The Beginning

By Angyl

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Kiernan was interested in trying sex with a guy. How was he supposed to figure it out? How was he going to know if he liked it or not? Would he like it or not? Who could he ask to help him out? What would happen if the wrong person was asked? He needed to know the answers to these questions that had been haunting his thoughts for the last few months. He was eager to know if he was into sex with a guy or not. Kiernan was frustrated. He sat home nights thinking about if he was bi or not. Sure he did get semi-erect when looking at naked guys. He would sneak peeks in the showers at school. Really though, what did that mean? Not a thing. Plus his girlfriend would probably flip.

Kiernan is just shy of 6' tall. He is 18. His hair is blond, and cut to the shoulder. He has blue eyes. He has kind of a baby face. He worked out quite a bit so he was well toned. He definitely loved to show off his abs and usually during summer he rarely wore a shirt, or it was unbuttoned. His entire body is smooth saved for his small trail leading down to his nether regions, and that he keeps neat and trimmed. His cock, to which girls (and some guys) said, was at least 8 inches hard. (Not bad at all). He was also cut, as people called it.

To the matter at hand, Kiernan knew he had to be careful or something could happen. The downside was he was limited to what he could do at this point. He still lived at home, and as such the computer was locked out of porn sites. Not so much from him, but to keep his younger brothers from going on them. He could not even consider going onto a gay porn site at a buds place. God knows what might happen. He had to resign himself to the fact he would have to find a guy who would be willing to help him out. That was going to be hard to do, being so limited.

Since he had come to the conclusion, that he needed to find out if he was in all fact bisexual, he had been checking out gay and bi guys, on the chat site he frequented a lot. Kiernan needed to work up the courage to talk to someone gay. He would go to different guy's page and the he would open up the message window, but then chicken out at the last minute. He was so paranoid. One thing he had decided from the start was that he wanted someone older with more experience, to help him out. Hoping they would understand that he was unsure, and if he did not like it that they needed to stop. He had heard stories, but only hoped that if and when it happened, he would get someone totally understanding to his need, and situation. Who would have thought he would get messaged by one of the guy's whose page he frequented. The guy was way older than him. At least 20 years older. The guy's user name was Young_Lovin.

He got the message a few days ago. He had gone to the guy's page and yet again chickened out. He was flipping around other guys when he got the first message.

Young_Lovin <Thought I would say hi...seeing as you keep visiting>

Kiernan was nervous, but he decided to say hi.

Kiernan <umm hi>

A few minutes passed and the guy responded.

Young_Lovin <How's your night going>

Kiernan <good and u>.

Another couple minutes before he got a response.

Young_Lovin <Am good...what are you up to tonight?>

Kiernan was beginning to get cold feet, and was almost to the point of going offline.

`Come on Kiernan, you can do this, how else will you know for sure?' He thought.

He moved his cursor off the close button. He stared at the screen wondering what to type. He hands moved to the keyboard and he typed.

Kiernan <good and curious>

He sat there staring at the screen as he hit send. He was so nervous. Part of him felt stupid about it. The other part was leery of it. He click refresh a few times before finally getting a response from Young_Lovin. He clicked on the message.

Young_Lovin <curious?>

Kiernan laid it all out on the table. He was surprised how easily the words came as he typed it out. Then he looked it over. Taking a huge breath in, he hit send. He was a bundle of nerves, but at the same time he was relieved he had finally done it. This was a point of no return he guessed. He really did not know how this dude was going to react to being asked if he was willing to help him out. He kept hitting refresh and it seemed like an eternity before Young_Lovin responded. Kiernan read over the response. He was kind of dejected, it seems like he had been turned down. The content of the message was blunt about him being straight, and probably looking for a good laugh. Kiernan had to try to convince this guy he was sincere, but how was he going to do that? More over he needed to convince himself this is what he really wanted. He was thinking maybe it was a bad idea, but on the other side of the coin, he really wanted to know. Once he had laid it out for Angyl, he waited for a response. Eventually he thought Young_Lovin was not going to reply so he signed off, feeling a bit down about the whole situation.

A few hours later Kiernan decided to sign back on and see what was going on. He saw he had a response from Young_Lovin. His heart raced as he opened the message. He read over the message. He did not like what he read. To put it short he had to prove he was not just lying, and if they met it would be on Young_Lovin's terms. Kiernan needed to figure out a way to prove he was serious. He decided to send his MSN to Young_Lovin and see what happened.

