Entry 13

September 12

This weekend was so great, I didn't even have the chance to write yesterday. Mark and I just had a wonderful weekend. There's so much to write about!

First thing was our meeting at Billie's game. We tried to play it cool, paying lots of attention to the game. But nothing against soccer, but I have difficulty trying to focus on one thing for 45 minutes at a time. And besides, they were playing Trenton, so they were up 5-0 at halftime. Billie had a great game, scoring a natural hat trick in the second half. She actually was playing of the bench, but that's a good sign. We have some depth. To be honest, my friend is a great natural playmate. She was obviously in shape, thanks to our long runs. She's probably got more stamina than any other girl out there. Of course I'm biased, but what can you expect?

As the game became more and more of a blowout, Mark and I soon found ourselves as two of about 10 people left at the game. The other eight were family members of team members, including Billie's dad. He played the part of Proud Papa very well. In fact, I went to talk to him for a while during the second half. He turned out to be a really nice guy. Much like Billie, he found the games to be therapeutic. I could also tell they were good for the relationship with his daughter, since it gave them a common interest in sports.

We waited up for the end of the game to see Billie. The game ended 11-0, a wonderful effort for the Buckdale Lady Mustangs.

"Mr. Murrow? Can Billie hang out with us here at the park?" I asked him. I wanted to stick around with Mark, and I spend some time around Billie too. Outside of classes and running, we hadn't spent time together since the sleep over, save the mall outing.

"I don't know," he responded. "What are you guys planning?"

"Nothing much. Just hanging out by the boathouse, maybe rent a boat." Okay, I wasn't really planning to rent a boat, but I needed to give a bit more of a reason than 'hang out.' A man with a sixteen-year-old daughter is always suspicious, especially when she's getting offers to hang out with two sixteen-year-old boys.

Billie showed up after being dismissed by the coach. Since her dad was there, she was able to leave from the field. "Hi guys, I guess you've met my dad."

Mark decided to ask her, "We wanted to know if you want to hang out with us."

"Sure thing. Can I Dad?"

"All right. Be home before nightfall and you'll be fine."

"Thanks." She gave him a kiss before he went off.

We decided to walk down a long trail that led to the other side of the lake. I always liked going to the other side of the lake, mainly because it meant that you didn't have to worry about being around other people. There was a little shore, but the water was super calm and unattended at this area. Sarah and I like to come down to this area to sunbathe in tranquility. There are never boats down here, since the sandbars and the small island in the middle of the lake prevent boats from roaming back here.

"It's so quiet back here," Billie observed.

"Yeah," I said. "I love coming back here to be in peace."

"Great choice," Mark said.

"You guys want to go swimming?"

"Back here?" Mark questioned. "But we don't have suits."

"Do you see anyone around here? This is a hard trail. Few ever come around here. I've been here a hundred times, and I've only seen other people maybe twice. We won't need suits"

"I've never done anything like this."

"Oh, come on Mark!" Billie exclaimed. "We only live once." At that, she stripped of her uniform, leaving only her underwear on. She ran right into the water. "Come on boys! Take it off!"

"Look who wants a peep show," I laughed. "All right. Time to tease our soccer star." I just started taking everything off. I felt pretty uninhibited at that moment.

Mark finally agreed. "Okay, I'll do it. Just look a way for a minute." He was still a bit shy about so free around us.

"Deal." Billie and I turned around while Mark got in the water. Once he was waist deep, he told us it was okay to turn around.

"Hey Billie," I said. "We're naked here. Why'd you keep the clothes on?"

"Because you're boys. Gay boys, yes. But I'm not sharing my body with any boys, even ones who won't be aroused by it."

"That's not a fair trade," I protested. "So you can get off to us, but you won't even show the goods, even though we won't?"

"Kind of a double standard, I admit. Guess I got to get you out of the water!" She ran up and grabbed Mark from the front. God, I wish I was Billie at that shining moment. With no trouble, she picked him up right out of the water, revealing all of Mark's most personal areas. He definitely wasn't small in the package department, but I'll leave the true size up to the imagination. I'm bigger down there, but I've got more size everywhere on him. Proportionally though, he probably beats me.

"Hey!" That's it." Mark went straight for her cleavage, trying his darndest to get her top off.

"Perv!" She took the best advantage to dunk him. I just stood back, laughing at the whole scene.

