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"Kiss Of An Angel 14"

It always excited me to know that Tyler could so easily leave me breathless. My head was spinning, my heart was racing...I was on my tiptoes, trying to maintain some sort of anchor to d that would keep me from floating away from the lush experience of connecting with his soft lips. Every time Tyler kissed me...was the first time Tyler kissed me...all over again.

I keep thinking that I'm going to reach a point where making out with another boy is going to become normal. I keep thinking that this loving embrace is going to turn into something more natural. More 'daily', you know? But it never does. Tyler's mean, he's so, He won't let me relax. I can't. Even with my eyes closed, it's like I can see how beautiful and amazing he is, inside and out, and it freaks me out. Because I feel like I don't deserve it. I feel like I'm going to be suddenly tossed out of this dream world with a bucket of ice cold water or something, and my Tyler is going to be gone forever.


Then he kisses me. And real or whole body goes limp.

There's something about a really meaningful, really deep, kiss that just opens someone's heart up to you. I don't think you really know somebody on an intimate level until you kiss them like this. All of their subtleties, all of their takes courage to truly kiss someone the way Tyler kisses me. I just hope that I'm open to him too.

As our sensual moans and heavy breathing got more intense, I felt my back pressed tight up against his front door. Oh gosh...he was really getting into this, wasn't he? Hehehe, I like having him love me like this. Then, by surprise...Tyler's hands reached around to grip my bottom, and with a quick lift, he actually picked me up off the floor. I was taken by surprise at first, because he did it so easily. Then again, I don't think I weigh very much. I wrapped my legs around his waist to help hold myself up, and he held me against the door, kissing me hard as I threaded my fingers through the silky locks of his feathery blond hair. I was sooooo hard. I started to worry that I was going to make a mess any second without warning. But I couldn't stop. Not now. I wanted to be sexy for him. I wanted to be his favorite boy. And I was. I really was.

Tyler let our lips part for a moment and he smiled at me. I didn't know it at first because I kept my eyes closed. Hehehe, seriously, He was holding me up, and I had my eyes closed for a few seconds...kissing the air with my lips and trying to blindly find him by sticking my tongue out. What happened? Where'd he go? I didn't know what was going on until Tyler started laughing at me.

"What the heck are you doing? Hehehe!" He asked.

It was a little embarrassing, sure. But Tyler's smile had a way of making you feel loved so unconditionally that it disarmed your every social defense. I just giggled and told him, "I wanna kiss some more."

"Hahaha! GOD, you're cute!" He said. See? He thinks I'm cute! I heard him say it out loud. So that's, like...'proof' and stuff. "Come on. Let's get comfortable."

I thought Tyler was going to make me get down and walk to his bedroom...but he didn't. He actually carried me the whole way. Tyler doesn't have any big muscles or anything, but he was strong enough to keep me floating weightlessly in his arms without much struggle at all. I don't know why, but I kinda liked that. It was fun.

Tyler put me down on his bed, and he kneeled to take my shoes off, one by one. Keeping his eye contact with me the entire time. Tyler's expression of his love for me always took me by surprise. He made a real effort to make me I was the only boy in the whole wide world that mattered. His care and tenderness made me feel so innocent. But his craving for me made me feel naughty inside. In a good way. Hehehe, Geez, was it ever a devious combination. I wanted him. I wanted him so bad. Even at times like this, when I actually have him right here in front of me...I still felt like I wasn't getting enough. I was so hopelessly in love. In LOVE, dammit! Hehehe, everything tickles when you feel this way!

He undid the button on my pants and lowered the zipper. This is the part where I start to feel a little shy about things. I mean, it's no big deal. It's not like he hasn't seen it before or anything. But still, whenever it comes to pulling my pants off, I always find myself having to look away. I don't know why. It's just that Tyler gets me so excited and hard and anxious that I always feel a little obscene when he exposes me like that. Because I know he's looking. I can't really hide it. Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I don't have to.

Tyler's soft hands were already stroking me slowly as he used a free hand to lift my shirt up. I decided to help him and pull it over my head as his fingertips lightly tickled my abdomen, making me tighten up a little bit. I saw him smile at me, and I already missed the taste of his lips against mine. I let my hands rest on his shoulders, hoping that he'd take the initiative and slide up here to suck face with me a bit more. Instead, he put his hand on my chest, and applied this really gentle pressure to get me to lay back on the mattress with my legs hanging over the side. Oh God! Oh God, oh God, oh God....ok, we go....

