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"Kiss Of An Angel 18"

I felt so 'naughty', just saying goodbye to Ryan and leaving the carnival like that. Hehehe, it was hard to keep from giggling out loud as the noise and music of the festivities behind us began to fade into the background. Not that anything was really 'funny' or anything. I just....hehehe...gosh, there I go again! I felt these little soda bubbles in my tummy from walking at Tyler's side, knowing that we were going back to his house. And that we were going to be able to get all nakey and sexy and frisky again. The very thought of that was seriously driving me CRAZY at that moment!

I fought with all the mental ability I had to keep from getting fully hard and walking around with a big boy tree branch sticking out in front of me on our way to the bus stop. It wasn't really working though. My footsteps began to get more and more awkward by the second. I could feel my stiffy straining against the front of my pants, and I was SO embarrassed! If my blush had gotten any deeper, I probably would have passed out from the lack of blood going to my brain. I guess boys are just built that way. We're unable to hide how horny we are from the person in front of us. That's got to be some sort of evolutionary mechanism made for making love or something. Because, once you get a boner, you can't really do anything else until you get some relief. You know?

Tyler was grinning as he found himself racing to keep up with my frantic pace towards the bus stop. We looked at each other, and he gave me the biggest smile while holding up the teddy bear that I won for him. Omgiod...he's so CUTE!!! I wasn't really thinking at the time, but I was suddenly so caught up in the moment that I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped up to kiss him on the cheek while we were still walking! Awwww, I didn't mean to, he was just...he was being a cutie pie. I have a hard time controlling myself when he's being so adorable.

Tyler blushed, but he didn't say anything doing that out here where other people could see. Tyler can be really shy sometimes. It always makes me wiggle when I know that I made him shy. It's just so unnecessary. I can't imagine Tyler Jordan having to second guess anything about the extreme perfection that he embodies just by waking up in the morning. He's the kind of boy that most people wake up and keep dreaming about, because they still can't believe that he's real.

But he IS real! And he's mine!

When we both reached the bus stop, Tyler stood behind me and hugged me around the shoulders, holding his teddy bear in front of my chest. "Thank you for the teddy, Ariel." He said. He kind of moaned it in my ear, and I instinctively pushed my booty back against him. I just...I wanted to see if he was getting just as hard as I was.

I swiveled my hips around for a second or two and found him, not only half hard, but getting even more erect from the contact. He WANTS it! He wants more sex! And I do too! Where the hell is that stupid bus??? Why did we even bother to leave Tyler's house at all? What time is it? We wasted so much time coming here! I want him to do me so hard! GOD, I hope he does me hard! How long has it been? WHERE'S THE GOSH DARN BUS???

"Hehehe, Ariel...quit squirming!" He said, trying to hold me still.

"Sorry." I think I was getting a bit too excited now. I'd be leaking soon if I didn't at least try to keep myself together. I felt Tyler let go, and he took my hand as he sat down, cross-legged in the grass. I didn't want to sit down. Sitting down meant that we had a longer wait, and I didn't want to wait. I looked down the street again, my eyes straining themselves as if I could see the bus coming from a hundred blocks away or something. But to no avail. I just sighed, and let Tyler's soft hand guide me down to sit down next to him. "How long does it take?"


"The bus." I said, still leaning back to look. Just in case I missed something.

"Hehehe, relax. It's coming." He said.

"I'm being a dork, aren't I?"

"Nope." That's when Tyler narrowed those smoldering blue eyes of his, and he moaned, "It won't be long. We'll be home soon."

Well that didn't help my wiener situation at ALL! My heart began to beat faster, and I started to feel a little dizzy from the way I was breathing. I mean, I was practically panting at this point, but it felt like I was getting less and less oxygen. I leaned back to look for the bus again. Nothing. DANGIT!!! So I just sat there silently for a moment, hoping that I could hide the redness of my cheeks by looking down at my feet and playing with my shoelaces. My hair fell forward to cover some of it, but not as much as I would have liked. It was an uncomfortable 30 seconds or so where Tyler and I didn't say anything at all. I was too nervous to look up at him at first...but when the silence got to be too much...I sort of brushed some of my hair aside and took a peek.

Tyler was looking right back at me, and as soon as we made contact, he gave me this goofy grin and crossed his eyes to make a FACE at me! "Hahaha! Tyler, quit it!"

"Hehehe, what? What did I do?" He always knew how to make the tension go away. He knew how to settle the butterflies inside...usually just long enough for me to catch my breath. Then, I'd look at that pretty face and the chaos would start building up all over again. "What are you thinking?" He asked me.

