This story involves gay fiction. I don't like writing bout sex, so you won't find it in here, I might suggest some of it, but no hardcore. This is basically the story of my life; there have been alterations in names places, and events. There is no sex blah, blah, blah. You know the rest. If you've gone this far, I can't stop you anymore.

Kayden- By Ryan Keith

Chapter 7- Understanding

I really doubt this course will help me in the future. Sure it's interesting, but what can I do with knowledge of different religions? I'll be opened up to other people's cultures' beliefs and traditions, but I already am. Shin's Japanese, and I understand some of the customs his family follows. Scott's parents are Atheists. Why they put their son into a Catholic school, I'll never know. I guess it's the school board trying to promote an image of open-mindedness to society. If that's so, how come all Catholic schools are against promoting gay awareness? We all know the school doesn't support gays because they follow the churches teachings, but then what's the point of taking world religion studies? Maybe that's why I hate this subject so much, or maybe it's because of our asshole teacher, Mr. Sergeant. Oh, and it's first period on Monday too.

"This is going to be a long week", I thought to myself as I laid my head on my desk with the slightest indication of awareness.

Mr. Sergeant continued his explanation of an ancient religion called Zoroastrianism. I thought I was pretty cool, but the teacher is just so boring. He doesn't seem too excited about it, either.

Mr. Sergeant paced back and forth along the rows and columns of desks looking down at the book between his hands, "The God of this religion, named Ahura Mazda is believed to be a supreme God and the final destination for all..."

The rest of his words were blocked out of my head. Gods were the furthest thing from my mind. I sat up and briefly scanned the room of familiar faces. Maya sat beside me, her eyes glued on the textbook following the teacher's words with a pen in her hand ready to scribble down any important notes. She looked as pretty as she ever did. Her long, golden brown hair brushed beautifully down her back. I could see why Jett liked her so much.

I turned my head slightly and watched Kayden. He was also scribbling some notes down. Not even the most beautiful girl comes close to Kayden. Under his boyish looks was a complex child. This boy, Kayden. Is he the one for me? I casually stared out the window while the voices around me faded into silence.

Kayden's breath on my neck sent icy shivers down my spine. I fell into his embrace while he gently rubbed my back with his powerful hands. We pulled ourselves close to each other as we fell onto my bed. I landed on him and smiled as I watch him chuckle under my weight. Rubbing his chest with my one hand, while my other traced his face with my fingers, Kayden smiled at me. I brushed my finger along his jaw as I brought myself up to claim those lips for my own. I gently rest my head on his chest. Hearing his heartbeat through his flesh made me realize that my heart too was racing. His arms slowly wrap around me. In one swift movement, he's on top, with his left hand clasping onto my own. He raises his body a bit and examines my form with his sharp, gentle eyes. I turn away at his stare, embarrassed at my state before him.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" Kayden whispers.

I can't bring myself to look at him, "No I'm not. My body is still a kid's body... There's nothing beautiful about it."

"No. You're wrong. It is beautiful. We're only 15. You're not built like a house, but you're still perfect. I can't wait to see how great you are when we grow up. You'll be much hotter next year." His smile felt reassuring.

"Oh, so I'm just a kid right now, aren't I?" I questioned playfully.

"They were your words, not mine Zac," he said staring down on me.

It felt so strange for him to be over me. I felt embarrassed to be pinned under him, but at the same time I couldn't comprehend how HOT it actually was.

"Jerk," I smiled, squeezing his hand.

I watch as his face scrunched up, like pained washed over him. I looked at our hands. Sure enough, his bruised hand was the one I just squeezed.

"You took off the bandages. Why? It's not fully healed yet." I asked worriedly.

"It wasn't bad. It was a sharp slice, nothing got damaged. It's healing perfectly." He stated, throwing aside my concern.

I brought his hand to my face and examined it. He remained motionless over me, one hand supporting his body over mine. How he managed to keep his balance boggled my mine, but I was more concerned about his hand.

I traced my finger along the soft tissue on the scar. It wasn't too bad. It had already started to heal, and a normal scab housed the bruise.

"See, I told you." He mused childishly.

I pressed his hand onto my face, and gently kissed the scar.

"You injured your hand to save me and my friends. You scarred your precious body. Why?" I asked.

