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"Kiss Of An Angel 17"

It was driving me CRAZY!

Tyler was standing right there in front of me, and the sun was shining down on his hair, and he smiled at me as he bought my carnival ticket at the head booth and stuff...and I just felt like I was losing my mind! I mean, like...hehehe, we were just having sex not long ago. How can he appear so normal when I'm feeling so 'naughty' inside?

Gosh...it's like I can still feel him inside me. I love that feeling. I miss him already. Well, I mean, I know he's right there in front of me, but...it's kind of weird to explain. It was like we weren't close enough. Even if he were to turn around and give me a full hug and a kiss on the cheek, it just wouldn't be enough. I definitely have a major Tyler Fever now. If there was such a thing, I'd probably be sicker than poor Randy is right now.

"Here you go..." Tyler said, giving me my ticket.

I took in a deep breath, smiling wide as my body began to shimmy with the sugar sweet feelings of being so close to my favorite boy. I know that I was blushing. I had to be. My face was super hot, and my hands were trembling.

"Thanks, Tyler..." I said. It was really quiet and soft when I said it though. I thought I might have to say it again...but Tyler grinned at me, and let me know that he heard me just fine.

My whole body just feels full of sparkles whenever he smiles at me.

I want him! I want MORE! Seriously...it was getting hard to walk, because I felt like I was fighting off one big stiffy after another. It was getting kind of awkward. Like...I kept thinking back to the way he held me. The way he kissed me. Tyler's lips were always so soft and moist and pillowy and sweet. Hehehe, kissing those lips made the whole world feel like a dream.

I like the way Tyler's body moves when we're together. I like the way his hips make these little circles, and how his long legs always know how to find just the right position so we don't get all 'tangly'. I like the way his gentle fingers slide up through my hair, sending chills down my back. I lke the way his nose and lips lightly brush the side of my neck, and how his flat stomach ripples slightly when he's really turned on.

I love the 'leak' of him when our naked bodies are pressed together, and how he always squeezes me tighter when he hears me make noises and stuff. I love the slide of his warm skin against my own, and the small patches of silky, light blond, body hair as it added the most sensual texture to the rest of him...which was frictionless.

The more I tried not to think about it, the more I craved him. I was so gobsmacked by the whole idea of Tyler and I being able to make love whenever we wanted to, that I was barely able to stand.

He loves me. My Tyler Jordan loves me. Hehehe! I'm never ever going to get used to that.

I heard somebody coughing really loud, and Randy looked like he was going to nearly pass out. Why did he come out here today? I just know it's because of that Sean jerk. Somebody needs to push him in the river or something. I don't like him.

He actually talked to Tyler too! Can you believe the nerve of him? He walks up to Tyler and smiles at him. And he's all like, "Maybe we can share a ride later?" At least, that's what I think he said. I'm pretty sure that I'm right.

That boy is going to get me to cussin' around here if even TRIES something like that again! I don't even care if it was impolite, I walked right up between them and grabbed Tyler's arm, and I said, "Can you please not talk to us?" And then I made sure to put some more distance between them in a hurry.

Sean said, "Hehehe, excuse me, cutie. I didn't know his dance card was full." Whatever that means. Who cares? I don't even like being around him for this short period of time to be honest. I was sick of him by the time we got in the care at Ryan's house. I don't even want Tyler to LOOK at him! He's mine! I don't want anybody else to touch him. Not ever.

We should just...go do our own thing. Like, somewhere else. Somewhere away from Sean and his stupid floppy blond hair. He rubs me in all the wrong ways.

What does Ryan see in that guy, anyway?