"Ummm...I dunno..." I mumbled, looking back down at my shoes again.

He lightly brushed my fingers away from fiddling with my shoelaces to get my attention. "C'mon, tell me. I wanna know."

"Well...I guess..." Even in my head, it sounded corny and weird. So I avoided it again by saying, "...I dunno..." Tyler smiled at me, and when I instinctively started playing with my shoelace again, he lightly smacked my hand away. "Hehehe, what are you doing?"

He said, "Quit trying to 'hide' from me. It's cute and all, but you never have to hide from me. Ok? You can't do anything but make me even crazier about you. I mean, you know that, right?" With a sigh, I gave him a little nod. "Good."

I hope this didn't come out wrong. My brain wasn't really working properly. But I told him, "I was thinking that...this just feels like the perfect day. The sunshine and the time off from school and just...being able to sit here with you for a while..." I don't know what made me get all misty eyed all of a sudden, but my voice began to tremble as I said, "...I just don't know what I'd do or who I'd be if I didn't love you so much. I never really thought that I'd be important to somebody. Didn't really feel like I existed for anything other than my silly little accidents and stuff. But...when I see you smile at me like that...I just feel like...this is the one time when I'm not so clumsy. I guess you just make me feel like I did something right." Why it was so hard for me to say that out loud, I'll never know...but I did it. I really did.

I immediately lowered my head again. I almost reached for my shoelaces, but I stopped myself this time.

Tyler looked so....moved. There was a brief pause lingering between us. I was starting to think that I had gotten too sappy for him. Great job, Ariel. He's thinking about going back to his house for an afternoon of yummy boy sex, and you're talking about cumbersome emotional baggage.

"I didn't have to turn around this time." He said.


"Well, you've said some truly beautiful things to me before, Ariel...truly beautiful. But you always made me turn around first. Not this time."

"Oh..." I said softly. "...I guess I'm getting better then, huh?"

He just reached over to touch me on my knee. He said, "I'll take you however you are. The truth is, I can't imagine a day without you either."

"You don't have to say that, Tyler. I'm just being all emo and stuff. It's ok."

He seemed a bit confused. "Do you remember the first time you ever walked past me?"

"The first time I...what..?"

"I was having some...well, some 'issues' at the time, and I went over to Randy's house for some help. I didn't know where else to go. I was really hurting back then." He said. I peeked up at him again to look him in the eye. "I was coming into Randy's house, and you were just coming out. You were so bashful and quiet, hehehe, typical Ariel. Walking with your head down, hiding. But even though I was feeling like garbage that day...I took one look at you, and it was like all my troubles were instantly forgotten. The only thing that mattered to me during that one brief moment was, 'who was that?' It might have only been a couple of seconds in real time. But, I can't remember what my life was like before that one afternoon when I first laid my eyes on the boy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Hehehe, which may sound weird, I know...but if anybody can make it from now to forever...I'd like to think it would be us."

I'm gonna kiss him again, aren't I? I'm trying not to. Not yet. But...I never know what my poor little body is going to do when Tyler says things like that.

Our eyes connected, and I felt the emotion bubbling up to the brink of spilling over again. Then he crossed his eyes and made that FACE at me again! "Hahaha! STOP IT!"

I giggled, but he took me by the hand, and he said, "I love you, Ariel. With my whole heart, I love you."

"I love you too..." I accidentally let a tear drop. I hope he didn't see that. Awww, I don't want to get all raw and snotty now! I want to look good for when...

"The bus is coming..." Tyler said, and without thinking, I swung my legs around and popped up on my feet like I had been stung by a nest full of hornets!

I heard him laugh a little as I began to squirm and wiggle in front of him. I tried to pretend that it wasn't what he thought it was. I stamped my foot a few times, and I said, "My leg fell asleep know...while I was on the ground."

"Hehehe, uh huh. Sure it is." He chuckled. Then he gave the teddy bear a big hug and a kiss on his nose. "A deal is a deal, right?"

Omigod omigod omigod! Arrrrghhh! Hurry up, stupid bus! Why is it so SLOW???

It finally came to our stop, and I quickly paid my fare and moved all the way to the back before my boner got all the way to full hardness again. I saw Tyler coming down the center aisle behind me, and he was holding his stomach while trying not to laugh out loud at my erratic twitching. He sat down next to me, but used his butt to scoot me all the way over to the window. He was sooooo close to me, and he put his hand on my leg. I mean, I'm sure nobody could see his hand, but they could certainly see my face. If I blushed any harder, they were going to ask me if I needed a doctor.

