This story involves gay fiction. I don't like writing bout sex, so you won't find it in here, I might suggest some of it, but no hardcore. First chapter I said this was based on my life. There was a bit of a misunderstanding, the story I was writing a while ago which I gave up on was based on my life, I didn't bother to read it before pasting it onto chapter 1, so there was a bit of a misconception there. For legal reasons, I need to state that anyone under the age of 18 cannot be reading this. Not like I can really do anything to stop you, it's more of like a moral obligation.

Kayden- By Ryan Keith

Chapter 2- Gifts

I walked promptly to my lunch period. At our school because of the sheer number of students there are three lunches. Each is forty-five minutes and one period is an hour and thirty minutes. So while many students go to lunch, others go to class for half a period. They would have break for lunch, and then continue the period after lunch. The unfortunate students who were left with last lunch were stuck in class for a whole 3 periods before going to lunch. However, after lunch they only had one more class. I heard it made the day seem so much shorter. I had first lunch this semester.

I walked in, and to my surprise I knew many people on my lunch. Not really close friends like Jett and Shin, but friends like Maya. Maya was on this lunch, and so was Scott. He was in the servery flirting with the old women who worked there. They were really kind and often gave you extra if you knew them and talked with them. He stepped out smiling proudly at his extra cheesy and gravy poutine, a French-Canadian concoction comprised of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. It was quite popular at our school, and supposedly tasted better with more cheese and gravy. I wasn't in for that, I usually bought the salad and occasionally a sub or sandwich.

Scott saw me and waved me over, we sat together at a small round table intended for two. I figured Jett wasn't on our lunch too.

"Hey man, my schedule is so messed up. This semester is going to be hard." He stuffed his mouth with fries while handing me his schedule.

He was right, he had Science first period followed by Math, lunch, History and English. We had the same history class so that was a bonus.

Scott looked at me curiously. "You're not going to eat?"

"Nah, I don't have the stomach for it". That was actually half true. I felt all weird and tingly in my stomach. I guess I was just kinda down.

We talked for a bit about our plans to Toronto and mentioned the fact that we had the same history class. I watched as Scott's face light up. He was scheming something. I told him about Kade, leaving out why I thought he was amazing. He nodded his head telling me he heard about the guy. Some of the people in his last class were idolizing over him. I could see why.

"I don't like these new kids. They come out of nowhere and steal the spot light." Scott complained, as he stuffed his face. I guess he was a bit jealous. He was usually common talk between girls, but now that Kade showed up, he was probably pushed back to number 4.

"Quit bitching". I said half heartedly, "Look around you, man. Notice anything? Half the girls here are looking our way."

He did look around, and he smiled knowingly. He was cute. I guess I did like him a bit when I first met him. But sometimes his attitude just put me off.

"Yeah, it helps when the best looking guy in our grade sits at a table with me." he grinned, "Or did you forget that you're the fantasy of every girl in this school? Shit, I mean I'm even sure some of the senior girls think you're hot".

I didn't expect a reaction like that from him felt my face grow hot. I hate when I blushed. Everyone noticed it. People would point and say I look cute making me grow even darker.

"Whatever." I said growing restless, "You done yet? We could go around back and get some fresh air-. I think I need it"

He stuffed the rest of the gooey cheese filled poutine in his mouth and then got up, throwing his garbage away as we headed out the doors. I felt a number of eyes gazing at me, but I ignored it. As much as I liked being watched, sometimes I grew tired of the attention. I wouldn't mind being the kid no one notices once in a while.

Scott and I went around the back while talking about things teens talk about; girls, sports, etc. We spotted some other kids around our age running towards the forest behind the school. It was fenced off, but people could easily scale it. They were mostly kids who smoked up. Quite often teachers would be suspicious, but would never accuse the students.

