By Angyl

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It was a few days later that Kiernan got a huge surprise. He had gotten home from his early day of school. He found Bobby sitting on his front step waiting for him. This was not unusual. Bobby sometimes came over when his parents or Andy were not at home.


"Hey bud how's it going?" He asked.


"Was getting bored man, was beginning to think you would ever get here." Bobby replied.


Bobby was only 14. He was small, probably on 5'6 or so. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a smile that could melt anyone. He was not into sports as was Andy. He did however keep active. So he was thin. Kiernan though he was cute as hell, and would often bug him about it.


Kiernan opened the door and ushered Bobby in. They headed up to his room, and chilled. Bobby kept looking over at Kiernan. Finally Kiernan looked back.






Kiernan could see in his eyes that Bobby was up to something.


"Alright spill it."


"Promise not to get mad at me?"


"No way man I would never be mad at you."


"Okay can I show you something?"


"Yeah go for it."


Kiernan was intrigued. Bobby ruffled through his back pack and pulled out a CD. He went over to Kiernan's computer and put it in. He opened a file and pressed play. Kiernan just about shit, for on the screen was him and Andy going at it.


"What the fuck man?"


"You said you would not get mad."


"Yeah I know, but how the fuck and why the fuck?"


Bobby looked at the ground before he said anything.


"I...ummm...have been taping Andy for a while now."




"Yeah I hid w webcam in his room, he does not know."




"So when I opened the file the night you were over I found this."




"Dude it fucking hot!!"


Well there was a bombshell for Kiernan.


"You're gay?"


"Yeah man. I used to jerk off watching Andy. I thought that was hot til I saw you two fucking. I got hard, like I am now."


A smile played across Bobby's face as he stood and dropped his pants. His seven inch boner was sticking straight out. He walked over to Kiernan.


"Go ahead; you can touch me if you want."


Kiernan reached out and took his cock in his hand. Slowly he began to jerk it.


"Wow that feels real good." Bobby sighed.


Kiernan moved of the chair, and knelt in front of Bobby. He took the boy's bone in his mouth, and slowly began to suck him.


"Oh man that is fucking awesome!! No one has ever sucked me before!!"


Kiernan continued to suck his cock. Bobby moaned quietly. He was truly in heaven. This was so much better than jerk off by himself. He was so into it, that without any warning or thought he blasted his load. Kiernan sucked every drop. Bobby was weak at the knees and sat down.


"So it was good for you?" Kiernan asked.


"Yeah it was totally awesome."


Kiernan sat on the bed. Again he could tell Bobby was thinking.


"What's on your mind now?"


"Can I see your cock?"


Kiernan stood and dropped his pants. His cock sprung out. Bobby could not take his eyes off it.


"Wow it is big." He exclaimed.


"You like it?"


"Yeah I never touched another cock; can I touch it."


Kiernan nodded. Bobby went over and got in front of him. He took Kiernan's cock in his hand and slowly began to stroke it.




"Yeah you're doing great."


Booby knelt down and decided he was gonna try and suck it like Kiernan had done to him. He saw pre-cum leaking out and licked it off. He liked the taste. Opening his mouth he began work his way down on Kiernan. He gagged a couple times, but as he got used to sucking it, he got the whole thing in his mouth. This definitely impressed Kiernan.


"Oh yeah that's the way bud."


Bobby was pleased and he soon was getting into the swing of things. He went up and down on Kiernan. Stopping a few times and sucking on the knob. Then all the way back down again. At this pace it did not take long for Kiernan to feel his milk boiling up.


"Shit gonna cum man!!" Kiernan warned.


Bobby did not stop. He pulled off slightly and was rewarded with a huge load of Kiernan's milk. He swallowed as much as he could, but some began leaking out. Kiernan emptied his load. Bobby pulled off and swallowed the remainder. He looked up at Kiernan who was smiling. Kiernan reached out with his finger and wiped off the cum that had leaked out. He offered his finger to Bobby who quickly sucked it clean. Then he came and sat next to Kiernan.


"Wow that was the best." He said.


"You did pretty well for a first timer."


"You think so?"


"Yeah I do think so."


Bobby looked pleased. However he wanted more. He wanted Kiernan to fuck his virgin hole. He had thought nothing other than that for the last few days. Hell even before that, before he knew Kiernan was gay.


"Fuck me?" He whispered nervously.


"What's that?"


"Will you fuck me?"


"Are you sure you want me too? I am a lot bigger."


"Yeah I really want you to fuck me."


Kiernan grabbed some lube he had stashed. He motioned for Bobby to get on the bed. Bobby climbed on the bed with his cute bubble butt in the air. He gave it a few light smacks as he lubed him up, using his fingers to work it deep into the boy's fuck canal. Then he got behind him and lined his cock up. He began slowly pushing in. Resistance gave way as his cockhead plopped in. Bobby let out a yelp. Kiernan stopped.


"No don't stop!! I want you in me!!"


Kiernan continued pushing his cock in. Soon all of him was inside Bobby. Bobby's face was scrunched up, but as he got used to the cock invading his ass, it relaxed. Kiernan began to work his cock in and out. Slowly giving a chance for Bobby's fuck hole to open up and get used to it. Then he began to move quicker. Bobby pushed back each time he drove home. He was right into it.


"OH YEAH FUCK ME HARD STUD!!" He screamed.


Kiernan began going even faster. His balls slapped as he drove his cock in. Then he would pull part way out, and right back in. He would smack Bobby's butt as he fucked the boy. This was too much for Bobby; he shot a load all over the bed.




Kiernan felt his milk boiling over again. He began thrusting long and hard into him. Bobby felt Kiernan's cock expand. He was ready to blow.


"Okay sexy he it comes!!"


A few more thrust and he let go, filling the boy's anal shoot with his milk. He kept fucking until he was soft. He pulled his cock out. Looking down he saw his mlk leaking from the boy's hole. Without thinking he knelt down and sucked it right out of him. Bobby and Kiernan collapsed on the bed.


"Shit that was the best." Bobby said.


"Yeah you're a pretty good fuck too." Kiernan replied.


"Am I as good as Andy?"


"That's a for sure man."


"I wonder if he would get mad if he found out."


"Don't know."


"I would probably join in. Fuck that was hot!"


Kiernan and Bobby looked up to see Andy at the door, cock in hand covered in cum.


"Holy fuck dude have you been there the whole time?" Kiernan asked.


"Fuck yeah!!"


Kiernan forgot he had a key, seeing that Andy was like family, just like he had a key to Andy's place. Andy moved and sat on the bed. As much as he wanted to do something with Bobby and Kiernan, he knew it was late and he and his brother had to get home.


"How about this weekend we meet at our place and have a little orgy?" He suggested.


"Yeah is kind of late to do anything now." Kiernan said.


"Man that really blows." Bobby said.


Both Kiernan and Andy laughed. He looked so cute but it would have to wait. The three got dress and Kiernan walked them to the door. After the two left he went and threw his sheets in the wash, and then grabbing a shower, he began to think of all the fun he was going to have on the weekend. He stroked himself to a third orgasm. As he was drying off the phone rang. He saw it was Jake. He grabbed the phone.


"Hey Jake sup?"


"Naw sorry man gonna have to pass this weekend, got plans, sorry."


"Yeah okay will call if I can. Bye."


He hung up and got dressed. As bad as he felt he decided he no longer needed Jake for sex. His world was changing, and he felt for the better. He could not wait for the weekend to get here. He thought to himself that maybe he could get some action to tide him over. The thought got him hard again.


"God I am such a horn dog." He said to himself laughing.


The End