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"Kiss Of An Angel 21"

I'm seriously starting to realize just how boring it is being at home these days.

Every time I leave Tyler's house, all I do is stare at my dumb ol' digital clock, waiting for the minutes to go by until I can go back over to his house again. I, honestly, considered buying one of those old school clock thingys just so I could actually watch the second hand tick and tock until the next minute. Just to make sure that it's working right and it isn't trying to fool me into thinking that time is moving a lot slower than it really is.

It's almost like someone had slipped this giant rubber band around our waists...Tyler and me, and refused to take it off. So, like...whenever I try to walk away from him...the rubberband stretches, and stretches, and stretches some more. Getting tighter. Stronger. The further away I am from my ultimate sweetheart...the stronger the pull to be snapped back together with him again. It's so strange. All the years of my life, I never had this much of an incentive to get out of the house and go be with somebody else. If anything, I figured that I could cause far less 'damage' in the world by just staying all by myself. And now? Now I don't think I can handle more than a few hours of total boredom without Tyler's presence coming back to get me all happy again. Like...I don't even know how I'm able to exist outside of the range of his pretty boy smile anymore.

I had to fight the urge to call him up and hear his voice again. Even though it would have driven me into a statee of total euphoria to just hear his cute cute CUTE voice say 'hello' to me for a quick second before I hung up and giggled myself goofy back on my own mattress! Hehehe! Awwww, am I even worthy of this level of ecstasy? It's a question you're forced to ask yourself when it comes your way for the first time. I don't think the human brain is trained to process such bliss without some sense of uncertainty and doubt. Because I find myself going all to pieces ten times a day when I think about Tyler Jordan holding me close...and a part of me keeps wanting to wake up from the dream. Because if life could be THIS rad...then how much time have I wasted pursuing anything else? You know?

It seemed like our Spring Break was racing by us soooooo fast! Dang! A few days had already passed us by, and I wanted to spend soooo much more time with my boyfriend before we were forced to go back to school again. Forced to hide our feelings behind deep blushes and stifled giggles. I dreaded it. I really did. I remember waking up in the morning and just holding my stomach as I whined with the ache of having to be away from my blond angel for a moment longer. I'm really addicted to him now. I think the 'naughty' thing just made my obsession with Tyler a zillion times worse than it was before. Because now I'm...well...I'm starting to get really anxious when I'm alone. I mean...when I'm in bed at night...I get soooo hard. And I used to just be able to touch my wiener for a while and squirt and have that be enough. But now that I've had a taste of the real thing...now that I know what it's liked to be 'loved' the way I always dreamed of being loved...stroking it isn't enough anymore. I started, um...well, I started sucking on my fingers so I could get them all wet and slippery...and then I'd reach into my undies and...and I'd find my hole...and I'd pretend my fingers was Tyler's hard shaft. I'd close my eyes, and feel the pressure against my tight hole, and I'd just keep pushing until my longest finger slid deep into me. Tyler was always so gentle with me. So protective. But...when I did it myself, I almost wanted to be more aggressive with the penetration. I wanted him to take me so badly. Just...flip me onto my stomach and shove it as far into me as he could. I wanted to feel the sensual burn of his length pumping in and out of me as his heated breath huffed and puffed on the back of my neck. Oh God, baby...go deeper. Take me. Use me. It felt sooooo good! I was in my bed, in the dark, biting down on my own pillow to keep from moaning out loud...roughly fingering my hole until the ticklish nerve endings inside me were exploding with a series of muscular tremors and emotional fireworks.

Harder, Tyler. Please, baby....harder.

I found myself willingly giving up more of my innocence as I got closer to making my sperm come out. I wished it was him. I wished it was Tyler making me cum so hard. I started to finger myself even deeper as my boner jumped and bobbed with the intense sensation...and then, I held my breath as everything got super tight and tense down there. And...and...oh WOW...

I slammed my eyes shut as the tiniest little squeal escaped my parted lips, and powerful muscle contractions forced long thick ropes of my heated boy honey onto the bedsheets beneath me. I gasped so much, trying not to make any noises that my parents would hear. I tried to stay still, but thoughts of Tyler taking me from behind made the spewing seed shoot out so HARD! I soaked my sheets, and a few times, when my erection jumped and aimed my sensitive point upward...the sticky goo splattered against my tummy and soon began to drip down onto the sheets as well. Even when I was all spent and the throbbing shaft was done pushing my fluids all over the place...I still felt twitches and aftershocks that threatened to knock me unconscious if I didn't fight to stay awake.

Wow...that was a good one. SUCH a good one!

I was breathing so hard, my legs so weak, that I just fell over to the side. Hoping not to lay in the mess I had just made. Slipping my fingers from my clutching anus and wiping the perspiration off of my forehead. I couldn't believe that I was still hard. Every other part of me was exhausted beyond belief...but my stiffy was still standing strong. Even if it was super dark pink and looking a little overworked at the moment.

