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"Kiss Of An Angel 4"

Over and over.

Over and over.

Over and over.

I kept thinking about the mindblowing moment when Tyler Jordan's lips connected to mine for the very first time. That delicate collision. That incredible, spectacular, Earth shattering moment...when I got to actually taste his kiss on the surface of my lips. Oh God...I don't think I'm ever gonna find a greater pleasure in anything else for the rest of my natural life. I've seriously reached the height of my emotional fulfillment in this world. I've piqued...and I'm only in high school. know, when I touch my lips with my fingertips, it's like I can still feel him there. Sighhh....I can still feel the wetness of his tongue touching my own. AHHHH!!! I could hardly get out of bed!

I got all dolled up for school, and made sure to spend some extra time in the mirror to make sure that I looked good for boyfriend. I had to close my eyes when I thought of that word and connected it to images of Tyler looking into my eyes. He loves me. I couldn't help but fidget a bit, not looking my reflection in the eye for fear that the mirror would show how utterly disturbed I was. My insides felt like someone had taken them out and carefully put them back in upside down. I still couldn't get over the idea of a boy like Tyler wantng to be with me. Why? I mean...what do I do NOW??? I mean, are we supposed to now, or something? Or do we just hang out and kiss some more. Mmmm, I'd like that. OMIGOD! We might get to have SEX too! I might get to see him NAKED!!! OH...OH MAN!!! I'll totally faint if I see Tyler naked! Standing in that mirror, I nearly fell over with a powerful swoon that caused me to sway back and forth until I held onto the sink to hold me still.

And eyes looked up at my reflection, with my dark hair flopped over one of my eyes, and a slightly goofy grin on my lips. I felt this sudden building of emotion in my heart. It felt like a tidal wave approaching me on the shore, and I had no way to stop it. It got stronger and stronger, my heart got heavy, and I got a lump in my throat. I was looking at myself in the mirror...and for the first time, maybe ever...I really liked the person looking back at me.

Tyler had somehow taken my image and transformed it into something beautiful. It was like I was carrying this residual glow from basking in Tyler's awesome light all day. He made me pretty, and funny, and cool. And as I began to appreciate that vision in the mirror, I felt the emotion literally push tears up into my eyes from the center of my chest. I couldn't hold them back. They just sorta started all on their own, and when they began to drip from my eyes, I started sniffling and my cheeks turned red, so I had to reach for some tissue and get myself together. I didn't wanna go to school looking all 'puffy'.

I calmed down a little bit, and left the bathroom just as my mom was calling me for breakfast. I tried to shae my arms and legs free of that overwhelming attack of emotion, but even when I regained my balance, it still felt like I was flying. I was totally weightless, and it wouldn't go away. I didn't want it to go away.

I trotted downstairs and my plate was already waiting for me on the table. My dad was already gone, and my mom was talking on the phone. I had a nice stack of pancakes and sausage, and made sure not to spill a drop. Afterall, I was dressing for 'two' now. Gotta look my best. My Gramma was in the kitchen washing a few dishes, and she smiled warmly at me as I happily bounced around in my chair. I dunno...I just had so much energy all of the sudden. And the very thought that I was going to see Tyler soon was making me pleasureably nervous all over. Geez, does this feeling EVER end?

I guess that my dreamy state of mind had taken control of me, because I stopped eating entirely just to stare at the wall. My fork just kept scooting this cut of pancake in the same puddle of syrup while I thought about how rad it was to have Tyler hold me like he did yesterday. It was so gentle, and...and...delicate, you know? And his tongue was so slick, and bumpy at the same time. I wish I was kissing him again right now. "Ariel, honey, don't play with your food." My mom said, and hung up the phone.

"Sorry..." I smiled. I was still feeling that ticklish sensation in my chest, and it was hard to keep from laughing. IMPOSSIBLE to keep from smiling.

"You're hair is getting long. Do you want me to make an appointment to get your hair cut?" She asked me.

"He likes it long." I sighed.

"He who?"

SHIT! Did I say that outloud? "ME! I...I like it long."

"Ok..." My mom gave me a strange glance, but thankfully I've already defined myself as a strange child. So she hardly could tell the difference. Now...back to kissing Tyler...."Are you ok?" She asked.

"Huh? Yeah. Why?"

"You seem awfully bubbly this morning."

" I'm not."

"You're dressed up today too, from the look of it."