Kayden watched me, his blue eyes clear of any doubt or worry that clouded them so often.

"I would risk my whole body to save you. I don't know why I did what I did. I still don't sometimes. But I know that I want to protect you. I would die for you Zac." He never broke his gaze. I was certain he meant every word just by the way he looked into my eyes.

"Don't," I said weakly, "don't hurt yourself for me. I would die, if anything happened to you. It's funny, the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you, but already it feels like I've known you for years."

He smiled down at me, "I know. I feel like I've known you for a long time too. Like I met you in a dream every night, and now you're real."

His voice turned into whispers while he lowered his head onto my neck. I shivered under his touch, his gentle soft touch. He pulled up and took off his polo shirt and undershirt in one motion. I gasped as I watched his form burn into my eyes. He smiled so proudly, a bit cocky, but I didn't care. He fumbled with my polo shirt buttons, his hands carelessly attempting to undue them. He finally got them undone, and pulled off my dress shirt. I helped him with my undershirt, laying back down after as he looked me over. I looked away embarrassed.

"Look at me," he commanded. Well, it was less than a command, really. It was gentle and soothing. I stared up at him, my eyes feeling a bit watery.

"God, you're beautiful," he sighed heavily. Before I could reply he had lowered himself onto me, and gently wrapped his hands around me. Our bodies tangled for what seemed like hours. He breathed heavily as much as I did. I was happy with this.

Kayden suddenly reached for my belt buckle. I felt him toy with it, trying to get it loose.

"No..." I felt my body shake.

"Kayden, I'm..."

He hastily unbuckled the belt and attacked the button of my pants.

"Kayden, Stop!" I said a lot more forcefully.

He finally did and looked up at me, his eyes looking pain filled and apologetic. He lifted himself off as he turned to sit at the edge of my bed with his hands to his face.

"I'm sorry, Zac. I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to go so far, I..."

I silenced him with my mouth over his. My chest pressed against his back with my hands on his slightly turned head. We closed our eyes and enjoyed the moment of silence.

When we finally broke free, I whispered to his ear, "I don't think I'm ready yet. I don't think you are either. For now, this is fine. We need to mature a bit more before we take it up to the next level. Our bodies might be ready, but we still need to prepare our hearts."

"I know." Kayden whispered. His long face suddenly turned into a wild grin, "Do you know how cheesy that line was? Prepare our hearts?"

I slapped his stomach hard and giggled.

I leaned against his back with my arms wrapped around him as his hands closed over my own.

"Mr. Hunter, are you coming down with a fever? You're face is showing an unhealthy shade of red," Mr. Sergeant asked in a bored tone.

I quickly shook myself out of my daze and tried to make the red drain out, "No sir. I'm...uh...I'm fine."

"Well then quit daydreaming and start taking notes. Leave your fantasies to the sanctuary of your own bedroom. This is a religion class for crying out loud." He said bitterly.

The class chuckled quietly over the comment, but was soon silenced by Mr. Sergeant's stare.

I felt my face burn up a bit more. Quite possibly because what he said was true. I turned to Maya, who was softly giggling offering a genuine smile of understanding. I quickly looked away, and turned slightly to Kayden. I almost threw my book at him. He sat in his seat grinning proudly like he knew what I was thinking. I just playfully licked my bottom lip and watch him uncomfortably shuffle in his seat. I turned around and tried to focus on the boring words. Instead I kept hearing Kayden's soft breath by my ear.

The next class was much more interesting. We had Mr. Clint, who was an interesting fellow. He was really easy-going, and wasn't too strict on rules besides attendance. He let people whisper to an acceptable level, didn't care for the dress-code, and was lenient on swearing. He obviously had to stop at the 'F' word. We had been reading Macbeth and I was enjoying every moment of it. Mr. Clint had each student play a part of the play during each scene. We were just finishing the first Act. By sheer coincidence, both Kayden and I played roles in the play. I played Duncan, and Kayden played Banquo. We shared secret smiles and grins during the exchange of words. When we were done the scene I looked up to see Mr. Clint eyeing both of us questioningly. I had to fight off the urge to laugh aloud.

Lunch was the same with Scott. This time however, Maya joined us. I could not understand either of them. They didn't like each other, but wouldn't turn down the other to join in on a table.