While we sat in the hot sun of the early afternoon, I spotted a couple of new students venturing around the school. They were probably grade 9 students. Not too soon after I noticed them, Scott found them as well. I turned to look at him and watched his lips curve to that evil smile. Hot, but evil. I knew that smile well: it was like he knew something the rest of the world didn't. There was a smirk, a hint of mischief, and a glint of excitement in his eyes. It was only for a moment before he settled back to his normal state. He did that often. I guess to hide the fact he was up to something. He looked at me, and grinned.

"I'll be right back," he said, leaving me at the stone benches as he headed towards the new students. I could tell they were grade niner's. The girls had their kilts way too low, wearing them past their knees when it should be 10 cm above the knee. The guys wore their pants half falling off, the back hanging on their butts. It was a style that was being over used and killed. You could see their boxers for crying out loud. They looked so small, somewhat taken by what was all around them. Another thing that screamed grade nine, was the fact that their shirts were tucked in. As tucked as any shirt can be. It was a riot and a half.

I watched as Scott approached them.

"What the hell do you think you punks are doing out here?" Scott shouted at them, his voice was full of anger. I almost jumped, I couldn't see his face but I've seen and heard Scott mad. It's enough to make anyone younger than him cry, and I was right. The group of seven teens froze in their spot like they were caught stealing from a store.

One of the kids started, "W-we were just looking around the school and ...What the fuck, we weren't doing anything wrong. So fuck you!"

Scott turned to him, "What was that punk? You talking back to a Student Patrol Officer?" I started laughing. The kids didn't see me, but it was too much. Student Patrol Officer? What the hell is that?

The eyes of the kid opened wide in shock and fear. Scott wasn't a big person, but his facial features and voice were enough to make him seem intimidating. Not that he was weak. He's a pretty vicious fighter.

"I bet you're all skipping, on the first day, too," he said angrily at them. I could see the worry spread across their faces. "You shits are in for it. Just being out here on the lunch break could land you a detention. And if you are up to anything I could also have you suspended."

"Sir, our homeroom teacher said for us to get acquainted with our surroundings, so we just wanted to look around. We never knew we weren't allowed outside" This little girl had a good strong voice. It didn't quiver, but there was a hint of nervousness.

"Did I ask for an explanation?" Scott roared, he turned to the girl, "You were all probably gonna go to the forest and smoke up, weren't you. Trafficking weed at school can get you suspended and even get you in trouble with the authorities"

"We wouldn't ..." said another kid, his voice raised.

Scott was already on him, "You won't speak unless spoken to! You look like delinquents to me." He pointed to the girls kilt, "You're Kilt is too low, not wearing the standard uniform". He then turned to the guys, "Unless you want to becomes someone's bitch for the next four years, I suggest you cover your ass." The boys immediately pulled their pants up to its standard height.

The kids just looked around, possibly for some help, or exchanging nervous and fearful glances. A few of them were going to run.

I thought they had enough of this. I remember in grade nine, how many of us were also teased by the older students. Scott was waiting for this all summer. He had it bad when he first came to school. The seniors were just tough on him, mostly because his cousin was a senior at that school. I got up and walked over to them. The kids looked at me, and their faces brightened. I guess I didn't look like a threat.

"Scott, haven't you had enough? These kids are gonna piss themselves," I said in a joking tone, "Don't mind him, Scott likes to bullshit. He just wanted to give you guys a hard time." The relief on their faces was priceless. I literally heard each one of them let out a sigh. I took a peek at Scott watching his hardened features ease up to a grinning smile.

"Dude, you messed my fun." Seeing how the new kids were still a bit afraid of him, he showed off a huge smile and said, "Sorry guys, I was just messing around, you know, new blood fun."

"Geez, they were fucking scared, man, you didn't have to yell at them like that" I replied, somewhat angry, but at the same time not too concerned.

He just let out a genuine laugh looking at the students. He bowed his head a little and apologized. Finally some of the kids were easing up.

I took this moment to introduce myself.

