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"Kiss Of An Angel 19"

There's always this extended pause between us when Tyler first finds his way inside me.

A silence.

It's kind of rad. Hehehe!

Neither one of us speaks. We don't move, we don't blink, we don't breathe. It's just a moment of true connection where his body becomes a part of mine. He plugs himself into the very core of me and tries to adjust to the heat.

Tyler always waits for my body to stop trembling before he pushes further. It must drive him crazy, because I can feel the throbbing tension inside me as his hard shaft swells from the excitement of being so deeply submerged in my love for him. I don't mean to squeeze him sooooo tight all the time, but my quivering ring seems to do it all on its own. I guess I'm excited too. It grips him with all its might, then releases a little bit, then grips him again. Almost as if my body is trying to decide whether to keep him out or invite him in to the warmth that he's been craving since the last time he's been a part of it. Or maybe it's just waiting to adjust to what he's given it can loosen up to pull in even more a second later.

Oh God...this is sex. Real sex! How does anybody on the planet find the desire to busy themselves with ANYTHING else???

I smile warmly up at my lovely boyfriend, and he gives me a little smile of his own before leaning down to kiss me tenderly on the lips. I moan a little, but I try to hold it back for some reason. I know that I'll probably be wailing out loud like some kind of maniac just a few minutes from now, but for now...the peace and quiet is soothing. Besides, there's something about hearing Tyler breathe up close that just seems so sexy to me. I wish I could record that lone sound and go to sleep to it every night before school. I'd have the sweetest dreams ever if I could manage that.

Our lips disconnect briefly as I feel Tyler's shaft push a little further forward into me. I press the back of my head against the softness of the pillow, tilting my chin up and taking a deep breathe as a little bit more of my snug little tunnel is invaded, and the muscle is slowly spread apart. I can feel my cheeks wiggle a little bit, my legs tensing up on either side of his slender hips. I almost feel too 'packed' to accept any more of him, but there's a naughty part of me that wants to take in more anyway. And Tyler waits patiently for me to figure out how to physically make that happen for him.

He only slides in an inch at a time, but it feels like more. I'm so hard that I can barely stand it! But I don't want to touch myself just yet. I like it when Tyler makes me squirt. It's sooooo much hotter when he makes me do it. When he can feel me wrapped around him and twitching from an intense orgasm, my hole squeezing him with every pulse, my boy juices spraying all over the place. Hehehe! I have to admit...I think I even like the inevitable 'mess' of it all. You know...a little bit. There's something really sexy about that too.

"Uggh..." I gasp softly. I clench my eyes shut for a moment as Tyler pushes in just a little bit more. The shaft seems to expand slightly, but it's the depth of him that lightly pushes the wind out of me. I lay my hands flat on his smooth back, spreading my fingers out and enjoying the silk like surface of his warm skin. I didn't even realize that I was holding my breath until Tyler leaned in to kiss and snuggle his face into the nape of my neck. That's when my legs relaxed, and I let all of the air in my lungs rush out of me in one dreamy sigh.

My hole relaxed involuntarily, and Tyler slipped in even further. I think by accident. But it still felt REALLY cool!

A whimper escapes my lips. Tyler's knees are spread wide on the mattress, his gentle weight bearing down on me. Some of his feathery blond locks brush against my cheek, a few strays laying across my lips. He smells like sunshine. You know that? His hair is warm and honey colored and just smells like a sunny day in the park to me. Gosh! Does he have to be so perfect??? How did I score a chance with someone so perfect? I'm going to lose it if I keep taking in the details of the situation like this. I'm almost ready. We're almost there.

