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"Kiss Of An Angel 16"

Gramms was quick to tell me to take my shoes and stuff when I walked into the house. She came out from the kitchen and had a few towels by the front door, just in case. But I didn't need them. "I'm ok, Gramms. I didn't get wet."

"Are you sure? You didn't get caught out in the rain. It was a pretty heavy downpour out there when I looked out the window." She said.

"Nope. I went to my friend Randy's house. He helped to keep me dry."

She smiled at me. "Randy. Randy Stephens? Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. You used to go on about him all the time."

"Gosh, Gramms...that was forever ago." I said as I put my shoes on the mat by the hall closet. "I was gonna walk home, but he didn't want me to get trapped in the storm, so I went over to hang out for a while."

"Well, that was nice of him." She said.

"Yeah. I think he's sick though. He was coughing and sneezing and stuff. ?I didn't want to bother him."

"Sick? At the start of your Spring Break? Oh well that's a shame. I tell you what, I'll go in the kitchen and make him some of my special chicken noodle soup. A little black pepper and just a touch of mother used to make it for me when I was young, and it's known to work wonders. Full of antioxidants too."

"Really?" I asked. "Ok. That's cool. Thanks! He'll like that." Giving Randy some soup to help him feel better? That'll be awesome. I wonder if I can get a kiss on the cheek from him when he feels better, just for taking care of him.

JUST on the cheek, though! Because I have a sweetheart already. Hehehe, still, it would be cute to get one.

"Come on in and get some supper." My Gramms said.

"Where's Mom and Dad?"

"Your mom was having trouble with her car battery today. So your father went to help. I keep telling her to get a new car. This happens every time the weather gets bad." She sat me down at the kitchen table and put a plate in front of me. Some honey glazed ham, and some mac n' cheese....homemade. And green beans. This was an especially awesome supper, but Gramms really believed in Sunday dinner. I wouldn't have expected anything less.

She loved to see me eat. I think she watches me sometimes. I can't imagine what's so interesting about me making a big ol' pig out of myself, but it made her smile, regardless.

"So you and've got plans for your break?" She asked.

"Uh huh..." I said, unable to hold back a bit of a smile. "We're going to the carnival place tomorrow. He's taking me. He said he would buy my way in and everything. Like a real date." It felt good being able to talk to her about stuff like this. She always seemed so proud of me when she saw me blush over Tyler.

"That's great. That sounds like a lot of fun."

"Yeah..." I sighed. "He's so dreamy, Gramms. Sometimes I can't even believe how cute he is..." Then I stopped myself. "'s ok if I...say he's cute and stuff, right?"

She chuckled to herself. "It's perfectly ok, Ariel. It's not like I didn't notice."

Good. Because I didn't want to make things too sexy when I talked about him. With Randy, it's a bit different. As for my Gramms...I'm surprised that she even understands this much.

I said, "Sometimes I'm with him, and I feel like I don't know what to do. Or what to say. He makes me nervous. I've known him for a while now, but...I still get scared sometimes."

"Well, that happens. It's natural. You'll get over that in time." She told me.

"I don't know, Gramms. I know he likes me too. I know that. But still...sometimes he just terrifies me. I wanna be a good boyfriend to him. I don't wanna be a baby."

"So, he's your boyfriend now, is he?" She asked, and I mentally kicked myself for talking to darn much.

"He's...well, we haven't actually said that we...I never said...technically..."

She laughed to herself and came to sit next to me and rub me on the shoulder. I didn't know if she was laughing at me or what, but when she saw me lower my head for being a doofus...she used her fingers to lift my chin. She said, "He really makes your whole life a holiday, doesn't he?"

I felt weird saying it, but it was the truth. "Yeah. He does. Nobody's ever made me feel this way before. I keep thinking that it'll wear off...but days and weeks and even months pass...and he still makes a big ol' chicken out of me. Every time."

"That's good." She said. "That's the most important, most special feeling in the world. And you shouldn't spend a single moment of your life being ashamed of it. You've found someone who makes you sing, Ariel. Makes you dance. Someone who's willing to give you all he's got to give. People don't realize how rare that is. How unique it is." Gramms ruffled my hair slightly, and said, "Tyler's a good guy. He's one of a kind. One in a billion, in fact. You make sure to hold onto him with all the love and affection that you can muster. And don't you ever let him go."

