Andy's Secret

By Angyl

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Kiernan spend Sunday at home chilling out. He kept thinking about sex with Jake and he would have a quick wank. When the phone rang he jumped. He looked at the caller ID. It was his best bud Andy. He opened his cell and answered the call.

"Hey Andy; sup man?"

"Not much...what happened to you yesterday?"

"Nothing too much...just chilled."

"Well obviously not at home, cause I came over and your parent said you were out."

"Yeah man I was."

"You ain't gonna tell me what you did?"

"What are you my mother now?"

"HAHA funny one, wanna come chill with me then?"

"Yeah sure, give me a bit gotta shower and stuff."

"Alright hurry up man I am bored."

"Yeah Yeah, I'll be over in a bit."

Kiernan jumped in the shower. He did not even bother jerking off; he knew how impatient Andy could be. After throwing on some clothes, he ran downstairs. He parents were sitting in the living room. He said goodbye, and that he would be at Andy's. No mention was made of where he was yesterday. That was the greatest thing about his parents then never grilled him about where he went or what he did.

Five minutes later he pulled into Andy's place. Andy was at the door waiting.

"About time you got here." Andy remarked.

"Fuck you I was not that long." Kiernan retorted.

Andy was a year younger than Kiernan. He was tall, roughly about 6'3. He was not overly bulked up like Kiernan, but he was definitely not skin and bone either. He had a shaggy mop of blond hair on his head, and blue eyes. Kiernan wondered what his friend's cock looked like. He gave his head a shake as he followed Andy up to his room. Andy was not a neat freak, there was stuff everywhere. Kiernan shook his head.

"Jesus Andy, don't you ever clean?" He asked with a chuckle.

Andy grabbed a dirty sock and chucked it at him. Kiernan duck and it missed him by a mile. Both boys laughed. They played games and listened to what Kiernan called cheesy music. Eventual Andy got up.

"Man I gotta drain my snake, be right back."

"Alright don't stroke it too many times."

Andy gave him a dirty look as he ran to the washroom. Kiernan jumped on Andy's computer, intent on going on the web. He noticed a new folder he had not seen before. He opened it and looked at the files. Some were pics and others were avi files. Kiernan shook his head.

"Straight porn, I should have known."

For shits and giggles he clicked on one of the avi files. What he saw shocked him. It was two guys going at it, like He and Jake had. Kiernan felt himself getting hard. He had to adjust himself. He watched intent as the guys fucked. He did not hear Andy come in the room.

"Oh what the fuck...shit...goddamn it, shit."

Kiernan quickly shut it off. He turned and looked at Andy. Andy was quick to give a response.

"Would you believe me if I told you they were my brothers?"

Now Kiernan knew well enough that Bobby would not be looking at shit like this he was too young. Well he was 13 but still. He looked at Andy.

"No I don't think I would." He replied.

"Okay so you know now, I am a queer."

Whatever control Andy had been maintaining was gone. He was racked with sobs. He secret was out. He collapsed on the floor and curled up in a ball. Kiernan reacted quickly. He jumped up and locked the door then he went and sat down by his friend, pulling him to him.

"Dude is cool, alright?"

"Y-y-you d-don't h-hate me?"

"No way man you are my best friend."

Andy wrapped his arms around Kiernan, and held onto him. Kiernan held his best friend. He was hard and knew there was nothing he could do. Andy's arm dropped and he felt Kiernan's hard cock. He got a puzzled look on his face.

"Dude what the fuck?"

"I am hard so what?"

Andy looked at him in disbelief. Kiernan let go of Andy and moved so he was sitting in front of him. He was blushing and he knew it. He smiled at Andy. Andy still looked puzzled.

"Dude I thought you were straight."

"Yeah well so did I, but things happened that made me realize otherwise."

Andy looked at him. Slowly Kiernan relayed his tale. When he was done Andy had a grin on his face.

"You know no one is gonna be home til late."

"Yeah that's cool."

"Can I see your cock?"

"Yeah, but I wanna see yours too."

Andy and Kiernan got up and in unison removed their pants and underwear. Both boys were hard. Kiernan was amazed by Andy's cock. It was uncut, and bigger than his. It was impressive.