Tyler whispers that he loves me, and he kisses me on the lips as I whine helplessly from the overwhelming surge of emotion that runs through me from hearing it. My heart throbs out of control, trying desperately to keep up with the love I want to give him. I want my Tyler to take it. He can have it all. I don't want to even leave any for myself. He can have that too. Oof! Another gentle push and Tyler causes my eyes to spring wide open as his head nudges against my 'birthday spot' again. My legs are consumed by sweet tingles and spontaneous shivers as both of my arms weakly snake around Tyler's neck to hold him close, our tongues intertwined between the suction and softness of our sealed lips. I thought for a moment that he was all the way in me and that I was about as full as I was going to get. But then, totally by surprise...he pushes just a little bit further! My legs lose all muscle control, and my feet fall down to the mattress as my body contracts violently from the added bonus. Not in pain...just...from the awakening. Now he was in! All the way! I could feel his soft blond hairs tickling me just beneath my balls, his pelvis pressed closely against the backs of my thighs. My breathing instantly began to speed up, and I felt Tyler swivel his hips a little bit to get more comfortable, causing his hardness to sweep back and forth against that magic trigger within me and drive my young body CRAZY with a series of intense spasms that threatened to rattle me all to pieces if he didn't stop it!

Tyler raised himself up onto his elbows, and he grinned, "You ok?"

"Hehehe...umm...yes." I blushed. His blue eyes stared into mine, and I turned my head to the side to keep from being completely hypnotized by their brilliance.

"What? Hehehe!" He asked.


"Tell me." Tyler whispered softly. Then he teased me by wriggling a little bit more, and my hands shot down to grip his forearms and hold on as I tried not to leap out of my own skin!

"Tyler!!! Hehehe, don't..."

"Don't what? You mean this?" He said...and not only did he angle his hardness in a way that just about made me SCREAM from the sensation...but I think he slid in even deeper than he was before! How is that possible? Oh gosh! I'm going to make SO much noise! Shhhhh! Hold your breath! Don't be a baby! know, just...AHHHH!

"*DON'T*!!!" I panted with a goofy grin on my face. "That, or something?"

"Hehehe, it tickles?" He asked.

"Well...not tickles, actually. It's just like..." I blushed. "...Hehehe, I don't KNOW! I just know that it's gonna make me crazy if you keep doing that."

With a kiss on the cheek, Tyler said, "I think I like you being crazy."

"You like me no matter what I do." I grinned, and stuck my tongue out to make a funny face at him.

"This is true." He said, and even though he was a little more careful about overloading me with pleasure, he humped his hips into me a few more times anyway. I honestly think Tyler liked seeing me squirm like that in his arms. I could feel him moving around in side me, every tingly sensation feeling like a brand new surprise to me. Every twitch of my body felt like I had been given a static shock, and it only made my silly giggles worse when I had to peer up into that mesmerizing blue stare of his. My body got to be so fragile and excited that I had to practically beg him to stop. Hehehe, and then...he looked down on me...using his fingers to lightly brush a few of my hairs off of my forehead. And he says, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Ariel. I mean that. I love you so very much."

I don't know why my own tears caught me so off guard, but I suddenly felt them rolling back out of the corners of my eyes before I had the chance to stop them. My voice was strained, nearly to the point of cracking, my bottom lip trembling as I whimpered, "Omigod, Tyler! I love you TOO!" I held onto his strong back and shoulders to pull myself up from the bed, desperately smashing my lips against his...simultaneously impaling myself even further on his erection. The adrenaline was running so hot in my veins that I didn't feel any hint of pain at all! I just didn't know what to do with myself. But the unpredictability of every kiss, every movement, every loving touch between his body and mine, inside and out...was what made it so exciting! I needed him! Like, right NOW! I needed that rhythm. That stroke. That continuous pumping and grinding that turns my whole world a glowing shade of neon pink and gives me the kind of unrestricted joy that a simple smile can't express!

Ok. I'm ready to scream now, Tyler Jordan. My body is all yours. No need to be gentle with me...I want it all.

He knew that I was prepared by the way our kissing shifted into something much more erotic. By the way I clung to his body and pulled his full weight down on me until the delicate muscles of his flat tummy were pressing my own shaft between us. Belly to belly. If I closed my eyes, it was almost like I was inside him too. When his stomach stomach contracted. The warm, rippling, effect was mind-blowing. Our lips broke contact again, and I hugged my sweet Tyler even harder as I put my chin on his shoulder and attempted to catch my breath.