You know what's really freaky? Every single time I saw a tent, or a corner, or a van in he parking lot behind us or anything...I kept thinking that it would be the perfect place for Tyler and me to kiss! Really, I kept thinking about how cool it would be to just...step away from everybody else at the fair, and find some little private spot where Tyler and I could be alone for a minute or two before we got caught smooching. There was something kind of exciting about it. I liked that. Tyler always gives me this little smile just before his lips touch mine. Sometimes, he lets the smile linger for a second or two longer, and he'll lightly rub his nose against mine. Just for a little touch and tingle, you know? And it tickles, so I'll grin up at him...and just when he knows I'm about as weak as I can possibly get...he'll press his lips against mine...and it's like I taste the 'gold' in him.

He's so darn perfect.

Everything in that place was really cool. I think I recognized some people from school too. Nobody that I really knew, personally...but then again I don't know a whole lot of people personally. Well, not counting the people I temporarily crippled or set on fire. But who wants to see them again?

I bumped shoulders with somebody. "Sorry..." I said, but when I turned my head, I bumped somebody else. Then some little boy ran into my leg. "Sorry..." I wasn't trying to hit anybody, but...every few steps, I'd look back at Tyler again. I just wanted a little peek, that's all. I just wanted to see him, you know? Is that creepy? The weird thing is that once you catch sight of Tyler from just about any angle...you get all fixated on him. It's almost like it takes your brain an extra few seconds to process what it's looking at. It makes it nearly impossible to turn away from him...until you bump into somebody again! Ugh! "...Sorry, ma'am..."

Tyler looked over at me and smiled. "Maybe I should get in front and block for you. Hehehe!"

I want him! Right NOW! God, I want him!

I grinned to myself, and nodded shyly from just having him talk to me. Why did I agree to come here today? Why couldn't we just stay at Tyler's house all morning? Maybe if I pretended to cough or something, I could tell everybody that Randy made me sick and that I needed Tyler to take me back to his house.

Awww, I'm sorry, Randy. That's mean of me to think that. He's so sick.

"Do you want one?" Tyler asked me.

"Do I want one, what? Oomph...sorry, Mister..."

Tyler pointed over to one of these little stands where a guy was making fresh fried dough with powdered sugar and everything. It smelled soooo good!

"M'kay..." I said. That's my perfect gentleman.

"Hey guys? Hold on a second. Me and Ariel are going to get something sweet." Tyler said to the others.

Ryan just sort of nodded, but then that Sean guy says something like, "Are you sure that's wise? You're already sweet enough. You don't want to overdo it." And I saw Ryan kind nudge him to tell him to shut up, but they were kind of treating it like a joke. But it's NOT a joke. Not to me. And he's on strike two now, so he'd better watch it. I hope that jerk falls in a hole. Full of snakes and stuff. Whatever.

I sort of gave Tyler a push to get him away from there even faster. I know he doesn't care anything about Sean, but still...better safe than sorry.

The fried dough was pretty big, and it was awesome to see him make it right in front of us like that. It sizzles and it smokes and the guy gets it just right before taking it up and putting it on a big paper plate for us and dusts with powdered sugar and yummy stuff. Hehehe, my mouth watered from the smell of it alone, but it was way too hot to chow down on so soon. And yet, Tyler grabbed us some napkins and tried to break me off a little piece anyway. He squeezed the bread to tear off a small piece but yanked his hand back. "Ack! Hot! Hehehe!"

"Awwww...oh no..." I whined, and I had to fight the urge to reach for his hand and kiss it to make it better. Which seemed really sweet to me at first. But then I started thinking about Tyler's tongue in my mouth, and his body weight on top of me, and his heavy breathing in my ear as he thrust himself into me again and again. I looked down at my feet as I started to blush, feeling a growing tightness in my pants. I thought about him humping me in front of that mirror, and me exploding all over his clean underwear...and it was making me sooooo horny! I don't know why I was so hot and bothered today, but I was.

"Ariel?" He asked me.

"Hehehe...hey..." I said, peeking up at him through my hair for a moment, and then looking back at my feet again.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked me.



I shook my head, but I couldn't hold my giggles back. "Umm...nope. Nothing..." He gave me a sideways look, and my giggles got even worse. "NOTHING! I'm just...I was...umm, hehehe..." Then I mumbled, "You burned your finger." And I gave him a pouty face.

