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Karl's Deepest Secret, Part 3
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

This is the twenty-first story in the series,  The Lavender Line.


After reminiscing about my first time with David, I found myself a little aroused.  I knew that I would see David tomorrow, but I also knew that at sixteen I didn't really have to worry too much about how long it would take me to fully recharge my battery, so I fought my sleepiness long enough to engage in a very satisfying and leisurely jack off session.

I called David as soon as I woke up.  He had to go shopping and drop off some things at the laundry.  He suggested that I drop by his house early afternoon, but he wouldn't tell me about the apparent urgency of his text the previous night.  I felt my usual regret that we had to be so secret that I couldn't accompany him on his morning errands.  It was a disappointment that I seemed to experience with greater frequency the longer we were together and the closer we became.

Shortly after I ate my late breakfast, Alex called.  He invited me to join him, Rod and several other friends for a mid-afternoon picnic and Frisbee tournament at the park.  It would have been so much fun to be able to join them with David, but of course I couldn't even tell my closest friends about his existence or David would probably loose his teaching job.

I used my remote to pull into his garage and immediately closed the garage door behind me before getting out of the car.  I knocked loudly on the connecting door, and then I walked into the house as he called out to tell me he was in his bedroom.

"I think I've figured out a way that we can have some normal time together," he said after he greeted me with a quick kiss.

I sat on his bed while I listened to his plan about how we could manage a weekend away together without raising any suspicions.  We had developed a kind of joint fantasy in which we could simply be like any other couple, doing mundane things without worrying about who might see us together.  While there was nothing illegal about our relationship, although it might have been in other states, the fact that I was a student in the same school in which he taught meant that David was actually in violation of his contract.

I could understand why the school would have rules about a teacher dating one of his or her own students, but I hadn't been in David's class for more than a year and would never be in another one.  Unfortunately just because the rule didn't make sense to me didn't make the contract less enforceable.

David obviously had other money, although he never talked about that.  However, it wasn't for the money that David taught.  He simply loved teaching, and he felt passionate about history, his subject, something that he was very good at passing along to most of his students.

While I hated the secrecy that we had to endure, I also realized that I was too young to settle down with one man anyway.  I knew that at some point in my life I would want to get married, but that time would probably be about ten or more years away from my current age of sixteen.

I had never felt about anyone the way that I felt about David, and I couldn't imagine ever loving anyone more.  Still, I had a hunger for other experiences from other men, and I continued to find those with occasional trips to the mall where I would make that tell-tale eye contact leading to pleasurable escapes and with my weekly landscaping job that always ended with the physical pleasure of Juan Gomez, my employer.  Although neither of us shared the specifics, I also knew that David found pleasure in the arms of other men on occasion, although probably less frequently than I did.

We had talked about sharing a man at some point.  While the thought was titillating, I knew that wasn't for me.  I'm not prone to jealousy, but I was afraid that I might develop envy watching David receive pleasure from another man.  More important, though, our own sex was so stimulating that I already had trouble processing all the sensations.  I figured adding an extra man into the mix would give me sensory overload.  Furthermore, it would mean sharing our secret with someone else, a risk that we couldn't take.

My greatest romantic hunger, though, was for simpler things.  I wanted to be able to watch a movie, holding hands with the person I loved, just as all of my straight and gay friends did.  I wanted to publicly share a latte while gazing into his eyes.  I wanted to be able to talk to my friends about my lover and even share bits of information with my parents.  I just wanted a normal life.

David's plan for the weekend was so obvious that I was surprised that neither of us had thought of it previously.  I would need a little assistance from my oldest brother, something I was sure he would happily do for me.  David had a good friend who lived in the same city where my brother Kevin attended university.  I would simply tell my parents that I was going to spend the weekend with Kevin.  During the time that I actually spent visiting Kevin, David would meet up with his old college buddy.  Then David and I would connect at our hotel again.  The rest of the time we would be together, doing the things that normal couples do.