"I'll try, Gramms..." I pouted.

"No. Don't try. Do it. You take care of his heart, and he'll take care of yours. Something tells me that this Tyler...Jacobsen...?"

"JORDAN, Gramms. Tyler Jordan. Geez..."

"Well, pardon ME! Hahaha! Tyler Jordan, of course. Anyway, something tells me that he truly cares about you. Through and through. And he's willing to show you how much every chance he gets. That's a keeper. That's not something you take for granted." She said. "Your grandfather, your father too...they knew how to sweep a girl off her feet. Smooth talkers, the both of them. You're a Dalton. And that means that you've got a bit of a smooth talker in you too. Just you remember that. Ok?"

"I'll take your word for it, Gramms..." I mumbled. I don't think I had much of a 'smooth talker' gene in me anywhere, but I know she meant well. She gave me a little kiss and did her best to reassure me that everything would be ok. I wish I could be as confident about that as she was. All I do is worry. There must be something wrong with me.

According to her though, the more I worry, the more I hurt, the more I tie my thoughts up into knots over what to do next...the more I know that it's love. Like...real love. But how can love come with so many confusing and conflicting feelings? So many obstacles? It seems so fragile to me sometimes. It scares me. It's like trying to catch a snowflake in your hand and appreciating it for everything it is for the few fleeting moments you have before it just melts and fades away.

I'm always worried that my Tyler is going to just melt...and fade away...

When I heard my parents' keys rattling in the back door, I gobbled down the rest of my supper and was quick to get up and take my plate to the sink. Gramms wondered what the heck my hurry was, but I just...I didn't want my mom and dad to know. Not yet. Not for a while.

My mom said hello. My dad tried to talk to me, but I was more concerned with getting out of that kitchen as fast as I could. What would my parents think if they knew that Tyler and I were....that were doing ummm...butt stuff? Or just naughty stuff in general. I wasn't ashamed or anything, was secret. You know? The secret made it special. The secret made it ours, and ours alone. They don't get to know. Nobody does.

Gramms asked, "Did you get enough to eat?"

"Yup! I'm full. I'm gonna go upstairs now. Bye." My parents seemed a bit confused, and I know that Gramms would rather me tell them about me and my...'weirdness' with Tyler. But I wasn't ready yet. And they can't make me be ready either. I want to figure more stuff out first. On my own. Then they can help out. know...later and stuff.

That night...I found myself feeling soooo frisky! It was unbearable!

I sent Tyler a message to tell him that I loved him. And that's exactly what I sent to him. 'I luv you'. That was being sweet and romantic, right? It took a lot of courage to send him that message. I was breathless after I hit the send button. Shivering from head to toe from the excitement it caused me, just knowing that he'd see it and get the chance to respond.

And then...he DID!!!

It was late at night, prolly just before he was ready to go to bed. I just saw his name pop up and I got all giddy and anxious to see what he said! And he wrote back....

"I luv U 2"

And he sealed it with a kiss.

Don't get me wrong! I thought that was AWESOME of Tyler to write me that! And it did make me smile and give me the wiggles just knowing that he was thinking about me! But....


I wish he had said more.

Is that selfish of me? I mean, I did just send him a three word message. It was from the heart and all, but...awww, Tyler could have sent me a 500 page letter, and I would have read every word! I wanted him to tell me sooooo much more. And talk all sweet to me like he did when we were together and stuff. but...ah whatever. I guess I only sent him three words in my message. He sent me four words in return, if you count the number 2. So technically, he was being more social and affectionate than I was.

I should have said more. I should have done something to get him to talk to me about stuff. Something. Anything. I just wanted more....more Tyler, you know? It was too late in the evening to think that I could start a conversation with him now. I'll just talk to him tomorrow. And things will be better then.

I saved his message though. Hehehe, I couldn't help it. As short as it was, it was from Tyler's heart. He loved me. And I cherished that. Ugh! I've got sooooo many messages saved from Tyler at this point! What am I gonna do with all this stuff? I don't know. I should read through them again so I can see what to keep and what to get rid of.

He loves me. He told me so. Hehehe...I just like saying that out loud. Or just, you know...whispering it into my pillow. Or into the tummy of my teddy bear.