Here we go...

His first steady withdrawal from me always made me feel so empty. It made me whine with desperation, hoping that his next careful thrust would be soon. He'd almost pull it out of me. To the point where only his mushroom tip remained caught at my clutching entrance...and he'd leave it there for a second before slowly pushing into me again. One, long, smooth, motion. Opening me up all over again as if for the first time. I think that was one of Tyler's favorite parts of sex. That one long push. It made his body shiver in the most awesome way. And from there, the perfectly paced pumping would begin. Measured and cautious at first...but constantly picking up speed. I think, maybe that's my favorite part of sex. It's like...Tyler heats up, and his whole persona changes from being the cutest, sweetest, boyfriend in the some sort of wickedly, ill-behaved, animal. Hehehe, and when I see that look in his eyes, and his hips begin to push into me again and again with that 'snapping' motion...oh wow! It's like the best thing EVER! He leans into me, his pelvis pushing the backs of my thighs up even higher than before, my legs splayed wide for him as his strong arms holding me still as if to physically let me know that I wasn't going anywhere until he decided to let me go. Hehehe, omigod, it was so sexy to me. Even sexier than the slapping sound his hips made every time he pushed forward. The feeling is indescribable.

It's get really warm and wiggly inside at first. There may be a quick jolt of pain every once in a while, but the constant and relentless pounding keeps hitting that magic button and it masks the pain with such a rush of unspeakable pleasure that you don't notice that little pinch of 'hurt' at all. That's why I like it when he goes fast. And hard. And deep.'s like my whole body is full of 'sparkles'! And I spend the entire time on the very edge of orgasm. I feel all of this pressure in my shaft and even more at the tip top too, you know? But it won't come out. Not yet. It just feels like I'm shooting sperm the entire time...even though I'm not. That feeling makes my eyes roll back and my toes curl at the same time. The only thing keeping me from literally getting up and dancing the funky chicken to express my EXTREME joy is the fact that Tyler had me so lovingly folded up beneath him.

Hehehe, he makes me feel so silly sometimes.

Oh man...the tingles were getting worse. I hold onto his back, my whimpers getting louder with every breath. It's so CUTE when he gets more aggressive with me. I know he enjoys being with me. Making my Tyler feel good only makes the sparkles worse within. I feel my body tensing up, and I don't want it to end yet. I kiss Tyler so deeply on the lips that it catches him by surprise, and I feel his hips speed up as he moans out loud. I can taste his tongue, his breath...all while he hammers away at me until I almost feel numb from the activity. Oh God, oh God...almost...I can't stop it now! In fact, trying to hold it back only makes the tingles worse. My legs wrap around him and I silently beg him to love me so HARD! Ugh!!! I wish I could hold on for a bit longer. It feels too good to stop now.

Then...with a high pitched squeal in the back of my throat...almost 'dog whistle' straining hardness straightens out completely, swelling up in the tip...with Tyler's stomach, moist with vigorous perspiration, pushing the underside of my sensitive head and pressing down on it as he made love to me with all the passion that he could give me...I begin to let go and gasp desperately for air as the throbbing pulses shoot out all on their own. My sperm sprays Tyler's midsection with an eager outburst...and he whimpers in the most adorable way as the hot liquid tries to force itself between us. I couldn't hold onto him any tighter if I tried.

My hole grips him like a fist...opening and closing around him in rapid succession, his well greased erection defying every constriction as he worked himself into a frenzy to finish off along with me.

It doesn't take long. He loves it when I cry out and make noises the way I do, and whenever I sperm...I can't help but to get a little bit louder than usual. It really turns him on. And he's soon losing his perfect rhythm, his knees scooting even further up on the mattress to prepare for the release of the building 'feel good' disaster inside of him! I just keep holding on. Love me, Tyler. Love ME!