"It's not burnt, really. Just hot. Here, I want you to have the first bite." He sad, reaching for it with a bit more caution this time. "What do you want? You want this piece? Over here. I can break that off..."

"Ooh, Ty...be careful..."

"Nah, I got it. Here." He tore off a little piece with his fingers, and made sure that he scooped up a little extra powdered sugar on it too. Just for me. "Open up. You ready?"

"Uh huh..." I said, and I waited eagerly for him to slide it gently into my mouth. Hehehe, I got such a goofy rush just from having him feed it to me like that. Especially when my lips accidentally closed around his fingers. It was only for a second, but there was just something really erotic about it. Well, to me anyway. Then again, Tyler could skin a baby rabbit with his teeth right here and now, and I'd probably still think it was rad. "Mmmmm, wait...hehehe..."

"Hehehe, is it good?" He asked, and I nodded, but I know that I had powdered sugar on my lips, and it made me feel a little silly. I reached for one of the napkins Tyler was holding, but he held them back from me. "Unh unh! No napkins! Not yet!"

"Mmph, Tyler..." I grinned, but he just backed away from me.

"I think I like you this way. I like your sugar lips!" He said. I stopped chasing him and just tried to swallow what I was chewing and lick away whatever mess my tongue could reach. Tyler watched me for a moment, and then he came closer with the napkins again. But when I reached for one, he said, "Nope. I wanna do it. Hold still." Then he totally made me weak in the knees as he gently wiped all of the excess sugar from my lips...and maybe a little bit on my cheek. That's when I noticed the softening of his stare, and the wicked little tilt in his smile. And he quietly said, "There. Perfect."

Turning even more red in the face than before, I just sort of said, "Thanks, Ty..."

If our eyes had shared any more contact at that moment I would have fainted. My emotions were all over the place, and no matter how amazing Tyler was...I always wanted more. Always.

We shared a silent moment, and I could have sworn that Tyler started thinking naughty things about me too! Like, he sort of licked his lips, and I heard this little sigh as he tried to keep from leaning forward. I think he wanted to kiss me. I really do! And I'd kiss him too! Right here in front of everybody! I was a bit too shy to start anything on my own, but...but...

...If Tyler kissed me right here, right now, I wouldn't say no. I promise, I won't say no! Oh gosh, Tyler...do it. Please? Kiss me, and I promise I'll kiss you back. You KNOW I will!

Unfortunately, we got interrupted. Ryan and the others called out to us to see what was going on with us. I guess we had been gone for a bit longer than normal. It's easy for Tyler to make me forget everything else when he's around.

"Hey, we're getting in line for the big spinning swings or whatever. Come on, so we can all go together." Ryan said.

I was secretly hoping that Tyler didn't want to go. For a second I thought that he was going to rejoin everybody and I'd have to go back to 'sharing' him again. He looked over at them, then back at me. Did I look that desperate? Was my expression so pleading? I don't know for sure, but as soon as he saw me, he called out to the rest of the guys and said, "Um...you know, why don't you guys go on ahead? I think...me and Ariel are going to check out the...you know...the thing. Or...or something." He snickered a bit, and I couldn't help but to giggle a bit myself. YAY! Who wins? Ariel wins! That's who!

I told you he was all mine!

I didn't want to give anybody a chance to try to change his mind. We needed to make a hasty escape. And now I found myself looking at even more corners and private little places that we might be able to go to. Because...you never know, right? I'm just planning ahead, that's all.

I think the next 20 minutes or so was just a big blur to me. Tyler and I gobbled up our fried dough thingy, and made sure to keep checking each other to make sure we didn't have sugar anywhere on our faces. I have to admit that I lied once or twice. Just because I wanted to touch his lips. It always made me breathless to touch those lips.