Maybe I should just...maybe if I touch it and press it down a bit it will...WHOAH!!! Omigod! Sensitive!!! I nearly jumped right out of my own SKIN when my hand made contact with it! Ok, so...maybe I'll just leave my boner alone for a few minutes. Geez!

I probably laid there for nearly an hour before I got the energy to get up again. And even then, I felt sluggish and drowsy. When I looked at the giant wet spot on my sheets, I couldn't help but to feel a little bit embarrassed by how turned on I was. I really just...hosed down my bed in a major way! I think I cum too much. Is that, like...a thing? Does Tyler ever look at how much I squirt and think, 'Dear GOD, that boy cums a lot'? I hope not. I really really HOPE not.

Ugh! Look at this mess. This is just plain humiliating. Ewww, I got it on my hand now! Ok...letme just take these sheets and this mattress pad off of my bed for now, and I'll just sleep on the mattress tonight. I can wash everything tomorrow...when it's all crusty and stuff. Boys are so messy. I wish I wasn't such a 'sex-slob'.

I feel like I need a shower now. Maybe in the morning, just before I go back to Tyler's house. Then I can be all soapy fresh. Hehehe! Besides, my legs still feel a little wiggly. And my little hole keeps tightening up all on its own. Almost as if it was begging for me to stick my fingers back in it again. It wanted more. It needed more. Awwww, man...I didn't used to be this 'dirty'. What happened to my brain that made me such a sex addict? I wish Tyler was here right now. He'd make me feel better. Soooo much better.

Owwww....my boner jumped again, just thinking about him. I need to stop. I'm going to get online and play StarCraft or something for a while...just to distract myself long enough to get some sleep. I want to look my best tomorrow. I get more 'Tyler-sex' that way! Hehehe!

Once the sun came back up, I found it really difficult to keep my hands off of myself. I wanted to save all of my boy stuff for Tyler. But I kept getting hard. Every time I thought about his smile, I'd get all excited again, and I'm like, "NO!!! Behave!!!" I can't imagine how we're going to do it today. I thought about stuff that I wanted to try with him, and all the ways I wanted to make him scream my name. Hehehe, I know, I know...that's naughty stuff. But I kind of liked thinking naughty stuff where he was involved. It was more than just being curious...I honestly wanted to do it all. It made me feel so 'zippy' to think that the entire world of sex and pleasure was now open to us. Rolled out before us like a big red carpet. A buffet of delights where everything tasted like Tyler's mouthwatering hardness on my tongue. My sexy boyfriend has changed me forever! And I LIKE it!

I was so hyper about being able to spend another day with him that I was shaking. I had to hug my pillow to make sure that I didn't float right out of my bedroom window. Gramms was cooking breakfast, but she hadn't finished it yet. Hurry, Gramma! HURRY!

Urg! I can't wait! I had to get my phone and call Tyler up. I had to hear his voice! I had to...ugh! Ok! Ok, it's ringing!

"Hello?" Omigod! Did you hear him? He said hello! Oh wow that's hot!

"Hi, Tyler..." I said, giggling for no reason.

"What's up, babe? You're still coming over today, right?"

I sighed out loud and said, "Uh huh. I'm coming over."

"Alright. Sweet. I'll be ready whenever."

"Ok, but I have to eat breakfast first, and then...yeah...then I'll come over." I smiled so wide that my cheeks hurt, but it kept me from giggling out loud like some kind of killer clown on the hunt.

"See you then." He said.

"Wait!" Oh no! Why did I tell him to wait? MY brain did it without telling me the plan first. What the heck do I say now?

"Yeah?" Tyler said after a brief pause. Great...now I'm stuck.

It was at that very moment that this really freaky chill ran up my spine, and the words that I wanted to say aloud raced right to the very tip of my tongue...and just stopped! Like...I couldn't speak at all. It was like I was standing at the edge of a super high cliff...and stood waiting for the slightest push to begin my journey downward. Either to fly...or to fall.

"Umm...ummm..." Do it, Ariel. Just, like...just do it. "...Tyler...ummm...I love you." THERE! Did it! "Is that ok?"

"Hehehe, it's one of the greatest things I've ever heard, cutie pie." He grinned. "I love you too. K?"

"M'kay..." I giggled.

"Ariel? Breakfast, hon." Gramms called out from the kitchen.

"I've gotta go. I'm coming over soon." I told him. "Super soon. Promise."

"I'll be here." He replied.

"Ok. LOVE YOU!!!" Ok, pull it back, Ariel. We're getting dumb now.

"Love you too." He said again, and we finally found the strength to hang up. Omigod, omigod, omigod! Ok...breathe. I'll just gobble down my breakfast at lighting speed, brush my teeth, and head right on over there. I need that boy inside me sooooo badly right now! I swear...if butts could smile, mine would be the happiest booties in town!