Lunch was mostly filled with Maya asking questions about out trip to Toronto. Sadly the adventure to the city was short-lived. We decided to make up for it another day, perhaps. No one's birthday was coming up any time soon. Shin turned 16 in December, but that was way too far off. We would think of something, and this time more people would be around. Maya and Mai would definitely join up, and most definitely Kayden. Kayden and I shared something so valuable, and I wanted to be around him as much as possible. I wanted my friends to like him, too. The only problem was Scott.

History was uneventful. As interesting as history could get, learning about the establishment of society and the form of government in Canada was not generally appealing to me. I almost fell out of my seat laughing when I saw Scott laying his head down on the desk. A puddle of drool was being created on the desk for everyone to see.

Finally phys-ed. The one class I enjoyed. We were playing basketball, which wasn't a problem for me. Jett had the stamina, but lacked the skill. What do you expect from a building who plays hockey? Kayden and I were on the same team. Coincidence? Of course not, I forced my way to his team. Traded places with another kid who didn't mind switching.

With four teams made, it was my team versus Jett's.

"Ready to go down, Hunter?" Jett taunted me.

"You better polish that ass, buddy, good enough for me to kick it," I joked. Both teams let out a healthy laugh and cheer while the coach simply chuckled shaking his head.

To say it was an easy match would be a lie. Both sides were even, and both were working hard. Jett proved to be a great defenseman: with a body like that he sure can block. However, what our team lacked in strength, we made up in speed and skill. Kayden was pretty fast, even though his shots never really scored. Our team soon found a balance and played our moves right. I made it to mid-court with the ball, until Jett stepped up, grinning. Usually I'm not too competitive unless it comes to swimming, but I really wanted to win. I smiled at Jett before I winked, and flew past him, darting pass another defenseman, before two more blocked my path. I turned quickly to pass the ball behind me to another teammate. Our chance was lost when Jett surprisingly intercepted it and called his team back.

I didn't even see it. I don't think Jett did either, or anyone else. The ball disappeared from Jett's hand. Before anyone could realize it, Kayden was making his way to the basket.

Knowing Kayden's skill in shooting, I called out to him, "Kade, pass!"

He turned to me, and smiled. I felt the whole gym melt away into darkness, leaving only Kayden and myself. I felt moments pass by that seem to stretch out for eternity. Our gaze never breaking, I was at ease. In an instant, we were back, and the ball was in my hand.

"Shoot!" someone shouted.

I stepped back, calmly jumped and shot. The ball spun in the air before making it into the basket. I was the behind the 3-point line and earned myself a crowd yelling cheer.

Back in the change room, a number of sweaty topless guys shared details about the game played.

"That was an awesome play out there with Hunter and Pierce." Someone mentioned while I buttoned my shirt. I couldn't help but smile proudly.

Jett's hand was on my shoulder gripping firmly but friendly, "Yeah, you two sure packed a punch out there. What happened to only being passionate about swimming?" Jett questioned.

"Heh, when I'm playing you, it's all about competition." I joked.

Kayden also shared a part in the friendly banter. It wasn't long before the conversation shifted into friendly jokes among the three of us. I could sense a couple of guys being envious, but then again other were just smiling at our friendship. It was well known that Jett and I were like blood buddies. It wouldn't be too far before Kayden was acknowledged as part of the 'gang'. That thought plastered a cheesy smile onto my face.

We all met after school. Maya had already gone home, but Mai was still hanging around Shin. I made kissing faces at her before she shot me a look that told me to test her viciousness. I understood and earned a nice cheek pinching from her.

"I gotta head home soon. I have a game later tonight." Jett informed us.

"Oh yeah, when and where is it at?" Shin asked.

"Iroquois Center, at 7:00. You guys gonna be there?"

"You can count on it, bud. I'm gonna go skate around with some guys, I'll see ya guys later." Scott replied. With that, he was off on his board weaving through students while he waved bye to us.

"I have a test tomorrow, but I'll come watch. You wanna come Mai?" Shin asked.

"I think I'll pass. No offense Jett, but I don't like watching you get hurt." Mai admitted.

"Please? I'll buy you ice cream later?" Her boyfriend whined.

Mai let out a sigh before submitting to his request. If someone could change her strong will, it was Shin.

Jett turned to me, "You need a ride Zac?"