"I LOVE you!" He says breathlessly, and kisses me hard as he thrusts as far into me as he possibly can! His shaft jumps and spasms inside of me while he tries to hold back his cries of utter delight. His seed rushes out of him like a stampede of charging horses, and I suddenly feel my tiny hole getting slippery with the amount of fluids that his climactic tantrum has filled me with. It's only been a few seconds since Tyler's body relaxed from its rigid state, his head moving over my shoulder to press his forehead to the pillow behind my head...and already I crave more. SO much more!

But Tyler's breathing really hard at the moment, so I let him rest for a bit. Hehehe...he definitely did a fair amount of work on top of me. Wow...I'm still quivering...from head to toe. Maybe I should catch my breath too.

I didn't want to be the first one to talk. In fact, I think I felt myself starting to blush. I don't know why. I've got the hottest blond boy EVER laying on top of me...still rock hard inside of me...and I can't help but to feel a little self conscious about it all. It would seem really dumb to me, and I'd probably start thinking the worst...if it wasn't for Tyler's soft breathing in my ear. His breathing just...makes everything alright again. Especially when he gives me little kisses every now and then on top of it. Hehehe!

After a short rest, Tyler raises himself up on his elbows...and he smiles at me. "You're never going to get rid of me. You know that right?"

"Nooooo!" I giggled. "I don't ever want you to go!"

"Hahaha! Good." He kisses me softly, and as his body shifts slightly...I feel the ticklish trickle of thick nectar as it dribbles out of my hole. It's a little...hehehe...freaky. But I like it. I wiggle my butt a little, and it makes Tyler smile. He can hump in and out so much easier now. Something that he starts to do right away. "You ready for some more?" He asks.

My eyes widen immediately with a gentle gasp. "Wha....? You, right now?"

Tyler kissed me on the lips, and then he looked over at the teddy bear I won for him at the carnival. "I believe we had a 'deal', didn't we? I plan to hold up my end of the bargain."

YES!!! Playing that dumb ol' carnival game was the BEST money I ever spent! Thank you, stuffed animal thingy! You made my day!

"You want it?" He asked.

"Yes, please. Hehehe!" I smiled at first, but as soon as he slid all the way into me again, my smile faded and I just had to close my eyes and kiss him again, holding onto his shoulders as the sparkles started up all over again. Yes. More sex. More sex is always a good thing.

I didn't even think about how many times we did it until we realized that the sun was almost setting for the day. Tyler was certainly a man of his word! Hehehe, my body felt so loose and limp and exhausted by the time we had to take an extended break from making love, that I could hardly speak, much less sit up straight. I sighed to myself. At least...I thought it was to myself. Hehehe, but Tyler must have heard me because he nudged me in the side. "You happy?"

I blushed. "Umm...I think so."

"You think so? Do you need more?"

I didn't know if I could handle anymore. At least not right away. But I certainly didn't want to say no. So I just mumbled, "I love you, Tyler." And I rolled over to kiss those plush and lovely lips of his again.

Owwww...I think I sprained my wiener today. It hurts, now that it's getting hard again. Right on the top of the shaft. Ok...maybe if we do it just one more time...I can stop. Besides, it's looking all pink and overused now. I'm going to use up all of my pineapple juice flavored cum...then I'll have to drink another whole half gallon of the stuff to get it back!

Tyler tongue kissed me for a few minutes, and I think he was a little worn out too. But as soon as he was hard again, he started rubbing my booty all over, and I was hoping he'd want some more. Because I sure did! Soreness and all.

"You wanna know something, Ariel?" He asked.

"Uh huh..." I smirked.

"You have a really SEXY ass on you! I mean that."

"Wha...??? I DO?" I said, looking over my shoulder to see if I could see it. Naturally, I couldn't. But...what would quality time with Tyler be without me having an extremely 'uncomfy' dork moment? "No way! You're making that up! Hehehe!"