"Hey Kel. Want some of this?" She asked in a threatening manner. "Don't think you're immune!" She ran over and grabbed me, beginning a nice tussle in the water. She eventually got the best of me, doing much the same as she did to Mark, only not nearly as long. I turned to Mark. I think he decided to take a peek in my direction, but he tried to cover up pretty quickly.

"Man, how did you get so strong?"

"I've got brothers. I've had to learn to roughhouse well!"

"I think we should tag team," Mark suggested.

"Agreed." We decided to take our revenge on our friend, lifting her completely out of the water. We were pretty loud, but I don't think anyone heard us.

After about a half hour of "swimming", we were spent. We decided to go to shore, and quickly dried ourselves with the one towel Billie had in her bag. She was really adamant about being quick using it, so Mark and I just dried just below the equator and quickly put our underwear on. I was a bit shocked to see he wore briefs. No one our age in our school wears briefs. I only have about a few pairs, and I only wear them when I wear fancy clothes. My mom mandates it, saying it's fits better with suits. Not with my package though. And I always get wedgies every time I take a step. Nope, I'll never endorse tight whiteys.

We spent a little bit of time drying out in our underwear.

"Billie, have you thought of any songs to do for our audition?" I decided to ask.

"I was thinking about it," she responded, "And I want to do something a bit older. Like Classic Rock or something."

"What are you guys talking about?" Mark inquired.

I answered, "We're in Vocal Performance, and we want to audition for the Mustang Madrigal."

"Cool! I don't have a good voice, but I think I'll volunteer to help."

"We want to do a duet to audition," Billie said.

"One problem," Mark pointed out. "Most duets are short. You really won't be able to show your stuff."

"But it shows how well we can harmony," I pointed out.

"I've got one for you guys. I'll get my parents' old records and play it for you tomorrow."

"All right," I said. "That'll give me some time to get out my dad's old player."

"So what's your family like Mark?" Billie asked.

"Well, I live with my mom and stepdad, and my sister Stacy. My mom's married three times. This is my second stepdad."

"Wow. I didn't know that!" I exclaimed.

"What about you, Billie?" Mark returned the question.

"I live my dad, uncle and two brothers. My mom passed away five years ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said.

"Don't worry about it. It was long ago. We moved down here so my dad could work in Philly. We still wanted to stay close to my grandparents up in Long Island."

We just sat there for a long while. Then Billie decided to drop a big question.

"I just have to know: Are you two an item?"

Mark and I looked at each other. We did have some chemistry, but we never discussed it.

"I really never thought about it," I said.

"Me neither. But how did you know I was gay?"

"Well, I can of inferred. I then talked to Sarah, and she told me the whole story about what Greg did. I feel sorry for you."

"Thank you."

"But tell me: have either of you thought about going out?"

We had a bit of an awkward silence for a few seconds. This was a good silence, I thought. If he hadn't, he surely would have said it. He was just scared to make the first move.

"Well..." I said. "Kinda."

"You have?" Mark questioned. "Me too!"

"Well," Billie said. "I'm going to go finish getting dressed at the top of the hill. You two mix and mingle!" She said in kind of a matchmaker kind of way.

"Have you ever, you know..." I asked kind of timidly.

"Done anything? Not unless you count my hand. Never even had a boyfriend."

"Me neither. About both things. I almost had a boyfriend, but he gave up when I wasn't ready."

"Asshole. Screw him. Well, not that way." We both kind of laughed.

"You know, this might be a good thing that we both are inexperienced. We won't feel so upset. Just as long as you want to take it slow."

"Agreed. Should we seal it with a kiss?" He gave a cute little impish grin with that question.

"Just a peck. We've got an audience to entertain." Of course I was referring to Billie.

So we close in on each other until the lips met. It was electric. Even for the short second that we were intertwined, I felt everything great that's suppose to come with it.

"Think we should go public to the inner circle?" I asked.

"Let's keep it private for now. They can find out at their own pace."

We got dressed at walked up the hill with Billie. Wow. I didn't even realize our first kiss came with us almost completely naked until it was over.

"Listen Billie," I said to her. "We don't want to announce it just yet, so if this can be our little secret, that would be appreciated."

"Come on! My first matchmaking success and I can't even share it."

"Okay. Once it's known, we credit you for steering us into each others' arms."

