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Kiernan ended up stayed home the following day to help his parent's get the spare room clean. A friend from his dad's high school was coming to visit them, and bringing his 16 year old son. Kiernan was going to have to share his room. A cot was set up in there. Kiernan did not really care as he explained o his mom.

"Mom you remember I am spending Saturday night at Andy's right?" He asked as they were cleaning.

"Yes honey I know. Rick and his son are going to be here for a week. I am sure one day will not be disastrous." She replied.

Kiernan loved his parents. He would do anything for them. He hugged his mom. She smiled and shook her head. Then she stopped and sat down. She had a serious look on her face. Kiernan knew that look all too well. He sat down next to her.

"Sweetie there is something you need to know about Rick's son." She said.

"What's that mom?" He replied.

"Well they are actually moving up here because of him. You see he is gay and well, was being bullied at his other school."

"That blows. No worries mom he will be safe here."

"I know that's why we suggested they move here. Rick will go back after a week to finish moving and Dillon will take over the spare room for now."

"That's cool mom."

Kiernan sat and thought about it for a minute.

"So you have no issues with Dillon being gay?" He asked.

"Not at all honey and neither does your father." She replied.

Kiernan decided it was time to take a risk. He looked at his mom.

"I need to tell you something mom."

"What is that?"


"Honey I already figured that out. I am a mother you know."

"You and dad are okay with me being gay."

"Well we were hoping for grand kids one day, but yes we are, as long as you are happy, and you play safe."

"No wonder I love you two so much mom."

He jumped up and gave her a big hug. She shooed him back to work. Dad had listened the whole time, an came into the room, and gave his son a hug. Kiernan hugged him back. Then it was back to cleaning.



It took most of the day to get everything set up. Evening rolled around and Kiernan heard a car pull into the driveway. He looked out his window. He bolted down the stairs. He was eager to meet Dillon.

"Now remember Dillon has been through a lot in the last little while and needs a friend." His mom said.

"I know mom, he will have a good friend or more." Kiernan replied.

His dad opened the door and help Rick bring the stuff in. Pleasantries were exchanged. Dillon was hiding behind his dad. He looked scared. Kiernan looked at him. He was cute. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like Bobby. He was so small probably weighed 110 lbs, if even that. Kiernan saw why the boy was so easily picked on. Kiernan felt for him. He took the upper hand.

"Hi I am Kiernan you are gonna share my room for a bit."

"Dillon." He replied quietly.

"Come on I'll show you to our room."

Dillon seemed reluctant to leave his dad side, but soon he followed Kiernan up to the room. He sat down on the cot and looked at the floor. Kiernan did not know what to do. He had to do something though.

"Look I know all about what happened at your old school. Mom told me."

"So you hate me too because I am a fag?"

"No way man, I would totally not do something like that."

There was a slight glimmer in Dillon's eyes. He was fidgeting. Kiernan notice he was wear a long sleeve shirt, but he could also see scars. He knew what that meant.

"You cut don't you?"


This was going nowhere fast. Kiernan sat beside Dillon and out his arm around him. He felt Dillon cringe.

"Look I am not going to hurt you, I promise."

It seems like that comment opened up a flood gate. Dillon began to cry. He grabbed Kiernan and held him. Kiernan did not let go. His parents and Rick came to the door and looked in to find Dillon crying and holding him. They left the two alone. Kiernan just held him and let him cry. Eventually he gained some control, but did not let go of Kiernan.

"It was horrible, I wanted to die." Dillon said.

Slowly he told Kiernan everything. He told him about the name calling and about getting beaten up a lot. Life had been hard. Kierana had tears in his eyes by the time he was finished. He wiped them away and looked Dillon in the eye.

"You won't have to worry about that here. You are gonna meet a lot of cool people, and they will look out for you."

"Dad said it was going to be better here, I am just so scared."

"Hey man I am here for you whenever you need a friend to talk to."

