Matt, Bi Boy

By Angyl

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The following day found Kiernan kind of distracted at school. He finally gave up and took off back to his place. He turned on his mind, intent on distracting himself from the upcoming weekend. He went on MSN as well and saw Jake was there. He almost thought about messaging him, but changed his mind. He went on to one of the sites he frequented intent on talking to one of his buds. He saw that Matt was online. He sent a message.

Kiernan <Hey Matt how's it going?>

He hit send and then waited for the message indicator to notify him of a response. It did not take long for Matt to respond.

Matt <Hey man not a hell of a lot just sitting at home...and u?>

Kiernan replied.

Kiernan <Skipping and bored as hell man!>

As he waited for a response he decided to give Matt's profile a look over. He gave it a quick once over, and then it caught his eye. Matt had that he like both girl and guys on his profile. Last time Kiernan had looked Matt had that he only liked girls. He almost jumped when the message indicator beeped.

Matt <Shitty...yeah I am kind of bored myself. Wanna hang out?>

Kiernan <Yeah man you wanna come over here?>

Kiernan had a plan if things went right. He went into his profile and changed his likes to men. He knew Matt would check it out for sure. Then he waited. Matt responded a few minute later.

Matt <Yeah man...I can be there in ten.>

Kiernan <Sounds good man.>

He looked to see if anyone had recently checked his profile. Sure enough Matt had checked it before sending the last message. He shut down the computer after checking to see if Matt had gone offline. Then he quickly got things in place. If things went as planned he would get some action.

Matt was 18. Kiernan had met him at some football game. He was actually a friend of Andy's but they had hung out and become friends. Matt was 5'10, and 150 lbs. He was kind of a bookworm. He loved to read. He was not bad looking, now that Kiernan thought about it. Nothing more could be known for him till Matt got there.

Matt was right on time. Kiernan ran to the door and let him in. They went up to his room and Matt plopped down on the bed.

"Man I thought I was gonna go bonkers at home." He stated.

"Yeah I know pretty dull shit happening today." Kiernan replied.

"So glad you invited me over to hang man."

"No problem man."

Kiernan had to formulate something to get in the boys pants. He came up with a solution. He was not sure would work though. Standing up he went to the door.

"Gotta go take a piss man, hang tight."

"HAHA...okay man."

Kiernan went into the bathroom and deliberately left the door open. From his vantage point he could see if Matt looked or not. As he relieved himself, thanking god he had to actually piss, he watched and saw Matt looking towards him. A smiled played across his face. He went back and Matt quickly turned back.

"Hey man."

Matt turned around and his eyes went wide. Kiernan had dropped his pants and was now standing there with his cock out. Kiernan smiled at him.

"You like? He asked.

"Umm...yeah man." Matt replied.

Without a thought Matt moved off the bed and was not kneeling in front of Kiernan. He took his cock and slowly began working his mouth down the shaft. He pulled off for a second.

"Dude your cock tastes like piss!!"

"Sorry man."

Matt shrugged and went right back to sucking him off. Kiernan smiled, he knew the boy was not gonna stop now. Kiernan lowered himself onto the bed, and Matt continued to suck him off. It was not too bad thought Kiernan. Not as good as either Andy or Bobby, but it was doing the job for him. Matt was in heaven as he bobbed his head up and down on his cock. Kiernan ran his fingers through Matt hair. He was gently guiding him on his cock.

"That feels good." He said.

Matt had reached up and was gently pulling on his ball sac. Kiernan let out a quiet moan. Shit he was getting closed. He wanted it to last longer, but all the pent up need was getting to him. Damn he thought.

"Dude I am gonna blast!"

Matt stopped and began to jerk him off. He held his face near, and as Kiernan shot his load his went all over his face, and some in his mouth. Kiernan was impressed. Matt stood up and Kiernan just licked his cum right off his face.

"Wow that was hot." Matt said.

Kiernan smiled. He patted the spot next to him on the bed. Matt came over and sat down next to him.

"Now it's my turn."