"Ummm...." I stumbled for a second or two, and that's when my grandmother spoke up from the kitchen.

"Oh, Janet, leave the boy alone and let him eat his breakfast. He's just fine." She smiled at me, and gave me a wink.

My mom saw the wink, of course, and grinned at me before getting up from the table. "I don't know what you two are up to, but anything that can get you to squirm in your seat like that must be magic." She kissed me on the top of my head, and ruffled my hair with her hand.

"No! Hehehe, I fixed it just right!" I said, smoothing everything back into place.

"And it looks beautiful, sweetie." She grabbed her bag from the counter. "Ok, I'm off to work. I'll see you both later." My gramma and I said goodbye, but my mom called out to me as soon as she got to the door.

I got up and went over to the door as she was leaving, and...TYLER was waiting for me!!! He was standing right outside the door! Omigod! I didn't...expect...why is he HERE? My heart suddenly turned a flip and my stomach started to quiver as I made my way over to the door. I opened up the screen door and blushed right away. "H-h-hi...."

"What's up? I hope you don't mind, but...I kinda figured that I'd come over to your house for a change." He said, giving me that super cute shrug of his shoulders that he always did when he was being shy. That same tidal wave began to head right for me again, and I was afraid that I was gonna spring another leak right in front of him. "So...are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I sighed, but then realized that my shoes, my backpack, and last night's homework, were all still upstairs. "...Wait...I mean, no." Tyler looked confused for a second. "Um...hold on!" I ran towards the steps to get to my room. But before I could get halfway up, I quickly ran back to the door, where Tyler was still standing. "I'm just going to...uhh...get my stuff. And then I'll be right back. K?" He nodded with a giggle, and I ran back towards the stairs again. But before I got halfway up, I turned around again and ran to the front door. "Do in, or something?"

"Hehehe, can I?" Awww, he's laughing at me. Yeah, I know, I'm being a dork again. But what can I say? He has that effect on me.

I nodded and stepped aside, watching Tyler walk his fine self into my house. He smiled at me and I started trembling right away. "Um..." I started, and then just giggled as I shook in his presence. "...My room is upstairs." I said softly, and he let me lead the way. "Gramms, me and Tyler are going upstairs for a minute."

"Don't be late." She said, peeking around the corner to look at my company.

I hurried up the stairs, skipping two at a time, and Tyler was right behind me. We got into my room, and I shut the door. "Hi..." I said, again. I took a second to just stare at him with a smile as he looked around my room. Then he saw me watching him, and grinned.

"I thought you were gonna grab your stuff." He said.

"Oh...yeah, right. Stupid." I said, but could barely take my eyes off of him. It was like I was too afraid that I'd blink and suddenly the dream would be over. I didn't EVER want it to be over. I slipped my shoes on, and shoved my homework into my bag to take with me. Then I stood up, and found myself staring at him again, unable to move even an inch in any direction. And Tyler's piercing blue eyes were looking right back at me, making me weak in the stomach. We stood in the center of my room, almost close enough for our chests to be touching.

"Hi..." He said it soooo soft. I nearly lost it.

"Hi..." I said back to him, and I blushed really hard. But I didn't take my eyes off of him. I couldn't. And just as I was getting too nervous to stand still anymore, Tyler leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Oh's happening again. I can't believe it's happening AGAIN! I felt myself fold slightly and nearly slumped down to the floor, a little whimper escaping my lips without knowing it. We broke our liplock and I took a step back from his electric embrace, standing there breathless.

He giggled a bit at And I smiled back at him bashfully. "That is SO cute, Ariel. You have no idea."

"It is?" I asked. "'s stupid. I'm sorry, I can't help it."

"Maybe you just have to practice then." He said, and he stepped closer to kiss me again. I melted in his arm, and felt another whine trying to leap up into my throat. It felt sooo good to have his lips against mine that I couldn't control it. My body was on overload. I broke the kiss again.

" gramma...she like, hears everything." I said, still feeling Tyler's tender grip on my waist.

"Do you have or something?" Whoah! I thought...I thought that maybe he would just wanna leave since we couldn't be alone. But...he wanted to STAY! And kiss me some more. Oh heart's gonna EXPLODE!

