By Angyl

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The weekend quickly approached, well not so quickly enough for Kiernan. All week he had been thinking about the fun he was gonna have with Andy and Bobby. Sure he had been with Matt, but it was not as satisfying as it would be with his two friends. Oh don't think he did not totally enjoy Matt's massive cock in his ass, he just knew it would be more fun with Andy and Bobby.


Kiernan was so eager he was up at 6am. He knew both Andy and Bobby were already up. He decided not to rush too much. Their parents were not gonna be leaving until ten am or about there. He jumped in the shower and had a slow wank, thinking about the two boys. As his hand stroked his cock, he reached around with the other one and played with his hole. Slowly he began pushing his finger in and out. He liked this, it felt really nice. His cock was harder than he had ever known. His breath came in short bursts as he shot his load all over the floor of the shower. He finished shower and got dress. He decided to go commando so he would be able to just drop and go.

He finally left the house around 9 am. He was at their place in ten minutes. Their parents had apparently already left, he definitely like this idea. It would give them more time for fun. He headed upstairs to find Andy and Bobby already naked and waiting. Without even saying hi he stripped down and joined them in bed. He crawled in between Andy and Bobby. Of course Bobby wasted no time in taking his cock in his mouth. Andy got a big smirk on his face.

"He's a good little cock sucker ain't he?" He stated.

"You let him suck you off?" Kiernan asked.

"Not at first but he was persistent, so every night I let him suck me off."

"Wow, wrong on so many levels, but it is really turning me on."

They laughed and watched as Bobby was sucking Kiernan off. Then he stopped and Kiernan's eye went wide as he moved over and swallowed his brother's cock. Kiernan was amazed. Bobby had moved and his ass was now right in Kiernan's face. He reached out and spread the cute bubble butt before him. He saw Bobby's hot little pucker winking back at him. He wanted to try something he had read on the internet. He leaned in and ran his tongued around Bobby's pucker. Bobby made a moaning sound as he did this. Kiernan actually liked it. Andy was shocked and excited at the same time.

"Holy shit!! You are eating his ass man!! How does it taste?"

"It is good actually." Kiernan replied.

He went right back into rimming Bobby. He swirled his tongue around and then in his hot pucker. Bobby moaned and almost lost the cock in his mouth when Kiernan inserted a finger. Andy was so turned on he filled his brother's mouth. Bobby swallowed as fast as he could. Then stayed in the same position, and allowed Kiernan to eat his boy Pussy. Kiernan's own cock was twitch, and Andy moved and took it in his mouth. Kiernan did not stop what he was doing. He worked another finger into Bobby's hole. He wanted him loose for a good fucking. He wondered what it would be like to watch Andy fuck his younger brother. It was kind of weird to even think that, but Kiernan thought it would be hot. He wondered if he should suggest it. Andy was really working his cock now. Bobby had reached down and started stroking his own meat. The scene was some fucking hot. As if on cue both Kiernan and Bobby shot their load. Kiernan filled Andy's mouth as he eagerly swallowed he nectar. Bobby shot his load all over the bed. Bobby collapsed next to Kiernan.

"Shit that was fun." He said.

Andy and Kiernan nodded in agreement. The boys lay there catching their breath.

"It would be hot to see you fuck Bobby." Kiernan blurt out.

"Done that already, but could go for it again."

Like a tornado Bobby had already assumed the position. Andy got behind him, and seeing as he had already been lubed p by Kiernan, he just drove his cock inside the boy. I moved and allowed Bobby to take my cock back in his mouth. He had both holes filled now. All three were in heaven. Andy slammed into his brother, and this made him go down on Kiernan, then as Andy pulled out he would pull Bobby back. Literally bobby had to do no work. Andy was actually doing all the work for him. Kiernan let out a satisfying moan as he filled Bobby's mouth. Andy was panting, and Both Bobby and Kiernan knew that meant he was close.

"Here it comes!!" Andy said as he filled his brother.

Andy and Bobby collapsed on Kiernan. The boys were now really wiped out. They shifted around and curled up together, and falling asleep shortly after.

Early evening brought Kiernan awake ah he felt a cock in his ass. His own cock was in an ass as well. He opened his eyes and found Andy in front of him, and Bobby had to be behind him. He lay there as Bobby began thrusting into hi, which made him thrust into Andy. Andy would push back as he was thrust in. Kiernan reached around and began to stroke him, so he would not be left out of cumming. Bobby was thrusting hard and fast. All three were letting out quiet moans. This was definitely a great way to be woken up. Getting fucked and fucking someone while you gave t=him a hand job. It sure did not take long for the boys to shoot another load. First bobby shot, followed shortly thereafter by Kiernan and finally Andy shot his load. The boys just stayed in the same position for a while.

"Now this is the best way to wake up." Kiernan said as they lie there.

"Yeppers." Both Bobby and Andy replied.

The three boys really did not do much after that. They stayed naked for the whole night. By morning they were all feeling sticky and gross, so they had a shower together. Kiernan had to get home so he bid farewell as Bobby took his brother in his mouth. As bad as he wanted to stay, he promised his mom he would be home. He knew they would do it again. They had decided the night before that every weekend they could be alone together, they would. Kiernan left with a smile on his face and a raging hard on.

The End