Well it was almost two days before anything happened. He had just got home from whatever he had been doing he logged onto the chat site as well as opened his MSN. Low and behold he got added by Young_Lovin. He was ecstatic about it, and hoped Young_Lovin would really see he was being truthful. More to the point, Angyl boi was actually online. Kiernan made sure his webcam was hooked up then sent his first message.

Kiernan <Hey if I go on cam will that prove to you I am serious?>

Young_Lovin <Sure I guess>

Kiernan quickly set up his cam and send an invite to Young_Lovin. When he saw that the invite got sent he quickly undressed and sat in front of his computer. He was going to give Young_Lovin a show of whatever he wanted. He typed a message to Young_Lovin

Kiernan <So what would you like me to do or so you?>

Young_Lovin <Well for starters let me see you hard.>

Kiernan adjusted the cam down to his cock. He was already hard, and he slowly began to stroke his cock. He wished he could see what Young_Lovin was doing. He did not really care he was seriously turned on. He stopped long enough to type again.

Kiernan <You like it so far? Want me to show you anything else?>

Young_Lovin <Yeah you have a hot cock. he your ass, and spread your cheeks so I can see you hole.>

Kiernan moved around getting up on the chair he leaned down and showed his ass and fuck hole. He ran his fingers over his hole. He stayed that way for a little bit before moving back to sit down and type.

Kiernan <I would really like to feel a cock in me...did you like my ass?>

Young_Lovin <Yeah it looked so edible and fuckable...why don't you give me a show and jerk off for me.>

Kiernan was eager to please him. He leaned back in his chair and began to stroke his cock. His mind filled with thoughts of having a guy suck and fuck him. He reached down and played with his balls, this always made cumming more exciting for him. He closed his eyes as he worked his cock. It took maybe three minutes and he was ready to shoot. He did not want to stop. His stroking became more rapid, and he felt his cum boil over and shot all over his chest and abs. He grabbed tissue and cleaned his hands off. He typed a message to Young_Lovin.

Kiernan <So was that hot or what?>

Young_Lovin <Yeah fucking hot, I creamed myself watching you.>

Then Kiernan decided to go for it and ask Young_Lovin again.

Kiernan <So do you believe me now, that I am totally serious about this? I really wanna have a guy show me the ropes.>

Young_Lovin <Yeah I guess you did prove it LOL. I think we could arrange something for us.>

They chatted for quite a while as they made arrangements. Young_Lovin agreed to have Kiernan over on Saturday. They could spend the entire day exploring this side of Kiernan. Before signing off Kiernan typed a final message.

Kiernan <Thanks have no idea what this means to me.>

Young_Lovin <Hey no problem...I am always willing to help out.>

Kiernan <Well thanks anyway...but I should jet, early day for me tomorrow.>

Young_Lovin <Yeah same for me...have a good night.>

Kiernan signed off of MSN. He was so excited to finally get to explore his other side. He was so sure he was bisexual. Hell who knew at this point he had no interest in chicks. Maybe he was gay, and just not accepting it at this point in time. He laughed at himself. He crawled into bed without even dressing, or cleaning off his cum. He was bagged. He fell asleep with thoughts of the following Saturday.


The week dragged by for Kiernan. He was getting antsy to go and meet Young_Lovin. It dawned on him that he did not even know the guys name. Fuck it he would figure that out on Saturday. If in fact Saturday ever fucking got there. Sighing he went about he day routine day in and day out.


Finally Saturday arrived. Kiernan had not jerked off all week in preparation for today. He was nervous as hell, but he really wanted to do this. Friends had been bugged him all week why he was so restless but he did not say shit to them about it. He awoke bright and early at 7 am. He wanted to get everything just perfect for his meeting. His parents were still asleep so he left a note that he would be spending the day with a friend and would call them later in the afternoon or evening. As Young_Lovin had not given a specific time, he headed out.

Finding Young_Lovin's place was easy. Getting the balls to go and knock on the door took some work. He was nervous and scared. All he had really seen was a face shot of Young_Lovin. What if he turned out to be some nasty guy or something? Kiernan panicked and almost drove away. He regained his composure and still sitting there he felt like such a dumbass. He finally got out of the car and walked up to the door. The door opened before he even had a chance to do anything.

"Didn't think your were gonna come in." The guys said.