He felt Dillon relax. He dad popped his head inside to see if everything was okay. He was amazed to see his on relaxed. He smiled and left again. Dillon was glued to Kiernan and was not going to let go. They sat that was for some time. Dillon talked more and more.

"The cutting made everything go away. I know it is so bad, but it made me feel better." He said.

"Did you have any friends that you trusted?" Kiernan asked.

"Not really, I was kind of a loner."

Kiernan was getting thirsty. He figured Dillon must be to.

"I need a drink. Would you like something as well?"


Dillon made no move to let go.

"You need to let go for a minute. I won't be gone long."

"Sorry." Dillon said with a giggle.

He let go and Kiernan went down to the kitchen. He grabbed two Pepsi, and turned to go. He almost walked right into Rick.

"Whoa, I'm sorry about that." He said.

"It's alright. It's Kiernan right?"

"Yes sir."

"HAHA Call me Rick. I wanted to thank you."

"Thank me for what?"

"Well you got Dillon to open up. I could not do that."

"Well all he needed was a friend he could trust."

"I suppose you're right. He must really trust you."

"I hope so."

"Me too. Thanks again for looking out for him; he is so fragile right now."

"Rick I am gonna try and do everything I can for him."

Rick gave Kiernan a hug, and let him head upstairs. He found Dillon looking at some of his DVD's.

"Hey sorry it took so long."

"It's okay."

Kiernan handed him a Pepsi. They sat and chatted. Kiernan showed him stuff on the computer. Just basically being a friend. Dillon was smiling and joking around. Kiernan only hoped it was genuine.

It was around midnight when the two of them finally tucked in for the night. Kiernan lay there thinking about Dillon. He was angry for the people who hate hurt him. He lookd at the clock, it was almost three am. He heard movement and then crying. He listened and then he heard a whispered voice.

"You said you loved me!! Why did you do this to me??"

Dillon was having a really bad dream. Kiernan got out of bed and went to check on him. When he did not find him he turned on the desk lamp. He found Dillon curled up in a ball in the corner.

"Oh man." He said.

He tried waking him but when he did Dillon receded further into the corner.

"Go away!!" He whispered.

Kiernan stood there for a minute. The poor guy was trembling badly. He kneeled down and ever so gently picked him up. It was easy to do, the boy was so light. He decided to put him in bed with him. He carried him over and put him in, crawling in behind him. Pulling him close he held him. Dillon turned and was crying. Kiernan held him tighter.

"I am sorry I am gay!!" Dillon screamed.

His sobs were uncontrollable. Kiernan held him and let him cry. He heard his door open and him mom and Rick come in. Both came in and sat on the bed.

"He was having a nightmare. I found him curled up in the corner."

Rick tried to take Dillon, but he would not let go of Kiernan. Kiernan was comforting him as best he could. His mom had tears in her eye. Rick sat next to them on the bed. Dillon finally stopped crying. He would not let go of Kiernan.

"It's alright, I am not going anywhere." Kiernan said quietly.

He rubbed Dillon's back, like his mom used to when he was upset. It seemed to work. Dillon grip relaxed a bit. He look up at Kiernan and the to his dad.

"I am sorry." He said.

"What are you sorry for?" Kiernan asked.

"For all the trouble I am causing." Dillon replied.

"You are causing not trouble dude." Kiernan reassured him.

Once everything was back to normal Rick kissed his son on the head, and went back over to his room. Kiernan's mom stayed for a few minutes more.

"I think it best he stays in your bed, might be better for him. I am gonna call your school in the morning and tell then you will be away for a week too." She said.

"Thanks mom."

She hugged him, and left closing the door behind her. Dillon was snuggling into Kiernan and looked like he had fallen asleep. Kiernan just watched him. He looked so innocent. He kissed the top of his head. He closed his eyes.

"What am I getting into? I hope I can help him." He whispered.

Kiernan awoke around noon the next day. Dillon was still snuggled up to him. Kiernan was painfully aware that his arm was asleep, and he was also painfully aware he had to piss. Every so gently he lifted Dillon and moved him. Dillon moaned but did not wake up. Kiernan quietly got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. When he came back Dillon was beginning to wake up. Kiernan sat on the bed and smiled.