"My name's Zac. The asshole here is one of my best buds, Scott. Don't worry, he's no threat." I watched as the kids looked a me giving each other little whispers. A few of the girls giggled among themselves. And one of them eyed me all around biting her bottom lip like she was trying to hold back from consuming me. "Now if anyone does give you trouble, you come right to me, and we'll fix it straight with them. Just don't be picking fights, got it?" I said in my serious tone.

The guys looked like they were trying too hard to act natural, yet at the same time cool.

"Thanks, man." one of them said. Geez, these guys are just too much. The girls just giggled and blushed. Dammit, not now, I don't want any schoolgirl crushes this year.

"Anyways, we'll see you around." I said pulling Scott with me.

He freed himself from my grip and shouted to the teens, "And if I see you out here again, you're all suspended". They all laughed and waved. We made our way back inside.

"That was too much, you scared the shit out of them." I accused.

"Yeah, but it was all for fun. You know, make their first day a memorable one."

"Shitting you pants the first day, how memorable," I said sarcastically.

We joked for a bit and then headed off to history, where we were given a small worksheet of Canada's government structure. I had pretty much all of it done, and Scott was sitting back copying my work.

Damn it's going to be like this all semester.

The bell rang and I headed towards the gym. Last period gym is the best because you go all out until you're exhausted. It could also be pretty bad. Three periods of sitting doing work can take a lot out of a guy. I didn't care. I was just overjoyed that Jett was in my class, and so was Kade. YES!!!! Kade looked like he was doing okay. Some kids were talking to him, and he was smiling wildly and laughing with the kids. When he saw me, his eyes softened and he waved. He left his crowd to come and greet me. Jett approached me at the same time. I could tell he was happy I was in his class too.

As they came closer, they noticed each other and I could see small smiles creeping out of their faces, like they knew they were both going to greet the same person.

I walk towards them and introduced them to each other. Jett mentioned we were best friends. I didn't see why he emphasized `best' so strongly, it wasn't like I would replace him with Kade.

Still, Kade stood there, all smiles, his ocean blue eyes held a comforting gaze between us.

Our teacher came out and explained what we were going to do this semester. It's pretty much the same. Beginning of the semester we determine the maximum number of pushups and crunches, our endurance rate using a speed test, the maximum we can bench press, and finally our Body mass index using our height and our weight.

We were going to start the next day, so we had the rest of the class to just talk. Jett, Kade and I just stood around. We joked around a bit and it looked like Jett was finally loosening up. He wasn't scared of anyone, but for a while he took on a defensive approach. I think Kade's easy-going attitude threw him off.

"So, where are you originally from Kade?" I asked. I wanted to know everything about him. He was interesting and fun to be around with. Maybe he can join my little group of friends.

The smile on Kade's face vanished. He looked around worriedly and dropped his eyes to the ground. There was an awkward silence. I looked at Jett who was staring at Kade intently. Jett turned to me and shook his head, like he was telling me not to ask. For a second I wished I could just disappear. I didn't want to push him away. If something happened from his old school he wanted to forget, then I shouldn't have asked.

Kade looked up, a weak smile formed at his lips.

"Sorry Zac, but I don't really like talking about what I left behind. It makes me a bit sad remembering."

NO. I made him sad. He doesn't want to remember where he came from or all the friends he left behind. Someone like Kade would have been popular with everyone. He's at a new school, with people he'd never seen before, and he was forced to come here. Don't make him remember what he had to give up.

It was then I noticed his eyes. They weren't the bright blue that I loved: they were pale grey, and I saw pain in them. They still captivated me, but in a sad way. I wanted to reach out for him and hold him tight. I never knew I could be so insensitive.

"I-- I'm sorry Kade", I could feel my emotions build, "I didn't mean..."

Kade's blue eyes returned as well as his killer smile.

"Don't worry about it. It's just a bunch of stuff that's better off forgotten." He gave me a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, it's really not a big deal, no need to apologize."