"Man that's a nice piece you got there." He said.

"Thanks, so is yours. Umm...I would love to suck it." Andy replied.

"Go for it man."

Andy got down on his knees and took his cock in his mouth. Kiernan closed his eyes and enjoyed his friend sucking him off. It was different from Jake, but at the same time more pleasurable. He definitely liked this more.

"Oh shit Andy that feels so good, suck my cock, and make me blow."

Andy had him all in his mouth and then to the tip. Back down he would go. He never sucked on the knob, but the sensations Kiernan felt, definitely surpassed the need for that. Andy also used his tongue as he went down on him. Kiernan's whole body went tense.

"OH GOD!!"

His cock seemed to swell as he blasted his load. He filled his friend's mouth with his milk. Andy eagerly sucked and swallowed the load. He did not swallow all. He pulled off Kiernan's cock, and moved up. He leaned in and kissed him. They shared Kiernan's milk. The moved up on the bed, and looked at each other. Kiernan filled him in on his day with Jake as they lay there. Andy laughed and shook his head.

"Christ if I had known I would have helped you out" He stated.

"Well if I had a clue you were queer, I would not have done what I did." Kiernan replied.

He playfully slapped Andy, and the two broke into a wrestling match. Kiernan ended up on top, and began rubbing his ass over Andy's hard cock. Andy thrust his hips up trying to get his cock inside his bud.

"What you wanna fuck my hot ass?" Kiernan teased.

He reached back and gave Andy's cock a few strokes. Andy had reached and got his lube out of the table. He looked up at Kiernan and smiled.

"Well all prepared I see." Kiernan said with a smile.

Taking the lube from Andy, he reached back and lubed his hole, and Andy's cock up. He tossed the lube to the side, as he moved and Straddled Andy. Andy held his cock in place as Kiernan slowly lowered himself down onto his cock. Although bigger that he was, Kiernan had no problem sitting down and taking him all inside him. Mild pain was replaced by pleasure as he start rising up and then sitting back down. As he got a good foot, Kiernan really began bouncing up and down. His fingers dug into Andy's chest. Andy began thrusting his hips up as Kiernan would go down. Kiernan stopped and let his friend do some of the work. Deciding it would be better on his back he convinced Andy that that should change the position. Andy nodded and quickly Kiernan was lying on his back, with his legs resting on Andy's shoulders. Andy slipped his cock back inside him, and began fucking him in earnest.

"Oh yeah fuck my hole good!!" Kiernan moaned.

Andy was fucking him hard, he whole body moved as Andy slammed his cock in. Kiernan could hear Andy grunt as he closed his eyes.


"Fill me up stud."

Kiernan clenched his ass muscles around Andy's expanding cock. This was all Andy needed. He was driven to a wild frenzy as his cock exploded inside his anal tube. Kiernan felt his ass being filled with Andy's milk. Andy collapsed on top of his friend. He kissed him gently on the lips.

"Holy fuck that was epic." He stated.

Andy moved and pulled his limp cock out. He had fill Kiernan so much it was now leaking out. He looked at Kiernan and smile.

"Dude you should clean yourself up."

"Let me just lay here for a second."

Neither realized it had gotten late. A door opening brought Andy to reality.

"Shit dude family is home." Andy said panicking.

Both boys jumped up. Grabbing some tissue Kiernan cleaned up as best he could. He could do the rest later when he was at home. The boys quickly dressed. Just in time as Bobby burst through the door.

"Yo sup dudes?"

"Hey brat." Andy said.

Thankfully Bobby was none the wiser for what had gone one. Kiernan still felt cum leaking from his ass, but he did not really care. Bobby left and the two sat there. They spoke in unison.

"We will have to do this again soon man."

They let out a chuckle. Before heading out, Kiernan gave Andy a quick kiss and grope. Then he headed home, leaving Andy with a huge smile on his face. Back at home Kiernan quickly got out of his sticky clothes. His mind replayed the events of the day, and he was instantly hard. After a quick wank, he jumped in the shower and cleaned up. After his shower he crawled in bed. He wondered what Andy was thinking about as he drifted off to sleep, a smile crossing his face.

The End