Justin's Story

Chapter 29


Part V

Justin and Tony's Story

Chapter 7


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


October 1, 2001


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I stood in the dining room, looking out of the window that overlooked the front porch to `the house', the one that I had been in so many times in my childhood, and now owned. The aroma of the freshly brewed pot of coffee, still on the General Electric stove, wafted through the room. I held my arms crossed, and close to my body, while my mind reeled in slow motion.

I could hear Tony's movements coming from our bedroom, as he dressed. In my mind, I could picture my younger lover traipsing across our bedroom in his plaid boxers. I could visualize his dark wet hair, as droplets of water collected on his muscular body, that fell from it. A smile drew across my face, while I thought of him.

I was remembering happier times in my life. I wished sometimes, I could go back. Back to a time in my life when things were more innocent, back to when my grandparents were still with me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not happy now, but life seemed so damn much simpler when I was a child.

I could almost feel my grandmother's soft touch upon my face, the way she would place her hands on my cheeks when I was sick. I remembered the Easter, from when I was four years old. I was the only boy in the house, except for Gramps. We were all dressed up for church, and Grams said, "Wow, look how snazzy you look." My heart burst with love for her at that precise moment. Those words were etched into my soul. She always knew what to say; she always knew how to make me smile.

I pictured Gramps, sitting in his chair at the family table, toothless. He hated his dentures, and only wore the top ones for special occasions. He was still good looking when he smiled, even without his teeth. I could see him playing solitaire, looking over the tops of his glasses at me. I could hear him asking me to argue with him. He loved a good argument. I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed with myself though. He had always told me to become a lawyer, "Someday, Justin, you could be a US Senator." I knew that would be impossible now, what with my jaded past. I still had to get my diploma. But you know, no matter what, I knew that Gramps would love me. .

I saw the beat up Ford as it barreled up the drive. It was Wendell, I looked at the clock that hung on the dining room wall, `right on time,' I thought. I felt my adrenaline as it began to flow, or was it my nerves? I didn't know where the next few hours were going to take us; I just felt some fear. I don't know why, after all, Wendell had told me he had the same feelings for other males. I had even told him my whole life story; then we had sex. I guess I should have been intrigued by what Tony wanted to do. I had to admit I was more than curious to try it.

No matter what, I guess the indoctrination of what `they' tell me is normal holds me stronger than I want to believe. It is such a circling, endless loop of constant doubts and messages that pelt my conscience. Is my sexuality a bad thing, am I doomed? What exactly is wrong with the way I choose to be? Who really decides what's right and what's wrong? Why do so many people seem to hate, with a capital H, people like me? The only answer I can come up with is, people are people, we're all the same, just different. I only hope, someday I can fully accept myself, but realize that won't be possible until everyone else accepts the way I am. Unless, I can just forget what everyone else says. Utopia?

"He's here, Justjust."

I'm brought back to the dining room by Tony's sweet voice.

"Yep, I saw him drive up." I flashed him a grin as he darted for the front door.

Wendell got out of the car, his blonde hair tussling in the wind. I could see his bright white teeth, as he flashed his smile towards the door. God, he was gorgeous. He confidently strutted towards the front step. His jeans were tight, his brown suede jacket was unbuttoned, he held his right hand outstretched as he took the three strides that brought him to the door. I heard his feet, as he wiped them on the mat.

"Hey, Tony, right?" His voice sounded like it was up an octave or two.

"Yeah, you remembered. Come on in, Wendell."

I couldn't see him, but I could `see' Tony's dark brown eyes as they drank in Wendell's beauty. As I've said before, Wendell had the looks that attracted both sexes.

"No school today?" Wendell asked, as the storm door closed behind him.

"I thought I'd stay home, and maybe party with you and Justin. After you're done with school work, of course."

"Hey, Justin." Wendell looked me directly in the eyes as he walked past Tony and came into the dining room.