We could be making out somewhere right now, you know? I know, I know...I'm supposed to be thinking about something else. I need some level of discipline. But what's the point of being in love with someone that you can't just totally jump on whenever you want? He's right there! And I know how much he loves me back. He tells me every day. I want to wrap myself around him and just...enjoy having my boyfriend close to me. Ok, I'm getting another stiffy. Need to calm down. Breathe, Ariel. Breathe. Geez, now I know what it must be like for that guy that turns into the Hulk when he freaks out!

Once our treat was gone, Tyler gave me a little smile, and then he used his finger to draw a square in the center of one of the extra napkins he was holding. Then he held it up to his lips and gave it a big kiss. I gasped. Awwww, he made a 'Kiss Me Back' square! See??? He does want to make out with me! I knew it! Ariel wins again!

He handed it to me, and I snatched it away, smashing it against my lips! "MMMMMMMMMMMWAH!!!" I said loudly, and Tyler started to laugh at me.

I handed it back, and he like started making out with the napkin and making funny noises. He could be SO adorable!

Sighhh...I need him inside me again. Like...like soon!

I got the napkin back, and this time I made even more kissy faces and noises, and twisted the napkin back and forth wildly, which got Tyler to laugh out loud. Hehehe, what the hell was I even doing? I don't know. It was fun. Who cares? I have a wacky side too. Hehehe! Then I made the mistake of sticking my tongue out and licking the napkin and getting it all wet and...well...tongues and napkins don't go so well together. The paper got soggy and it stuck to my tongue as it pushed right through to the other side. Blecchhh! I started trying to spit it out and used my hands to wipe the little pieces off of my tastebuds. Tyler could not stop laughing. Whatever game we were playing, I guess I won. Or, er...lost. Hehehe! I'm not really sure.

Then, something weird happened...

"Tyler?" We both stopped laughing to look at where the voice was coming from, and that's when I saw Sam and his friend Matt standing behind us, sharing a ball of cotton candy.

I don't know what happened, but suddenly Tyler's whole personality just seemed to darken as if on a dimmer switch. It was an actual, visible, reaction. One displaying a weird emotion that had obviously hit him before he had a chance to hide it from the rest of us. "Hey..." He said.

There was an awkward pause, and then Matt looked at me and said, "Hey, Ariel. Long time no see. What's been up?"

"Nothing. Tyler bought me fried dough." I just didn't know what else to say. Tyler had taken his previously good mood and completely shut it off. It was like these invisible walls went up all of a sudden and he refused to let anybody. Not even me.

"Ohhh, you mean the guy with the stand on the next row over? Yeah, we've gotta try one of those." Matt smiled. I saw Sam fidgeting a little bit, and Tyler had gone silent on me. But why? What happened? Everything was awesome a few seconds ago. Is it me? Did I do something wrong?

Sam asked, "How have you been, dude?"

Tyler cleared his throat, and he said, "I've been...you know. Ok. Good. Really good. You?"

"Same here. We just decided to come out and do the obvious for Spring Break, you know? There aren't too many arcades left in the world nowadays, you know?"

"Yeah. I suppose not." Tyler said.

There was another awkward moment of silence. Nobody seemed to want to look another person in the eye. I could feel the tension in the air. I was breathing it in, and it made me sick inside.

Matt asked me, "So you guys came together? Just you two, or...?"

Tyler said, "We came with Randy and Ryan, and a couple of friends. They're around here somewhere. I'm sure you'll run into them, we split up about twenty minutes ago, so..."

"Yeah..." I said softly.

Sam said, "Oh. Ok, well...cool." We all just sort of stood there for a second, and then Sam said, "Well, we're gonna go check things out before the lines get too long. So...I guess we'll see you around, huh?"

Tyler nodded. "Sure." Then he looked back at Sam, and he said, "See you guys later."

Sam and Matt both said goodbye to me, and I waved and all but...something was wrong with my Tyler. They 'broke' him or something. I don't get what happened.

He tried to smile for me and said, "Come on. Let's go see what's over there." But that's not a Tyler Jordan smile. I know a Tyler Jordan smile when I see one.