I was trying to sleep that night, but it wasn't easy. I kept thinking about Tyler. I kept kicking the covers off of me, because the feeling made me so warm inside. I felt like I needed some air. Whenever Tyler says he loves me, I go all bonkers and lose myself in the blissful feelings shaking my poor little body to pieces. I don't know why he makes such a little boy out of me whenever I hear his voice, but he does. I never felt so safe before. He truly turns me into another person completely. A better person. A more complete person.

I wanted to touch myself, but I didn't. I kept telling myself "NO!!! That's for Tyler to touch!" I wanted to hump the mattress, but I stopped myself. Then I started again. Then I stopped again. Then I started to fall asleep, and subconsciously, I started to hump the mattress and my pillow again. Arrrgh! I couldn't help myself. I kept thinking about the feel of Tyler's tongue in my mouth, and his arms wrapped around my naked body, and the smoothness of his legs sliding up and down my own legs as we kissed and rolled around and just held each other with pure love and affection reflected in our eyes. I squirmed and I writhed and I twitched in my weiner sooooo hard that I was afraid it would put a hole in the mattress if I didn't mentally will it to go down. It was so frustrating. Tyler might as well have been living on the planet VENUS as far as my craving for him was concerned. I wanted him soooooo badly. And tomorrow wasn't coming soon enough to satisfy me.

God....the feeling of him inside of was a miracle to me. It was like my hole was missing his intrusion. I wanted to feel that again. Tyler was so sweet. So gentle. So CUTE in making sure that I was ok! I felt my hips swivel and grind a bit more in my bed, and I began to toss and turn as I yearned for another taste of what this new thing called 'sex' had to offer me.

Can I call him? It's late. It's actually really late at night. I'd touch myself if I heard his voice right now. Would he hear me? Maybe I can keep quiet and just have'talk' to me while I do it. I think that might be enough. Hehehe, silly right? But that's how I felt. I wanted Tyler. Nobody else. I needed my angel.

WHY won't tomorrow hurry up and just...HAPPEN already??? This is killing me!!!

I think I slept a little bit, but it wasn't much. An hour here, an hour there. I kept waking up, thinking that I had missed everything and that it was night time already! I just kept panicking! It would be dark in my room, and I thought that I had slept the whole DAY away! That Tyler would be heartbroken because I didn't keep my promise to him! That they went to the carnival place without me. I kept feeling like I had turned out to be the biggest disappointment EVER, and that I had ruined Tyler's whole Spring Break, just by being...dumb.

But eventually, I dozed off, and my alarm clock got me out of bed. It took an extra long shower and made sure that I was as clean and as sweet smelling as I could be. Just know...Tyler was making me his date for the day. I wanted it to be something sweet. Something special., you know?

My parents had already gone to work. And my Gramms was watching the morning news on TV. Once I was dressed up and had myself looking as close to perfect as humanly possible, I went downstairs to give Gramms a kiss and take off. But not before she said, "Hold on. Here. Give your friend, Randy, this soup. Tell him that it'll help to make him feel better. Ok?"

"I will. thanks, Gramms!" I said, and gave her a kiss goodbye before rushing out the front door.

I had to admit, every thought that I had concerning Tyler on my way over to his house was a seriously naughty one. I kept imagining his shaft buried deep inside of me...moving around...taking my breath away. I thought about how I had so much control over his feelings and sensitivity as I wiggled my bottom on top of him. I thought about how much he loved me, even without having to do that for him...but giving him that added bonus anyway. I think I made it to Tyler's house in record time this morning. Just because I was anxious to see if he could still look at me the same way, now that we had gone all the way.

I don't know. Maybe I'm being a total nerd, but...I never could be sure if Tyler loved me the same way that I loved him. Because the way I loved him was pretty psychotic in nature. He was popular and blond and beautiful and EVERYBODY seemed to love him! How could he possibly love a plain old shy guy like me? That was the question that always ran through my mind. And I never found an answer. Never once.

Maybe Tyler just loved me for no reason whatsoever. Maybe he just...found something within me that I couldn't find within myself. Whatever it was...he treated me as though I could do no wrong at all. He always treated me as though the sky and the sunshine was made just for me. He knew how to make me feel beautiful. I really hope I don't find a way to mess this up.