"Hey yourself, Wendell." I wondered if he had heard Tony.

He immediately took his jacket off, and hung it on the chair he usually sat in, he never took his eyes off me. I couldn't help feeling a little self-conscious under his scrutiny. He slowly pulled the chair out, motioned me to the table, and sat down.

"You want some coffee?" I asked, trying to look away from his piercing eyes.

"I'll get it," Tony volunteered, and quickly grabbed some cups out of the corner cabinet in the kitchen.

"Well, did you do the reading last night?" Wendell's voice suddenly serious and business like.

I watched him, as he folded his hands in front of himself and placed them on the table. I thought about how they had felt on my body. I wondered how I'd explain that I hadn't done the reading in History. It had been a couple of days, but they had been hectic to say the least. `No, I was too busy plotting to have a threesome with you and my live in lover,' I thought to myself.

"Uh, not really," was my feeble response.

"Damn, Justin, I have to test you today. I have to get your grades in. Do you remember my lecture? Are you up to speed?" He was so intense; I had never seen him like this.

`Was it because Tony was here? He was trying to act like nothing had happened, but he couldn't take his eyes off me,' I thought as I fidgeted with my own hands in front of me on the table. Fuck, life can be so goddamn confusing at times.

"I don't know. Can we review?" I tried to appeal to his sensitive side, the one I had gotten to know, just two days ago.

"Here you go, Justjust. I hope you like the coffee, Wendell." Tony's voice sounded so perky; no pun intended, just the first thing that came to my mind, as he placed the coffee in front of us.

"Thanks, man," Wendell smiled at Tony with his politeness.

"Anything, for you, Wendell," Tony beamed.

Uh oh, the `anything' word. Shit, there was no turning back now. `I would do anything for you dear, Anything for you...' the words from the show-tune bounced around my brain. The word that so many like me understood; it was our international signal. Especially when you enunciated it in the company of another guy.

His eyes looked to me, then down. Yep, he knew. I could sense that Wendell knew that I had told Tony. I felt the blood rush through my body, as I looked away from him. It was the only way I could admit it to him, without verbalizing.

"Say, Tony, you wouldn't mind leaving us for a while? We have to do some review, and I have to test this guy. I'll let you know when we're finished. OK?" Wendell didn't leave room for choice.

"Sure, Wendell, like I said, anything for you."

Damn sixteen-year old, couldn't he keep himself in check? At least, read the tension he was causing? I guess that comes with age. I still loved him for it though, I had to admit, Tony sure had balls. I could see too, he wasn't going to give up on his prey. `Poor horny bastard, just like me,' I chuckled as I thought it.

Tony briskly walked into the living room, I heard him turn on the television. The voices boomed from the set, he quickly turned it down and called an apology out.

"OK, let's begin. Last time we were talking about Jackson, and his laissez-faire policies. Let's get back to that..." Wendell was talking, but he lost me.

What had happened here? Was I in a different place? Was it all a dream? Why is this world so screwed up? I mean, we had sex, and there was no denying it was pleasurable. He wanted it as much as I did. He had dropped just as many hints as I had too. I know that wasn't a fake orgasm he had with me. Hell, that would have been the trick of the century, bust a nut and have it be fake. Nope, us men can't do that, either we have one or we don't. Our climax is evidenced by the sperm we leave behind, not like a woman where the egg is never visible to the naked eye.

I watched him as he took a folded piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and placed it in front of me. It was the test. For the last fifteen minutes, he had reviewed the material, while I thought philosophically about human sexuality. I was in for trouble.

I stared blankly at the test in front of me. I felt my fingers as I ran them through my bird's nest. I remembered what Tony had said to me hours before about my hair. I felt my hands as I tugged on some of my curls. I looked to Wendell for some form of relief. Relief, that wasn't coming. The only thing Wendell was offering me was the test.