That short bus trip from the carnival to the stop a few blocks away from Tyler's house was the most excruciating 12 minutes of my life up to that point. I wanted him so bad that my clothes began to itch! It was so nutty! Am I becoming a sex addict? Am I? I don't know! All I know is that Tyler is touching me and I want him and I feel like I can already TASTE him in my mouth and there's a bus and a teddy bear and all SORTS of crazy stuff going on right now!

My legs were soooo shaky when Tyler reached over me to ring the little bell signal thing for us to get off the bus. I think he did it on purpose. Hehehe, he likes to make me nervous sometimes. But it's really cute the way he does it. I don't know why, but...yeah. He's amazing.

We didn't say much of anything as we walked that first block, but on the second block, I think we tried to sort of make a little conversation. If for no other reason than to cut the extreme tension that was building between us. Then...hehehe...came that last block.

We could actually see Tyler's house in front of us. Like...we could SEE it! And we both knew what was waiting on us once we got inside.

I smiled at Tyler.

Tyler smiled back at me.

I started to walk faster as my smile got wider.

He started to walk fast too. Not just to keep up, but almost as if to race me to the house.

We both started to jog a little, but our growing laughter made us weak in the middle. The closer we got to his house, the faster we ran. And just as we got to his front lawn, I accidentally tripped on something and fell over, rolling on the grass and banging my knee up a little.

I didn't even have a chance to get mad at myself for being dumb before Tyler came back for me, laughing so hard that he fell to his knees beside me and doubled over while holding onto my shoulder.

I can't help but to bust up whenever Tyler laughs. Something about it makes the whole of my existence a hilarious experience.

It really was funny, but I was trying hard to get to my feet so we could get into his house and have some privacy already. I started yanking on Tyler's arm to pick him up, but he was laughing so hard that it made me laugh even harder, and I didn't have the strength to pull him up. "Hahaha! Tyler! Come on, you promised!"

"Wait! Hahaha! Gimmee a second!" He said. I gave him a few brief moments to catch his breath, but I gave his arm another yank as I looked into those deep blue eyes of his...eyes that seemed to turn an even brighter, more alluring, shade of blue every time he smiled. A shade of blue that can't ever be duplicated or reproduced. Tyler's signature shade doesn't belong in a crayon box. Only in nature. In the water, and the sky, and...and...awww, dangit! Get up already! I want my 'naughty'! Hehehe!

Tyler took me over to the front door, where I bounced around for a second while he unlocked the door. We practically spilled inside, and Tyler called out to see if anybody was home as I kicked off my shoes right there at the door. "Is it ok?" I asked. But Tyler didn't take the time to answer me.

He walked toward me with that....that look in his eye, you know? That really hot, sensual, look? He hadn't even touched me yet when I started whimpering helplessly for his embrace. I really loved the way he pushed me back against the wall by the front door. There something so aggressive about it. It makes me really horny when he's like this. His lips smashed up against mine as I closed my eyes and just trusted him to take me away. It's so HOT when he just takes me like this! Hehehe, I'm so LUCKY to have him love me!

I feel Tyler's arms wrap around my waist, and we begin kissing like CRAZY! Like, I'm actually surprised that I was able to keep up with him because he seemed so hungry for it. I'm still getting used to having another boy really crave me the way Tyler does. It takes a bit of an adjustment, considering that he's the kind of boy that would make me pass out just from getting caught staring at him from across a crowded lunch room. Actual, physical contact? Well, that's a whole new level of 'wow'. It stills makes my bones all wobbly.

I guess there was this little 'key rack' or something behind me the whole time. A little wooden fixture hanging on the wall for car and house keys, maybe some mittens. Well, it was sort of digging into the back of my left shoulder, but Tyler's kiss was bursting with so much magic and sexy joy that I didn't want to say anything. I just wanted to ignore it and enjoy this one super rad moment. You know? So I just kind of dealt with it while we were feverishly making out, his body pressing itself against me so tight that it it was nearly squeezing the air out of me. I heard a little moan escape him. I could feel the tingle in his lips when he did it. Omigod...he's so hot for me! Ahhhhh!