When Tyler opened the door...hehehe, I felt an electric tingle all over my body. It was a sigh of relief. He was close enough for me to kiss again. Right now if I wanted to. Just wearing some shiny blue soccer shorts and a white t-shirt. His hair was still a little damp from his shower. I paused for a second...just to look him over. He makes it so hard to breathe sometimes.

"Hey! Come on in. I'm almost ready." He said. I wanted to leap right into his arms and smash my face against! Or something like that. Just, ugh! I had only been in his house for, like, seven seconds and I already wanted to get him naked. "I just took my laundry out of the dryer, so I'm gonna finishing the last little bit of folding and then I'll finish getting dressed and we can go. K?"

"Umm.....mmkay..." I grinned. Tyler was moving pretty fast, trying to get himself ready. But every time he walked past me...I wanted a kiss. Why hadn't he kissed me yet? I got nervous just waiting for it.

"What's that?" He asked, looking at the Tupperware bowl in my hand.

"Oh...Gramma Dalton made Randy some soup. He's feeling sick."

"Really?" Tyler asked. "That sucks. Sick over Spring Break?"

I shrugged. "I guess so."

"Is he still coming with us today?"

"He said he was. But I can't be sure." I said, still waiting for Tyler to get close enough to me to...I dunno...touch his goodies or something. I tried not to stare at him too hard or for too long, but it wasn't easy. He's got one of those faces that you can't turn away from.

"Come on up." He said, and he went up to his room, waiting for me to follow. He had some of his warm, freshly dried, clothes laid out on the bed, and he was folding them while making small talk with me. I was paying attention and all...but I didn't say much of anything. I started shaking as the need to feel his sweet lips on mine began to grow in intensity. I leaned against his dresser as he stacked some of his clean, folded, undies in a nice little pile. And then he picked them up and started walking towards me. I thought to myself, 'This is it! My first kiss of the day'! Yay!!!' I braced myself for it, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.

But Tyler just put his undies on top of the dresser. He looked at me with a smirk, and he said, "What are you doing?"

"What am I...? I'm just...I mean..." I pretended to yawn. "Whoo boy. Tired."

"Hehehe, tired, huh?" He said. I looked up into Tyler's eyes, and found myself getting all giggly again.

"I got your message." I whispered.

"Good. That's really good." He wanted to kiss me. I could see it in his eyes. Awww, he's gonna make me beg, isn't he? I would have NO shame in begging at this point.

Tyler waited in silence, standing so close to me that our chests were almost touching. He smiled as I squirmed helplessly in front of him, his subtle torture getting me so hot and bothered that I could barely remain standing. "Hehehe....hi...." I said softly.

"Hi..." He grinned. And then...I felt his hands reach out for mine, and he interlocked his fingers with my fingers...and with the most amazing look in his eyes...Tyler leaned forward, and he gave me the kiss that I had been waiting for.

The plush cushion of those beautiful lips touched mine, and my insides turned to jelly. I felt so weightless. So dizzy. Our joined hands keeping us bonded, our lips...innocent and sweet...proving once again that love is real.

It's true.

I don't know how long we kissed for, but it wasn't long enough. Tyler let go of my hands and he used a finger to lightly rub my lip, and he said, "Come on. If I know Ryan, he'll be wanting to march over here to retrieve us if we keep him waiting for too long."

"Oh. Yeah. ok..." I said. But when Tyler stepped back from me, I just...I don't know...I got this hysterical feeling inside. I hurried over to Tyler, and I grabbed him by the shirt and I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him again. Harder this time. I just...I craved so much more. I was hard and breathless and even though my sudden enthusiasm surprised Tyler a little bit, he was quick to pick up the pace.

I felt his arms wrap around me, and I just started grabbing him all over. I felt like such a rapist at the time, but I'll just have to apologize for that later. Right now, this felt too good for me to stop. I just couldn't spend a whole day wanting him like this. Needing him like this. Staring at that face...I wouldn't be able to last more than ten minutes at that carnival without attacking him in front of everybody.

It's best if I just...attack him here. You know, in private.

Tyler's body feels so soft in soccer shorts. My fingers were sliding all over his butt. Hehehe!I liked that. And he was all hard in the front, poking me in the sexiest way. I liked that his hair was damp. It was kinda cool to the touch. I wish he didn't have his clean clothes strewn all over the bed. Because I wanted that boy on top of me so BAD! Not that I would have any complaints at all about having him take me right here on the floor if I had to. What do I do? Should I just fall back and pull him on top of me. He's stronger than me. I'll have to Judo flip him or something!

