Kel's Journal

Entry 7: In the Clear


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Okay, time for the regular disclaimer: This is a story of mature themes (at some points at least). This may include some sexual acts. Be advised that if you're not 18 or older, (or whatever it is where you live), you shouldn't be reading. But if you defy this, it ain't my fault.


Well, welcome to my first attempt at internet fiction. This is the main branch of this story, following Kel. There are future plans to expand this story to talk about other characters, but for now Kel is the narrator. This story really isn't designed to be an literary orgy, more a story of relationships, friends, and dreams. The chapters may seem a bit on the short side as of yet, but that's because I'm still new to actually writing down my story ideas. I'm open to any comments.

The place this story takes place is a fictional town in Central New Jersey. There will be references to other areas that happen to be real places.

If you are offended by the opinions expressed in this story, just remember they are those of the characters, and do not necessarily reflect those of their creator (ME).


August 20

Today was my first day at the sweet shop. It's harder than work than I ever thought. If I thought my arms were strong now, I should have arms like a bodybuilder by the time I'm finished scooping ice cream. Fortunately, I only had scooping duty for an hour, since they had a full staff, and I was just the 'trainee.' I'm going to be spending most of my time getting stuff ready, stocking the candy, the like. Very little interaction with customers. But I'm really getting ready to try and make some desserts. That's what I came to do. I'm thinking of becoming a cook someday, so some pastry experience wouldn't hurt.

But the biggest news was my invite to Evan. I was so nervous to actually ask him, but I decided to try it.

"Hi Evan."

"Hey again. So what's your name? I've seen you in here with Ruth sometimes."

Wow. My mom is on first name basis with him. This is helpful. "The name's Kel. Oh, don't put the bread with the ice cream-"

"I know. It crushes the bread."

"Not for that reason. The ice cream is melting, since the store doesn't keep its ice cream at ideal temperature."

"Well, that's a new one."

"I'm working at Vita Dulce's now. It was part of my training. Knowing how cold you should keep stuff, that is."

"Cool job. Better than this place."

"Well, I'll be working on Friday. It's my first day. If you want to come down..."

"I'll be honored." He flashed a beautiful white smile back at me. I had to turn away quickly, before I started to blush.

Today rolls along and I have work.

"You have one half-hour break for dinner, and one ten minute break for whatever. Just make sure if you smoke to do it behind the building. It's not good for our image if the employees smoke in front." This was my boss, Keith giving me all the rules and regulations of Vita Dulce's Sweet Shop employees. I felt like I was back at camp orientation for some odd reason. Sarah was making me crack up, mimicking Keith's speech from behind his back.

"Is there something funny, Mr. Hutchinson?"

"Just something Sarah was doing."

"Well, keep your joking to a minimum. You have to be serious, but fun in front of the customers." Is it just me, was that a contradiction of terms?

The first few hours went by easily, but then 7:00 rolled along and the post dinner crowd showed up for ice cream. By 7:45 they needed me scooping. I remember the exact minute, 8:43, when Evan came in. I wasn't supposed to wait on him, but Sarah was, so we switched jobs with a wink.

His introduction was a bit corny. "Hello, Mr. Sweets."

"Hi Evan. How are you?"

"Pretty damn good, since I got off an hour early. I decided to take you up on that offer. Say, you give discounts?"

"It's kinda my first day, so it's not a good idea. But I'll tell you that the Triple Chocolate Brownie Blast is great."

"I'll go on your word. Give me a double scoop."

So I did what I was supposed to do. "There you go, Evan."

"Thanks. How much?"


"Highway robbery!"

"But you can't get it better than here." I flashed a selling smile of my own.

"Fine." He leaned in over the case. "Say, can you take a break real quick?"

"Let me see. Hey Sarah! Can I go on break."

Sarah was hurried in her answer. "Better make it five. I really need you here." By this time Keith had conveniently made his exit, and my sister, the assistant manager, was in charge.

"Thanks sis." I hurried out of the store with Evan for a minute.

"Let's sit in my ride," he suggested. He had a nice black SUV. We sat in the front two seats. He continued to eat his ice cream while I pumped him for some information.

"So, you go to Buckdale?"

"I will this year. I went to Hun last year, but my dad got laid off from his job so I have to go back to public school."

"So how old are you?"

"Sixteen. But I was left back when I was little. I'm a sophomore. You?"

"Same here. So why are you driving?"

"Mom's bowling night. I dropped her off. I don't think I'll be pulled over on the trip to the alley." I saw him try to turn everything around. "So, how long have you known you're gay?"

"How'd you know?"

"The way you were talking. You were nervous, but you obviously wanted to flirt. I was the same way."

"To answer your question, a little less than a year. But I only came out to the parents this week. And my best friend. He's the one that told me about you."

"The tall skinny guy right?"


"I thought I had a blip on the radar, but I guess he was a equipping a cute friend for me. I normally don't flirt at work, but I thought I was right on that one."

"Nah, Drew's got a girl. The funnier thing was that my mom wanted to fix you up with Sarah."

"The girl in there?"

"Yeah. She's my sister."

"Well, I guess I will meet her better. If you let me, of course."

"Sure. Wanna go somewhere after I get off work?"

"I really can't. I have to pick up my mom."

"Okay. So wanna meet here on Monday? I work early, so come around three."

"Sure. I'll see you there." That's when he leaned over the gave me a kiss. "See you later Kel."

So we exchanged our numbers and e-mail and then I went back to work.

"So where were you brother?" It was my sister.

"Finding a friend."

"A special friend?"

"I'll tell you about it tonight."

"Congrats, bro."

"So what's there to know about Evan?" Sarah asked me eagerly. So eagerly she's jumping on my bed.

"I know you're excited, but can you do it without possibly damaging my stuff?"

"Sheesh. Don't be such a drama queen!"

"Enough with the jokes."

"Get on with it! What's he like?"

"He seems nice. He lives here, is sixteen, and you've seen him!"

"Yeah. He's a catch?"

"Well, he's coming to the shop at 3:00 tomorrow. Think I could get off early?"

She sighed. "God, I'm not supposed to do this. But this is an exception I'm willing to deal with. Just go in early."

"Early? You mean 8 o'clock?"

"Yeah. That's when I have to be in anyway! You can ride with me."


"Well, you should get some sleep bro."

All in all, a great day to be gay. I finally found someone, hopefully a keeper.


So what's next in the relationship? Is there anything on the horizon for Sarah? Stick around for the answers!

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