked into his dark brown eyes intently. He looked back into mine.

"I love you, Tony."

"I love you, Justin."


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