And GOD, those shorts were driving me crazy!

I kissed Tyler hungrily on the neck, and then dropped down to my knees just so I could rub his hardness on my face through the silky fabric of those shorts! It felt really really good! And then there was that warm, fresh out of the shower, scent...added to that natural, sext, 'Tyler' fragrance that always drove me so crazy. I just mashed my face against him and let him hold onto my head as he pushed forward again and again. The more he slid up and down my face, the harder I got. My heart was thundering to a point where I thought it would seize up and stop dead on me. But I didn't care! I needed this! I needed it soooo bad!

I wanted to roll back on the floor and have Tyler grind himself into me until we were both ready to explode, but he lifted me up to kiss me on the lips again. I got on my feet, and I felt his hands all over me, his body molded to mine, his moans causing my waifish frame to vibrate gently in his arms. It made me whimper. Tyler loves it when I whimper.

We moved back a little bit until my butt hit the edge of his dresser, right in front of his bedroom mirror. I felt Tyler fiddling with my belt and the button on my jeans, making me all the more anxious. I knew we were a bit late, but the desire for my sweet angel was downright insatiable. I couldn't wait to get these pesky clothes off!

I might have caught Tyler off guard at first, but he was definitely the one in charge now. His kissing became more passionate, his breathing got really heavy, and as soon as he had my zipper down, he roughly yanked my pants and undies down to my ankles, touching me all over down there, and giving me strokes with the tightness of his grip on me.

Pulling Tyler's shorts down was easy. I felt him moving around to step out of them, and we continued to let our tongues mingle for another minute or two before Tyler reached for the dresser drawer behind me. I nearly gasped for joy when he pulled it open and rummaged around for a second to take out one of those little plastic tube thingies that they keep in the nurse's office at school. I felt my feet kinda dance around by themselves as I saw him squirt some into his hand. I think my hole began to pucker and release in anticipation. I couldn't keep myself still, so I just lunged forward and put my arms around his neck and kissed him madly on the lips.

With a giggle, Tyler leaned back a bit. "Hehehe, Ariel! Look what you made me do..."

I kinda forgot that he had a handful of slippery goo at the moment. It got all over my shirt down at the bottom and we both snickered about it. "Oops. Sorry." I said, but he just kissed me again and put more in his hand to get himself ready.

By the time he was gently turning me around to face the mirror, I was panting to point of feeling faint from it. Please, baby...don't make me wait any longer. Please?

Gentle. Tyler was always so gentle. Slow. Romantic. He knew how to do it just right. How to tease me for a few seconds before applying the slightest pressure. Tantalizing me into opening up for him. I knew that I was really small, but he kept me safe. He protected me. And that made me relax. I trusted him not to hurt me, and he never took advantage of that. Oh wow...that feels good. Sighhhh....I can't think of a better way to start my day. Some people have their morning coffee. Me? I've got my angel.

I'm so glad that he's a bit taller than me. Standing up like this, he was soooo deep in me. And as he start to push in and out of me, hugging me around the stomach and nibbling softly on my ear, I heard myself wailing out for more. He truly was in love with my butt. Tyler would tremble and mumble to himself when he was in me. It was like he was having the most intense sex of his life. And that made me feel good. I liked making him feel good. Watch...

I tightened myself up a little bit by clenching my cheeks together, and Tyler took a really deep and sudden breath, "Jesus! Mmmmm!" He started to suck on the side of my neck, and as I looked at our reflection in the mirror, I could see this ultimate look of ecstasy on his face. Hehehe, I got him under my spell now. See? Now that's how you keep your boyfriend coming back for more! Yay!

Tyler's strokes became a bit harder, and this whole spur of the moment act of naughtiness was getting more heated by the second. I could feel him touching that spot inside with his rhythmic pumping, every press of that magic button creating tiny sparks and bursts of glitter in my mind that caused me to yelp and wiggle with every thrust of his hips. And as he got even faster and more desperate, I pushed myself back on him to meet his pushing so it would go even deeper than before. This was so awesome! SO awesome!