We had a three day weekend in a couple weeks, so we selected that for our extended date.  I could hardly wait, and I knew I would call Kevin to give him the sketchy details as soon as I got home.

Once we had finished with our preliminary plans, David said, "I've got a lunch packed.  How about taking a long ride in the country?"

"You're kidding?" I replied, surprised by the turn of events and glad that we would be able to escape David's house together.

"Let's take advantage of this beautiful day," he said.

After two hours of driving, we finally stopped for lunch at a little roadside park.  It was one of those spots that are popular with married guys looking for a quick blow job while their wives are out shopping or wherever.  The parking lot was nearly full with one man in each car, some staring openly at each other while others glanced at their neighbor only furtively.  All eyes seemed to turn to David and me when we got out of the car and walked to a distant picnic table.

I felt as if I were dining on a stage in a packed theatre as we devoured the sandwiches, chips and bottled water that David had packed.  For dessert, we each had a banana, and I consciously put on a show by deep-throating it prior to taking my first bite.  David laughed at my show.  I'd be willing to bet that my action caused more than a few cocks to stand upright in the cars.

About that time, a state police car pulled into the little park.  Three cars immediately started, backed out of their stalls and pulled out onto the highway, their drivers apparently giving up their quest for the day.  The rest seemed to pay no attention to the intruder.

The cop drove through the circle drive at a pace slower than an old woman clutching a walker could have walked the distance.  He stared at each car as he drove past, apparently attempting to use intimidation to empty the lot.  I watched him the whole time, and he seemed to never even look at us as we finished our bananas.

After the police car had gone on its way, David stood, stretched and gathered our trash to carry the few steps to the trash can.

"I have to pee," he said.  "Want to come along?"

"Yeah, I could use it too," I replied.

Fortunately the building had flush toilets, so the odor wasn't too bad.  It actually smelled more of disinfectant than it did of urine or worse.  Even better it had two urinals, so for the first time ever David and I stood side by side emptying our bladders.  It was something of a male bonding ritual.

For some reason, I found it quite exciting to be looking at his spewing cock in this semi-public location, even though I had certainly done more than look at his appendage plenty of times in the past few months.  I realized that I was growing firm from the experience.  I noticed that David was showing the first signs of a growing erection, too.

I heard the sound of a car door and saw through the eye level window a man of probably fifty or sixty walking toward the building.  By now, I was fully hard and my lover was not far behind.

The man entered and stood behind us.  Neither David nor I acknowledged his arrival.  I saw another man heading toward the restroom.  I could tell that this guy was younger, and, as he got closer, I saw that he wasn't much older than I was.  He came into the building and also simply stood behind us, apparently watching our moving arms as David and I slowly stroked ourselves.

David watched my dick as I watched his, becoming increasingly aroused by the realization that we had an audience.  He looked up at my face and raised his eyebrows.  I mimicked his action.

I thought about reaching over to his cock, hoping that he would do the same.  Watching us jack each other off ought to give our observers a better show, but I wasn't sure how David would feel about that.

As I was mentally engaged in the debate with myself, David turned toward me.  I heard the older man sigh behind me as David's lovely cock came into his view.  I thought, "what the hell," and turned toward him, reaching out and grasping his dick.  Although familiar, of course, it somehow felt different in my hand than it had felt at other times when it wasn't part of a show.

David reached out for me, and we massaged each other slowly.  I saw that the younger guy had pulled his own penis out through the zipper on his jeans and was matching our masturbatory pace.  I looked directly at him while I continued stroking my lover.

The guy could easily be described as beautiful, but in a fully masculine sort of way.  He was about my height, trim but muscular, although not overly buff, with medium length blond hair.  I could now see that he was older than I had thought, perhaps in his early twenties or at least his late teens.  He stared into my eyes, and I felt as if he was looking right into me.

My sudden attraction to this voyeur while I was stroking David made me feel a moment of panic, and I quickly returned my eyes to David who was looking at my face, perhaps reading my lust.  I quickly willed myself to remember my love for the man whose dick I was gripping.