"Good afternoon sleepy head."


Dillon crawled over on the bed. He had a puzzled look on his face.

" did I end up in your bed?"

"You do not remember last night?"


Kiernan filed him in. He was ready in case Dillon broke down again. Dillon just looked at him.

"How come you did that for me? No one else has ever done that for me."

"I did it because it's what you needed. I told you I was gonna be here for you."


Dillon turned and hugged him. He gave him a kiss on the cheek. Kiernan gave him one back.

"Thanks." Dillon said.

"You are most welcome."

Kiernan was starving and he was pretty sure Dillon was to.

"Come on lets go find some food, I am starved."

"Okay, but I gotta pee first."

Kiernan pointed to the bathroom. He grabbed some clothes and got dressed. Dillon came out and he waited for him to get dressed. Dillon saw a shirt on the stand. He looked at Kiernan.

"Can I wear this?"

"Yeah go for it."

It was a bit big on Dillon but he was happy to wear it. They came down and found Rick in the kitchen.

"Well good day sleepy heads." He said.

"Hey." Both boys replied.

Dillon came around the table and hugged his dad. His dad pulled him into a big bear hug. His son had not hugged him in a long time.

"I love you son." He said.

"I love you to daddy." Dillon replied.

Kiernan was sure he saw tears in Rick's eyes. He went about fixing some food for Dillon and him. Then he turned.

"You want anything Rick?"

"No I already ate."

Kiernan brought some sandwiches to the table. Dillon tore into them as if he had not eaten in ages. Kiernan smiled. He got up from the table.

"I got to send off an email, I will be right back down okay?"

"Okay." Both Dillon and his dad said.

Kiernan could not believe what he was about to do as he sat in front of his computer. He had decided to go back over to their place and have some more fun, but this situation was need more than the fun part. He sent an email to Andy and Bobby. He did not go into great detail, but he let them know the situation and that he did not think it wise to leave Dillon without someone he could talk to. He was cancelling the plans for the weekend so he could be there for Dillon. He hit send. As he turned around he found Dillon standing there. He had tears in his eyes.

"You did not have to do that for me." He said.

"I know but I wanted to." Kiernan replied.

Dillon came over and hugged him. Kiernan hugged back. He admitted he really liked Dillon, in more ways than one, but he was not going to go there right now. He just needed to be there.

They went to the mall and spent the afternoon shopping. Dillon found some new clothes that he liked. He bought just about everything he saw. It was almost dinner time when they got back home. Kiernan found his mom in the kitchen.

"Hi Mom, we're back." He said.

"Hey honey, did you have a good time?"

"Yeah Dillon bought a bunch of stuff."

"That's good. Andy called by the way. He said he would pop by after dinner."


Kiernan sat at the table. Dillon was up in their room but now showing all the stuff he bought to Rick. Kiernan's mom came and sat with him.

"Have you told Dillon anything yet?" She asked.

"No I am not sure if I should or I should wait. I do not want to scare or hurt him mom." Kiernan replied.

"Well I think you should, but do it when the time is right."

"Okay mom. I am gonna go see what is happening upstairs."

"Alright honey. Supper should be ready in half an hour."

"Okay. I love you mom."

He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and ran up the stairs. Arriving at his room, he stopped as he heard them talking. He turned to leave but Rick saw him and motioned him to come in. It was then that he noticed Dillon wearing a short sleeved shirt. You could really see the scars now. He felt a lump in his throat. He moved and sat on the bed. Dillon without word moved next to him. Rick smiled.

"I was just talking to Dillon about his arms." Rick said.

"I never really saw them til now, I saw a bit of it, but not all of it.." I replied.

"Well I was not even aware what he was doing, but then I guess I was not really paying close enough attention."

"Dad I am really sorry for what I put you through. I tried talking to you, but I did not have the words." Dillon said.

