Daring Dannee

By Angyl

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Kiernan was starting to notice guys more. He would look at guys and decide whether or not they were hot and shit like that. If he could catch a glimpse at the crotch he would wonder how big the guys were. He would pop a wood every time.


It was at school that Kiernan first heard about Daring Dannee. He had just transferred to the school. Kiernan heard several girls talking about him. He was really intrigued and had to see for himself. Eventually he got his chance when he was sitting in the lunch room, and some girls near him started chattering about him.


"Oh my there he is." One girl said.


"Wow you weren't kidding, he is a hot one." Another girl replied.


The girls were all giggly and annoying. Kiernan looked up to see who they were talking about. He saw a really cute kid walking up to the food counter and getting food. Kiernan watched as he looked for a spot to sit. He hoped he would come over and sit with him. He was the only one at his table. He saw he look in his direction, and then he start over. Kiernan was almost drooling. He felt disappointed when Dannee stopped. Disappointment turned to glee, as he finally came over.


"Man mind if I sit with you there is nowhere else to sit."


"Sure pull up a stump."


"I'm Dannee by the way."


"Nice to meet you Dannee, I am Kiernan."


"Wicked name man."




They girls at a nearby table were almost chomping at the bit. Kiernan could really see why now that Dannee was sitting at his table. He got a chance to check him out. He was really cute. Kiernan guessed his age to be about 15 or 16. He had blue eyes, brown hair and the sweetest smile. To top it off the boy had such a baby face. Kiernan was getting hard.


If Dannee saw that he was getting checked out by him, he never let on. He was busy eating, and getting annoyed with the girls behind him. Finally Dannee got pissed and pushed his food away.


"Fuck I cannot even eat without people giggly and shit."


Dannee turned right around and glared at the girls.


"Would you bitches mind shutting the fuck up, dome people would like to eat in quiet."


"Well excuse us!!" One girl retorted.


Dannee turned back as Kiernan laughed.


"You put them in their place." He said.


"I can only take so much, it is so annoying." Dannee replied.


Dannee looked down at his tray and pushed it away. He was no longer in the mood for the shit they were serving.


"Fuck can't even go to the mall and get a decent meal. This stuff is shit." He said.


"Yeah it is not the best. I usually go home." Kiernan replied.


"I would but no one's home and I forgot my key."


Kiernan got an idea but he was not sure if it would work.


"Well I am not too far from here. I am sure we could find something more food like that this." He suggested.


"Sound good to me. Better than having to listen to whiny bitches all lunch."


That went better that expected. Kiernan got up and Dannee followed him. They left the school and within minutes arrived at his house.


"Dude I just live down the block." Dannee said when they arrived.


"Cool man." Kiernan replied.


Kiernan opened the door and moved to let Dannee in. If things went as planned he might get this boy. He did not even know if he was straight or gay, or even bi. Dannee followed him into the kitchen. He made hamburgers and fries for them. After they ate they went up to Kiernan's room to relax. Kiernan sat on the bed and Dannee took the chair.


"So why does everyone call you Daring Dannee?" Kiernan asked.


"Long story man, but I tend to do some real crazy shit, and if dared will do almost anything." Dannee replied.


Kiernan laughed at that. This kid was kind of cool. They sat and chilled. Neither really felt like going back to school for the afternoon. So they just hung out.


"I am gay." Dannee said out of the blue.


"What?" Kiernan asked, not sure if he heard right.


"I am gay man, I saw you checking me out in the cafeteria."


Kiernan blushed. Dannee stood up and dropped his pants. The boy was commando so his cock just popped out, already hard. Kiernan saw that his cock was uncut. It was the first time he had seen and uncut cock; except for in the porn he liked to look at. It looked about the same size as his, but thicker around. He moved and knelt down in front of Dannee. Taking his cock in had he gently pulled the skin back and sucked on the knob. Dannee shuddered.


"Shit dude that is so sensitive there, fuck it feels good."


Kiernan began to take his entire cock in his mouth. He felt Dannee shudder yet again as he had him all in his mouth and began bobbing up and down on his cock. He would pull the skin back when he reached the tip. He would suck and lick the sensitive knob, before going back down.


"MMM..YEAH...SUCK MY COCK!!" Dannee Moaned.


Kiernan kept going. He wanted to taste this boy. Taste his sweet nectar. Judging from the intensity of Dannee's moans he was not going to have to wait too much longer.


"OH MAN...I AM GONNA SHOOT!!" Dannee Moaned.


Kiernan took him to the hilt just as Dannee emptied his load. Kiernan swallowed every drop of the sweet nectar. He kept sucking, until he was sure he got every drop. He looked up as he let Dannee's cock fall from his mouth. He looked like he was spent.


"Dude, that was so totally awesome!! No one has sucked me like that before!!" Chris stated.


He sat on the bed. Kiernan joined him after shucking his own pants. Dannee looked down at his cock and whistled.


"Dude that is some cock you got there. You need to fuck me with that!!"


Kiernan liked that Dannee was so forward. He got the lube from its place and came back. Dannee was on the bed with his legs in the air. Kier looked at his fuck hole. It looked nice and ripe for the plucking. Kiernan lube the boy up and drove his cock home. Dannee let out a yelp as Kiernan buried his cock inside him.


"Shit dude you are bigger than my ex..AHH...fuck don't...AHH...stop now!"


Kiernan found the boy was tight, but not at the same time. As he rammed him, he leaned down and kissed him. Dannee returned the kiss. Kiernan moved so he could plow this boy. He was gonna plant his seed in him. Dannee grabbed the headboard as Kiernan drove his cock home.


"FUCK MY ASS!!" He screamed.


Kiernan was really going now. He plowed into Dannee's hole with an animal frenzy. His cock swelled and he blasted right into Dannee's anal canal. He kept pumping until his cock was emptied and soft. He let it slip out, and then go on his knees and ate his cum right out of his hole. Dannee was panting on the bed and trying not to squirm as Kiernan worked his tongue inside his fuck hole.




Dannee blasted of another load. He was definitely spent. Kiernan came up and kissed his. Dannee cum mixing with spit. After breaking the kiss he sat on the bed. Dannee was still unable to really move. He looked up at Kiernan and smiled.


"Damn son...that was kick ass."


"Glad you liked it."


Kiernan reached down and took a swipe of Dannee's cum off his stomach and ate it. Dannee sat up and glanced at his watch.


"Shit dude mom's gonna kill me if she finds out I missed school. I gotta get home." He said.


Kiernan helped him gather his clothes and ushered him out the door. He went back up to his room and sat at his laptop. He was intent on going online, but then he looked and realized he had to clean up. His mind wandered to Dannee and he hoped to get with him again soon. He finished cleaning just as his mom got home.


Things were going to change for Kiernan over the next few weeks. He did not know these chances but they were coming.


The End