Kel's Journal

Entry 3


Before I start, I am so happy that I have gotten some fan mail! That's always a booster to your work. In fact, I'm readying a whole bunch of chapters that I've finished, so be patient!


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Okay, time for the regular disclaimer: This is a story of mature themes (at some points at least). This may include some sexual acts. Be advised that if you're not 18 or older, (or whatever it is where you live), you shouldn't be reading. But if you defy this, it ain't my fault.


Well, welcome to my first attempt at internet fiction. This is the main branch of this story, following Kel. There are future plans to expand this story to talk about other characters, but for now Kel is the narrator. This story really isn't designed to be an literary orgy, more a story of relationships, friends, and dreams. The chapters may seem a bit on the short side as of yet, but that's because I'm still new to actually writing down my story ideas. I'm open to any comments.

The place this story takes place is a fictional town in Central New Jersey. There will be references to other areas that happen to be real places.

If you are offended by the opinions expressed in this story, just remember they are those of the characters, and do not necessarily reflect those of their creator (ME).


Kel's Journal Entry 3
New Shoulders to Lean On
August 6

One of my favorite places in the world is the park by my house. It is gigantic, with all sorts of running trails and outdoor areas. I find serenity outdoors, and I'm happy whenever I'm there.

As I normally do, I woke up early to take my runs. It is unbearable to run in the summer unless you go really early, before the sun has a chance to heat up the area. I need to keep in shape. By the way, I'm still working off my boardwalk buffet. This is a solo mission; I can't stand going running with anyone else. Drew is too far from the park (and too lazy) for my morning runs. Sarah needs no exercise, she has great metabolism. My dad has tried it, but he can't keep up with me. I have come to the conclusion that running also gives me some "me time," far from the pressures of other people.

My run started off as usual. I went along my normal track, tracing through some woods for a while to keep out of the sun. I stopped off at the boathouse. It wouldn't open for a good three or four hours. But there's vending machines where I can get some water. So I plopped in my dollar to get my water.

Soon after I set down on a bench, I am approached by a fellow runner. I know a lot of the morning runners, but this girl is new. She is quite good looking. She's wearing a navy blue jogging bra and baggy blue shorts. She has a nice face; Brown eyes, petite nose, and short brown hair held back in a ponytail. I decide to talk to this new girl.

"Hi. You new around here?"

"Yes," She responded. "My family just moved to Buckdale." She shook my hand. "Hi, I'm Billie."

"The name's Kel. I've lived here all my life."

"So you live in the park," she responded in a sarcastic way. Perfect, she'll fit in with me and Drew.

"I mean in Buckdale."

"Kel. That's an interesting name."

"Much like yourself, I was given a name more suited for the opposite sex."

"Let me guess, Kelly?" She started giggling.

"Yeah. Long story involving a weird clause in a grandmother's will."

"Well Kel, if you live hear then you can probably tell me more about the area. Mind walking for a while?"

"No problem. Besides, it's starting to get near my temperature limit. I won't run when it get more than a few degrees warmer than it is now unless it's during a track meet."

"You run track? Well, I could guess by looking at you. Distance, right?"

"Yup. How about you?"

"Nah. I only play soccer, but I need all the stamina I can get."

"I haven't ask you where you're from yet."

"Long Island."

"Well then, there's not that much to adjust to. Jersey's pretty tame. Sucks, then you try and hit the road when college comes around."

"So what grade are you in Kelly?"

"Well, it's sophomore year. And please stick to Kel. I reserve the full name for my sister Sarah."

"Sorry about that. I'm also going into tenth grade." We just continued talking. She told me about life back on the island, and I told her about Buckdale. We then talked about our families. She has a bit more difficult life than I do. Her mom died when she was young, and she's left as the only girl amongst her dad, uncle, and two younger brothers. She told me she has a lot of responsibilities that were left when her mom passed away. They had moved because her dad got a better paying job down here. That allowed her uncle to moved down here and help his brother-in-law take care of the family. She told me he's an artist, so he spends most of his time in a studio they set up in one of the rooms of the house. She likes the fact she can spend more time having fun, since she was only able to have fun when it dealt with soccer.

Billie looked down at her watch. "Shit. It's 7:30. I have to head back home."

"What way are you going? I need to go too."

"I came through the east entrance. It's closest to my house."

"Same here. May I join you?"


So Billie and I walked back to our house. Turns out she only lives two streets away from me. This will be great if I can get a good running partner."

"So, Kel. You looking for a running buddy?"

"Read my mind. Nobody in my circle has what it takes."

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow. 6 o'clock okay?"

"You bet. See ya around Billie."

*************************************************************** I really don't admit a lot of new friends. I like have a small circle of incredibly loyal friends. I like that fact because it allows me to be friendly with all sorts of groups. I hate the high school society of cliques; it makes people pigeon hole themselves into one sort of personality and makes them catty towards other groups. I like that I can float amongst all groups. I just came up with an amazing idea. My "friend floating" ability can help me find someone. If I want to look for a guy, maybe I just hang around with someone whose pretty much open to see what they may know. I don't know if there's such a thing as "gaydar," but it just might work for me. I also have the perfect place to try out my plan: Stacy's picnic. Stacy is a totally annoying popular bitch, but she is also the queen of social events. Just about everyone in the sophomore class goes to the party, as does many upperclassmen. I tolerate her, and for that, and the fact I let her copy of my Geometry final last year (We both got A's, in case you wondered), she invited me. And I know who else will be there: her brother Mark.

Okay, I now have to tell about Mark. I mentioned him in my last entry, and now I can't avoid it. Mark is just about the only known gay kid in school. He isn't a flamer or anything, but somehow he was found looking the wrong way at the wrong time. His perpetrator: none other than my sister's wonderful boyfriend Greg. Greg and his friends waited til the end of the day to attack, but then they jumped Mark. He was in the hospital for two months after the incident. All the attackers, with the exception of Greg, got expelled for the incident. Our 'hero' Greg got out of this because his aunt is superintendent, and Daddy's on the school board. Mark's an emotional mess, but Stacy and her clique have been quite compassionate for a change and "adopted" Mark into their group. They protect him from assholes like Greg.

Time to return to my story. I have to go to this picnic that's next Saturday. Maybe I could find someone there for me. And maybe Sarah, if there's time.

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