Kiernan reached over and undid his pants. Matt lay back and allowed his pants to be removed. He lifted his butt and Kiernan pulled his pants right off. Hi Jaw dropped as he saw Matt's cock. The fucking thing was a monster, definitely way bigger than he or even Andy for that matter, and thicker around. Kiernan unconsciously licked his lips.

"Whoa!! That is a big monster you got there."

"Yeah I know. Most Chicks can't handle it."

He was cut though. Kiernan slowly began stroking Matt off. He swore the thing got bigger as he did. He knew there was possibly not way he got take it all in his mouth. Then he wondered what it would feel like to have the beast in his fuck canal. His cock got hard to that thought. He got back to the task of trying to get the beast in his mouth. Slowly he began working his mouth down on Matt's cock. He mouth was open as far as he could get it, his jaw getting a bit sore. Remembering what he had read somewhere, he tried relaxing his throat muscles. Inch by inch he took more of it in his mouth. He felt himself gag, but continually inched down, surprising even him as he did when he felt Matt's pubs tickle his nose. He had the whole thing in his mouth. Slowly he went back up and then all the way back down. As he got accustomed to the massive cock, and his jaw relaxed, he began going a bit faster. The urge to gag that he had felt quickly passing. He glanced up and saw the look of amazement of Matt's face. He could no smile at Matt's comment.


Kiernan began getting a good routine going. His head was bobbing up and down. He continually took him to the hilt before going back up. Matt was really enjoying it, his moans were a clear indication of that.


Kiernan reached down and as he sucked he was stroking his own cock. Matt's moans increased.


Kiernan liked that. He did not mind being called a bitch. He was so lost in sucking on Matt's cock he di not realize Matt was cumming. Thankfully he was able to miraculously begin swallowing even with Matt to the hilt.


Kiernan pulled off slightly in order to get more of the salty sweetness. He continued to suck. He realized he could probably go a second time. Matt was not going soft. He was still hard. Kiernan pulled off. He leaned back and quickly brought himself to orgasm Matt watching him and smiling. He sat on the floor when he was done. As he looked up at matt, both of them smiled.

"Shit dude you took all my cock in."

"Honestly thought I would not be able to."

"No shit? Most Chicks can't handle sucking me. Hell most girl cannot even take me in their pussy."

"Now I wonder why that is?"

Both boys smiled. Kiernan was surprised that Matt was still hard. He reached up and gave it a quick tug.

"Wow you are still hard."

"Yeah man, when I get hard it takes a couple hours for me to go soft again, can be a real bitch sometimes."

"Shit. No kidding?"

Matt nodded.

"So what are we gonna do about it?" He asked.

"Well I can think of a few things." Kiernan replied.

"Like what?"

Kiernan got up and got the lube. Matt grinned from ear to ear.

"You want me to try fucking you?"

"Well it's either that or I fuck you."

"No way dude exit only for me. I just suck cock and do the fucking."

"Well it's settled then."

Kiernan handed the lube to Matt. He got on the bed with his ass in the air. He grabbed a pillow o bite down on. He knew it was gonna hurt like a bitch. He looked back as he felt Matt lube him up.

"When you start going in man, don't stop." He told him.

Matt nodded as he lubed his cock up. A little extra for insurance sake went on it. He lined his cock up and began to push in. Kiernan bit down hard on the pillow as he felt the knob pass his sphincter. Then more and more of Matt was filling his fuck hole. Then as Matt got more in he slammed home. Kiernan felt a searing pain, but it also got him hard. Matt began pulling out and then slamming back in. Kiernan was sure he was gonna bite a chunk out of the pillow. Matt continued plowing his ass. It took longer for Kiernan to become accustomed to the anal invasion but eventually he was getting into it.


Matt did not need the incentive. He was plowing Kiernan hard and fast. Kiernan spurted all over the bed. He unconsciously was bitching that he would need to wash them again. He began to moan. Shit he never felt anything like this before.


The harder Matt slammed him the more aroused he got. He was amazed when he spurted again all over the bed.


Matt lost control as Kiernan tighten his sphincter muscle slightly. His cock erupted filling Kiernan's anal tube, and leaking out the sides for lack of anywhere to go. He continued to pump until he was empty. He pulled out and watched as more of his cum leaked out. Kiernan clenched his ass shut. Mat looked on in amazement.