I followed behind him, not saying much. My brain filling up with every possible scenario from Sam and Matt maybe being mean to him in the past, to maybe jumping him in an alley or something. I always wondered what it was that kept Tyler so distant from those two, but now it bothered me more than ever. Because...they're nice guys and all, but if either one of them did something to hurt my Tyler, it's into the fiery pit of lava they go!

A nervous jitter rumbled around in my stomach. I was walking by Tyler's side, just as much in love as I was before...but I felt like the mystery of what happened was going to taunt me all day if I didn't at least try to ask what was going on. "Um...Tyler...?"


Great. Now I got his attention, and I have NO idea how to approach this delicately. "How come you don't like those two guys?"

For the first time today, Tyler hid his eyes from me. He never hides his eyes from me. "It's nothing like that. Sam and Matt are my friends. Or...more like Randy and Ryan's friends. We used to be friends. It's complicated."

"Um...complicated, like...how?"

He sort of shrugged his shoulders, but he wouldn't look at me. He said, "I guess you can say that we just grew apart. That's all." He stared off in to space for a moment, and he said, "It's old news. Honestly. I don't really think about it anymore."

Should I feel bad? Or...um...awww, I don't know what to do. I want my sweetheart to smile again. "If...if you, maybe, want us to go hang with them for a while...I mean, we can do that. I won't mind." I said.

He just gave me a warm smile and said, "Not a chance. I'm here with you. That's all I want."

It took me a second to make sure that I was balanced enough to keep walking. I smiled wide, and this really cool sensation spread across my chest, coming from the middle of my heart, and it was like I fell in love all over again. I swear, it happens, like, fifty times a day. Maybe I should stop worrying. Just...let it go. I'm enjoying a sunshine day with the boy of my dreams. What could be more awesome than that?

"Tyler...?" I giggled.


"I kinda wish we had stayed home today. You know...I mean, like...at your house." I trembled a little bit. "Like...in your room."

Tyler blushed. "So that's what you've been smiling about all morning? Hehehe!" I nodded bashfully, and he said, "Actually...I was kinda thinking about that too."

My mouth opened wide. "You were???"

"Of course. Hehehe, honestly...I can't stop thinking about you. I just...I thought you might want to come out here and have fun with everybody. I didn't want to feel like I was pushing you or anything..."

"No! You should push! You should definitely push!" I told him.

Tyler bit his bottom lip in the cutest way, and he said, "Well...I mean it's not like we have to come back tomorrow. We could just...you know, spend some time alone."

He was making me sooooo HARD by suggesting something like that. "M'kay. That sounds...rad..." I was shaking. Literally shaking. "I almost don't want to wait until tomorrow. I miss you. I mean like, I miss...umm...what we did this morning. I really really miss what we did this morning. Hehehe!"

"Hehehe, wow..." Tyler grinned, and I knew that it was naughty but...it was hard for me to stand still while I was thinking about it. Then he gets this really wicked look on his face, and he's like, "You wanna bail?"


"I mean, there's a bus stop a couple of blocks from here. The 203 bus should take us back to the neighborhood. Ryan and the guys wouldn't mind if we just sorta faded out for the day."

"Omigod, really?" Ok, if I got any harder I was going to start poking people in the back pocket by mistake! "Umm...hehehe....m'kay..."

Then, he raises an eyebrow, and he says, "But only on one condition."

"One condition?"

"Well, we didn't come all the way out to the carnival for nothing. You've gotta win me something. So it'll be worth the trip." He said.

"Oh..." I said. "But I don't know how to do anything..." I said.

"Sure you do." Tyler looked around for a bit, and then he saw a booth over to the left of us. It was one of those things where you throw a baseball at a stack of milk bottles or something and knock them all over to win a prize. "There we go. Something tells me that this is going to be your game."

"Nooooo, Tyler, I'm no good at this stuff."