"I guess that'll be okay consolation."

After swimming, we decided to walk back to my house. Sarah was the only person around, since they took my little sisters' to Chuck E. Cheese. Sarah smartly decided to stay away from that noisy, pizza-filled hellhole.

"Hi you guys! What did you all do?"

"Well sis," I said in my best fake Southern accent, "We went down to the ol' swimmin' hole."

"The back side of the lake?"


"Did you guys skinny dip?"


"Kel, you dog!"


"Don't worry," Billie said. "I kept my bra and panties on."

"Of course, you weren't the one he wanted naked."


"Well you guys look like crap. If you want to change, go right on upstairs. I'll be your alibi. Just know you were here since 2:15 today. Whatever you did between her game and then is up to you.

"Okay. Billie and I can discuss it."

"What about Mark?"

"My parents don't give a shit about me," he said. "As long as I'm alive."

"How irresponsible."

"Now upstairs you three! I'll make you guys something to eat."

"Sarah," Billie said 'nicely,' "Just don't make any of those pizzas." Sarah responded with a deadly glare at Billie. I get those all the time.

Billie decided to go into Sarah's room to take her shower. Sarah had a room with a private bathroom, a luxury she inherited when Paul moved out of the house. The other private bath is that Kristy and Laura had. My parents were quite smart: girls need bathrooms for themselves. The twins would be able to get private rooms once they got older (though they really like sharing a room now), once me and Sarah went to college. I had my own private bathroom, but it wasn't officially so. It was shared with the guest room formerly known as Colin's room.

"Mark," I said to him, "you can use my bathroom. I'll go into my parents'. Unless you want to do something..."

He looked at me with a smile, "I though you wanted to take things slow."

"I do. Just testing you. I got my glipse of your buff body, and anything more today would be an overload."

He laughed at that one. "All right."

I thought about him during the whole shower. I was estatic about having him. Now I really thought about him naked, since I knew I would get many more chances at it. And it wouldn't just be a passing glances in gym class or anything like that. Let's just say I made an additional mess in the shower, and leave it at that.

All refreshed and relaxed, I went to my room to chance. I got dressed quickly, and just before I put my shirt on, Mark came into my room.

"Oh shit!" he said. "I don't have any other clothes."

I went into my closet, looking for some old stuff.

"I have some underwear in my top drawer you can use." I look at my old clothes. Nothing he would want to use. "You know, I think Dave may have left a few things in the house."

I went into the room he was staying in, and sure enough, we found some clothes. This was better for Mark anyway, since he and Dave were pretty equal size wise.

"Sure Dave won't mind?"

"Not at all. And if he doesn't like it, too bad. He doesn't have a choice." I then kissed him. This was the first non-scripted kiss we've ever had. Man, I'm pretty good at getting them without clothes. This is the second time I've kissed Mark when he was only in his skivvies.

The two of us walked downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table, awaiting Sarah's meal. Normally, I hope family meals are delicious, but when Sarah's cooking all you can hope for is edible. She actually set the school record in her freshman year for most fires caused when she burned food in her cooking class eight times. Needless to say, they steered her away from the home ec department the next year.

"There. I made cold cut sandwiches," she said proudly.

"What great cooking!" I said sarcastically. "She deserved to be an Iron Chef for the culinary skill showed in arranging previously prepared foods."

"Asshole. Eat your food."

I was starved, so we ate it up pretty quickly. We were each on second sandwiches when Billie finally showed up. She was fully dressed, with a towel wrapped on her head.

"Boy, I'm starved," she said.

"Well eat up," Sarah responded, "And don't worry, I only arranged the meat on the sandwiches."

I whispered to Mark while Billie and Sarah were in a deep conversation on Matt. I asked him if we should tell Sarah. She'll find out eventually, and it be cool if she was the first to know.

I stood up at the table. "I have an announcement." I saw Billie smile, and Mark as well.

"Mark and I just wanted to announce to you that we've made the decision to start dating."

"YOU HAVE?" Sarah asked happily. "OH I'M SO HAPPY!"

"And you're the first to know," Mark added.

"Cool? You hear that Billie?"

"Billie knows," I said. "She actually set us up."

"Wow!" Sarah exclaimed as she ran up to me and gave me a big hug. "My brother's got his first boyfriend!" She then went over to Mark. "Welcome to the family, Mark!" She then looked at Billie. "So how'd you do it?"