"Nah, dad comes home early tonight, he'll take me. I have swim practice at the rec. center. If he's not busy, he might come watch too."

It was a given that I went to all of Jett's games. He was my best friend, who else was going to cheer for him and comfort him during a close game. It was an unsaid rule; I went to his games, and he went to my swim meets.

"Aww cool. Great. How about you Kade, need a lift?" Jett questioned.

"Me?" Kayden almost squeaked.

I was so proud. That's why I love Jett, he was really friendly. In no time, Kayden would definitely be fitting in.

"Yeah obviously. Kinda rude to be asking everyone and not invite you. Plus I gotta show you where my real skills lie. Basketball isn't my thing, but I could definitely work you in hockey," Jett grinned.

I watched as Kayden's face slowly grow into a beaming smile. I honestly had to almost squint my eyes because it was so bright.

"Thank, Jett. Sure I'll come." Kayden replied, his light radiating from his smile still.

"I could pick him up with my dad," I replied, "You gotta be there early remember? What's he gonna do for thirty minutes by himself?"

"Sounds like a plan." Kayden and Jett both said at the same time.

Jett nodded before waving at us and leaving to go meet his mom. Shin and Mai also decided to leave. Shin walked Mai home everyday. They didn't live too far from the school, and it was awfully gentlemen like for Shin to do something like that. It was only Kayden and me.

"You going to the rec. center for swim practice?" Kayden asked.

"Yeah. You going home I guess?" I asked.

"Well, I was thinking of going for a run at the track there. Mind if I come along?"

How could I refuse my boyfriend? That is what he is right? I mean, friends don't usually kiss like we did, right?

"Sure babe. I gotta go home and grab my stuff. I have some shorts that probably fit you, that way you don't need to go all the way home." I told him.

He blushed a bit until I caught what I said and also turned a bit red.

"Sure. Let's go."

If I was out, and there weren't so many students around, I would have liked to hold his hand.


"What is 'he' doing here?" demanded Scott in an irritated tone.

I shot him a look well hidden from Kayden and replied, "He's here to watch the game, Scott," I said, angrily spitting out his name, "Jett invited him. It isn't a problem." It wasn't open to argument. If Kayden was going to be around us, Scott better learn to accept him.

Scott just rolled his eyes and walked inside the arena. I turned around to see Kayden with a weary face.

"I don't think he likes me." Kayden said dejectedly.

"Don't worry," I said in an assured tone, "he's just being an asshole. He probably thinks you're the type of person who'd try to fit in with our gang to use us."

"What makes you think I'm not?" he asked while we made our way inside.

I turned to him and smile, "'Cause I really like you."

I quickly turned around to hide my embarrassment. I felt satisfied knowing he was grinning like an idiot behind me.

We walked into the section Mai and Shin were already seated in. Scott sat a seat over with his arms crossed and legs propped up on the seat in front of him. He tried to hide his scowl, but it was obvious he was upset.

I decided not to pay it any mind.

"Hey Kade, Zac, up here! We got great seats." Mai shouted over the sheer noise in the arena.

We made our way up towards them. I saw Kayden give Scott an apologetic look, but Scott just scoffed and turned his attention to the ice.

Mai and Shin also sensed Scott's hostile attitude and offered Kayden sympathetic looks. We tried talking about random things, but a comment or two from Scott seemed to ruin any chance of a normal conversation.

It wasn't until Maya showed up that Scott began to brighten up. Oddly enough, Maya took a seat beside Scott. I figured they would want to sit as far away as possible from each other, but neither seemed to care.

"How did you know Jett had a game tonight?" Mai asked Maya.

She turned to Scott, "Scotty boy here told me. I had dance after school and couldn't stick around."

"Don't call me that!" Scott said acidly.

We talked a few before the game. Kayden was unusually quiet. I guess I would too, if Scott bit my head off for anything that came out of my mouth. I was really upset with him; his behavior was childish.


Jett was skating with his teammates around the ice towards their side. Jett saw up and waved. We all cheered and waved back. Jett seemed to emit a proud glow while he met up with his teammates.


"It was a close one, man. You'll get them next time." I said encouragingly.

It really was a close game. Both teams were tied 1 to 1, and it was the last minute. Jett had been playing hard all game. His coach thought it would go into overtime and pulled Jett to rest up a bit. The opposing team had scored in the last minute. We sat around outside waiting for rides. Maya and her father had already come by and decided to drop Mai, and Shin.