"Maybe not before, but today you have an incentive." Then he leaned in close to whisper in my ear, "Win me one of those stuffed animals...and I'll take you home and fuck you until you're too weak to move."

AHHHHHH!!! What the...?!?!

"Outta the way! I'm next!!!" I was going to win something if I had to jump over the counter and kick those bottles over one at a time! I think my hole actually began to quiver and spasm just thinking about it! I wanna be weak! I wanna be too weak to move! YES! What do I do? Where do I stand? Here? There? How much? Give me the balls! How many do I get? My turn, my turn!!!

There was only one person in front of me. Just one! Then MY turn! Come on...hurry up! Three balls. Three chances. That's all I need. Omigod, I'm shaking so BAD right now! Oh man...oh gosh...I'd better hit it. Please God, let me hit it!

Hurry UP!!!

Then, just like a dark storm blowing in from out of nowhere, I heard that stupid Sean jerk's voice coming up behind us! I gritted my teeth in frustration and saw Ryan, Sean, and Cody, walking over to where we were standing. But...I didn't see Randy with them? Where's Randy? What did that butthole do with Randy???

Sean was drinking one of those big chocolate shakes from the ice cream place. "Come on, Ryan. Dude, have some. I went out of the way to get you an extra straw and everything. It's just gonna go to waste if we don't share."

"I'll think about it. Geez, pushy much?" Ryan grinned. He said hello to us, but I was watching how close and 'familiar' Sean seemed to be to somebody else's boyfriend. He even stands close to him, you know? Like, almost close enough for them to be holding hands.

He said hello, but I made sure to ask him, "Where's Randy?"

Sean opened his mouth to say, "Who knows? I guess he got tired of hanging out with us. Decided to go wandering off on his own."

I glared at him for a second and said, "That doesn't sound like Randy to me..."

Ryan said, "Actually, I was kind of hoping he was with you guys. I didn't see where he went to, so..."

"Next up!" Said the guy at the counter. Ooh! Ok! MY turn! Forget about that pig-faced dummy! MY turn!!!

Ryan asked, "What do you guys have going on over here?"

And Tyler said, "Ariel is going to aim for the bottles and win me something special. That's what." Suddenly, I heard Ryan take in a deep breath, and everyone immediately took a cautionary step or two back from the booth. "What? Where are you guys going?"

They exchanged a few looks, and Ryan said, "Nowhere. We're not going anywhere. It's just...umm..."

"What?" Tyler asked.

Ryan stumbled for words, and he said, "Well, Ariel...and NO offense, dude, honestly...but he has a tendency to be a little bit...um...uncoordinated with stuff like this."

"Not today." Tyler smiled. "Today, he's going to be a full blown athlete. I believe in him."

He believes in me. See? I'm not a clumsy dork all the time.

At least...I hope I'm not.

I heard Sean slurping his milkshake loudly. And he said, "Don't miss..."

Fuck you! Ugh! Ok...he doesn't matter. Hehehe, this is for lots of sex and a whole day of Tyler kisses! I can do it. I know I can.

I picked up the first ball, and I tried to focus on the bottles in front of me. Steady. Steady...

I threw the ball as hard as I could, and it missed ALL of the bottles, hitting one of the tent poles and bouncing off to the side, causing the guy behind the counter to quickly duck and hold on to his hat. "And it's a WILD one! Yikes, kid. Take it easy, huh?"

"Sorry..." I said. But I felt Tyler rub my back gently before nodding for me to try again.

I could still hear Sean slurping and sucking on that dang milkshake, and then he says, "You don't have to use a different straw, Ryan. We can share this one if you don't mind my cooties. Hehehe!"

Ugh! I pulled my arm back, and I fired away!


I GOT 'EM!!! Like...I knocked ALL of them over! On the second try! And no accidents! I did it! I won! And now I'm gonna get humped and pumped and pounded until I can't take anymore!!! I want my boy sex! Hehehe!