Jett smirked a bit and let out a quiet laugh, "Don't worry about him Kade, he's like that. Probably why everyone looks up to him. For a kid this young, he sure is a wise-ass." I felt my cheeks flush, which got another laugh from Jett, "He's arrogant, smart but sensitive, all packed together. And it's this modest look he gives that makes me want to pound his ass sometimes." They both went off laughing leaving me in my tomato state. It's all good. As long as Kade's happy again.

We talked for a bit more, our plans for the week and how cool our semester is. I know how great mine is anyways. Kade's in three of my classes, and as far as I can tell, I'm the closest person to him right now.

Things at home were pretty eventful. Dad was home early. Despite him wanting me to make my own arrangements, he was on the phone with the hotel we decided to stay at. With just the two of us, we usually had small dinners. Dad didn't like to eat a lot at night, and I didn't want to eat a lot to stay in shape. So I made some sandwiches.

I didn't have any homework being the first day, so Dad and I decided to watch some television. He sat with his legs propped up, while I leant on his shoulder with his arm around me. Yeah, I know I'm too old to cuddle with my dad, but I truly feel comfortable and safe this way. If only Kade would hold me like this.

I smiled to myself and tried to hide the red that I felt creeping on my cheeks, but dad caught me.

"So, has a handsome gentleman, taken my only son yet?" he questioned casually.

That was all the pressure I could take. I blurted out everything about Kade and what I thought about him, and that perhaps he liked me too.

Of course CNN took this perfect moment to inform my dad of a teen who was killed in Manitoba by bullies at school. Apparently the kid was gay. I watched the screen in horror. I was afraid of looking at my father's face. I felt his arm grip me tighter, and he pulled me closer to him. I looked up and saw his eyes struggling with tears.

My throat felt dry but I managed to choke words out, "Dad, I'll be safe. I won't put myself into danger, plus I'm a big boy," I offered a weak smile hoping to convince him. "I won't do anything stupid, so don't look at me like that". The last part shocked me as much as it did him. I knew that look he gave me. It was like he thought I was dying, or I was going to leave him forever.

"It's not like that Zac. Dammit it's not like that. I'm just angry at this world, not you. I'm pissed that you have to hide who you are just so you feel safe. It shouldn't be like that. You shouldn't have to hide who you are from your friends because of what they might think or do." He looked at the television, his voice choking on emotion, "You shouldn't have to always look behind your back, fearing someone might know your secret. It shouldn't be like this, yet... it is."

This time he gave me a weak smile, while more tears streamed his face. I felt a distinct wetness on my face. I was crying.

"It doesn't matter that we progressed so much in technology. We have faster computers and devices to make living easier, but we fail to progress in humanity. I'm scared, that I won't be here when you need me most, and I'm afraid that you might have to face it alone."

It struck me like lightning. My dad wasn't going to be there forever. He was right. But I didn't want him to worry about me forever.

"It'll be okay. There are other people like me. I just need to find them. And not everyone hates gays. You're living proof of that. I'll be okay dad. I'm a strong kid."

Dad just stared at me for a while, and let out a soft laugh. "Yeah, you are a strong kid. And you're right, not everyone hates gays. But you need to be careful who you trust. This Kade sounds like a nice kid, but be careful. You just met him, it might just be that you're infatuated with him."


"I'm serious, Zac,"

He was serious, but I was too.

"You need to be careful, son. You make the decisions in your life, but be careful who you trust."
"I know," I replied quietly.

A weird silence overcame out serious conversation.

"So," I said half smiling, "how about you? Any female co-workers making the moves on you?"

Dad gave me a playful grin, "You know they are, can't get any work done there."

Hearing him say that got a laugh outta me. Then again he is only 31 and he could pass as twenty-five.

"They always seem to find it hot around me and unbutton their blouse. They say it's to let some central air cool them down."

I couldn't breathe; hearing my dad talk like he was a player was hilarious.

"I mean, a co-worker of mine has already asked me out, but their all kinda older than me, like thirty-six, you know?"

An image popped into my head. For a second I felt a bit of jealousy. Then I felt like I was the biggest jerk of the world. But I had to ask him, "Dad, would you ever...umm marry?"

