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Karl's Deepest Secret, Part 2
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

This is the twentieth story in the series,  The Lavender Line.


David and I walked through the back door of his house, the one connecting the garage to a laundry room just off the kitchen.  I was shivering all over from my rain soaked clothes.  I'm sure my shaking was made worse by my excitement and my surprising nervousness.

"Karl, you can shower in here," David said as he led me into a bathroom off the hallway.  "I'll get you some dry clothes."

He closed the door behind himself as he left.  Under normal circumstances I might have wished that he had stayed to get into the shower with me, but I was sure that I was a bit shrunken and shriveled from the cold rain.  I didn't really want him to see me naked for the first time in that state.

My wet jeans clung to me as I tried to remove them.  A moment later, David called from the hallway to let me know that the clothes would be on the hall floor.  He would be in his own shower and said that he would meet me in the living room.

The hot water stopped my uncontrollable shivering quickly.  It also solved the potentially embarrassing problem of my shrunken male appendage.  However, as I stood under the cascading water, my tensions actually grew.

I realized that I didn't know for sure what David had in mind for the evening.  We really hadn't ever mentioned sex.  I didn't know whether David was gay or even interested in me as more than a young friend.

All of my sexual encounters to this point were with men who were where they were because they were looking for sex.  There was no seduction involved; it was just assumed.  When it came to romantic sex, I was a total virgin.  Certainly none of my friends would have suspected that, given my confident acceptance of my gay label.

I arrived in the living room before David.  Dressed in my host's sweat pants and t-shirt that were much roomier for me than they needed to be, I took the opportunity to take a look around.

The photographs on the mantle filled in some of the gaping holes of my knowledge of David as a person outside of the school setting.  One of the pictures was of David, a woman slightly older whom I concluded was his sister, and an older couple who must have been his parents.  They made a handsome family, and, by looking closely at his father, I could see where David got his strikingly sexy appearance.

Another photograph was labeled "Spring Break Cancun."  There were three guys in the foreground with David occupying the center position.  I guessed that the other two cuties were college friends.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I noted that all three guys wore t-shirts that had palm trees surrounding a rainbow flag.  I relaxed a bit after seeing that.

"Sorry about the fit of the clothes.  I figured the elastic in the sweat pants would protect you from any drafts or unwelcome embarrassment," said David as he entered the room.

I returned the picture to its place on the mantle and turned.  David looked fantastic.  He was dressed in casual slacks and a tailored shirt.  I felt underdressed, although not as underdressed as I hoped to become.

"I was just looking at your pictures," I said, stating the obvious.

"You know, you even look sexy in baggy sweats."

"And you look sexy even in a great outfit," I returned his compliment.

He came toward me, grasping a shoulder in each to his hands and leaned in toward my face.

"May I," he whispered.

Instead of answering I simply tilted my head slightly and closed my eyes.  I felt his lips tentatively touch mine.  I returned the kiss with more intensity and opened my lips slightly.  He rewarded me with his tongue, gently exploring every part of my mouth.

I automatically embraced him around his torso, but I quickly shifted my hands to his firm butt, massaging each as I pressed him closer to me.  I could feel his erection press against mine.

He broke the kiss, pulling his head back just a little.

"We better slow down or we'll forget about dinner," he said.

"I'm not hungry," I replied.

"You sure?"

I nodded my answer.

By the time we reached his bedroom, the hallway was littered with our clothes.  We had stopped every few steps to renew our kiss and remove an article or two of clothing.  Of course, I didn't have that much to remove to begin with.

David pulled back the covers on the bed revealing unwrinkled sheets.  This would be another first for me.  I've had sex on top of beds before but none of my hook-ups had ever taken the time to reveal the sheets.

"You're big for you age," David said.

"You must not have noticed how roomy your clothes were on me," I said.

"I'm not talking about your height," he laughed.

I briefly wondered how many other sixteen year olds he had bedded on their birthdays.  It was really just a matter of curiosity about how he would know how big a sixteen year old's dick would be typically.  I'm not the jealous type.  I don't care about monogamy in the least, something I might have to clarify with David in the future.  I guess he would have been sixteen himself at some point, but that would have been eight or nine years ago, and he couldn't be remembering his own size from that long ago.  It would be a question for another day, though.