I picked up the pen that I had set on my place mat, before Wendell had gotten there. In front of the mat, and between Wendell's and my place, I had carefully stacked my books, and some blank sheets of paper for notes. I don't know how I had forgotten the test, I guessed it was the moment I had been caught up in with him the last visit. I began to agonize over the History test; I hate tests, and never have tested well.

"Justin, I have good news for you. This is the last subject test you'll have. Next Friday is our last session, and you'll be taking a final exam. Congratulations, you've done well; you are definitely going to graduate with honors." He did know how to add the pressure. Didn't he?

I sullenly began to look at the sheet of paper in front of me. It was only five simple questions, all essays. I loved essay questions; it gave me a chance to bullshit my way through the answers. Especially, when I had a basic idea of the subject matter, it made it easier for me to bluff.

I was through in about twenty minutes. I read over my answers, and felt that I had done the best I could. I slid the test over to Wendell, who had been reading my History book. I had noticed though, that he never did turn the pages. The whole time I worked out my essays, I would steal glances at him. He never turned a single page; he just stared into the book while he waited for me to hand him my paper.

"Wendell?" I broke the silence.


"Uh, do you want to party with Tony and me a little?" I managed to squeak out.

I felt his eyes as they riveted into mine. There was a second when I thought I saw a slight smile come across his face. I started fumbling around with the pen in front of me, as I continued to check his facial expressions. I noticed his face as it softened, and turned red. He smiled up at me; it was a full smile. I finally began to relax.

"You mean? Like party? Party?" It was the look of hunger in his eyes that struck me.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I told him about us the other day. I had to," I whispered.

He nodded his head in understanding and moved his left hand over towards me, he placed it over my playful fingers with the pen in them. I felt the soft touch of his warm skin on the backs of my hands. I swear to God, my body temperature began to rise.

"I see, you mean like PARTY?" His grip tightened on my hands as he grasped my hands in his.

What can I say? He's a horny sixteen-year old, but I love him.

"Does he know? Is that what all the `anything' stuff was before?" Wendell turned to see Tony in the living room.

"Yeah," I laughed, "it was his idea, he's been talking about it all morning." I laughed some more.

"This isn't gonna weird him out or nothing?" His voice cut through the air.

I had to take a minute to collect my thoughts. I wondered the same thing. This would only be the second time Tony made love with another guy. We didn't count the ice cream man that used to suck Tony's dick. Tony always said that didn't count, because he didn't share his feelings. I realized then, that if the ice cream man didn't screw him up mentally, then Tony was tough, and certainly man enough to know what he wanted. I wondered why other people didn't get that simple logic. I mean, as long as it's something both people want; who's to say it's wrong?

"Shit yeah, he's hot." Wendell yelped, but not loud enough for Tony to hear.

"I've never done anything like this before." I admitted.

"Hey, you think I have?" Wendell flashed those pearly whites at me, the ones that no one could resist.

I felt funny; I can't really explain it. I wondered how we were going to set these wheels into motion; the ones there seemed no turning back from. I watched my tutor as he turned around and called to Tony, my lover.

"Hey, Little Guy, we're done," Wendell shouted over his shoulder towards the living room.

"Hang on, I'm watching `Springer'. There's a girl here, and her boy friend has a boy friend and she doesn't know it. They're just about to bring out the other guy," Tony said, his voice reflected the feelings of being torn from two things he wanted to do at the same time.

"Let's join him in there," Wendell said, as he quickly got up from the chair.

I could see his tight blue jeans as they bulged with his hardness. I felt my cock begin to rise in my boxers too. I watched his taut ass muscles flex in his trousers as he walked out of my sight into the living room. I made a quick adjustment of my hardened member as I stood to join the two hunks in the other room.

Wendell took up a seat on the brown sofa, the one that had been in `the house' since I could remember, but had been recovered a few years before. Right next to Tony, I sat in my grandfather's chair, now mine. It was placed kitty-cornered in the back of the room, between the couch and the fireplace.