But he's like, "No! Ariel...I'm dead serious! I think you have the cutest butt I've ever laid eyes on. I feel lucky that I got to be your boyfriend before somebody else stole you away from me."

"Nuh unh! Who could steal a boy away from Tyler Jordan? Doesn't happen. You're too sexy for that." I said, and he kissed me again while giving my butt a squeeze. Ok...maybe we can be naughty TWO more times...and then I'll stop. That's fair, right?

"Come here. Hehehe, you drive me so crazy. God, I love you..." He said, and pulled me even closer to kiss me again. Our naked bodies rubbing together, still a little fatigued from spending the whole afternoon having sex. It didn't matter. If we could do it just ONE more time...we'd try for ten! Hehehe, because my baby's worth the effort!

Then...after another few, um...exercises...we decided to call it quits. But only because we'd only have the house to ourselves for another thirty minutes or so, and we didn't want to get caught. The funny thing is, I didn't realize just how much Tyler had totally drained me until I tried to stand up again. Hehehe, I guess we had been laying down in his bed, kissing and rolling around and being naughty for the last few hours...and my feet hadn't touched the floor since I first took my clothes off.

Wow! My legs were so wobbly that my first two attempts to stand up straight caused me to plop right back down on his bed again. My vibrating hole still had this phantom sensation of having my sweetheart still lodged deep within me. I could feel it. And the muscle kept trembling, so I could still feel the in and out movement too. It made me giggle to myself as my face turned red, and Tyler had to get out of bed and...still naked...he offered me both of his hands to help me get to my feet again.

Even while snickering to myself, I could feel the ache of yet another boner stretching out...and I tried my best to 'tame' that sucker before I ended up getting Tyler all excited again.

He kisses me softly, and he presses his forehead against mine. His blond and my brunette making a perfect mix as his hands slid down to hold me around the waist. "I've got an idea." He said. "I know that Ryan and Randy have this whole Spring Break thing planned out to some degree, about we do our own thing this week?"

"Our own thing? What do you mean?"

"I and me, we just disappear from the whole show. And we spend the whole week together. Just the two of us." He said. "I don't want to share you with anybody else. I want you all to myself."

There go those damn spontaneous tears again. I'm such a BABY! "I don't want to share you either..." I whimpered. I wiped my eyes, and then I hugged Tyler around the neck. "You make me so happy. SOOOOO happy!" Stop crying! You're going to mess this up! I'm going to practice not being such a wimp! I swear I am!

So...I guess me and Ty are going to be together all week. I LOVE the idea of that! But....awww, Randy wanted us to all hang out together this week. Still, he's pretty sick. And....Awww I feel dirty for saying it, but the longer Randy stays as sick as he is, the more chances I have to back out of things and spend time with Tyler instead.

Hehehe, who would have EVER thought that I'd be all spazzy'd out about spending time with ANY other boy other than Randy a few months ago??? Yeah, I think I've kind of laid that massive crush of mine to rest now. And there's a part of me that feels bad about it, because Randy was my first big 'boy crush'. My first ever. But now...? Tyler is just....he's phenomenal! He's exactly what I've been waiting for! As much as Randy Stephens will always have a secure place in my heart...he wasn't the love that I was honestly searching for. Tyler is. Tyler's my everything. My perfect fit in anything and everything that I do with my life from here on out. I couldn't be more in love! Not at all! I need to kiss him again! MWAH!!! I'm SO in love! More! MWAH!! Mwah mwah mwah!!! Hehehe, I never want to be out of the reach of his amazingly sweet skin ever again! MWAH! Kiss me again, baby! I need it! Don't ask why...just believe me when I say that I can't breathe without your kiss. Not ever again.

There I go...being silly. I feel like my belly's full of fuzzy caterpillars, you know? It's so weird.