"Sure...hold on." I put on something that would mask our sounds upstairs, and turned it up a bit. "Um...ok..." I said, quaking furiously as I went to join Tyler in the center of the room again. I was too frightened to reach out for him first, but Tyler came to me instead. His kiss found me once again, and I swear I couldn't stand! My knees kept giving way, making me jerk a little while Tyler held me close. Then we moved backwards a bit until I was leaning back against my bedroom wall. Another whimper came out of me, and another, and everytime I made a sound, Tyler moaned. He enjoyed the little helpless cries I made whenever he touched me. And I don't think I ever let myself make them so freely before. His lips were so soft. God, they were soft! And he knew just how to kiss. He was perfect. I hope he likes the way I kiss too. I was trying to do everything just right, hoping that he wouldn't notice what a total virgin I was. But we just kept going, and if it wasn't for that wall, I would have fallen down a long time ago.

"Ariel? It's almost a quarter to eight." My gramms called from downstairs.

"Ok, Gramms! We're coming!" I said, but as soon as I disconnected my lips from Tyler's, he moved forward and kissed me on the neck. Oh wow! I gasped outloud, and cried out breathlessly.

"What was that?" My gramma heard that?

"Nothing! I'm coming in a second!" I said, and tried to hold my breath as Tyler licked and kissed my neck for another few seconds. Then he leaned back, and gave me another peck on the lips before he let me go. I was breathing so hard that it caused him to giggle.

"To be continued, right?" He said, and I nodded my head up and down fast enough to toss my hair forward. "Hehehe, damn Ariel...I love you so much."

That emotion struck me out of nowhere, and without even thinking, I sobbed, "I love you TOO!" My voice was shaking, and just seeing Tyler Jordan standing there, in MY bedroom...still feeling his kiss on my lips...more tears began to well up in my eyes. Dammit! Not NOW! Not in front of Tyler! Aww, he's gonna think I'm a baby! "Sorry! It's nothing. It's dusty in makes my eyes...'run' sometimes..." I started looking for tissues.

He stopped me, and with a cute grin, he wiped the tears away with his thumbs, holding the sides of my face. "Is that better?" I stood frozen for a moment, and then nodded slowly. "Good. Maybe we can make some better plans to spend some time know...once finals are over and everything." I nodded again, now speechless from the very sight of him. Then, before I could stop myself, I leaned forward and gave him a hug around his tender middle. I don't know why, but I couldn't help it. I was too happy not to. I just hugged him tight, and then let if to thank him for being such a miraculous dream come true for me. When I released him and stood up, he had the most adorable smile on his face. I must have looked like such a spaz to him, acting so damn silly. But he never made me feel bad about it. If anything, he always made me feel 'adorable'. "Ok, you ready?" He asked, smoothing my shirt out a bit.

"Yep..." I smiled, and we went downstairs together. "Bye Gramms!"

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your new...." But I made sure to shut the front door before she could even finish that sentence. No need to go through all of THAT madness. Besides, Tyler was all MINE today, and she doesn't get to have any.

I think I must have said a total of ten words to Tyler the whole way to school. Half of the time, I was worried of saying something incredibly stupid...half of the time, I was so in awe of him that I couldn't do much more than stare and grin at him. I was trying to be normal, I really was. But deep down, I don't think I'll ever be normal again. By the time we were inside and ready to go our separate ways for class, I was lost in a fog of infatuation so thick that I could hardly walk straight. And it stayed with me for hours after saying goodbye. This is the most exciting thing I've ever done...and I don't even know what I'm doing yet.

I went from class to class, attempting to concentrate. Didn't get much done. In fact, I think I totally flunked my science test this morning. I remember her giving us the multiple choice test papers, and I remember her saying that we could start...but somehow I lost an entire half hour of time just staring at nothing. I don't know what happened. She suddenly asked us to turn in our papers, and all I had was my name on it. I kinda marked off a bunch of answers from 1 to 40 and was hoping for the best. I figured I might just get lucky, you know? Unfortunately, when I turned it in, the teacher looked at me and informed me that there were only thirty questions on the test...NOT forty. Which pretty much spoils the illusion of me doing anything but guessing. But who cares? I'll get it right next time.

I went to my art class next, and sat down to get my stuff ready. If I get just ONE thing right today, it'll be my drawing. At least in here I can use that spacey feeling in my head for something constructive.

Then, just as I reached in my bag to get my drawing pad out, Randy quickly walked in and sat down, flashing me a big ol' maniac's smile. Hahaha! It looked so funny to have him stare at me like that. He must wanna know if I went over to Tyler's yesterday. I looked away from him. I couldn't really talk about it in here with everybody around me. But something about having Randy so anxious to hear about it made me want to shout it out as loud as I could. To the classroom, to the school, to the WORLD!