Then, my shoulder sort of got bumped into the key rack, and I could feel it tilt a bit, but we just kept kissing. Then he bumped me against it again, and this time, I totally knocked it off of the wall. I heard it fall to the floor, and I was desperately hoping that I didn't break it or anything...but Tyler didn't seem to care! He just wanted to focus on me and nothing else. Hehehe, I don't know why, but that was kind of sexy to me too. Just...making a mess and not caring. Even if it's just a little mess. I don't know, I'm weird.

I don't know how long I desperately clung to Tyler and sucked on his juicy tongue as we breathlessly expressed our love for one another, nearing the point of explosion...but it reached a fever pitch when he began to roughly grab and squeeze my butt with both hands. Tyler moaned again while I yelped from the sensation. His fingers were gripping me so tight, and as he kneaded my buns, pushing his hips into me, he began to lift me up onto my tip toes. Then, he actually picked me up and held me in his arms with my back still pressed firmly against the wall. I draped my arm over his shoulders as my legs wrapped themselves around his slim waist, and he held me suspended there as he kissed me with even more passion that before. I was sooooo dizzy! I had never been so enchanted! GOD, I love this boy! I wanted more! Please, Tyler...give me more!

It was another few minutes before he let me go. I think his arms might have gotten tired or something, but it didn't matter. He just took me by the hand and hurried off towards his bedroom. I was swooning like crazy, my blush turning me all sorts of colors as Tyler pushed me back on his bed and got on top of me. This was SO much better, having his hips thrust themselves into me, his gentle weight making the friction between us soooo much more erotic. Our lips were smacking so loudly. Our panting breath, so heavy. But it was awesome! Everything about this moment was a miracle!

I could hear myself making noises again. I held my breath a few times and tried to control it, but...awww...I can't help it! Whenever something sexy happens and I start feeling really REALLY good...the whimpers just sort of 'happen'. They're totally involuntary. Especially when it comes to Tyler. It's just the way my body reacts to being so enveloped in the sensual act of making love to someone that I've been dreaming about ever since I first met him. I hope he doesn't mind.

We rolled around on his bed for a while longer, which was super cool. But I could feel my butthole, like...crying out for him to penetrate me again. I just...UGH...ever since the first time we actually 'did it''s all that my butt can think about! I wanted some more. I had to have it. A LOT of it! Maybe I'm just a hungry bottom like those boys that I see on the porn sites and stuff. Because I had a yearning for him that wasn't going to be satisfied until he was pushing every last inch of his manhood into me as deeply as he could possibly manage. I needed it! Omigod, I *LOVE* kissing my boyfriend, but this is taking too long! It's almost frustrating to have to wait this long!

Hugging him tighter around the neck, my body began to wiggle beneath him, and my little squeals of pleasure got louder. Shhhhhh! God, Ariel! So loud! But even when I tried to hold back, Tyler's hot body would move a certain way or his kiss would reach a certain level of intensity, and I'd suddenly find myself so lost in my own lustful tingles that a vocal outburst became necessary, just to keep me from dying right there on the spot!

Tyler broke our kiss, and he whispered, "Wait...hold on a second..." He got off of me, a big bulge in the front of his pants, and he walked over to close both of his bedroom windows. Dang...I was being too loud, wasn't I? I felt a moment of humiliation. Tyler even walked over to close his bedroom door too. I lowered my head a little bit, sitting up to hide my tent from him. "I'm sorry. I'll be more quiet..." I said.

But Tyler hurried over to give me a couple of really beautiful kisses on my lips. He said, "No! No no's fine! I kinda...hehehe, I like it!"

" do?"

He kissed me again, giving me a smile. "I think it's hot." He said. "Just...neighbors. You know? But DON'T think about that! I wanna hear you. Make all the noise you want. It's just us, for the rest of the day. We're gonna make the best of it, believe me. I want you to howl until your throat gets sore. Hehehe!"

I gasped a little bit. Why does he love me so much? There's got to be SOMETHING that he finds annoying about me! How s it that I can do no wrong in his eyes?

"M'kay...." I giggled. Then I saw Tyler starting to take off his clothes. SWEET!!! This is the good part! I swear, my hole clenched up so tight at the sight of Tyler undressing in front of me that I was afraid it would suck my undies right up inside of me! I quickly pulled off my socks and then started fiddling with my belt and the button on my pants! Get off! Get off, get off, GET OFF!!! My legs were kicking wildly was my pants and undies came off together, getting caught on my ankles for a second, but I flung 'em off soon enough. My stiff boner was exposed to the air, my legs spread wide, so happy to be free from the restrictive fabric that was keeping the two of us from truly being all nakey together. I looked up to see Tyler, hard and ready, before me. I took an extended moment to stare at him with a longing that froze all other thoughts out of my mind for nearly a full minute. Then he pulled off his shirt, and I figured that I should do the same.