I almost fell over twice trying to put my pants and undies on. Hehehe, my booty still felt a little slippery, and my legs were shaking while trying to maintain some kind of balance. But I think Tyler got a kick out of watching me stumble around like that. As if I wasn't dizzy enough over him as it is. He walked me to the door and gave me an angelic kiss on the lips. "Thanks for my teddy bear, hon."

"Hehehe, thanks know...keeping your promise and stuff." I grinned, and bashfully covered my face with my hand.

Tyler stepped closer and pulled my hand down, lightly caressing my cheek with his palm, wiping his thumb across my lips. "Who said I was finished?"

It's hard to smile when my jaw drops wide open like that. "Omigosh..."

"Hehehe, let's just consider this an extended 'break' until you come back tomorrow. K?" Our lips met again, and I swooned to the point of leaning back against his front door to keep from sliding right down to the floor. "I love you. K?"

"M'kay..." I said.


"M'kay..." I said I again. "Love you too." It still gives me the shivers to be able to look Tyler Jordan in the eye and say those words out loud. This whole situation is one big wet dream come true.


"Bye, Tyler. I love you. I mean, bye...and stuff. you..." Shut up already! Why am I talking so much. Concentrate on walking with these wobbly legs of yours before you trip and fall flat on your face.

I should hurry home before Gramms starts to worry about me, but...I don't know. I think I just want to glide home with a dreamy stroll and enjoy this moment for a little bit longer. You've got to appreciate moments like this. You never know when life is going to be this good again.

"Ariel! Dude, what's up?" Came a voice from across the street, and I turned to see Ryan jogging over to greet me.

I hope I'm not walking funny or anything. "Hey. I'm just...well, I was on my way home." I sort of found a nearby tree and reached out to put my hand on it to hold myself up. Did I look casual? I hope I looked casual.

"You feeling alright? You and Ty kinda ran out on us today. I hope nothing went wrong."

"Oh! Oh no way. We just...needed some air." I said.

"Hehehe, some air? It was an outdoor carnival, Ariel."

"Right. Of course it was. But we needed some...indoor air.'s like different, umm....air." I'm not a very good liar, am I? Dangit.

"Okaaaaay...." Ryan laughed. Then he gave me a wink. Why did he wink? What's he winking at??? Does he know? Do I I let go of the tree to stand straight up and try to appear normal, but I stumbled a bit in the process. Don't worry, I didn't fall, just...I felt a little cumbersome and 'hammy' at the moment. "Anyway, I just saw you from Randy's house and wanted to tell you that he absolutely loved the soup."

"He did?" Awww! See? Making Randy happy still gives me a sexy little chill every now and then. "Cool..."

"Thank your grandmother for both of us. Hopefully, it'll do him so good."

"Aww, poor thing. It'll work. Promise. Gramms used to make me that soup all the time. You'll see."

"Awesome! Do you want the dish back? I cleaned it out and everything already. If you want, I can run back in and get it for you..."

"That's ok. I can get it later. You know, like...whenever." I said.

"Suit yourself." He said. "You want me to call you or something tomorrow if we make more plans."

"No." Oops! Hehehe, I didn't mean to just flat out say 'no' like that, but once Ryan gave me a sideways look, I giggled and said, "I mean...I think...well, me and Tyler kinda...made plans. So..."

" and Tyler, huh? Plans. Gotchya. Nuff said." He grinned, and lightly butted me with his shoulder before backing away to go home. "You tell Tyler to call me when you guys are done 'planning' the hell out of each other! K? Hehehe!"

"Omigosh! Ryan, no! It's not like that!" I laughed, but...who am I fooling? It WAS like that! And as I saw Ryan walk away, giving me a playfully sarcastic 'OK' sign with his fingers...I was kind of glad that he knew. My Tyler was certainly something to be proud of.

Alright, got to get home now. I've got to re-calibrate my legs from scratch so I can figure out this left foot, right foot, rhythm again. My booty is SO satisfied right now! Hahaha! A little worn out...but satisfied.

I'd better be able to hide it better by the time I get home. I want to be able to come back and get some more tomorrow.


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