Kiernan was impressed by the guy. He was older but took great care of himself. Slightly taller than he was, and he definitely worked out. Kiernan could see the definition. He could not tell much else for the moment.

"Well come on is, and I put some coffee on."

He stepped aside and invited Kiernan in. Still nervous Kiernan was slow to enter. Once inside though he seemed to relax ever so slightly. He watched as Young_Lovin went ahead of him and he could see the outline of his ass through the sweats. He was not wearing underwear from what Kiernan could deduce or see. He quickly took his eyes away and followed him into the kitchen. He sat down at the table and watch as he made coffee. He sat at the table and smiled.

"I never did tell you my name; it is Jacob...but please, I go by Jake." He said with a chuckle.

"I wondered about that, it's nice to finally know the name that goes with your face." Kiernan replied smiling.

"You are a pretty hot lookin boy in person."

"Really, you think so? Thanks. You are not too bad either."

"Yeah I sure do."

Kiernan began to relax a bit more. Jake got up and grabbed a couple cups out of the cupboard and the cream and sugar. He filled the cups and brought them to the table. He could see although Kiernan was relaxed somewhat, that he was still nervous.

"Bud relax, we got the whole day to explore."

"It shows that bad? Yeah I am a bit nervous."

Both had a bit of a chuckle. They sat in quiet just drinking coffee. Jake finally suggested going up to his room and getting more comfortable. He led the way and Kiernan followed him. His cock was getting hard again. He wondered if Jake was hard and for that matter what his cock looked like? Jake sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him. Kiernan sat down and began to fidget.

"Hey relax, we will take it slow. How about we get undressed and take it from there?"

"Yeah I guess so."

Jake stood up and removed his shirt and sweats. Kiernan got a good look at his cock. Kiernan was impressed. He figured Jake's cock was the same size as his. It had a slight curve to it. His bush was neatly trimmed and his balls devoid of hair. Like him Jake was cut. He really liked what he saw, and had to shift as his cock grew to full hardness. He stood and got out of his clothes. His hard cock stood straight out in front of him. He almost subconsciously covered it with his hands, but stopped at the last moment. He looked into Jake's eyes, and saw a look of approval in them.

"Well that looks so much better than on cam." He stated.

Kiernan slowly turn round and let Jake see him from the back. He was really beginning to relax now. He heard Jake let out a low whistle.

"Damn boy you are a hot one." Jake said.

"Yeah you are too." Kiernan replied.

Jake sat back down on the bed, and motioned for Kiernan to join him. Kiernan sat next to him, not sure what to do. Jake took the lead. He reached over and took Kiernan's hardness in his hand and slowly started to jerk him off.

"Go ahead and lay back, enjoy this." Jake instructed him.

Kiernan scooted up on the bed and laid back. He closed his eyes as his cock was being jerked off. He felt Jake shift on the bed, and then felt something warm and wet go over his cock. He opened his eyes to see Jake going down on his cock.

"Oh wow!! That feels good!!" He moaned.

Jake was making him feel good. He would take Kiernan all in and then back out until just his knob was inside. He'd slowly suck on it, and then back down to the base. He did this several times before he ran his tongue down the shaft and started to lick and suck on Kiernan's balls.

"Oh...shit...HOLY FUCK!!" Kiernan exclaimed.

Jake sucked on each nut and then took both in his mouth. He sucked gently on them before letting the fall from his mouth. He needed a breather so he reached up and stroked Kiernan.

"Want to try me for a bit?" Jake asked.

Kiernan nodded and Jake moved so his cock was positioned in front of Kiernan. His head was still down by his cock. Kiernan awkwardly took the tip of Jake's cock in his mouth. His teeth grazed the tip as he did.

"Careful there bud. No teeth."

Kiernan was careful not to do that again. Slowly he began working his mouth down on Jake's cock. He gagged only once before he had the whole thing in his mouth. Then he slowly let it out again till only the tip was in his mouth. It was not as hard as he thought, and soon he was giving his all sucking Jake off. Jake had gone back to sucking him off. They worked in unison. Kiernan was in heaven. He knew then that he liked to suck cock. As well he loved having his cock sucked by another guy. He just kept sucking Jake and loving it. Jake was doing his own, and Kiernan was getting close, but was having way to good a time sucking Jake, that he did not even think to warn Jake. We he emptied his cock in Jake's mouth he was amazed as Jake swallowed his entire load. He continued to suck until Kiernan went soft. Kiernan was curious as to what Jake's cum tasted like. He had tried his own and like the flavor. Was Jake's going to taste the same? He got his answer without warning as Jake emptied his load. Kiernan gagged but began to swallow. He kept suck, and would have kept going til Jake was hard again but Jake made him stop.