I was so happy that I cheered out loud, and I jumped up in the air, my fist coming around in excitement. I didn't realize that I was standing so close to the rack of stuffed animal prizes beside me. I also didn't realize that it wasn't exactly connected to the booth itself.

My fist hit the rack, and it instantly fell over to the side. Some guy saw it about to fall on him and he sort of pushed it back up...but that only caused it to fall over in another direction. It was heading right for Sean and Ryan and I thought it might actually hit one of them on the head...but they luckily jumped out of the way, instead.

I covered my face in embarrassment as a few people helped to lift the big rack back up again...brushing off the stuffed animals, now that they were covered in dirt and grass and stuff. Darn it. I hate when stuff like this happens.

The guy at the counter said, "Please, just take something and move on..."

I looked at Tyler, and even though I was blushing and he was giggling, I knew a deal was a deal. And we were out of here. So I looked up, and I grabbed a little blue teddy bear...and I gave it Tyler. "For you..." I said. Tyler ruffled my hair, causing me to look down and hide behind my hair.

"Way to go." Sean said. "Say, Tyler, you'd better make sure your health insurance is paid up, hanging around with the twerp here. Hehehe!"

Ok, you know what? Enough is enough...

I asked him nicely not to talk to us...

It wasn't an accident, but I tried to make it look like one. I just took a few steps forward, and I pretended to trip over my own two feet. I had done it enough times in real life to make it convincing. I stumbled forward, making sure that my elbow was out...and I purposely bumped that gigantic chocolate milkshake hard enough to smash it against his chest and spill it all OVER him! It was sooo dark, and so thick, and super COLD too! Good!

"Oh no! I'm sorry..." I said. "You're milkshake...you spilled."

"What the HELL?!?!" Sean said. He couldn't do anything but stand there with his arms out, dripping with a big ol' mess on his shirt. "Are you fucking kidding me, right now?"

Cody laughed and pointed at him. "If you ask me, I think this new look suits you just fine! Hahaha! High fives go out to Ariel for the play of the day!"

I was trying not to laugh, but a few snickers got out anyway. "Really, Sean...I'm so so sorry. It's just...I get excited sometimes. And I can be so...'uncoordinated'." When I said it, I noticed Ryan give me a look and a half smirk, almost as if he knew I did it on purpose. Good. He should be concentrating on finding Randy anyway. Not spending time with this boob head!

"Shit..." Sean said, taking some napkins and trying to wipe his shirt off. "Where is there a sink or something? I need to just...ugh! What the fuck, man?" Sean stormed off to go clean up, and even though it was a bad thing to do, I felt satisfied. Truly satisfied.

I turned to Tyler and said, "So...you wanna go, or...?" I was SO anxious! Let's go! Let's go, let's go, let's GO!!!

Ryan asked, "Go? Where are you guys off to?"

"Ariel and I decided we might just come back another day. You know?"

"But we just got here. We didn't even make it past the first hour yet."

"I know, but...even though I 'overslept' this morning...I'm still really tired. I think I'm gonna get a little more sleep."

I said, "A LOT more sleep. Lots more. Hehehe!"

Tyler nudged me and said, "Yeah. Probably a lot more. Probably, like...for the rest of the day." I nudged him back, then he nudged me again, and we started to giggle as the game went back and forth for a few seconds more.

Cody stepped in and said, "You know what, I'll be right back in a second. I'm going to see if I can take care of something really quick." And he walked away from us.

We didn't want to leave Ryan there all by himself, but...my booty needed some loving. Hehehe, and I was going to make Tyler earn that teddy bear! When we got back to his house. Believe me.

So we said our goodbyes, and Tyler and I started walking towards the bus stop. It was hard to keep from skipping, but I managed. Just...don't slow around. I need my baby to love me again. Soon. So soon.

It was then that Tyler asked me, flat out, "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

"YEP!" I said proudly.

"Hahaha, you devious little 'twerp'. I love it!"

And I love you, Tyler Jordan. I love you.

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