"Yeah I know. I played well enough not to care. But it feels like my efforts went to waste." Jett said, depressed.

"Just bite the bullet, buddy," Scott offered with a hand on Jett's shoulder, "You'll give it back to them next time. The season just started, so you have heaps of chances."

Jett nodded and accepted Scott's consolation.

"Hey, at least you showed me how hockey is played. I guess you are right, basketball isn't you're game. You were literally on fire out there." Kayden said enthusiastically.

Jett brightened up a bit from Kayden's comment, "I guess I kinda was, huh?" He let out a gentle laugh and said, "You're alright, Kayden, you know that. You're pretty cool."

I quickly turned to see Scott's face heat up a bit. He was definitely not liking this. Before Scott could even say anything Dad showed up. What a life saver.

"So I guess you didn't win. Don't worry buddy, another time." Dad said assuring.

"He might have won if you came," I scolded my dad.

"Yeah, why didn't you come?" Jett asked leaning on his hockey stick.

"I had a business dinner with some people." Dad replied.

"Oh, a date, huh. Must be pretty hot for you to skip my game." Jett teased.

We all chuckled at that, even Scott.

"Well, if you think balding fifty year old men are hot, then that's your call. Some kids have no taste." Dad smiled.

Jett and my dad got along great. Jett used to tell me it was like talking to an older brother.

"Hey, you never know. They come with experience." Kayden pointed out.

Everyone laughed except Scott who just gave Kayden a sidelong glance.

"Well, anyways, you boys need a lift home?" He asked Scott and Jett.

"Nah, my mom is picking me up in a few minutes," Jett replied, "What about you Scott?"

Scott glared at Kayden and turned to Jett, "I think I'll ride with you. It'll give Zac and Kayden a good chance to bond." He spat sourly.

I had had enough.

"You know what Scott? You could go fuck yourself too. Why do you have to be such an asshole?" I asked angrily. I turned to Jett and said, "I'll talk to you later Jett."

I turned to leave as dad was about to say something about my words to my friends, but I shot him a look that meant I would tell him later. I walked away and heard Kayden's voice speak up.

"Um, Zac really didn't mean to say that Scott. I'll, uh, see you guys later."

Jett returned his goodbye but Scott just said, "Whatever."

The ride was quiet.

"I shouldn't have come. It would have been better that way." Kayden said in a quiet voice.

"Don't take his blame, Kayden. It's not your fault he's such an idiot." I said, staying calm, but with the anger just below the surface.

"Don't talk about your friends like that Zac. You're just angry. Let it go and deal with it tomorrow," Dad said in a fatherly tone.

"And if you don't mind, Kayden, can I get directions to your house? I really don't know where I'm going." He asked with a smile.

Kayden blushed before giving directions to his house. It suddenly occurred to me that I've never seen Kayden's house. When we got there, I wasn't disappointed. It was a nice house. One garage, and was two stories. Amazing it was fully paid for. It wasn't too far from the supermarket or school so I guess it was a perfect place for someone who had no method of transportation.

"Oh, are your parents not home, Kayden?" my dad asked.

"My mom is working late, Mr. Hunter, and my dad is out of town on business." Kayden replied.

I turned to look at him questioningly. I had though he lived alone. He gave me an apologetic look. I just accepted it and decided to ask him when we were alone.

"Call me Kevin, or anything else, please Kayden. I hate the Mr. Hunter crap. Makes me feel so old." Dad complained with a smile. Dad hated being called Mr. Hunter, by my friends and teachers.

"You got it, Mr. H" Kayden answered, "I'll tell my mom you said hi." Kayden opened the door.

"You do that, I'll see you later Kayden." Dad replied.

"Later Kade," I smiled. How could I not smile? Kayden was so hot stepping out of the car, and he was mine. Scott was already out of my mind.

"See ya Zac, I'll call you ok?"

Kayden was gone.

While driving home I stared out the window watching the vehicles pass.

"You know, you can stop anytime soon. We might get pulled over, that smile of yours might distract other drivers." My dad said.

I turned to him but couldn't stop grinning.

"Geez, what's with that face, you'd think you got laid or something." He remarked.

I just continued to grin at him, but I could feel my cheeks heat up.