I knew what Tyler was capable of when he was um...'that'...and I always had to prepare myself for it as quickly as I could so I didn't shriek out loud like some cheerleader in a horror movie. I didn't think I was ready just yet, but I felt my legs naturally spread themselves anyway. It was like I had lost all control of myself, and I started out just staring up at Tyler's light fixture on the ceiling. Then...that sopping wet sensation engulfed me half way all at once, his cushioned lips sealing me in...and his the heck does Tyler do that thing with his tongue??? I felt as though the whole world had suddenly drooped out from beneath me. My hands desperately searched for something to hold on, but the only two choices I had was Tyler's soft blond hair and the wrinkled bed sheets I was laying on. Good thing I chose the bed sheets...because I probably would have ripped poor Tyler's hair out at the root if I tried to use that as my coping mechanism.

I squirmed soooo much. I was trying to stay still. I swear I was. But Tyler's mouth was a magic factory of activity. So much going on at once. The sucking, swirling, licking, warm and steamy experience was enough to force my gaze away from the ceiling light as my eyes rolled back in my head. I could even feel my little hole clenching up tight without him even touching it. It felt that good.

After only a minute of that, I started to clutch to the sheets so tightly, whine so loud, and writhe around so violently, that I had to force Tyler to stop before I passed out from the physical strain of trying to keep myself from going totally crazy! I was gonna squirt so HARD! I reached down and yanked on Tyler's shirt to get him to stop. And not without a moment to spare either, because I was already on the very edge. Thank God, Tyler took a few seconds to take his shirt and pants off and stuff, allowing me to scoot my butt back further on the bed. My hole had been flexed so tight for so long that it was starting to ache. I didn't even know something like that was possible.

I whimpered the moment Tyler's naked body crawled up the length of the mattress and he laid on top of me. I swear, my legs would open, and his slender hips would fit between them like he was meant to be there. His hardness and mine, side by side, stimulated by the humping motions he made into my sensual cradle as he kissed me deeply on the lips. Everything about it drove me wild. And just as I got comfortable enough to stop thinking so much and let my body just give in to what was happening between us...Tyler's weight would shift slightly, and he'd roll over onto his back, taking me with him. With me on top, Tyler's hands were free to slide gracefully up and down my back and shoulders. It tickled, mostly because of the subtle goosebumps that his affection had inspired on the surface of my skin. It took some time to get used to this new feeling. My whole body was buzzing and tingling and feeling super awesome...and I finally started to get used to it...then Tyler rolled me over, and I was on my back again. But our lips never parted. I was surprised that I was able to breathe at all.

I don't know how long this went on for. Tyler on top, me on top, then Tyler again...I couldn't tell which one I liked better. Having his weight push me down and experiencing the feel of his hips rolling and grinding into me from above? Or the feeling of his tender palms stimulate my every nerve ending by running, slowly, up and down my backside, occasionally moving down lower to grip my butt and knead them with his fingers before moving back up again. Tyler never went too far, or too fast. As always, my sweetie was a total gentleman. Not that he needed to be. Not today.

My heart was beating so hard that I was sure that Tyler could feel it. It was bare chest was against his bare chest...and my heart was slamming so hard against the inside of my ribs that it would probably feel like a punch to he stomach for poor Tyler, laying there underneath me. Why do I think sooooo much weird stuff when he's trying to make love to me? I just want to let my head stop spinning long enough to feel the thrilling touch of the most amazing boy in the world without having to worry about whether or not I'm doing this right.

I tried to settle my thoughts down and quiet the noise in my head...and that's when it happened...

Tyler's hands began traveling down again. They usually stopped just below the small of my back, but he would sometimes go further. And this time...he let his hands rest there. It was like a bolt of lightning had run up my spine, and I whimpered so helplessly as my body became wracked with emotion. He squeezed both cheeks, and it made me sigh out loud. I was kissing him at the time, so I was like, 'Oh no...did I just sigh into Tyler's mouth?' Is that gross? I don't know. He didn't seem to think it was gross. My body does a lot of things on its own sometimes.

He held onto me, and I don't think my butt is all that big, so his palms easily covered most of it...and his long fingers extended to the little space in between. I felt a fever wash over me. A need. A desperation that just blocked out any and every other thing existing, including my need for oxygen. My kiss got more intense, and I began to wiggle more on top of him, my legs straddling his, moving myself back more and more...trying to understand these confusing feelings of whether or not I was ready to go into a whole new territory with the boy of my dreams. I knew what I wanted. Gosh...I had been dreaming about it for so long that I was almost scared that I'd lose my mind if it ever happened for real. The conflict came from not knowing if Tyler wanted the same thing. I didn't want to mess things up. I didn't want him to look at me weird, or think that I was some kind of a perv or something. his finger accidentally ran over the slight indentation between my cheeks, feeling the heat and delicate wrinkle of it with his finger...I discovered that I just couldn't take this teasing anymore. I just...ugh...I COULDN'T! I'm sorry, Tyler! I'm so so SORRY!