The older guy moved forward, in our direction.  I assumed that he just wanted a closer view, but he reached out and touched David's arm.

"May I?" he asked, looking directly at David's eyes.

"Is it okay with you?" David asked me.

"Sure," I replied without really understanding what the man's question meant, but I could tell that David wanted me to approve whatever it was.

David turned toward the man, who reached toward his cock and resumed the stroking that I had abandoned.  He released David after just a few strokes, dropped to his knees and engulfed my lover's dick in his hungry mouth.

David moaned his approval.

Watching that stranger devour David's cock with such evident skill aroused me to an entirely new level, one that I had never before felt.  I was a little startled by my own reaction.  I knew that I would not be jealous in this sort of circumstance, but I had no idea that I would find it so exciting.

I began to jack my own cock with some urgency, when I noticed the younger man coming toward me.  He had stopped jerking off, but his erect penis still stuck straight out from him.  He paid no attention to the action occurring next to me, but he had his eyes locked on mine.

He dropped into the same position as the older man and took my cock into his mouth, his eyes still trained on my face.  I almost came immediately but somehow fought it off.  I watched his perfect face move back and forth, and I gave into an uncontrollable urge to run both hands through his thick hair.

I was mesmerized by his actions and his beauty, but I could feel David watching me.  I felt as if I had to physically lift my eyes from the view I enjoyed in order to return David's loving stare.  When I looked into his eyes, David leaned in to kiss me, his tongue exploring my mouth.  At that time, he moaned into my mouth, just as he had the first time we had enjoyed sex.  I knew that he was cumming into the older man's mouth.

For that one instant, I envied the man who was receiving my lover's seed.  To be entirely honest, though, I would not have traded places with him.  My own pleasure was too fulfilling to give it up.

Once David was finished cumming, he ended our kiss and rubbed the man's head gently.  The man allowed David's cock to fall out of his mouth.

"May I return the favor?" David asked.

"No, I'm fine," said the man.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm fine, thank you," said the older man.

With that David exited the building.  The older man watched my Adonis work me for a while, then he, too, quietly left us our privacy.

I had returned to stroking my young man's hair, then moved my hands down feeling the contours of each of his ears and finally to the perfection of his face.  Every part of him felt sensual and feeling his skin brought me quickly to my own climax.  I think that I may have shouted my release, although the hard surface of the walls and floor probably had as much to do with the volume as my own voice.  I jetted my semen into his mouth, and he sucked greedily.

When everything subsided, he stood and leaned in toward me, his eyes asking my permission.  My eyes answered in the affirmative, and we joined in an amazingly tender kiss.  Our lips met softly for several seconds before I parted my lips in order to receive his tongue and what was left of my cum.  Then our kiss grew more passionate and insistent.  It lasted minutes rather than seconds.

Imitating David, I asked, "May I return the favor?"

"Only if you promise to call me sometime," he said.  

Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved a piece of paper, which he handed to me.  On it was written his name, Greg, and his phone number.  I folded it and put it into my back pocket.

"It's a deal; I'm Karl," I said as I dropped to my knees, surprisingly not even worrying about the degree of cleanliness of the floor.

I took his dick into my mouth, and it was a perfect fit.  I made an effort to make this the best blow job I had ever given.  Inspired by his rubbing of my head, shoulders and face I think that I may have succeeded in reaching that goal.  Certainly, if you can judge by the amount of cum that he delivered to me and the enthusiasm with which he delivered it, then my performance must have been very close to masterful.

When we finished our last kiss, I asked, "Do you live around here?"

"No," he replied.  "I'm just passing through.  I'm heading home for a quick visit from college."

When I asked him what college he attended, it turned out to be the same one as my brother Kevin.  That was an intriguing bit of news.

I walked out to rejoin David in the car for our return trip.  I suspected that he and I would have some great sex once we got back to his house, reliving our afternoon surprise.  

I was right.

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