All of a sudden I flew forward in my seat as dad pulled a fast brake.

"Ok Mister. You got my attention. Now what is this about?" he asked in a half-heartedly father type of voice.

"Well, I invited Kade over last week and, uh, well, we kinda figured out each other's feelings. And before anything could be said, well, I uh..." I couldn't really bring myself to say it.

"Ok stop. As important as I need to know where your relationship is going, I don't want specific detail. You're my son! Think before you start talking." He wasn't angry, just happy for me, and at the same time interested. Like he wanted the little details, but didn't want to admit to it.

"uh, well, we just went to my room, and then..."

"Did you use protection?"

I almost choked.


He let out a chuckle before answering, "I just want to know you're playing it safe."

"Well, we didn't have sex. I thought it was going too fast. He agreed and we just kissed."

"Does his parents know?"

I had to think about this one for a bit. I had thought Kayden lived alone. Suddenly it clicked. Kayden wasn't about to tell dad he was living alone. It was too suspicious. Dad would be too smart for that, and sooner or later discover Kayden was a runaway. That could lead to some serious trouble.

"I don't know, I didn't ask him yet, but I don't think it's a problem. He says he's cool with his parents."

"Ok, that's good," after a moment of silence, Dad gave me a suspicious look, "So is that all did? Just kiss? You probably had your hands all over him."

I just sat blushing, cursing myself for even giving him the smallest amount of information.

"Sorry Zac, I was just kidding a bit. You're a lot smarter than I was your age. I guess I should buy you some stuff that way whenever you're ready with this boy you can..."


"What?" He said with smile. I could tell he was enjoying this. "When I was your age my dad bought me condoms and told me to act responsibly. I'm glad I didn't," he ruffled my hair a bit before I knocked his hand away, "But in your case it might be painful otherwise."

My face has never gotten so red. How could he even think of something like that? I'm not ready.

"Don't worry, I won't say anymore. Just follow your heart, and be careful. Kayden sounds like a great kid. I'm glad you found him. You've been a lot more energetic lately."

"Well I kinda have to thank you for that. Good looks run through our blood." I commented.

"Then I guess you never saw you're grandfather as a teen, he was a hideous boy. You got a lot of your mother's looks."

I scowled at the mention of the woman who gave birth to me.

"Don't be like that Zac. She was a very kind lady, just not ready for a responsibility this great." Dad said sympathetically.

"That's why she wanted to abort me? Fucked up way to show kindness." I said in anger. I always seem to go sour at the mere mention of that bitch.

Dad sighed before speaking, "I really wish my parents discussed it with me before they told you about her. You seem to think she is a beast."

I didn't respond.

"You're always too angry with her to truly understand. When it dies down a bit, I really wish I could tell you about her."

I continued to stare out the window. Dad finally gave up and started up the car again.

"So what's up with Scott?" Dad asked after a couple of minutes.

I finally shifted my mind back to Scott, and a new anger arose. I retold him of the events following closely after the incident.

"Well I could see why he would do that. You don't have to be so angry with him." He continued to drive carefully thought our neighborhood.

"What do you mean?"

"Scott seems to be the type who most people can't understand. He's the hardest type to be friends with. You've know Scott for a long time, has he ever hung around anyone else but you, Shin and Jett?"

"Well he does skate with other guys."

"But does he hang out with them like he does with you?"

I could see what dad meant. Scott only skated with some people, but other than that, Scott steered clear of other skaters. The people he skated with never hung around him.

"Maybe he's afraid to lose you, because you guys are his only friends. He might say things just because he's afraid of losing you guys. People like him are always scared someone's going to steal the people close to them."

I absorbed his words and turned to him, "You mean, he's scared to lose me as a friend? But he's great around people. He might not have many friends but everyone likes him."

"It doesn't matter," Dad said sternly, "At this moment, you guys are what's most important to him. He seems to be the type of person who would want to protect his friends from all harm. He might think he might lose you to Kayden. He doesn't understand your feelings towards him. He still thinks you're straight, remember?"

Does that mean he thinks Kade is a threat? He thinks Kade might steal me away?

Scott seemed more complex to me than ever. I never realized he might actually think these things. Dad's words made sense. I needed to have to talk to Scott.

"Thanks dad. I think I know what I have to do."


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