"Well, he knows how to pleasure my penis," the young talk show guest was shouting at the girl in the middle of him and another boy.

"Well, if you had a penis, not that little thing you got," she shot back at him. The audience roared.

"I bet my dick's the biggest one here," Wendell plainly stated.

"What?" Tony asked, in total disbelief.

"I said my dick is the biggest one here. You want to bet on it?" Wendell dared him.

That was it, Wendell swiftly unzipped his Levi's, and exposed his fully aroused reddened cock. It was bigger than I remembered. The head was pure white, and the shaft was beet red. I watched him as he slowly stroked his member with his right hand.

"Let's see yours." Wendell continued his dare, and bet.

I watched Tony's deep-set eyes, as they stared at Wendell's manhood. I saw him as he slowly reached to his belt buckle. Don't ask me why he wore a belt, his pants were always halfway down his butt. I loved seeing the tops of his boxers exposed above his belt and pants. Especially from the back, he had the cutest butt.

I felt my cock aching, and throbbing in my pants. I reached my right hand down to it, and rubbed myself. I had never been so excited. I could feel my breaths as my breathing increased and got deeper. I felt a little liquid leaking from the tip of my dick inside my pants against my smooth right thigh.

Tony reached his small right hand to Wendell's prick. I watched Tony's black eyes as they opened wide with enthusiasm, and he stimulated himself with the stroking of his left hand. I had never seen such sheer anticipation in his face before. I felt a pang of jealousy.

Tony's fingers gently wrapped themselves around Wendell's massive cock. I head Wendell sigh, as his hips rose up off the cushion to meet Tony's touch. Tony let go of his own dick, and quickly moved to the floor in front of Wendell on his knees. In one quick motion, he jerked Wendell's pants down. Wendell's rock hard dick swung in all its glory above his large sac and balls.

"Hey, wait a minute, Little Guy. What about Justin?" Wendell gasped between his teeth.

"Mmmm," Tony moaned as he placed his lips over the Greek God's pole.

"Come here, Justin," Wendell beckoned.

I slowly stood up from the chair, and started to undo my belt as I walked across the room.

"No, let me do that," Wendell cried to me.

My cock was raging for release from the confines of my clothes. I could feel the head as it rubbed against the cotton boxers with every step I took. I could never remember it feeling so freaking alive. I was bursting with desire. I stood on the left side of Wendell as he delicately undid my pants. I watched Tony's head as it bobbed up and down on Wendell's cock.

I watched Tony's cheeks as they sucked on Wendell. I could see the saliva as it glistened on the red dick, as Tony's mouth went up and revealed the shaft. Tony had his right hand firmly around the base of Wendell's tool; he would make slight jerking motions with it. He didn't run his hand up and down the shaft, behind his mouth, he kept it at the base, and flexed his hand as he made his little jerking motions. I knew the technique, I had taught it to him. I had learned it while I was on my travels.

Wendell pulled my pants down; my cock sprang up against my body as it was set free. The pre-cum was more than I had ever seen on the top of my own dick. I inched my body closer to Wendell; it was difficult because my pants were down around my ankles. I kind of shuffled towards him, my cock clinging to my belly.

Wendell pulled my body towards him; he placed his left hand firmly on my buttocks and yanked me downwards, so my dick was just in front of his mouth. I could hear him as he sniffed my scent into his nostrils before he took me into his hot wet mouth.

I was on fire. "AGGhh," I grunted.

Wendell began to push his body off the couch with his right hand. He kept my tingling prick in his lips the whole time. He reached his left hand around my waist and pulled me to the carpet. Tony never released the throbbing cock he had his jaw locked on. The next thing I knew the three of us were lying on the floor. Wendell squirmed his body so his head was at Tony's dick. Then he pulled my head towards his cock; Tony and I were sharing his manhood. Every nerve in my body was alive.