"Dude you got some balls taking my cock they way you did." He commented.

"Shit dude it felt fucking awesome up there." Kiernan replied as he rolled over.

Kiernan figured that was the end of it. Matt was shaking his head.

"You are the first person I ever fucked." He stated.

"Are you for real?" Kiernan replied.

"Yeah man, the chick and guys I have hooked up with usually just end up giving me a hand job. They say I am too big."

"That is lame."

"I know, I appreciate you letting me do this. Wish there was some way I could repay you."

"You did. You sucked me off already."

Matt looked down at him. Kiernan saw something but could not put a handle on it.

"You wanna fuck me?"

"I thought you did not go that way?"

"Truth be told, I have wondered what it would be like, and I guess it could be a way to repay you."

"Only and only if you are really sure about that's what you want."

He could tell Matt was thinking about it. He slowly nodded.

"Yeah I think so man. Yeah I want you to fuck me."

"Alright, I can stop if you say so."

Matt nodded and switched places with Kiernan. Kiernan grabbed the lube and worked it into Matt's hole. Instinctively Matt clenched his sphincter.

"Dude you gotta relax for this to work." Kiernan said.

Matt nodded and let his muscle relax. Matt got a generous amount worked in and then on his cock.

"Now remember to relax man."

Matt nodded and grabbed the pillow. Kiernan began pushing his cock in. The boy was tight. He met resistance, and soon his cockhead plopped in. Matt cringed but did not say anything, so Kiernan continued to push in, until all of his cock was inside.

"You okay?" He asked Matt.

Matt nodded. Kiernan slowly pulled out and the pushed back in. Matt's body began to relax, and Kiernan felt his sphincter relax. He pulled out again and then drove back in getting a bit quicker with each inward thrust. Matt was moaning. He was enjoying it.

"AHH...MAN...SHIT...I Have never felt anything like this before." He stated.

"Feels good?" Kiernan asked in reply.

"Fuck yeah...the best man.!!"

Kiernan began going faster. Each time he drove in his balls slapped against Matt. Matt repositioned slightly and was now moving his hip back against Kiernan every time he drove in. They were working in tandem. Matt began stroking his cock. He was in pure heaven.

"FUCK!! THIS IS TH SHIT!!" He screamed.

He shot a load, adding to the already mess that was there. Kiernan was now getting close.

"Dude...AHH...gonna cum!!"


Kiernan gave one more inward thrust and emptied his milk into Matt's anal tube. He pumped in and out til he went soft. He pulled out. Matt rolled over and smiled.

"Wow I did not think it could be that good."

"Dude I enjoy it."

"That's wicked."

Kiernan and Matt cleaned up the mess before hopping in the shower and washing off. Matt was slowly beginning to go soft. After the shower they sat on Kiernan's bed getting dressed.

"You know, if you ever wanna fuck me again, I would gladly let you." Matt said.

"Same for you man."

They talked a bit more and Kiernan filled Matt in on how he finally realized he was gay.

"That's cool. I don't think I could strictly go to guys, I like pussy too much." He said with a chuckle.

Kiernan laughed as well.

"Well I hate to fuck and run man, but mom is gonna be home soon, and she has some stuff for me to do." Matt said as he stood to go.

"Hey no worries man, and remember if you wanna fuck me again give me a call." Kiernan replied.

"Definitely gonna take you up on that offer, and for same offer for you man."

Matt turned back and kissed Kiernan. Kiernan walked downstairs and let him out.

"Talk to you soon man." He said as Matt bolted down the driveway.

Kiernan watched until Matt disappeared around the corner. He went back inside and up to his room. Grabbing the sheets off the floor he threw them in the wash. He wondered what his mom would think about him constantly washing them. He chuckled as he finished cleaning up. His ass was a slight bit tender but it had been satisfied for the time being. Grabbing his back pack, he got what little home work he had, and set about finishing it. His mind wandered back to Matt's massive cock and to the weekend that was coming up. He was truly happy.

The End