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Kevin's Cousin - Chapter 2

The sex that Joey and I shared that night was amazing. We slept cuddling and spooning naked with each other. I woke several times during the night, feeling very content to be cuddled up with Joey.

I woke first, as the sun beamed through the window. I looked at my sleeping friend. He looked so much at peace. It appeared that he even wore a slight grin. I wondered what he might be dreaming about. The light sheet lay over his legs and covered him to just below his belly-button. I could see the out-line of his morning-wood. Things happened so fast last night, I really didn't get to admire his body as I wanted to.

I slowly lifted the sheet away and pulled it down to his feet, exposing his young, naked body. He stirred slightly, but continued to sleep. I wanted to touch him so bad, but I didn't want to wake him. I studied his smooth face, neck and shoulders. His hair was tousled, but it only made him look that much more cuter. My eyes wondered down his torso. I leaned over to look closer at his small, boyish nipples. I loved how his dark-pink areolas stood out from his tanned skin. His nipples jolting out just a bit. I reached over and lightly touched the tip of one. Instinctively he raised his hand to his chest, as if to brush away a fly or something. I pulled my hand back as he brushed at his tit. I knew he was near to wake up.

I allowed my eyes to wonder farther down his teen body. I studied the firmness of his chest and tight tummy as it rose and fell with his breathing. I took notice of the light tuft of pit hair under his arm. It was very thin.

I looked lower, teasing myself to not grope his cock like a total pervert. I looked at his belly-button. I, so wanted to stick my tongue in that little hole, but I dare not, lest he wake for sure.

His hips flared at his waist. Just below the top of his pelvic bone, the whitish flesh left from his Speedo stuck out against the rest of his tanned skin.

Still avoiding the ultimate goal, I noticed the firmness of his butt-cheek as it curved back down toward his muscled thigh. His legs we near hairless. I had to strain my eyes to see the very, light dusting of fine hair. His calves were totally hairless, except for some fine hairs across his shins.

I had never paid much attention to people's feet, but for some strange reason, Joey's feet looked sexy to me. I just wanted to suck on his toes so bad, I had to stop myself.

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I smelt the baby-oil from last night. My dick jerked! I was already hard as a nail. I was afraid to touch it.

Joey started to stir, reaching for his sheet. I was startled. I didn't want him to wake up and see me perving his body.

I quickly turned away, onto my side and pretended to be asleep.

I felt Joey moving around on the mattress, stretching. He gasped as I heard his joints and mussels pop.

My heart started to beat faster. What was I going to do? Should I pretend to just wake up, or pretend to stay asleep? I didn't know how Joey would react to what we had done last night. I was afraid to face him.

I chose to pretend to be sleeping.

I felt Joey move closer toward me. He spooned up against me and reached his arm over mine and hugged me. All the nerves in my body exploded! I felt a rush, as I had never felt. He shook me.

"What are we going to do today?" he asked, as I pretended to wake. I stretched out and groaned.

I answered, "I don't know, but I know... right now... I have to piss."

Joey laughed and said, "Me too." The little camper didn't have a toilet in it.

I heard the storm-door of my back-porch close. I knew the sound too well. I knew it had to be my mom coming to wake us up. And I knew it only took about 60 seconds from the time I heard the door close, that she would open the door of the camper.

I jumped!

I scurried for my underwear that were under my sheet at the foot of the bed.

"Here comes my mom." I warned. Joey looked at me in shock! "Get your underwear on!" I commanded.

Joey whimpered, "I don't know where they're at."

I pulled his sheet back, to find his underwear at the foot of the bed as well. I picked them up and threw them at him.

"Hurry-up! Get them on."

Knock... Knock... Knock.

"Are you boys awake in there?"

"Yes Mom!" I answered.

"Get your cloths on, and come inside. Your breakfast is near done."

"Okay Mom! We'll be in, in a few minutes."

"Alright than. Don't be long now!"

Joey and I heard her leave, walking across the gravel drive-way, back to the house.

I was glad she didn't open the door. Both, Joey and I gave a sigh of relief. We jumped out of the bunk and put our shorts on.

As I reached for the doorknob to get out, I was overwhelmed with the smell of baby-oil and spoiled, boy cum on my body. I knew Joey smelt the same way. I became scared that my mom would smell us and know we had been naughty with each other during the night.

We had no choice.

I was glad that Mom served us at the picnic table in the yard. She looked at me kind of funny, then looked over at Joey. Like, she knew that me and Joey had boy / boy sex with each other last night. I just looked into my plate and kept eating. ( Moms Know ) Maybe she thought we only jacked off. After all, all boys do it. She walked back to the house with a smile.

As we sat across from each other eating, Joey kept looking up at me, smiling. Under the table, he touched my bare foot with his. It sent shivers up my spine. It was clear that Joey had no remorse about our boy-play last night. I was glad he was pursuing to feel my body, even if it was just touching my foot with his. My mind raced as I tried to think of how we could get alone some more and maybe take things a step farther.

"When we finish breakfast, you want to go fishing?" I asked him.

"Sure. That sounds okay."

This might be easier than I had thought. The little pond was about a half a mile away in the woods. I knew several places we could get naked and play. No one hardy ever went to the little pond.