I felt him as he moved again, Wendell shifted so his mouth was on my cock, and pushed my head towards Tony's groin. I could feel him thrust his legs up and down to meet my mouth. Tony moved back to Wendell's cock and drew it into his mouth. The three of us sucked and pumped on each other. The grunts and groans became deafening.

My head began to spin, I knew it was time. I felt Tony's balls in my hand, I squeezed them together. I saw Tony do the same to Wendell. Then I felt Wendell as he tugged on my sac. My legs were aching as they tensed up with the impending burst that was coming from the depths of my body.

"Ugggh, OOOooo." I took my mouth off of Tony.

I felt his hands as they grabbed the back of my head and forced me back onto his raging cock. I didn't resist. I wantonly slid my lips around his hot dick. I wanted to feel those rockets of cum as they shot into my mouth. I felt his cock twitch against my tongue.

Tony's smaller body was thrashing on the burnt orange carpet. I could tell he was ready too. In another minute we would all be spent and exhausted. I pictured Tony's stream of hot white cum as it flew from the little hole in the tip of his dick into my mouth.

I felt the flood of my juices as they shot into Wendell's mouth. I sucked furiously at Tony. I needed to feel his seed against the back of my throat. Tony began to moan, and I could see him squeezing Wendell's cock, like he was trying to milk it. I watched the hip muscles ripple in Wendell's legs, I saw his thighs as they tensed. I knew he was close. Wendell continued to lick at my spent dick.

I watched as Wendell grabbed Tony's black hair, and pulled my little lover's head towards his pelvis. I saw smooth white butt cheeks as they hollowed with his thrusts. I heard his grunts, the ones that matched his thrusts into Tony's mouth. I knew he had shot his load.

Tony's body was bucking back and forth; he was pounding his dick into my mouth. I felt it as it swelled, bigger than I had ever felt it before. I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me. I slid my hand between his sweaty cheeks and probed his anus. I shoved my finger into him; just as I knew he was about to cum. Then I took my other hand and began probing Wendell's hole.

I could smell the pungent odor of both of them as their bodies writhed in pleasure, right there on the floor next to me. The sweet mix of perspiration and cologne mingled in the air. I heard them both as their moans got louder.

I shoved my fingers in and out of them as I sucked on Tony, and Tony sucked on Wendell. I felt both their ass muscles squeezing back on my fingers, as they pumped in and out of each other's mouths. With each burst of Tony's cock, I felt Wendell's ass tighten on my finger. I head Tony moan, and knew he took every drop of Wendell's cum into his mouth.

The three of us fell into a heap on the floor when we were all finally spent. Our pants still at each of our ankles. I never wanted to move. I wanted to stay in that position forever. Finally, Wendell uttered some words.

"God, that was great," he said, and it sounded like all the air from his lungs escaped at the same time.

"OOOhhh, yeah," I murmured.

"Can we do it again?" Tony beamed.

Well, that was a few months ago. I finally graduated, and I've actually begun college. I hope to get a degree, and already have several courses and credits under my belt. Wendell, I understand, is going to be a middle school teacher. He'll do a great job.

I still find myself thinking a lot, and reflecting on my life. I guess the thing I do most is check my own behavior. I constantly wonder after I say or do something, how the other person, or people I'm with, interpreted it. I guess that's my own insecurities, and hope that someday I can overcome them. I wonder though, is that what makes us human? You know, the constant play of what is `right' and what is `wrong'. I sometimes wished we humans weren't as smart as we think we are. I still wonder who `they' are, and how `they' know so much. Humility, isn't it a wonderful thing?

Tony and I, well, we have our moments, but are hopelessly in love with each other. He's going to graduate next June. He is thinking of becoming an English teacher. Can you believe it?

My little nephew is walking now. Sarah still works at Larks. She likes the hours.

Things are genuinely good, and always getting better.

I have to tell you, it has been one hell of a ride.

The End - until we meet again!


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