"Well, while we were in the water, I lifted both the guys out of the water. Give the other one a sneak peek, if you know what I mean. They both chomped on that bait, so I reel them in with the frank question about whether they thought about the other one."

"Interesting." My sister raised up her glass, signaling a toast. "A toast, to Kel and Mark!"

"To Kel and Mark!" We all said as we collided our plastic cups of soda.

"Oh, and Sarah?" I said to my sister


"This is only known by the four of us. We really don't want to go around announcing it to everyone yet, so we'll let them figure it out on their own."

"Kelly! You did this before with being gay. You're going to leave Drew and Mom and Dad in the dark?"

Mark interjected. "In front of some people, like Drew, we just won't be so subtle about it."

I decided to take a jab at my best friend. "Believe me, that's the best policy. He's not exactly the master of subtlety. Besides, I don't think it's right to inform Mom and Dad right away. That'll spoil our fun real quickly!"

He added, "We're already taking things slow, so I guess if they knew they would probably try and stop us before we got to any milestones."

There was a short pause before he asked me, "They know you're gay right?"

"Yeah. How could they forget the way they found out."

"Tell me!"

"I was so chicken, I wrote them a letter. Then found it and talked to me later that day. I was so nervous I almost pissed myself."

"You're kidding!"

Sarah interrupted, "Nope. And with me, it took five second to get out a single word. And gay took about twenty. I was the first to know, though."

"So how did you find out Billie?"

"Well," she responded, "Kel, Drew, Sarah, Dave, and I were having a little get together here and I asked him why he had trouble getting a girlfriend. That's when he flatly came out to me. I guess since he told everyone else, I was no trouble. Though I took it the worst."

"How's that?"

"I didn't talk to him for more than a week. I wrote him, telling him why I reacted the way I did. But I've gotten over it. After all, I got you two together."

"And I thank you for it." He leaned over to me and gave me a kiss. The girls hooped and hollered after we finished.

"Damn!" I said jokingly. "One of us has to be in his underwear if we're going to kiss!"

"Sorry, forgot the rules babe."

"Aww!" My sister said, "He called you by a pet name!"

A few minutes later, my parents showed up with my sisters.

"Hey kids!" My dad said before he looked again. "Hey look Ruth, our brood has doubled."

"Hello Billie," my mom said.

"Hi Mrs. Hutchinson."

I stood up to introduce Mark. "Mom, Dad, you remember Mark Spencer, right?"

"Yes, I do," Mom said. "Nice to see you again."

"It's a pleasure, Mrs. Hutchinson."

"Please, just Ruth will do. Billie, remember you don't need to be so formal."

My dad added, "Hi Mark. I'm Brian Hutchinson." He stuck his hand out, and dad and Mark shook hands.

"What have you kids been doing?" Mom asked.

"Just hanging out," Sarah answered.


"Let me see the supplies," my dad said. "Okay, the chips are good. Honey, do we have hot wings in the freezer."

"Yeah, and I got them yesterday."

"Gearing up for the season opener, Dad?" I questioned.

"Of course. We'll get those Cowgirls tomorrow."

"Can Mark come watch. He's an Eagles fan too."

"Of course. Any Eagles fan is welcome."

"Cool. Say, can Mark stay the night?"

"He'll have to approve it with his parents," my mom said.

"I'm sure they say yes," Mark responded.

"I still want conformation."

"While do you guys drive me over there? I want to get some stuff anyway. I need my jersey!"

"I've got some extras here," I said.

"I saw your extras. I'm not wearing your Hoying jersey. I have a rule. Unless he's a legend, you don't wear a jersey of a guy four quarterbacks ago."

My dad laughed at that. "We've got to get it, for the sake of Eagles fan fashion."

"Well, I've got to get this cleaned up," Mom said. "Kel, will you help me?"


"Everyone else can in the van."

I stayed back with Mom while everyone else got in the car. They wouldn't leave without us, but I was designated helper. This time, I think she had an ulterior motive.

"Kel honey, does he know about you?"

"Yeah Mom. Don't you remember him? He's the one who got beat up last year by Sarah's old boyfriend Greg."

"Oh yes, now I remember. Listen, don't rush into anything."