My body began to move all on its own, my lips pressed hard against his, sucking on his tongue as I moaned with little high pitched squeals of muffled delight. My hips hunched backward slightly, bending my knees, trying to find a way to angle myself just right. I could feel Tyler's hardness poking straight up now, and I scooted up a little bit this time, trying to see if I could get it to touch me. I moved my bottom back against it some more, and I could feel it. I could really feel it. But as much as I tried to use my cheeks to grab at it or sit on it, it kept flopping out of the way, or bending back, or just...missing it's target. As much as I was lost in Tyler's kiss and the pressure of his clutching fingers on me...I couldn't help but to whimper from the growing frustration of not being able to find a way to get know...inside.

Awww...I didn't want to sound dirty. I want to be Tyler's innocent little angel. But...ugh! God, I wanted him. I wanted so much more! So, after a dozen attempts to find a certain motion or position that would allow Tyler to slide into me without me actually having to ask him. I didn't want to say it. I didn't know what words to use, or how to tell him what I needed more than anything without sounding overly naughty about it. See? his is why porno doesn't help at all in situations like this! No matter how much you peek at for a few minutes at a time.

I broke our kiss, and Tyler looked soooo dreamy underneath me. His eyes were all...half closed and hazy. Hehehe, he was so in love. I could always tell by the way he kissed me that it made him weak inside to love me so much. Talk about an ego stroke, right? And yet, as much as I was enjoying our time together...I was overwhelmed with emotion when it came to...when it came to....


My head hurt. I didn't know what to say. But Tyler smiled up at me, and he lightly rubbed his nose against mine for a moment before giving me another peck on the lips. It was so cute. So...unassuming. You know? It was like, he could see me struggling with myself a little bit, but made no effort to push me. Or to even influence me, for that matter. He just looked back into my worried eyes, and he rubbed my butt lightly to soothe whatever goofy feelings I had within me that was stopping me from ravaging him like a rabid pack of wolves right now.

Then, almost as if he was doing to make me laugh, I felt Tyler rub his middle finger against my hole again. He just...'tapped' it lightly. And my eyes widened and I took in a deep breath, followed by a smile as I saw him react to my reaction.

I was so desperate. So lost. A billion words were spinning around in my head, each one trying to find a configuration that would convey the whole 'fuck me SILLY, Tyler' message without me having to say it out loud like that.

But...after an exhausting search through that confusing jumble...all I could come up with was..."Please?"

I don't even know if I expected Tyler to know what I meant by that. I felt like such a baby. I couldn't find a way to speak my mind, but I felt so good that I actually wanted to cry. And...I just...I wanted Tyler to understand. Please, Tyler...please understand.

Tyler seemed a little bewildered at first. But when I wiggled my booty a bit more and tried to tighten my cheeks to grip the hardness of his shaft behind me...the length avoiding me once again by popping out of my grip...I think he began to contemplate what I was asking him for. Tyler's brow wrinkled slightly, and he asked me, "Ariel? Are...are you sure?"

See? Do you see how SWEET he is to me??? I just nodded. God, even that a bit naughty to me. But if it meant finally going all the way with my Tyler...then I guess I'll just have to deal with the sinful feel of it all.

Tyler asked, "Ariel...if you're not ready..."

"NO!" I said. "I mean...I mean, yes..." Then, blushing slightly, I pushed my bottom back a bit more, and I just...I repeated, "....please?"

Did it work? Does he know? Like...wait...ok, he just kissed me on the lips. And...oh....OH! Ok! He started to rub my hole a bit more, and the nerve endings suddenly lit up with an electric fury of wild sexual sensations! He didn't force it too fast or anything, but as he applied more pressure with his middle finger...he met up with a little resistance. I mean, I mentally tried to get myself to loosen up back there, but I don't think that was a part of my body that my brain had much control over. Even when Tyler began to kiss me tenderly on the side of my neck.

There were a few times when it almost felt like his finger was going to get in...but whenever he came close to a breach, my wiener would throb tightly with excitement ad my hole would pucker up again. I never knew that the two were so connected before.

I felt Tyler's finger move away for a second, and I was sad because I thought I had ruined the moment and he was giving up on me. But, instead, Tyler touched the tip of his shaft, and he smeared some of the sticky liquid that he found there on the tip of his finger. Tyler leaks a lot. Hehehe, I always found that kinda sexy. So Tyler returns his finger to my hole, and it's still a pretty tight fit, but he takes his time to make it a bit more slick for me. And this time, even though my body tightened up over and over again...he was finally able to slip in. It was just a little bit...maybe only an inch or so, but it felt really good. I couldn't get my opening to relax enough to welcome the sudden invasion, but I kept trying.

Ugh...why was my body being so stubborn? that's dumb. I want him inside me! Let him in already...ungh...he just moved in a bit deeper. My body tensed up involuntarily, but I just remembered to breathe, and soon...I was relaxed enough to invite him to go further.