"Come on, don't make me beg! I KNOW you went over there yesterday!" He said, and it gave me that ticklish feeling again. It spread out all over my chest, and I couldn't hold in that bubbly sensation any more. I giggled a bit, and felt myself turning red again. "Omigod...something happened, didn't it?"

I nodded, and then some giggles escaped. It was even louder, and I was afraid that they'd get worse if I didn't tell somebody. I looked around, and our teacher hadn't come in the room yet. So I took a chance. I grabbed Randy's hand and got up. "Ok...come here! I've gotta talk to you!" I headed for the door, pulling him with me, and he asked me where we were going. "I dunno! Just not here!" I HAD to tell him! I had to tell somebody! It was literally bursting out of me, and if I didn't get it out soon, I was going to scream! I looked around, and saw the staircase to the left of us. "In here!" We went in, and I waited for the last minute kids to get out of the way before I started talking. I listened for all the doors to close, and then leaned over the side to double check. Randy looked so confused, but it was cute. The energy in me boiled over, and I felt myself run over and hug him around the neck. God, I never felt like this before! I almost forgot that this was Randy Stephens that I was wrapping my arms around here.

"WHOAH!!! Ariel, dude...what HAPPENED in that house???" He asked.

"Oh, Randy....I can't even BREATHE right now!" I said, and that's when I felt this orgasmic wave of unbelievable excitement wash over me, nearly knocking me over. "How do you handle this feeling all day long???" I heard the bell ring, and it crossed my mind that we could get caught out here without a hall pass, but I just couldn't leave yet. I had to get this out. "It was...omigod, I can't even find a word to DESCRIBE it! Tyler is just SOOOO...." Damn...the door to the staircase opened, and some girls ran passed. I made sure to hush up until they left.

Randy saw them leave, and said, "Ok, take a breath. Tell me what happened." Everything started to spill out of me all at once. I don't know WHAT I was saying to him, it was moving too fast for me to keep up with my own voice. But I just wanted to tell him everything at once, and I hope it was in some kind of order. I told him about how I was scared to go over, and how Tyler touched me when he saw my sweet blush and I saw his...I hope Randy was getting all this. Because he looked a bit lost. Arrgh! STOP TALKING and try to make sense! "Ariel...hehehe, dude, we're gonna have to get to class EVENTUALLY, you know?" He said.

I tried to sow down a bit, but my babbling out of control. Then again, that's pretty much how I had been seeing it in my head all day. A gigantic jumble of ideas and images all clumped together and tangled around this unbelievable crush of mine. "I was sooo ready for him to kiss me..." The door opened again, and a few boys trotted downstairs. But I wasn't going to stop. I couldn't stop now. "Ok..." I told him about the glass and the juice and all, and Randy said something that I didn't quite get.

"Hehehe, he used the 'cabinet' trick on you?" He said, but I didn't think much about it.

"Randy...I broke the glass! But I was sooo nervous, and he was being sooo sexy, and I couldn't handle it! But when we were cleaning it up...I...." My mind went blank for a sec...and I thought about how I told Tyler to turn around so that I could tell him what I had been waiting my whole LIFE to tell him. I thought about the moment, and it made my soul just...'vibrate'.

" what?" Randy asked, and I realized that I wasn't talking.

"I told him I loved him." I said. Still amazed that all of this actually happened. "I mean...I actually told him that I LOVED him!"

"Wow...what did he say???"

"He said he loves me TOO!!!! Randy...Tyler Jordan....loves me. ME! He said so! I heard him." Oh no! The emotion took over again, and I was on the verge of another minor breakdown. I knew it was too late to stop it once I heard that first sniffle. "He said...he said I was the best thing that's ever happened to him." I leaned against the wall, but it offered me no support this time. It was like I had no bones at all. Just tingles. "He loves me. He really loves me. And then...." I thought about the moment his lips touched mine, and couldn't help but slide down to the floor. "...He kissed me."

"Tyler KISSED you???" Some teacher opened the door to enter the staircase. He told us to get to class, but I wasn't moving. I don't even think I could move at that point. I felt too good to move. "He KISSED you???" Randy whispered once the teacher had left.

"Yeah....he did...twice...with tongue and everything."

