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Karl's Deepest Secret, Part 4
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

This is the twenty-second story in the series, The Lavender Line.


David and I left immediately after school on Friday for our amorous adventure, as I had come to call it to myself.  Most of the weekend, we could simply be ourselves; two guys in love.  Except for the time that I was planning to spend with my brother who was in college in the same city, I wouldn't have to worry about slipping up and revealing my secret love for a teacher from the same high school that my brother had attended.  Of course, David was still in college when Kevin had graduated, so they wouldn't have known each other.

Actually, the romantic part of the weekend would not begin until about twenty four hours after our arrival.  David would spend Saturday recharging his friendship with his college buddy who worked in the city, while I would hang out with my brother, Kevin and his friends.  Although I hadn't mentioned it to David, I was also planning to connect with Greg, my new acquaintance from the roadside park men's room a couple weeks before.

It was a seven hour drive, even though we ate in the car after stopping for a fast food supper and stopped just once for gas.  Consequently, it was after eleven when we arrived at our hotel.

David had me wait in the car while he checked us in.  I didn't think anything unusual about that at the time.  We were both tired, so it seemed like the courteous thing to do, although I would have been happier having an excuse to get out and walk a bit.

When David got back to the car, we parked away from the lobby and used our room key to let us in a side door to the main floor hallway.  After locating a set of elevators and then walking to our room, which was actually closer to a different set of elevators, I realized that it would have been much more convenient to have entered the hotel at the lobby.  Still, I assumed that it was David's unfamiliarity with the layout of the hotel that was to blame for us taking such a circuitous route to our room.

When we arrived at our personal hideaway for the next few nights, I had this thought that one of us should carry the other across the threshold.  I mentioned it to David who brushed it off with a laugh.  We were both too tired to pay attention to romantic traditions.

We found the room service menu and placed an order for a 9:00 a.m. breakfast, since David was to meet his buddy at 10:00.  My Saturday schedule was a bit more flexible than his.

I think that we both felt some sort of obligation to be more romantic than our exhaustion would have otherwise allowed.  After we had become settled in the room and unpacked our luggage, we kissed next to the bed that we had chosen for ourselves.  To an observer the kiss would have appeared passionate, but, for my part, I was kissing more from the memory of how to kiss than from a lustful need.  I don't know why simply sitting in a moving car can be so exhausting.

We undressed each other out of habit, and it was only when I took David's dangling, soft penis into my mouth that I began to feel any genuine arousal.  The same must have been true for my lover, because I felt its softness become rigidity in less than a minute.

As I allowed my mouth to play with his cock, I again became aware of how much I loved this man despite the problems caused by our socially enforced secrecy.  Feeling him grow within my mouth was a rare treat, because usually we were both very hard long before the clothes came off.  I enjoyed the special nature of this event.

Feeling me grow within him was not a treat that David would enjoy on this night though.  By the time we were on the bed in a sixty-nine position, I was already fully erect, a result of my oral attentions to David and the hormones of a teenager.

At last we came up for air and joined in another kiss.  I felt the difference in this kiss immediately.  David's tongue was urgent and willful as it pushed into my mouth, and my tongue chased his with a genuine passion.  Our exhaustion seemed to have temporarily disappeared, being replaced by the familiar lust that marked all of our lovemaking.  I suspect that being in unfamiliar surroundings increased the intensity.

While I don't have a lot of experience in such matters, I guess that as a relationship grows in time each partner begins to assume certain duties.  I had become the "straightener."  After our sexual escapades, I was the one who would make the bed, clean any wet spots and dispose of the condom if our activities included actual fucking.  David took on the responsibility of advanced preparation.  He was always the one who would pull back the covers and make sure that the necessary supplies were within easy reach.

And so it was on this night.  Without me noticing, David had placed condoms and lube under a pillow on our chosen bed.  I was surprised that he had accomplished his mission without me seeing, given our close quarters.  However, I was really not surprised when he finally broke our kiss, and pulled out the condom from which he had already removed the foil wrapper.