I was in such a rush that I pulled my shirt up from my waist and my elbows got hooked in the material somewhere. I struggled to pull it up over my head, but my face was covered, and I got stuck! Noooooo! Why am I STUCK??? What the heck is going on???

I couldn't see anything, and started violently thrashing around to get free of the constricting fabric, probably looking like the silliest dummy in the world! But as I felt Tyler crawl up onto the bed, his smooth, soft, lips engulfing me and taking my hard inches all the way down to the base of my shaft...I began to calm down. Even with the shirt still over my face, I just leaned back and let the sensation of his sexy tongue slowly coiling its hot wet texture around the head...his fingers lightly holding the balls underneath. His fingers tickling me as they traveled further and further back towards the spot that had been excitedly twitching for more of his attention since I first pulled up my pants this morning, still shivering from our last encounter.

Oh wow...

It's hard for me to move. Hard for me to keep still. Everything that Tyler did to me was JUST right. Always.

My hands moved to his shoulders while I felt his warm mouth sucking tightly on my erection. Then, a few seconds later, I felt uncomfortable with that, so I put my hands on the bed gripping the mattress sheet in my clenched fists. The slow bobbing of his head was driving me crazy, so that state of comfort didn't last long either. Those moist and cushioned lips were stroking me with such a sensual rhythm that I couldn't keep still! I spread my legs wider, but couldn't keep them spread. I closed my thighs around Tyler's head, but couldn't keep them closed either. As his tongue licked the underside of my sensitive head, I jumped a little, and my hands suddenly shot forward to tangle my fingers in the thick blond strands of Tyler's shiny blond hair. My butt was moving around and my hips were thrusting up and down, even with my legs being so weak from the feelings shooting through me like bolts of lightning. God...what do I do?

My hands went up to cover my face as another loud whimper escaped me. I pulled at my own hair for a moment, and then moved them backward to the pillow beneath my head. My legs squirmed a bit more. Tyler's tongue is SO slippery and wet! How does he keep it soooooo slippery and wet! It was like gravity didn't even matter anymore!

My hands went back to his shoulders for a few seconds, then back to my pillow, then back to his hair...then his hands started rubbing me all over my thighs and my stomach, and I nearly came right then and there. I was breathing so hard that I felt faint from the lack of oxygen. I squirmed soooo much all over his sheets! My muscles just jumped and convulsed in response to his every caring touch. And when he slid those puffy lips off of the top of my shaft, and nuzzled his nose in my bush while his tongue lapped slowly at my balls underneath, I started to cry out in desperation again. It felt so good. I had to bite my lip to keep from really screaming out loud.

It almost hurt to have him stop. My legs were still shivering when I saw Tyler stand up at the foot of the bed. Just looking at him...I started to slide and slither all over his sheets again. He turned around to open his dresser drawer and get that little tube of slippery stuff again. Did I ever mention how CUTE Tyler's ass is? Shapely and smooth and pale and just....omigod, it's just CUTE!

I saw him squirt some gel into his palm, and I got super excited to see him wrap those delicate fingers around his boner and start to slowly stroke it as he got on his knees and got back up on the bed between my legs. Oh goodie goodie! Hehehe! Yay! I was SO ready for this!

Tyler's manhood was all hot and hard and throbbing and shiny from slippy gel...I instantly lifted my legs and waited for that ticklish feeling that I always got when he first pressed the spongy tip of himself against my anxious rim. Then...Tyler did the sweetest thing ever!

He reached to the side, and got an extra pillow to put behind my head. With a whisper, he said, "Hold your head up for a sec..." So I did, and he put it in just the right place, waiting for me to lay back on it before letting it go. "You ok?"

"Uh huh..." I giggled.



Tyler smiled down at me for a moment, then lowered those sweet lips down to mine to kiss me briefly before getting ready to make me the happiest boy in the whole wide world. "Ready?" I closed my eyes and nodded.

There it is. That initial touch. The gentle nudge of his hardness at my backdoor. I wanted it so badly that it was hard to relax. We both just tried to breathe steady, searching for a balance where neither one of us went too fast. And then, with a little added pressure, my lover was able to slide in. A penetration that only pushed his head inside of me, but it forced my eyes open and made me smile all the same.

Make love to me, baby. I'm SO yours right now!

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