I think Gramms had to tell me to slow down and chew my food at least 20 times this morning. What the heck was she staring at me for? Every time I caught her not paying attention, I made sure to take some extra big bites from my plate to speed things along a little bit. Even then she caught me once or twice. "Ariel, honey...slow down. Your food won't digest properly with you gulp it down like a hungry troll under a bridge."

"Sorry, Gramms."

"You've got the whole day ahead of you. Relax." She said, getting another cup of coffee. She sat down across the table from me and smiled, "Only Tyler Jordan could make my grandson so frantic this early in the morning. What are you two up to today, anyway?"

"Nothing. Just...hanging out." I told her.

"Just hanging out? And that's worth you turning my well cooked breakfast into a potential choke hazard?"

We both grinned at the idea, and I used a napkin to wipe my mouth as I finished off the last few bites of my toast and jelly. "I just don't want to waste too much time. Me and Tyler...we have fun together. Hehehe!"

"It seems like he's really good to you." She said.

"Awww, Gramms...he's the BEST! He's really sweet. And he's funny. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard. Hehehe! And then, he's also...well, you know." I sort of stopped talking at that point, making sure that she couldn't look me in the eye.

"He's hot. Is that what you were going to say?"

Talk about a choking hazard! "GRAMMS!!!"

"What? You think I didn't notice how stunningly attractive that boy was when he first walked into this house? That boy is off the charts in the looks department." She chuckled. "But it's that sweetness, that laughter, that you need to hold on to. That's what the strongest relationships are built upon. Finding somebody pretty is easy. Find somebody special instead. Ok?"

"I think I did, Gramms. I really do." I smiled. Then I finished my very last bite and stood up to take my plate to the sink.

"Leave it. I'll wash it in a bit. Just...go, before you get yourself all twisted in knots again."

I walked over and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks, Gramms. I'll be home before it's too late."

"Dinner time. No exceptions. Alright?"

"Okay! Promise!" I said, rushing upstairs to give my teeth a quick brush and rinsing out with mouthwash. Should I chew gum too while I'm on my way over there? Will it keep my breath fresh? Or will my mouth taste like stale gum when he kisses me? Ugh...ok, I'll just take some gum with me, start chewing it when I'm half way there, and then I'll spit it out just before I get to his house. So it'll taste like fresh spearmint. Genius!

I just remember these tingly little tremors buzzing in different parts of my body as I left the house. Me, wishing Tyler lived across the street from me like he did from Randy. How awesome would that be? Leaving my front door at 11 AM and knocking on Tyler's front door at 11:02! Hehehe, I'd lose it. Tyler would never get rid of me. I'd be such a pest.

My heartbeat seemed to double in speed with every step that I took towards his house. I'm glad that I didn't need much concentration to walk straight, because I was using a hefty amount of brain power to keep from popping a boner in the middle of the street. That thing just refused to quit twitching. I could feel it the whole way there. Almost like it was vibrating with this low level electric current...constantly waiting for the command to get rock hard at a moment's notice. As always, I definitely wanted to jump Tyler's bones and stay naughty with him for the rest of the day...but I didn't just want to show up at his front door with a woody. It's not like I was just coming over for a midday booty call! Or...ummm...at least, I don't think it is. Anyway, my boyfriend is a gentleman. The least I could do is not poke him in the hip the second he says good morning to me.

Ok...almost there! His house is just a block and a half away! I can actually see it from here! Hehehe! Omigod! I forgot to spit my gum out! 'Sptoo'!!! I checked my breath, it seemed ok. My mouth, um...tasted ok, I guess? I smoothed my hair a little bit. Tried to calm myself down. Cleared my throat so that I'd be able to speak to him without sounding like I was possessed by some sort of demonic presence. Dangit! My boner keeps getting stiff! DOWN, BOY! DOWN! Just wait a few more minutes!

As I got to the cement walkway leading up to my boyfriend's front door, I started getting the shakes something awful. But I tried to shake the fear and jitters out of my system so I could appear as normal as humanly possible. Then...I rang the doorbell. I could feel the pounding of my heart in my tonsils at this point, but all shyness aside, I stood my ground. Out of all the years that I spent being too afraid to talk to much of anybody outside of family...Tyler was one of the first people that makes me try much harder to say all of the things that I ever wanted to say. He's the one 'bus' I wouldn't dare miss, simply because I was too shy to signal it in my direction. Hehehe, omigod! He's undoing the lock! I'm ready! I'm SO ready!

Tyler opened the door, and the moment the natural rays of sunshine caught a piece of the aqua blue tint of his merciless blue eyes...a color that got even brighter once he smiled at me...I was like, 'Oh God! I'm NOT ready! I'm SO not ready!!!'

Hehehe, but, whatever. This is the price you pay for dating the hottest boy in the world. I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything.

So much for not showing up with an erection...

Penises. Do they EVER obey their masters???

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