His grin faded into a warm reassuring smile, "I never thought about it, I have the best son, and a great job. Maybe I haven't found anyone I could possibly love...again".

His last word was hesitant. I know he loved my biological mother a lot, with all his life. It sucks knowing someone like him got a bitch like her.

He seemed to sense my insecurity. "But I would never let any woman come between you and me. If some girl I've fallen for doesn't like you, then that is her loss. It won't work. You have to love her too, I mean, I'm not going to see someone you don't approve of. It would save me the heartbreak". And he grinned.

"Hey, don't let me stop you, you need someone too. Must be hard for a young father to hold all that sexual frustration," I joked.

His eyes grew with surprise, but then he coolly retorted, "It's not too bad. I have my right hand for all those lonely nights. It's quite satisfying. And don't look at me like that; I know you do it too. I was a teen not so long ago. If you aren't doing it, then there is something seriously wrong with you."

"That... is so wrong! Jesus, I'm your son! You don't tell me these things. That's almost like catching your parents in the act. Gross!" I tried gagging, but it didn't work out. Dad still got the message and gave me a soft blow to the ribs.

"Don't blame me, I'm just telling it as it is. I know what it's like to be a teen. If I didn't I would have busted your balls for smoking up with your friends a few weeks ago. And wipe that look off your face. Who wouldn't know? The back stunk of weed so bad I was spraying air freshener through my bedroom window. Geez, what's with kids these days? You don't smoke up in the backyard, especially when parents are home. I'm just glad you guys took one puff hacked and coughed and bummed it out. Which reminds me, I don't want you getting involved with any other drugs. You know better. Weed isn't so bad, but don't even think of going to school high."

By the time he was done, my face was burning with embarrassment, while at the same time, I thinking how cool my dad is. I bet if I asked to have a house party next year he would pack his bags and leave me for 3 days with five hundred dollars.

"You don't think bad of Jett, do you? He stole it from his sister's boyfriend. We agreed never to touch that crap again. He's not into that."

"Calm down Zac. I know, and I'm fine with it. Your friends are good people, and I know you won't ever disappoint me. You make good choices, and when you don't, I'll be there to help pick up the broken pieces." Dad grabbed me into a reassuring hug and the pulled me closer.

"You've been best friends with Jett, Scott, and Shin for a while now. Why haven't you told them yet?" I guess he was talking about my little secret. "At least Jett. He isn't capable of hate and he'd never ever hurt you. From what I've seen, he would never want to hurt you. I'm glad he's your friend"

I smiled with some pride, knowing that dad approved of Jett being my best friend. "Scott's a rough spot, but when it comes to friendships, he's reliable, he might be hard to convince, but he would stick by your side in a losing war. You know that".

Again I smiled proudly, Scott is an ass, but he's fun, and when he needs to be, he is reliable.

"And don't let me get started on Shin. That kid wouldn't care if you dressed up in a pink tutu and danced around town. He wouldn't care! He knows who you are, and likes who you are. Sometimes I think that kid knows more than he lets on".

The last part stumped me, but I didn't care. As sleep overcame me, I felt dad loosen his grip and rest his head on mine.

The next day was cool: a few more chats with Kade, homework, and fooling around with my best three buddies. Last period was really interesting. We formed groups of threes and found out how many push-ups and crunches we could do. The maximum we can bench press, and the speed test was also part of the period. I did average, thirty-four pushups, a hundred and thirty-nine crunches, and got a level 8 on the speed test. I was probably third best in the class. Kade was doing excellent, and so was Jett. He seemed to be competing with Kade, without Kade knowing. Jett did about seventy-eight pushups, Holy shit, and a hundred and thirteen crunches. Not bad. Kade managed to get fifty pushups, but about a hundred and fifty crunches. Bench pressing was different for everyone, I managed to do 95% of my weight, we were testing the largest amount we can press at one time. Jett benched his weight, but he was about 190lbs. And Kade benched his weight as well. I was impressed.