Without thinking Dillon had again latched himself on to Kiernan. Kiernan made no effort to stop him. If this is how he felt safe the Kiernan would let him. Dillon had tears in his eyes. Rick moved and sat on the other side of his son.

"Dillon I may not be the best father, but you should know that no matter how hard it is to talk about things, I am always there for you."

"I know dad, but I am never good with words."

He let go of Kiernan and hugged his dad. They chatted for a bit before Kiernan announced that dinner was probably ready. The three of them head down to the dining room, and joined Kiernan's parents at the table. Dillon was quiet but really pigging out. Kiernan's mom saw his arms but did not say anything. She was only happy he was eating so well. After dinner Kiernan and Dillon cleaned up, and then we up to their room.

"Dillon my friend Andy said he was gonna stop by tonight, are you okay with that?"

"Yeah I think so."

Kiernan could tell he was scared, but a comforting arm got him to relax a bit. True to his word Andy showed up half an hour later. He came in to the room.

"You were almost late man." Kiernan joked.

"I was not." He replied with a snicker.

He looked at Dillon, who had receded even closer to Kiernan. He was trying to hide behind him. Andy sat down.

"Andy this is Dillon. Dillon this is my best friend Andy."

"Hi Dillon nice to meet you." Andy said.

"Hi." Dillon whispered back.

Andy moved and sat down next to Dillon. Dillon moved even closer to Kiernan. Andy looked at Kiernan and then down at Dillon. He slowly put his arm around Dillon. Dillon looked panicked.

"Hey man it is okay, I am not gonna hurt you."

Dillon was still scared.

"Look Andy is a great guy, he would not harm anyone." Kiernan said.

Dillon made no move. Finally Andy decided he should go.

"Maybe I should go; I do not want him getting freaked out by me."

"I guess so, I was hoping for better, but we need to give him time." Kiernan replied.

Andy got up to leave. Dillon looked up at him.

"No don't go please?"

Andy sat back down and put his arm back around Dillon. This time he did not shrink away, but he did not let go of Kiernan.

"Dillon Andy knows about what you went through, well most of it, and like me I know he is gonna be there if you need him." Kiernan said.

"Yeah he is right man. I will be there anytime. Never think otherwise okay?"


There was silence for a bit. Dillon slowly released his grip on Kiernan, but he was not going to be letting go. Subconsciously he took Kiernan's hand in his own. Kiernan held it. They began to talk and once again Dillon told his story. When he was done, Andy looked at him.

"Wow that is really harsh." He said.

"I tried to hide thing though, and I think that was wrong." Dillon sighed.

"You should never have to hide anything. You have people here that care, and will listen when you need to talk." Kiernan stated.

Andy stayed for a while longer before having to leave. He really did not want to go, but he did have school in the morning.

"Well I suppose, I have school in the morning." He said.

"Okay man, have a good one tomorrow." Kiernan replied.

Before leaving Andy gave both Dillon and Kiernan a hug. He promised to try and stop by before the weekend. He was out the door and gone. It was then that Kiernan realized he was still holding Dillon's hand. He gave it a squeeze.

"Well I think we should try and get some sleep to." He said.

Dillon looked at the cot and then at the bed. He was gonna say something, but stopped. Kiernan caught on.

"Hey you do not need o sleep in the cot, I have lots of room."

Dillon smiled. He stripped down to his boxers and crawled in bed. Kiernan went into the bathroom, relieved himself, and then crawled in bed with Dillon. Dillon immediately snuggled up to him. He looked up at Kiernan.

"Does it bother you to have a gay kid snuggling up to you?" He asked.

"Not really, we can talk about that later okay?"


Soon Dillon was falling asleep. Kiernan held him. For some odd reason it felt right to him. Was he falling for this boy? It was entirely possible. Hell both of them were gay. He fell asleep thinking about it. Time would tell what the circumstances would bring.

The End


Dillon Part 2

The week passed by quickly for Kiernan. He and Dillon were literally inseparable. Dillon was beginning to open up more, and he would talk at length about his life, and how it had changed. Kiernan had yet to tell him he was gay. He knew he would eventually have to, but how was Dillon going to react? The last thing Kiernan wanted to do was hurt him. It was becoming harder to not say anything, because Dillon had been sleeping in his bed, and not on the cot. Eventually the cot was just taken out of the room.