"Don't worry, I'm not planning on it."

"Tell me, are you and this boy 'going out'?"

"Well kinda. We decided to do that this afternoon. But we both want to take this slowly, since neither of us has any experience."

"Well, if you ever need anything, just tell me. Don't feel embarrassed if you need anything. Your father keeps some condoms, just in case."

"MOM! That's more than I wanted to know!"

"Sorry honey, but you need to always be careful. Besides, it'll be easier to clean up."

"Okay, that's it! I'm getting in the car!"

Good news: Mark's folks said yes. So he now had some clothes beside the ones he wore today and the ones leftover by David.

"Where are you guys going to sleep?" My dad asked when we got home.

"I think we'll go in my room. I've got the TV in there."

"All right." When everyone else went upstairs, Dad stopped Mom to ask her something. I was walking slowly, so I could hear it.

"So Ruth, is Kel, you know, that boy?"

"Oh Brian, I'll tell you what Kel told me in private."

"What did you tell her in private?" Mark asked me.

"She asked about us, and I told her. I kept to the rules, she suspected on her own!"

"Okay. You win this time."

After I got Mark situated, my Dad knocked on the door.

"Can I come in?" Dad asked.

"Sure," I said.

He sat down on my bed, where I was. Mark was still situated on the floor. "Look boys, I know what's going on. Let me just say you may be a bit young, but I can't stop you. When there's a will there's a way. Just be careful. Sex is more emotional than you ever bargained for."

"Okay Dad." I responded.

"And if you guys need any, um, protective measurements, come to me. I've got some stuff."

"All right Dad!"

"Sorry Kel, it's just that my youngest son is growing into an adult so fast. I just want remember the last moments of boyhood."

I was a bit sentimental too. I could see it was hard on him, just as much as it was on Mom. "All right Dad. And you don't have to worry tonight. Mark and I really aren't ready for that stuff, just yet."

"Good. Be up early, we got to make a paper run."

"Paper run?" Mark asked.

"Yet another tradition to Sundays. Dad and I go to different places to get all the papers in Trenton, Philly, New York, etc. We make our picks and compare them to the writers."


"Then we get the two most random ways to pick: Laura and Kristie. We add them to the equation, and see what's the best prognasticator at the end of the year."

"And? Who won?"

I looked a bit embarrassed. "Last year, Laura beat all of us. Even the ESPN dog lost to her. She picked up on the good teams early."

"You know son," Dad added, "It didn't hurt that the Eagles went 11-5. She always picks them."

"We do most weeks too. And she figured out the Saints and Giants were flukes early."

"Kel, I have a logical explanation. We don't like to pick the Giants either. And the Saints make her think of church. You know how eight year olds are with church. It's like oil and water."

"Well, we should get some sleep," I finished off. "Good night Dad."

"Good night Kel. See you two in the morning!"


Once my dad left, we watched some TV before settling down at about eleven. It was time to get down to business. "What do you want to do?" I asked him.

"I'm not ready for anything, like we told him."

"Neither am I. You just want to sleep in the same bed?"


This seemed like a logical first step. We got undressed, at got into my bed. It was a good size for two people, especially who were trying to be close. We sat there, looking at each other intently.

"You know, I've never asked you. How did your parents find out?" I decided to ask him.

"Computer. Undeleted history files."

"Ouch! That's why it was important for me to tell them. That's a hell of a lot more embarrassing way."

My mom decided to come into the room. See the door was unlocked, she didn't feel like she had to worry.

"Kel? Mark? Have a good night, kids."

"Good night Mom."

"You too, Kelly Belly."


"Sorry honey."

"Don't worry Kel," Mark said. "Besides, it's a cute nickname. I'll have to use it."

"Hear that Mom? No more calling me Kelly Belly. It's now exclusively for Mark!"

"Oh, Kel. Stop being selfish. Night boys."

We decided to take one more kiss before trying to sleep. Man, what a great day!


Sunday equals Game Day. When the NFL season is in play, nothing else matters. All me or my dad talk about is football. And when it's over, that will determine our mood for the rest of the day, if not the whole week (okay, that's obsessive, and it happened after losing the NFC Championship game last season). Any time the Eagles lose means that you should back away, we don't want to talk about anything.

Being the first week of the season, we're able to start our predictions on a clean slate. I was happy to beat my dad last season, and by a pretty considerable margin. We made our paper run and started official making our picks.