Leaning forward even more, I had to place both of my palms on top of the dresser to keep my balance. "Unghhh....Tyler..." I whined, and he seemed to get even more excited. Then, I felt his hands reach around in front of me, one of them lightly holding my balls...and the other one began to slide up and down the length of my shaft. I think there must have been some slippery stuff left on his hand, because it was soooo soft. So wet. Or maybe that was partially my fault for leaking so much. I got to be so sensitive and so wild that I could feel a great big orgasm coming already. It sucked because it seemed like it was WAY too soon, but I was overwhelmed by the many sensations that Tyler was putting my body through. With his hand on my thingy, and his erection slamming itself in and out of me, and his fingers tickling that really giggly spot under my balls, and his warm breath and soft kisses on my neck and face...all at once, my innocent little body didn't know how to react.

I got scared that I was going to make a mess. A BIG mess! Oh no, I should have touched myself last night! Because now I'm gonna sperm everywhere, and...ugh...Tyler's poor dresser!

I was getting closer...and closer...and Tyler was pumping away all on his own. I didn't really have any control over how aroused I was. Everything was just in motion, like a runaway locomotive. I knew that I wanted Tyler, but I hadn't planned for all of this. Not at all. My body started to feel funny, and I was worried that if I moved my hands I might lose balance and fall. I could feel myself tightening up, and my boner started to get really stiff and tingly...and my voice got higher and higher in pitch...what do I do???

In a last minute of desperation, I rose up a bit on my tip toes again, and I grabbed the only thing within reach that might catch my stuff before it splashed all over his dresser. I quickly snatched one of the clean pair of undies that he had set on the dresser top, and just as Tyler was stroking me hard and fast, I was able to cover my tip as the very first strong jets of hot stickiness began to fire out of me like shots out of a cannon! I cried out so loud! I couldn't help it! Out of all the climaxes that I've had in my life, this one was among the strongest! Heck, it may even rival the first dry orgasm I had when I was only 10!

Only Tyler could do this to me. Only he could make me so damn HOT!!!

Tyler could feel me orgasming. I could tell. And I was hoping that I would stop shooting...but it was seriously soaking through the fabric of the boxers I had in my hand. Splash after splash after splash after splash! It soaked the material and some of it dripped down to the carpet, and my whole body felt like it was on fire. I was worn out and a trembling mess, but seeing as Tyler wasn't done yet, I kept feeling even more gooey feelings inside as he picked up speed and began rushing to a big ol' crash of his own. you know how 'confused' your body gets when you've already experienced a major release...the height of physical pleasure...and you're still having sex! Oh WOW! It's orgasm after another. And then another one. And then another one! They just kept piling up until it almost 'hurt' to have Tyler love me anymore. But 'hurt' in that good way. In the BEST way!

Losing control, Tyler squeezed the air right out of me as he shoved himself into me as deep as he could, and started throbbing and pulsing, shivering and shaking, as he came really hard inside of me. Me! Tyler Jordan's special boy. Hehehe!

I bent over some more to rest my elbows on his dresser, and Tyler draped himself over my back for a few moments while he tried to catch his breath. I liked the way he ran his hands up and down my chest...sliding up under my shirt. I liked that he didn't pull out of me yet. It felt warm in there. I'm so addicted to that slippery feeling. And then Tyler placed a few breathless kisses on my cheek, and we both stood up again.

I blushed a little as I looked up at his face, all flushed and stuff. Hehehe, I thought it was so cute.

"Where the heck did that come from?" He asked me, and I just bashfully shrugged my shoulders with a giggle.

"I dunno. But...hehehe...I liked it." I said.

Tyler kissed me deeply and said, "'re so perfect! I love you."

"Love you too..." I said quietly. Saying those words to wasn't just something I spoke out loud. It was something I felt in my heart. A rush of adrenaline that kept me from holding it in. It's weird to say so little and have it mean so much.

"Wow, um...yikes, what time is it?" Tyler said, trying not to get all 'involved' with me again. "We should...we should um...get ourselves together. We're almost 20 minutes late..." Tyle turned red, and then he blushed and gave me a hug.

"Ok. Where's your bathroom, again?" I asked, and I went in to clean up and make sure my hair didn't look all sexed up and crazy. Heh...we did it again, didn't we? We had more sex. I love life. Life is super awesome!