When the week was over and Dillon's dad left, he became quiet. Kiernan saw this and talked to him. Unlike before, Dillon actually opened up about it.

"I already miss him." He said.

"He is going to be back in two weeks." Kiernan said.

"I know, it's just that..."


"I guess it is dumb but part of me thinks he is gonna take off and leave me."

"He is not gonna do that Dillon, he loves you way too much."

"I know that, I am just being silly. I guess."

"Well is not being silly, just overacting to the situation."

They had been in his room for most of the afternoon. Kiernan had been getting his homework caught up. He was going back to school on Monday and Dillon would be starting too. His parents informed him that principal was aware of Dillon's situation, and was going to ensure nothing like that would happen in her school.

"I am kinda scared about School." Dillon said.

"Hey I am gonna be there and so is Andy, you have nothing to be scared of." Kiernan told him.

"I know."

Andy was true to his word about coming over as often as he could. He and Dillon had become great friends. Bobby seemed to get along well with him as well. Kiernan was happy that everyone was getting along.

The weekend was almost over. Kiernan had been driving himself nuts over his feelings for Dillon. He still had not told him anything, but he knew if he wanted to keep his sanity he was going to have to do it soon. It was Saturday evening. Kiernan was sitting at the computer checking and answering emails. Dillon was down in the living room taking on the phone with his dad. He came back to the room, and he sat on the bed. He was a bit down. Kiernan turned off the computer and looked at him.

"Hey what's wrong?" He asked.

"Dad is staying an extra week." Dillon said.

Kiernan moved and sat down next to him. Dillon was obviously shaken about it. Kiernan took him in his arms and held him. Dillon did not really cry. He just held onto Kiernan.

"Kiernan I need to tell you something, but you gotta promise not to get upset?" He asked.

"You know you can tell me anything Dillon." He replied.

"Well...umm...I think I am falling in love with someone."

Kiernan felt his heart drop, but he did his best not to let it show.

"Who are you falling in love with?" He asked.

"You!" Dillon responded after a brief silence.

Now that was a bombshell he had not expected. Dillon looked in his eyes.

"You hate me now!" He said, and tried to run out of the room.

Kiernan was fast and moved before he could.

"Dillon wait, I do not hate you."

"You don't?"

"No it makes what I need to tell you even easier I hope".

Dillon looked at him puzzled.

"Well I am not sure how to start. Dillon I am gay as well."

Dillon's eyes went wide.

"You are?"

"Yeah, I only recently realized that I was."

Kiernan gave him the short version of the story. Dillon listened to every word he said.

"When you came here, more than anything I wanted to be a good friend to you." Kiernan said.

"I know you did." Dillon replied.

"As we got closer and I spent more time with you, I started to realize just how much more than a friend I wanted to be to you."

"How come you never said anything?"

"Well I admit I was scared. I did not want to scare you away. I did not want you to think I was like the jerk back in your old home."

"I would have never thought of you like that."

"I know that now."

Kiernan took Dillon's hand in his. He looked him in the eyes.

"I promise I will never hurt you, and yes I am in love with you too." He said.

Dillon had a single tear run down his face. Kiernan reached up and brushed it away.

"Why are you crying?"

"I am crying because I am happen. For once I am happy, and I know everything is gonna be fine."

He leaned in and kissed Kiernan on the lips. Kiernan responded and they kissed for a long time. It was interrupted by an knock at the door. They broke the kiss. Neither of them made a move to separate.

"Come in." Kiernan said.

His mom opened the door and came in. She saw they were holding hands.

"I just wanted to see if everything was alright, and judging from what I see it is." She said with a smile.

"Aww mom, don't embarrass me like that." Kiernan replied with a chuckle.

She smiled at the two. She turned to leave and then turned back, a devilish look in her eye.