Mom is always a good cook for football food. She always makes great foods: buffalo wings, potato skins, mini pizzas, and lots of great food like that. She doesn't particular like football, but she knows how much it means to her men. My brothers are the same way. They try and watch the games with us as well. Colin used to go to every Birds-Cardinals game that they played in Arizona, but he's not going to be able to do that much longer, no thanks to the realignment. I actually got to go once, when we went down to his place at Thanksgiving. There were more Eagles fans there than Cardinals fans! That was so cool.

1:00 rolls around, and we're psyched. Mark, Dad, and I are sitting on the couch, waiting for the kickoff.

"Ready to tan some Tennessee hide?" Dad asked us.

"Of course! They'll roll over the Titans!" I reacted.

And as we thought, they played very well. There's the team that came five points from the Super Bowl. It was almost more of a blowout than Billie's game yesterday. I loved it, almost as much as Mark at that moment. If we can play like that the whole season, no doubt will we win the Super Bowl!

Final Score: Our Eagles 33, Titans 10.

"Amazing game!" I commented.

"But it's just week one Kel," my dad said, trying to bring me down from the high of victory. "There's sixteen more to go, just to the playoffs."


"So, can I come over next week?" Mark asked.

"Don't you remember?" I said to him. "We've got a date for Monday Night Football. Drew's gonna have a big party."

"Cool. You do that often?"

"No. We did last year on the Monday Night Game against the Giants though. That was sure exciting. Twenty people all yelling at midnight. The cops even showed up."

"There's something I could do without."

"Oh come one, Mark! Where's your sense of adventure?"


Sarah came downstairs after the game ended, ready to go to work.

"Kel! Are you ready for work?"

"Work? OH SHIT!"

"You work? Where?" Mark asked.

"I work at Vita Dulce's. Now I got to get dressed."

"Go Go! You can get away with a late arrival every now and then, but don't make it a habit."

"Then let's make something clear, Sarah. I don't want to work on Sundays. Next week's okay, but especially not when the Eagles are on."

"Is there more to life than pro football, brother?"

"Let me think about that, um, no."

"All right! Just get dressed quickly."

Mark asked another question, this time to Sarah. "When will you guys be done?"


"Man! Guess I should go home then."

"Okay. We'll drop you off."

I changed for work in record time. I was obviously taken back, forgetting about work in all the happenings of the weekend. But I need the paycheck, so I complied.

We pulled up to Mark's house to drop him off. I thought about giving him a quick peck, but I quickly saw Stacy in the window and thought otherwise.

I spent most of the time at work talking with Josh, one of my coworkers, about football. With just the three of us there, Sarah was left without anyone to talk to. Oh well, at least she had to be manager to kill the time. It was really interesting since he was a Giants fan, so it was a great big debate. Although it's easier to discuss sports with people who like the same teams, it's a hell of a lot more fun when the people talking hate the others' teams. Well, time at work breezed by when I talked with other people.

I got home around 10 o'clock, and I decided to call Drew. I didn't get to see him all weekend, so I filled him in on the current news, save my situation with Mark. We talked about the game, what we thought about the team's performance, and planned for next week's party. I decided to leave out Mark simply because I wanted to fall back on the agreement. But if the two of us end up in the same area with Drew, I might just decide to tell him.


So, how and when will Drew find out? Be patient for the next entry in Kel's Journal! Especially after this one, the longest and most time consuming so far.

Okay, I admit to some major errors in time in this chapter. First, I know the NFL season starts early than Sept. 12 every single year. Please use some suspension of disbelief here though. I wanted to write about football (a sport I really love), and it just happened to fit at this point. But either way, I will still be following the same schedule the NFL has based on teams, days of the week, and time of games. They just are on different days, based on the "calendar" of the story. Also, the story is written long before the season starts. Please do not take my scores used in this or any further episodes as gambling advice. Kel's favorite team is my own, so they will be very good in this world. Gambling on sports is illegal in the U.S. anyway, except in Vegas.

Okay, with all that stuff out of they way, I've got a new website to show this site on. I'll still keep putting it up on Nifty, but I will also show it at http://lastimer.tripod.com/ . It's like the DVD version, chocked full of extra features. And the e-mail address is still lastimer@hotmail.com .