The speed test between them was interesting. After level eight, they were the only two left. I stopped at level 8. I started to taste blood, which probably was not a good thing. The speed test consisted of a group of students running from one end of the gym to the other. The students had to make it to the other end before a certain time which was timed by a loud recorded siren. Each level consisted of three full trips from the starting point and back. As the level increased, the time intervals in between the siren decreased.

By level 11 our teacher was staring wide-eyed and shocked. The other kids just cheered them on. Both were sweating and breathing hard. They both collapsed at the end of level 13. Our teacher rushed to them, giving both a large bottle of water. Both gulped it down with no problems. The teacher gave them both pep talks about keeping up the good work and not to overstrain themselves. From the look of it both of them got along fine. They looked up at me, smiled, turned to each other and gave each other props. Whatever hostilities Jett had towards Kade were gone.

The week passed without incident until Friday, when I finally had an interesting encounter with Kade.

After school, I found Kade waiting for me, again all smiles. It seemed as if the flowers blossomed around him and that warm, yet killer smile.

"Hey Zac, what's up" he said casually, his voice was smooth.

I took a moment to admire his perfect form, the way his hair was moving slightly with the wind despite being gelled, those blue eyes, the way he was standing, with his backpack and binder under his arm, and one hand in his pocket. He looked like a model off a clothing catalogue.

"Not much, why are you still here, did you miss the bus?"

"Nah, I'm waiting for another bus, going to the mall. I have some things to pick up," he said, his eyes staring straight into mine. "Oh, and can I have your number?" He asked as casually as asking me to borrow a pen.

"You know, in case we have homework I might have forgotten to write down. I forgot what pages to read for our religion class the other day and ended up reading more than I had to" His voice held a mixture of eagerness and excitement. It was cute.

It took me a moment to recover from that, "Sure man, in case you need anything too, I'm just a phone call away."

He nodded and opened up his religion textbook, "I don't want to go into my bag right now. I'll just write it in here and copy it when I get home".

I smiled and gave him my number. I also gave him my e-mail, cell number, and pager, in exchange for his home number, cell number, and his e-mail. After a few more minutes of small talk, he ran towards the waiting area of the public buses. He sure has a fine ass.

That night was filled with me making final plans on my little birthday field trip with the gang tomorrow. I debated whether to invite Kade or not. I decided I should invite him for a movie or two before asking to sleep in the same room. The thought of it got me hot. Thinking how things might accidentally progress.

I was interrupted by our doorbell ringing. I walked down in just shorts and a tank top.

Probably some kid selling chocolate or newspaper subscriptions. WRONG.

It was Kade, and I noticed a brief, but definite look come over him. His eyes looked at me head to toe, and quickly shot back to make eye contact with me.

"Hey Kade, what's up?" I said, trying to act casual, but truthfully, extremely happy to see him.

"Not much, can I come in?" How does he do it? He says it like it was an everyday occurrence.

"Shit, sorry about that. Come on in. Sorry not much of a host" I said slightly embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it. I just wanted to talk to you about some school work" He quietly took off his shoes, placing them neatly together against the wall. He didn't have huge feet, nor were they tiny. They were perfect.

A sudden realization came to mind. "If it's about school work why didn't you just call, I could have saved you the trip man?" I don't know where he lives, but he can't drive yet. Meaning he biked here, or walked. Wait, how does he know where I live?

His face looked puzzled for a second. Perhaps he didn't hear me. Before I could repeat myself, he said, "Yeah, I know, but I lost your number."

"Dude" I said surprised, "You lost your religion text book? Those things cost like forty bucks. What are you going to do?"

His face turned bright red, like a parent was scolding him.

Idiot, maybe he wanted to see you, nice way to make him feel comfortable. He builds up the balls to come over, and you interrogate him.

He started to stammer, "Ah, I already copied the number... and so I erased it from the text book... but then I lost the number". He sounded a bit strained. It was cute.