"Now you to keep it down, if you are going to do anything, we do not need to hear it." She said and laughed.

She was out the door and laughing before Kiernan could do anything. Kiernan turned to Dillon to find him blushing. Kiernan pulled him to him. He kissed him lightly on the lips. He broke the kiss and looked Dillon in the eyes.

"Well I guess we are boyfriends now, if that is what you want." He said.

"Yeah it is." Dillon replied.

Kiernan moved his hand down and placed in on Dillon's crotch. He could feel Dillon was hard. He was hard too. Dillon was massaging his cock through his jeans.

"I have wanted to do this for a while now." Kiernan said.

He moved off the bed and go between Dillon's legs. He slowly began to undo Dillon's jeans and pull them down. Dillon lifted up and let his pants be pulled down. Both boys wanted this. Kiernan took his cock in his mouth and slowly worked down on it. Dillon let a slight moan.

"OH WOW!!"

Kiernan continued to go up and down on him. Occasionally he would stop and suck on the tip but then he would take it all in his mouth. He continued to make Dillon moan. Dillon was going to be able to hold out much longer. His cock started to twitch.


Kiernan took him to the hilt, just as he shot his load. Kiernan eagerly swallowed every drop. He continued to milk Dillon until he had gone soft.

"OH WOW! THAT WAS HOT!" Dillon cried.

Kiernan moved and sat next to Dillon. Dillon was eager to return the favor for him. They were just about to go for it when Kiernan heard his mom yelling for them to come downstairs.

"DAMMIT!!" HE stated.

"We can continue tonight if you want." Dillon said.

That was a really good idea. The boys got themselves put together, and headed down. Kiernan's parents and Dillon's dad were sitting at the table. Dillon ran for his dad.

"Daddy!!" He screamed.

He jumped into his dads lap. Rick laugh. He was amazed at the change in his son. No longer was he the quiet withdrawn boy.

"Hi Dillon, you seem cheerful."

"I missed you daddy."

"I missed you to so I came back."

"What about our stuff?"

"Everything is being taken care of."

Dillon was puzzled, and so was Kiernan. Rick filled everyone in. He had gotten his brother to finalize everything and he would be sending their stuff at the end of the week. Rick had sold the house the day after going back. Dillon was a bit sad about that. He had grown up there, but he had something better to look forward to now. He moved and sat on Kiernan's lap. No one said anything as they all talked about the move. It was agreed that Rick and Dillon would stay with Kiernan and his family as long as they needed. Dillon did not seem to mind that idea too much. In fact he was elated. S they chatted Dillon put his head on Kiernan's shoulder, and was soon lightly snoring. Kiernan carefully picked him up and took him up to bed. He wanted to go talk more, but he crawled in with Dillon instead. He pulled him to him and wrapped his arms around him. He lay with him. Rick came up to see how they were. He came and kissed his son on the head. Then he gave Kiernan a kiss on the head.

"Thank you so much for what you have done for Dillon." He whispered.

"You are welcome. I love him to bits." Kiernan replied.

Rick turned to go and stopped he turned and smiled.

"You too look so cute together." He said with a tear in his eye.

Kiernan moved so he could lie down. Dillon snuggled tight up to him. He let out a sigh in his sleep. Kiernan kissed the top of his head.

"I love you Dillon. I am glad you are here." He whispered.

"I love you too." Dillon mumbled in his sleep.

Kiernan closed his eye. He was truly happy. Dillon came to him at a time when they both needed it. Although they did not get a chance to have some more fun that night, they definitely got to have some well more than some, usually every night before going to bed. Dillon's group of friends grew. Andy and Bobby were the closest to the two boys. Dillon totally changed. He no longer had the need to cut. He and Kiernan were so close. Even at school, where everyone had thought Kieran was straight, accepted the couple without judgment.

Kiernan and Dillon graduated at the same time. Now they have headed off to college, along with Andy. It will be a new life and a new start for the two of them.

The End


So ends my Kiernan series. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Any comments are welcome. Emails are listed above.

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