David and I enjoy our versatility.  It keeps our sex varied.  So when a condom makes its appearance there is usually some silent negotiation that occurs before we know who will wear it.

On this night there was no question in my mind as to my preference.  I felt genuinely passive; I wanted to be taken by my man.  So as soon as he handed me the sheath so that I could make the decision, I immediately placed it on the tip of his already slippery cock and rolled it down his length using only my lips.

He handed me the tube of lubricant.  I took it and tossed it across the room before giving him head through the condom.  I layered it with as much saliva as I could.  I was determined to take him without artificial assistance on this night, in this new location.

David took the cue regarding my intentions.  He lifted my legs and positioned himself under them so that he could have access.  I felt his tongue spread his warm saliva around my hole.  

I suddenly felt self-conscious.  It had occurred to me that neither of us had showered since that morning.  Usually our showers were much more proximate to our sex, so I knew that he was working in much more of my natural scent than he usually did.

My condition didn't seem to hamper David's enthusiasm, though.  Indeed, it seemed to have the opposite effect.  I heard him breathe deeply with his nose up against me and then sigh happily.  He made a sound as if he were clearing his throat and plunged his now more slippery tongue into me.

I found all of this especially exciting.  The naturalness of it all, the lack of soap scent, his throat secretions being forced into me and imagining what he must be tasting made our actions seem almost animalistic, primeval and completely uninhibited.  If anyone or anything had touched my cock at that moment, it would have exploded in slimy ecstasy.

But David did not touch my dick.  What he did took me by surprise, and that surprise caused yet another.  With his tongue still probing amazingly deeply within my ass, he brought his hands to my chest and roughly pinched my nipples.  Somehow I felt a surprising combination of pain and pleasure in my tits but also at the very tip of my cock, as if there were a direct connection between the two.

My cock started to surge and began to spew cum.  It did not shoot to my face and chest as it usually did when I would orgasm.  It simply poured out of me and gathered in my navel.  My body quivered for the longest time.

When at last my tremors subsided, David pulled out his tongue, maneuvered his way from under my legs so that I could lower them, and began to lap at my navel.  He licked and sucked out all of the cum that had gathered there, and then he turned his attention to the few remaining drops on my cock head.

He brought his mouth toward my lips.  He opened my mouth with a gentle finger.  Holding his head a few inches from mine, he opened his own lips.  My cum began to drip from his mouth into mine.  Its taste let me know that it was mixed with his saliva as well as an ample amount of his phlegm.  What might have disgusted me with anyone else had the opposite impact.  

My cock, having just spent itself moments before, began to stiffen again.  This was something I had never experienced.

While I savored this unique combination of flavors, I rolled onto my side.  I reached behind me with my arm and pulled David tight against me.  I guided his cock into position and reached back to his butt to urge him on.

In addition to all of the slickness that David had contributed, I believe that I had produced some natural lube of my own.  David's cock slid into me easier than it ever had.  My own dick completed it return journey to full erection.  I grasped it just to make certain that its hardness wasn't my imagination.

David began to pump into me.  I was reminded of the seemingly rhythmic acceleration of a locomotive.  It is truly not a rhythm at all of course, because it is imperceptibly gaining speed.  Such it was with David.  There wasn't a moment that I could identify as a point of acceleration.  He gained speed and force so gradually.

At some point, I began to stroke my cock in unison with his thrusts.  I did it unconsciously, without realizing that I had started to jack off until I realized that I was and that I had been for some time.  In the meantime, both my lover and I had increased our rates considerably.  Each of his thrusts triggered my immense pleasure as he rubbed me in all the right places.  Each thrust generated even more lubricant in my ass and onto my cock, making the sensations that were occurring front and back all the more pleasurable.

Then I felt David's teeth clamping down on the skin of my back.  Like all pain at such moments, I welcomed it.  His cock grew and throbbed deep in my guts, and my own cock started shooting onto the sheet in front of me.

After a time, David's pulsing stopped, my cock ceased its jetting and David's ferocious bite turned into the gentlest of kisses.  And then we fell asleep in our still brightly lit room.

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