I fixed myself up and so did Tyler. I still had some of that slippery stuff on my shirt, but I wiped off as much as I could. It wasn't that bad, was it? I doubt anybody would notice it. Whatever. Tyler gave me one last kiss before we left. Hehehe, it was a long kiss too. We probably would have kept going if I didn't accidentally step on his toe. I don't think it hurt him or anything, but it reminded him that Ryan and Randy would probably be coming to get us if we didn't hurry up. Darn my clumsiness. I could have stood in Tyler's front doorway and kissed him all day.

"Ooh, wait!!! I almost forgot my Gramms soup!" I said, and snatched it up before leaving. Randy would be a mess all week without it.

We walked down to Ryan's house, and he was quick to come downstairs and open up for us. "Where were you two?" Ryan asked, and Tyler and I both got kinda choked up at the door. Neither one of us wanted to make up an excuse without letting the other one know first. Luckily, Ryan didn't wait for us to stumble through an acceptable answer. "Get in here. We're leaving in just a few minutes. Cool?" Ryan closed the door behind us, but he sort of gave me a bit of a look. Like...right in the eye. He only paused for a moment, but something about that look made me feel like he could see what Tyler and I had been up to just moments before we showed up on his doorstep.

Was it me? Did I do something? Did I'racy' or 'wicked'? I didn't mean to.

Ryan just led us up to his bedroom, where Randy was waiting. And...that 'other' boy. That Sean boy. I swear, there's something about him that I just don't like. He just seems like the kind of boy who would wreck everything for everybody just for kicks. Yeah, I don't like him at all.

Poor Randy looked almost ghostly white except for his nose, which was all red and raw from blowing it so much. He must have felt awful. So I handed him the bowl and I said, "My Gramms made you some chicken noodle soup. She said it's good for a cold. It's got antioxidants in it or something." Randy was so grateful, and he told me to thank her when I got home. He said it was 'unreal'. Hehehe, I made Randy Stephens feel better. I'm two for two today. Yay, me!

Ryan asked us again what the heck took us so long, and Tyler told everybody that he had overslept this morning. And he took all the blame on himself. I should have said something, but I didn't. I'm not a very good liar at all. I'll make it up to him. Double. I promise.

Randy kept watching me. I think he knew. He kept quiet about it, but from the way he smiled at me...I'm sure he knew. It made me look over at Tyler, letting him know that we might have been caught...but you know what? He didn't really seem to care. Instead, he just winked at me, and we both started to giggle at each other. It's our secret. Nobody needs to know for sure. Nah nah! Hehehe!

Ryan was going to load us all into his dad's car to drive us over there, and for a moment...I thought it would just be me, Randy, and Tyler in the backseat. But that smug little busy body, Sean, got booted to the backseat with us. Oh NO! I'm not going to let him sit next to my Tyler! Rubbing legs and whatnot! Nuh unh!

I saw Sean getting in on the other side of the car, and I put my hand out and hurried past Tyler as fast as I could so *I* could sit in the middle. I want as much space between that shameless seducer and my boyfriend as humanly possible. Come to think of it, I wish I had brought some of my Gramms sewing needles with me so I could stab him every time he did so much as looked in Tyler's direction. Ugh, why did Ryan have to invite that guy?

It was a quick drive to carnival, and everything looked so cool from the parking lot! They had this really big Ferris wheel and everything. This is going to be a great time if I can manage to keep my hands off of Tyler while we're in there. And that might be difficult, because I could already feel myself getting horny for him again. I know that we JUST finished making love less than a half hour ago, but...awwww, dangit! He just looked so CUTE today! And since I had already had a bit of a taste, I couldn't help but to want some more. I can barely look at him without picturing him naked anymore. No wonder I stay so nervous and frisky.

As we were walking to the ticket booth, I noticed one of Randy's other friends from school waiting there to join us. I forget his name now. One of the new people that transferred into our school not long ago. That boy scares me sometimes. He seems kinda mean sometimes, that's all. I heard him scream a bad word and I covered my ears. But he screamed it at that Sean kid, so he prolly deserved it.

It was then that I heard Tyler snickering to himself, and he turned away to try to hide it from everybody else. Then Ryan and Randy started laughing out loud. They didn't try to hide it at all. Hmmm, what happened? I must have missed it.

Doesn't matter. As long as I've got my angel, and good friends at my side....I just know that today is going to be an epic 'win' for all of us.

Except for that Sean kid. I hope he gets kicked to death by a pony or something!

You know...just sayin'....

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