I didn't care what his reasons were, I was just happy to see him. "Whatever, man. It's all good. Take a seat, I'll just grab my work and be down in a sec." I said walking up the stairs. I noticed Kade looking around our family room. Not much of one. There's a nice piano, some artwork, a very nice coffee table, and a shelf with some books, pictures and frames.

I rummage through my desk searching for the homework.

Damn messy room, my hands are shaking, they're icy too. Why the hell am I so nervous?

The answering machine indicator was blinking, probably a message left while I was on the phone.

Beep "Hey Zac, some of the guys are running more tests tonight, I'm going to be babysitting them. I'll be home late, don't stay up too late. You're old enough to know when you're tired. See ya later bud." Beep

Wicked, cool. All alone, and the hottest dude in the world is waiting in my house.

So, this is where Zac lives. A pretty cool house and it even has a pool and stuff. Wonder if we're all by ourselves. Why am I here? Even I can't understand that. Zac seems to be a cool guy, yet something about him just draws me closer and closer to him. Who is he? Why does he have this hold on me, like I can't breathe when he stares into my eyes? And those eyes...Mysterious deep brown eyes. I noticed them after I was able to first talk to him, I thought they we're brown, but close up, they seem so much deeper, and give off a yellow tint, a golden tint. There's something about him, if I stay close to him, perhaps I'll discover what it is, or perhaps, discover who I really am. I have severed the chains to my past.

Grabbing my work and making my way down, I noticed Kade holding one of the picture frames that had a picture of dad and me at around age ten.

"It must be real cool to have a brother like this. You two seem very close." He looked at me questioningly, "But there aren't any photos of your parents."
I almost laughed at his innocent question. I knew better: that would just be rude. Instead I gave a light giggle, something I rarely do.

"No, he's my dad," I watched as Kade's bright blue eyes grow and look of surprise and amazement, "My parents had me at a very early age, he's only thirty-one so he's really cool."

"Must be, to have a young dad like that. He probably lets you get away with drinking with your friends" Kade stated.

I never really thought of that. Dad probably would let me drink his stuff if I asked. He never told me not to, but told me the consequences of letting it control your life. Dad never hid anything from me. Instead of saying no, he let me try things that I wanted to do. I never really liked alcohol anyways, maybe it's an acquired taste. To me it tastes like crap.

"Probably, but I don't drink. I think beer and other alcohol tastes like shit" I squeezed my face like I was eating something sour. I don't see why so many kids get excited over alcohol.

"I agree, beer is shit. But some other drinks aren't too bad. There's Baileys, Smirnoff Ice Vodka, Southern Comfort. All those are really good." He listed off drinks I haven't ever heard of.

"Not that I drink a lot. I only did occasionally when I hanged with my..." Kade's expression froze. I thought I saw his eyes moisten before he lowered his head and clamped him eyes shut. For a moment there was silence. I wanted to reach out for him. I know something bothers him. Something he said, or was about to say was tormenting him.

"Kade, you okay man?" My voice shook. I felt really sad for him. I did not know what was hurting him, yet I felt for him just the same.

Kade hastily rubbed his eyes, "Yeah, just got some dust in them. Can I use your bathroom for a second?"

Before I could say anything he made his way to the bathroom.

I decided to do some reading. The unit we just started was an introduction to world religions and the different religions we would be studying.

Within a few minutes Kade returned. His eyes slightly red, like he was crying or was holding back tears. I suddenly cooked up a plan.

"Hey, why don't we do the reading separate, but our paper together? Mr. Sergeant said we could work in pairs. I planned on writing it on my own, but if we work on it together we can probably finish it sooner." I could see the gears working in his head while he debated whether to take my proposition or not.

"My dad is coming home late. If you stay, I'll make you dinner" I was only half kidding, but that seemed to get his attention.

"Hmm, should I pass up an opportunity to taste your cooking and do the assignment by myself? Perhaps I'll extend my stay, if you don't mind?" He gave me a sly grin. I swear he looked so sexy like that. Like he was thinking...things...about me.