"Sorry dude, I get a little sensitive after I blow."

Kiernan let Jake cock fall from his mouth. He had to admit Jake's cum id taste a bit more salty than his, but he definite thought the taste was good. He looked down at Jake and smiled.

"Dude that was the fucking hottest thing I have ever done!!" He exclaimed.

"Glad you liked it. Lets rest a bit and then we can try some other stuff." Jake replied.

Kiernan nodded. Jake crawled up next to him. They lay in silence neither talking. Kiernan started to think about what had just happened and he was hard in not time. Jake looked down and let out a chuckle.

"Well it looks like someone is ready to go again."

Kiernan blushed. Jake moved down and got between his legs. He took Kiernan's cock in his mouth and began to suck him again. Kiernan spread his legs to give Jake better access. Jake stopped and looked up at him.

"Want me to do something different for you?"

"Umm...sure I guess it would be cool."

"Okay, lift your legs for me."

Kiernan was puzzled but did as he was instructed. Jake began to lick the flesh underneath his ball, making him shiver. Kiernan was not expecting what happened next. Jake had lifted him off the bed more and was now running his tongue around Kiernan's fuck hole. It sent jolts through his body.

"Whoa...Holy!!" He stuttered.

The sensations he felt as Jake licked his hole was wild. Then when Jake rammed his tongue right inside, it literally drove him made. He began to squirm and his hole was invaded by a hot tongue. Jake had reached up and was using his fingers to open up his hole. When he slowly pushed a finger in Kiernan jumped. Jake pulled his finger out.

"No way, dude don't stop it feel awesome." Kiernan pleaded.

Jake slowly worked his finger back in. Kiernan was feeling sensations he never felt before. Every time Jake hit a certain spot Kiernan felt as if he would shot without any help. Jake continued to work his finger around and slowly began to work a second finger in. Although it hurt a bit, it felt really good. Kiernan began pushing against the fingers. Jake worked his finger in and out of his hole. Occasionally he would lick to add some lube to his hole. Slowly he was able to work in a third finger. Kiernan had never felt anything like it before. A mixture of pain and pleasure racked his body. He came without even touching his cock. Overcome with every known feeling Kiernan knew what he wanted.

`Oh god man, I wanna feel you cock inside me...fuck me now!!"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yeah man...I gotta feel your cock inside me."

Jake stood and lifted Kiernan ever a bit higher. Jake reached down and grabbed a bottle and squirted something in Kiernan's hole. He kept working it with his fingers as he put some on his cock. He pulled his fingers out and quick pushed his cock in. His cock was a bit bigger than his three fingers but Kiernan never said a word. Jake slowly began pushing in until he was deep inside, and then slowly he pulled out again. Kiernan never felt anything like it. The more Jake fucked his hole the more he wanted it. He began to moan slightly.


Judging from that Jake knew Kiernan was letting go of his inhibitions. Kiernan knew there was no turning back but just to go forward. He began to push back every time Jake thrust in. He wanted to feel Jake fill him inside.


Jake began to really fuck him. He slammed hard into Kiernan's hole, and the slowly pulled out. He would just as quickly he was ramming his cock back in. Jake felt his balls tighten.

"Okay boi you asked for it, here I cum."

Jake gave one final hard thrust inward and emptied his load deep in his hole. Kiernan felt the warmth of the liquid fill him. Jake thrust a few more times, before pulling out. He saw a huge smile across Kiernan's face.

"Shit...that was better than any sex I have had with a chick...I don't think I will ever go back to a girl...I like this much better!" Kiernan exclaimed.

Jake laughed at him. They spent the rest of the day lounging on the bed. Jake fucked Kiernan twice more. Kiernan even fucked him once, but truth be told he liked getting fucked more than fucking. By evening Kiernan knew the answer to the question. He was gay. Not bi, but gay. After what he had just experienced, there was no doubt in his mind.

Kiernan left Jakes in the late evening. He had completely forgotten to call home, but no matter he was happy, genuinely happy. He knew now what he wanted and he was going to find a way to get it as often as he could. He had a standing invite to come back to Jake's anytime he wanted. For the first time in his life everything felt right with his world.

The End