It was another few minutes before Tyler had his whole finger in me as far as it could go. I think having him kiss me on the lips helped a lot to comfort me. After all, a Tyler Jordan kiss is enough to cause anybody to melt into a soft, quivering, mound of table butter. You know? And then he started to move his finger in and out of me. Not fast though. It was this really steady rhythm that made me feel really warm inside. And I felt my hole tighten and release as he enjoyed the feel of my tunnel the same way I enjoyed the feel of his tongue wriggling under the sensitive length of my shaft.

And was like I wasn't getting enough.

Awww...I was so greedy. It's not fair.

"Ummm....Tyler...?" I whispered. Oh man, I was blushing SO hard that I thought I would pass out. I looked away for a second, and I said, "...Please?"

"I don't...I mean...what do you mean?" He asked.

Ugh! He's going to make me say it out loud, isn't he? I cleared my throat and whispered, "More please..."

Was that enough? I mean...did he get it?

Tyler seemed a little perplexed at first, but then he was like, "....Okay..." He was so breathless when the words left those perfect lips of his. "Wait...ummmm...hold on."

Tyler tried to twist his body enough to reach his dresser drawer next to the bed, but I think I was holding him down.

He said, "Get up for a second. K?" And he kissed me, making me giddy and all fizzy inside like a soda. Hehehe! Then I saw him get this little thing that looked like a miniature bottle of lotion. the one my mom keeps in her car for days when her skin is a little dry. I didn't quite know what it was...but I saw him coating his erection with it until it was all shiny and wet, and then he put his finger back in me to make sure that I got some too. I thought everything felt awesome before! But this was a whole new level of a full blown 'I Love Tyler Jordan' attack!

Then...those blue eyes of his totally floored me as he asked me if I was ready. I can't explain why my eyes watered up when he asked...but they did. He wanted to know if I was ok with this. So beautiful, and yet so humble and modest about this whole thing...wanting us both to enjoy this instead of just...getting what he wanted. you know? I don't just made me misty eyed.

I nodded so he wouldn't hear the shaky vibrations in my emotionally saturated voice. And I had to sit up a bit in order for him take hold of himself and place the wide head at the super small opening that he had to get through.

I didn't know what to expect. I don't think I cared much. Tyler Jordan was somebody that everybody at my high school worshiped. Someone people would have murdered their own parents just to get him to look in their direction. But he didn't want them. He wanted me. Tyler Jordan...*THE* Tyler Jordan...want me. Clumsy old Ariel. Something about that fact made me want to step up and be the boyfriend he needed me to be. This is a blessing you don't toss into the garbage. I'm gonna make him love me no matter what. And I'm gonna do letting him verbally know how much I love him return.

Funny...even a boy as pretty as Tyler was...he never once asked me for anything more.

It took some work. A few failed attempts that both embarrassed and frustrated me at the same time. After the third attempt to get Tyler's hardness past my outer defenses, I had become so ashamed that this couldn't happen the way I wanted it to. I was just too 'little'. And it SUCKED! It really did. But...Tyler told me it was ok, and he just kissed me on the lips, telling me it didn't matter. But it DID matter. At least to me, it did. I was determined to do this before the moment was lost forever. Even though Tyler told me not to force it...I kept trying. I took a hold of him and aimed it in the appropriate spot. The shaft was so slick with that stuff he had in the was hard to hold on at first. But I kept trying. There were a few times when I tried to sit on it, and 'bent' a little bit. That made Tyler wince slightly, and I felt bad, but he encouraged me to keep trying. It took sooooo much concentration to get my body to just let go. I bit my bottom lip and just tried to ease into it. It wasn't easy. Tyler's tip, while wet with more leakage, was so soft and spongy as it touched my tight little hole. I could see it with my own eyes, but just from the feel alone, it felt like it was never gonna fit. Still...I pressed forward.

And then...

Using my weight to my advantage, and Tyler's sucking lips during our kiss as a body finally gave way. Like...this has only been a scenario that I had played out in my MIND before! But once it happened, it really surprised me. It was like...I don't know...popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. One second, it seemed impossible, and the body it 'hiccupped'...and it was just enough opportunity for Tyler's swollen head to penetrate me and hold it's position. Even with my tight little ring attempting to put a severe stranglehold on the invading shaft. It didn't really hurt, so much as it just took me by surprise. I felt it enter me, and moved forward a bit more, into territory that my finger could never reach before. All of my previous fantasies were coming true! I was really LIVING through this moment! And it was sooooo much better than anything that I could have ever imagined it would be!

This was it! Our very first...intimate penetration! Right here, in his bedroom on a Saturday afternoon.

Aw am I ever going to live without feeling what I'm feeling right now???

Do it, Tyler! Please? Make me feel it. Give me your love...and I'll give it back. Double! I SWEAR!!!

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