David pulled me down onto the bed on top of him.  We clutched at each other, rubbed each other and generally got to know the other's body, fulfilling what had been a nearly two year fantasy of mine and, I later learned, of him.  I lost the concept of time completely.

At one point we both lay back on separate pillows, our hands resting on our own chests and the tastes of each other's body lingering on our tongues.  We both stared at the ceiling, breathing deeply in order to recover from the exertion.

"What do you want to do?" David finally asked.  "How do you want us to cum?"

"It is your choice," I said.

"It's your birthday," he insisted.

"You're my present," I said flirtatiously.  "And I want my present to choose."

He reached under his pillow and pulled out a condom and a tube of lube.

"Will you do the honors?" he asked holding the condom in my direction.

I tore the foil as I realized that this is what I had been hoping that he would choose.  I carefully unrolled the condom over his proud cock, but only after I gave it one last very deep suck in order to retain the flavor throughout the joys that were to come.

He applied lubricant onto his sheathed penis and around my entrance.  After positioning my legs onto his shoulders he pressed forward.  

I felt my hole open for him with an ease that it never had before.  His entry into me caused me absolutely no pain.  Perhaps it was just that I was so happy that he was entering me that I didn't notice whatever pain I had.

In no time, he was pistoning me, bringing us both closer to our inevitable release.  He somehow supported his muscular frame with one arm, using his other hand to stroke me in sync with his movements in and almost out of me.  I thought I would cum too quickly, but I was too caught up in the sensations to summon the will to move his hand away from my cock.

I felt his dick begin to grow deep inside of me, and I knew that he was close.  He released his grip on my cock and lowered himself down on me so that I was supporting all of his weight.  He began to kiss me, sticking his tongue into my mouth at the same time that I felt his throbs and felt as much as heard his intense moans.  It was as if the sounds he made came from my own mouth as much as they did from his.

And then he simply rested on top of me as I wished that his cum could actually be swimming inside of me rather than being trapped in that condom.  He was breathing heavily.  I could feel the hair of his chest slide a little across my skin with each breath.  

I felt content with every part of him lying on each part of me.  However, I still felt an urgent need to reach my own satisfaction.  I moved my hand between us so that I could try to grab my own penis.

To my simultaneous regret and relief, he pulled out of me and rolled off to my side.  I grabbed my cock urgently and began to pump it.

After just a few rapid strokes, David pushed my hand out of the way and lowered his mouth onto me.  He applied suction on the upstroke and gave me a wonderful tongue bath on his return trip to my base.  I could feel myself churning.

I placed my hands on his luxurious dark hair and just felt his head; I didn't try to direct him at all with my hands, because what he was doing was already perfect.  Then I started to cum.  The first one was little more than a dribble, but the next several shot out with great force.

I felt David swallow twice before I began to slow again.  I was finished.  He pulled off me, swallowed again and came up to kiss me.  

After we had recovered sufficiently, we got out of bed.  David put on a pair of shorts without underwear and a t-shirt. 

"I put your wet clothes in the dryer.  I'll get them," he said.

When we had both reassembled ourselves back in the living room, David asked, "Should we get started on that dinner now?"

"What time is it?" I asked, sensing that more time had passed than I had realized.

"Ten thirty," he replied.

"Wow, I better get home."

"Well you have to have dessert," he said.

"I thought I already had my dessert," I teased.

He went into the kitchen.  After a couple minutes, he returned carrying a blazing birthday cake.  He made me blow out the candles even though I told him I had already gotten my wish.

That was how my deepest secret started.  Once school was finished for the year, we had a great summer, spending lots of time together, but it always had to be at his house, of course, so that we wouldn't be seen together by people we know.

Now that school has started again, we can't manage as much time as during the summer, but maybe that makes us value it more.  At least that's what I tell myself.  

Now, he had texted me asking me to contact him while I had been out with two of my friends, sitting through a movie that I really wished that I could have been enjoying with David.  Maybe some day.  In the meantime, I would just have to be happy with whatever tomorrow might bring.

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