"Great! You can call your parents using the phone in the kitchen if you want. I'll try to see what we could eat," I said making my way to the fridge.

"Don't worry. I don't live with my parents" Kade spat, a touch of anger in his voice. It was quickly masked with his smile. I stopped what I was doing. He didn't live with his parents?

"Well, you probably should tell your guardian that you'll be eating here. They might worry about you" I tried again.

He just giggled, "Don't worry. I live alone, it's fine. I was just going to grab something, but now that you've offered I can't decline.

WOW, he lived on his own. That's so great. He's really independent. I wonder why he lives away from his parents, they couldn't have abandoned him, there's no way he can work, go to school and make enough to support himself.

"Okay, that's cool. How does spaghetti sound?" I asked, spinning a large spoon in my hands.


We worked on the assignment while I cooked our dinner. While I cooked, I watched Kade writing out a section of our assignment. He looked like he was really in deep thought. I think he was even sweating a bit. Whatever he was writing, it must be pretty damn good. I can already see the Perfect grade we're going to get.

We finished by the time our supper was done. Dinner was simple. We talked about school and clubs we would join. Kade said he really wasn't interested in joining any and said he wouldn't mind watching one of my swim meets.

I wanted so much to feed him myself. He looked cute eating his pasta. Slurping it like a kid. His face was a bit messy after he was done, and I wanted to just wipe him clean, maybe with my tongue. Holy shit, what am I thinking? Damn teenage hormones. Get down!

We played some computer games before he had to go home. It was nearly 10:00 PM.

"Dude, if you want you could stay the night. I don't mind. You biked here, right? It's pretty dark to bike home. Plus it's pretty chilly out." Wow already I'm asking him to spend the night.

"Thanks Zac, but I think I'll go home tonight. I have to wake up early. I have an...engagement to attend to." His voice suddenly sounded as cold as steel. It wasn't rough, but it was cold. The warmth vanished. As quickly as it disappeared, it returned. He smiled at me, "Thanks for dinner Zac. It was delicious, maybe I can cook for you next time".

"I look forward to it." We gave each other props while he headed out the front door. Something tells me the young, handsome, funny, and mysterious Kade is going to change my life forever.

I made my way back to the kitchen to clean some pots. While I passed the dining room, a glimmer caught my eye. It came from the desk. On it laid a piece of paper and a small cardboard silver box. "Did Kade forget this?" Apparently not, the piece of paper was a note.

Hey Zac,

By now you may have realized, I didn't come over for the homework. Something about you draws me in. I don't know how to explain it. You probably think I'm weird. For the first time, I feel like I want to get to know someone. If you let me, I wouldn't mind being your friend. In the box I left is a precious stone my father left to me. I'm not trying to buy your friendship. I don't really know why I'm giving you this. I feel as though this is the right thing to do. All I ask you is to watch it for me. Keep it safe. You don't need to if you don't want to. You can simply return it to me on Monday. I'll understand. This is the first time I ever wanted to be someone's friend. Just don't sell it okay?

I'll see ya later!

Kayden Pierce


I couldn't believe what I was reading. Carefully I lifted the small box. Whatever it was, it was pretty heavy for something so small. I lifted the cover. I almost dropped the box.

Inside was a small stone; a gem. It was an amazing blue colour. It looked like a giant teardrop. It was finely etched and seems to give off a bluish glow. The colour reminded me of Kade's eyes. The same deep vast ocean that was found in his eyes, I held in a small box. I don't know the value of the stone, but by the weight I could tell it was something important.

"If he wants me to watch it, I'll do my best to protect it." I quietly covered the gem, and took it to my room.

"Who is Kade? I know who he is, but I know nothing about him. If we're going to be friends, I should know more about him. Good or bad, I'll be his friend"

I gaze out of the window. A perfect night. Not a cloud in the sky. The stars shine brilliantly in the dark void of the night.


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