Kevin's Cousin / chapter 1

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Without a lot of history let me tell you a story about a boy I knew when we were 14.

In 7th grade Jr. High School I met a kid named Kevin. We were so different I don't know why we became friends. He had long black hair and the beginnings of a mustache. I too had teen stubbles but I shaved them. He looked stupid not shaving his face. You know how some men can grow a nice mustache and some can't, well he just looked stupid with his thin, wiry, teen, lip hair. But this story isn't about him. It's about his cousin Joey.

Kevin lived only a few blocks from our Jr. High School. Some days I would go to his house after school and we would smoke pot together. This is where I met his cousin Joey. Though Joey was a `good kid' he would sometimes come with us to Kevin's house and get high with us.

Joey was a good student and an athlete. He played baseball and was a swimmer. He didn't fit in with the likes of me and his cousin. Most of his friends were good students or into sports as well. The kind of kids that kept their distance from pot-heads like me and Kevin.

I had no sexual desire for Kevin, but his cousin Joey was a different story. Joey was about my size. Around 5 ft. 4 inches or so. We also weighed about the same, around 120 lbs. Joey was a nice looking boy. He had soft brown hair, with bangs than came down to his eyebrows. He wore braces, that I thought looked cute. He had dimples in his cheeks when he smiled.

I had been sexually active with other boys since I was 10, so I had a real interest in Joey. Sometimes we three would go to the city park and play Indian ball. It would be hot and being boys, we would take our shirts off to play. Joey had an incredible body for a 14 year old. He tanned nicely during the summers without a shirt or long jeans. His legs and arms were near hairless and firm from swimming all the time. His chest was firm and hairless as well. He had the beginnings of a six-pack in his abs. His neck and arms showed muscles, with a small tuft of pit hair like myself.

Joey lived near the city swimming pool. On the weekends sometimes we three would go swimming. I enjoyed seeing Joey in his tight Speedos. Where as me and his cousin wore the old style swim trunks. My lust for Joey became an obsession for me.

Myself, I was no dog. I was a farm-boy. I worked hard during the summers and I wrestled in school as well during the winter.

By 8th grade I really wanted Joey bad and started to spend more and more time with him, without his cousin. We had a lot of fun together. We would go to the youth center to play basketball or ping-pong and of course go swimming in one of the 2 swimming pools they had.

I never was allowed to have friends over to spend the weekends with me, but I begged and begged until my mom caved in and I invited Joey to spend the weekend with me at my house. I was ecstatic! I got permission for us to sleep in my dad's pick-up camper in the drive-way. I made sure every thing was cleaned up and put clean sheets and covers on the big overhead bunk.

Joey's mom dropped him off Saturday morning. We spent the day just messing around like most boys do. I showed him all around our place. I took him to the creek and we chased crawdads and played in the water. I took him to the woods and we swung on grapevines. This was all new to Joey as he was a city kid. We tossed a football in the yard and got sweaty and took our shirts off. Naturally this lead to tackling each other and rolling around on the ground together. Our bodies were wet and I could smell his boyish scent. I must have had a boner for hours.

Evening came and we had a little campfire beside the camper. We cooked hotdogs and smores.

After we ate my mom came out to take things back into the house. She told us we were filthy and that we needed to take a shower before we went to bed. We only had a shower in our basement, so we went down stairs. We didn't even have a shower curtain around the shower. I turned the water on to warm up. I stepped away to undress while Joey sat on the steps and watched me.

I wasn't very modest as I was used to being naked around other boys, I had 3 older brothers and had to shower with my wrestling teammates after practice.

When I bent over to push my shorts off I looked over to see Joey looking at my ass groping at his crouch. "Yes!" maybe he was into some boy fun?

I stepped out of my shorts and walked under the showerhead as I started to wash myself I looked over at Joey watching me. I told him, "Come on. We don't have much hot water." He slowly stood and started to take his shorts off. I got my first look at his dick. My cock wanted to get hard but I was able to control it. He was about the same size as me. About 3 inches soft. He had a nice patch of short, brown pubic hair above his dick with a nice puffy, hairless scrotum. He was circumcised as I was.

He walked over to the edge of the shower spray and stood there looking at me, looking at my body. I could see that he was trying to maintain from getting a full blown boner also.

"Hurry up! It won't last long." I told him. He shyly stepped under the water. We brushed each other's bodies as we took turns standing under the spray. I still didn't know if he was into boy-play. He seemed so shy being naked with me so I didn't press my luck. Besides, Mom was upstairs. I knew I would get my chance to see if he was interested later in the camper.

I won't lie and say we washed each other. We washed ourselves and soon the water turned to cold. We shivered as we stepped away from the shower but it felt good to get cooled off. We looked again at each other's naked bodies as we dried ourselves and put on clean underwear and shorts. I was ready to go back to the camper and get away from my mom. We said our good-nights and off we went to the camper.

We listened to the radio and play cards at the small table. It was getting late and I decided if something was going to happen, I had better think of something soon. I started talking about some of the girls at school. We each told of the girls we would like to fuck. But neither of us had even came close to fucking a girl. Besides, I was more interested in boys. And I was very interested in Joey.

"What do you think of Amy Carpenter?" I asked him, "Everyone says she sucks guys dicks."