After breakfast, I told my mom that we were going to go fishing. Joey and I went into my bedroom to change into jeans and put shoes on. We watched each other as we pulled down our shorts and underwear, fully exposing our teen bodies for each other. As we stood they looking at each other's dicks, we started to get hard. It was really cool to watch Joey get a boner. He walked in front of me and took hold of my raising prick, squeezing it. "You've got a nice dick. That was the hottest thing I ever did last night. I`m glad I did it with you."

I reached out to hold his boy-boner as well. " Yeah. You got a nice one too." I said, moving closer to him. I pushed my cock against his, so that our pee-holes were kissing. The thrill of our dicks touching together made my hart race. I badly wanted more of this boy! We rubbed our dicks together for several moments.

I broke away and knelt in front of him. His boy-cock was right in front of my face. I cupped his balls in my palm and felt their firmness in his hairless scrotum. I looked up to see his expression. He looked down at me with pleading eyes. I knew he wanted this as much as I did. I leaned closer and licked under the tip of his prick. His body jerked at the new sensation as a moan escaped his lips. I took this as a full welcome-sign to enjoy my friend's hard dick. I bent his dick down so I could put it in my mouth. I opened my mouth and slowly rapped my lips around it. More moans came from above me as I eased his hot meat farther into my mouth.

After more than a year of fantasizing about sucking Joey's dick, I finally had him in my mouth. The heat of his rod was near hot as my tongue explored his hardness.

"Oh Gees." he whispered, as I sucked more of his hot teen cock into my mouth. I could taste baby-oil, but I could still taste his boyish musk. I stopped when my lips touched his sparse patch of pubic hair. The swollen glad of his cock, bumped the back of my throat, causing me to gag a little.

"Oh... Fuck... Steve! That feels wicked. Suck my dick!" I was only to happy to obey. I loved the soft, firmness of him in me. I wanted to make him cum and taste his seed. As I started the back and forth motion of sucking his dick, he put his hands on the back of my head, gently guiding my efforts.

It only took about a minute and Joey was thrusting his hips into my face, fucking my mouth. I held still, letting him have his way with me. I reached out and took hold of his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. His hairless scrotum was tight. His nuts were pulled up tight under the base of his cock.

I felt his glad head swell and pulse against my tongue. I tasted the saltiness of his semen just before I felt his nuts jump in my hand. "OH Fuck!" he cried out in a whisper.

I was shocked from the force of his cum as it hit the back of my throat. Blast after blast of his sweet cum filled my mouth. I tried to swallow all of his seed, but there was so much that some escaped my lips, running down my chin. After seven or eight strong ejaculations, he stopped jamming his cock in mouth and stepped back from me. His dick leaving my lips made a wet, slurping sound. "I can't take it any more!" he whimpered. "It tickles too much."

I savored the taste of my friend's sperm in my mouth, as I watched his cock twitch in post orgasm. I looked up as Joey looked down at me. I opened my mouth and showed him his cum I had gathered. I stuck out my tongue and more cum ran down my chin. I licked my lips and swallowed several times.

I stood up and wiped my mouth off with my arm. "Your turn." I told him.

He looked confused with doubt. He knew it was show time, and he was either going to have to suck my dick too, or I might get mad and never suck his again. Reluctantly, he knelt in front of me. My cock was so hard, it hurt. He looked up at me. I nodded my head. "Go ahead. I sucked your's. It's not bad." I assured him.

Joey took my steaming dick between his thumb and fingers, studding my boy-meat. He pulled what little foreskin I had, back and forth along my shaft. "I really like playing with your dick." he said. "It feels different than when I play with mine."

He pushed my cock upwards and with his other hand he felt my smooth scrotum. Finding my young testicles, he moved them around in their protective pouch, feeling the size and shape of each one. My cock jumped. He leaned forward and licked my tight, smooth sack. Shivers bolted through my groin. He sucked on the smooth, wrinkled skin, pulling it away from my body until it slipped from his wet lips. I was ecstatic! It felt so awesome to have Joey lick, and play with my dick and balls.

With all caution, cast to the wind, Joey took my inflamed gland head into his lips. My knees became weak and I stumbled, shoving my cock all the way into his mouth. He gagged and rocked backward. He looked up at me. "Sorry." I said. "I didn't mean to do that."

"Just let me suck it." he said. I nodded my head and he leaned forward again and took my boner back into his mouth. He slowly worked more and more of my shaft between his pert lips. I looked down and he had all of my cock in his mouth.

I was so horny and worked up, I knew I couldn't take much of his sucking mouth. I slowly rocked back and forth in time with his bobbing head on my teen-meat. After only about a minute, I felt my nuts pull up into my groin, signaling my oncoming orgasm. "Oh Fuck Joey. I'm going to cum." I warned him.

He pulled back and sucked on the head of my prick, running his tongue all around it. My body convulsed as my sperm shot out the end of my cock. Volley after volley of my seed filled his young mouth. I heard gulping sounds as he swallowed my juice.

When my ejaculations sustained, I pushed him away. "God Dam, Joey. You don't have to suck my nuts out." I scolded him.

He giggled as he wiped his mouth off with his arm. He looked up at me, smiled and said, "That wasn't bad at all. In-fact... I liked it. A little different than mine." The though of Joey eating his own cum made my dick twitch. I had done the same thing myself, only I liked Joey's sperm better than my own.

"Come on." I said. "Let's get dressed and go to the pond." Joey stood up, reached out and felt my softening boy-member.

"If we're going to go fishing... I'll have to use your pole." he said.

Joey could use my pole all he wanted. I'd even supply him with the worms.