"Yeah... I can believe it. She's a slut."

"I'd let her suck my dick." I told him.

"Ewe... I wouldn't let her near my dick. She's probably got herpes or something."

"Yeah." I told him. "But I sure would like for someone to suck me though."

Joey looked over at me. I saw him reach down and adjust his dick in his shorts. My plan was working, he was getting a boner, I was too. I reached down and let him see me adjust my boner too.

He said, "We better stop talking about blow-jobs or I'm going to have to jack-off."

"I know." I replied. "My dick is already hard."

"Me to." he giggled.

"Want to jack off now?" I asked.

"You mean... in front of each other?"

"Sure. Why not? We both know we both do it. I think it would be horny to watch another boy squirt." I said, giggling.

He giggled too and said, "You can't tell anyone."

"I won't." I promised him. "Let's get up on the bunk and get naked together." I suggested.

He giggled again and said, "Okay." My heart was pounding inside my chest. I was finally going to get to be naughty with Joey. This was almost too easy.

"What if your mom comes out to check on us?"

"She won't." I assured him. "I'm sure she's asleep by now. But I'll lock the door just in case."

I stood up, turned toward the door and locked it. As I walked toward the ladder to the over-head bunk I stopped in front of him. My boner was tenting my shorts. I reached down and grabbed a handful of his boy cock.

He squealed, "Oh!"

"Come on man. I'm so horny." I told him.

He giggled, "Me too!"

I climbed the short ladder and crawled onto the bed. Joey fallowed me. I turned out the light but the security light above the garage lit the inside of the camper well enough that we could plainly see each other. God, being so close to him I could feel the heat coming from his teen body. He seemed shy about what we were about to do so I pushed the moment and pushed my shorts and white briefs down and wiggled them over my feet. My boner laid against my belly resting in my small patch of pubic hairs. My hard boy-cock was happy at 5 inches.

Joey stared at my cock. "Come on." I told him. "I want to see your dick too."

He giggled shyly and worked his shorts down and over his feet. His boner looked so suck-able. I knew I just had to taste him. We laid side by side watching each other play with our boners.

"Can I feel it?" I asked him, my heart pounding in my chest. My mouth dry.

"Ah... I guess so. If I can feel your's too."

I scooted closer to him to where our shoulders touched. Just touching his skin with mine. I felt an electrical shock cruse through my body ending in my dick as it pulsed.

Even though he acted shy I felt like he wanted to play as much as I did. I wondered if maybe he had played with other boys as well. I reached over and put my hand on his boy boner. It felt hot and hard. His teen pheromones wafted into my sinuses making my dick even harder if that was possible. He moaned softly as I gently squeezed his prick.

I scooted closer until our hips touched. I raised up on one elbow so I could reach him better. When I did my cock rubbed his hip. He quickly put his hand around my screaming cock. Just the feel of his hand on my prick about made me blow my load right then.

We stroked each other for a couple of minutes. I was so horny I knew I couldn't take his jacking me for long. I let go of his dick and threw my leg over him, grinding my meat against his as I lightly laid on top of him.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned, "I've wanted to do this with you ever since I first met you."

"Me too." I said. "I just didn't know if you liked boys too." We both giggled at our shyness toward one another for so long.

I leaned forward and kissed him as I ground my cock against his. I grabbed his sides and hugged him as I pushed my tongue into his mouth. We swapped spit and like two dogs in heat humping our sex together.

I broke our kiss. "Wait." I told him as I lifted off of him.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I giggled. "I know what'll make it better." I raised to my knees and reached to open the cabinet above the camper sink. "Baby oil!"

"Oh Yeah!" he gasped.

I got the baby oil and leaned over him. I opened it an drizzled a good amount all over his cock, pubic hair and belly, rubbing it onto his skin. Then I poured some into my palm and smeared it all over my boner and hairless balls.

I reached back over the edge of the bunk and retrieved a hand towel. I wiped my hands off and moved over his groin, letting our sex touch again. The heat from our bodies and the slickness of the baby oil was awesome as I started to hump my cock back and forth against him with our boners and balls sliding effortlessly against each other.

Grasping his shoulders, I pressed harder against him. He grabbed my sides and wrapped his firm legs around my hips pulling me tighter onto him. "Oh Yeah!" he squealed, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" I was really pounding away as he wiggled his groin under me.

"Oh... Joey!" I cried out, "I'm going to cum."

"Oh Yeah!" he moaned, "Me too. Don't stop!"

Nothing could make me stop! I was in a frenzy. My hips bucking uncontrollably, grinding my cock against his. Our nuts had pulled up tight into our bodies waiting to release their boy juice.

I cried out, "Ah... Ah... Oh God!" as my cock spasm, sending jets of my hot boy spunk between our bodies.

I felt Joey's body tense under me, pushing his hips up off of the mattress. "Oh... Fuck... Yes!" he cried out. I felt his cock twitch several times as he added more teen cum between us.

He lowered his butt back onto the bed panting for breath. I rested my weight against my elbows slowly moving my dick back and forth. I nudged my head between his shoulder and neck and just lightly lay on top of him.

I kissed him on the cheek. "That was awesome!" I said.

"Yeah... I know!" he whinnied.