Randy waited for a second or two, and then he smiled and said, "Congratulations. I'm proud of ya." He was gonna help me up, but I didn't wanna move. I'd fall to pieces if I moved from this spot. So he just sat next to me, as the first few involuntary tears slid down my cheeks. "You're...leaking." He grinned.

"I know. It's the third time today." I wiped a few tears away, but more were on the way. Thank goodness I didn't have to hide them from Randy. Something tells me that he understands. I told him how Tyler came over before school this morning, and that we were going to make plans once finals were done with.

"Plans, huh?" He winked, and I giggled. Yeah right, I WISH!

"I've never known anybody like him, Randy. I never thought for a second...that I could find someone so...beautiful. He's soooo amazing." I sighed. "It hurts to think about him, you know? And that's all I" I saw Randy's heartfelt smile, and it warmed me up so much inside. I never could have gotten this far if he hadn't kept pushing me. Never. "Thank you, Randy."

"Me? No, no..." He protested the entire time. I tried to tell him how much it meant to me, but he shrugged off the compliments as fast as I could offer them. Finally just saying, "Shut up! Ariel...right now this moment is ALL about you. So enjoy it. K?" So I gave up, and just leaned over to put my head on his shoulder. I have to was scary at first. I mean...I don't think my feelings for Randy ever really went anywhere. They were still there. He still feels good, still smells awesome, and he's so cute that I still get goosebumps just getting a peek at him from time to time. that moment, Tyler's love protected me from my infatuation with him. It protected me from everything. And the imagined glory of his smile was enough to make almost anything possible.

I don't know how long we were sitting there, but once I noticed the silence and lack of interruptions from other kids using the stairs, I realized that were..ummm...technically missing right now. "We're really late for art class, aren't we?" I said.

"Hehehe, extremely late, yes."

I thought about ditching all the way, but then remembered, "We'd have to go back to class to get our backpacks and stuff."

"Eventually...yeah." Eventually...did you hear that? Eventually. That means he's not, like, uncomfortable or whatever. Good, because I wasn't quite ready to move just yet. I wanted to stay. Just....just for a little while.

I think we got back to class for the tail end of the period. We might have spent all of ten minutes in there, tops. Our teacher, naturally, was unhappy with us missing class and wandering the halls when we weren't supposed to. But when asked us where we were, I told him I was feeling sick and Randy came to check on me. I almost expected to have to back up my claims with some kind of elaborate story, but he didn't really ask for any details. He just said, "Well, make sure you get a pass from me next time." And told us to take our seats. I couldn't believe that I wasn't in trouble for walking out of class. Geez, that was easy. I should try it more often.

I didn't get much done in that ten minutes, and whenever Randy caught me smiling for no reason or letting my mind wander, he gave me a shove to wake me up. Hehehe, I'm glad he's happy for me. It means a lot to me.

I only had one class left before lunch, and I was silently hoping that I could be around Tler in the presence of other people and not give too much away. They'd probably tease me FOREVER if I jumped on him in front of everybody. Still, I was impatient to just...touch him again. Come on clock! Hurry up, already! My teacher was addressing the class, still limping a bit from the VCR that I dropped on his foot. And at one point, he said, " make up for the video tutorial that we missed recently, the tapes will be available in the upstairs library. So...while our equipment is getting repaired..." He said, looking directly at me with a scowl. "...You can all get passes from me and reserve a viewing room with a partner and see the videos for yourselves. Alright?"

I know that he blames me for the whole incident, but you know what? Screw him! It was an accident. Besides, if he could move his dumb foot fast enough, he wouldn't be limping, now would he? So he can shoot daggers at me all he's not gonna make him walk any faster.

However, somewhere between being pissed at my teacher and drowning in thoughts of my sweetheart...and idea popped into my head. A rather 'wicked' idea, to be honest. I didn't think I had it in me. What if...I got a pass from the teacher...and I got a private video room today...and instead of taking a partner from class, I decided to take a certain blond hottie in there with me? I mean, it's a private room, right? Well...not completely. But it's private enough for kissing, I'm sure of it. As long as I can keep my little whimpers to myself, that is. I tried to shake my head free of the idea. It was ridiculous. I couldn't do that. We'd get caught. Plus, Tyler might not even wanna go. Would he? I mean...grrrr...STOP IT, Ariel! We can see him later. Tomorrow morning, we can get some kissing time in, right? It's not like I needed it right NOW. It's not like I needed it every minute of the day.

It's not like I couldn't be patient....right?

"I need a pass." I said to my teacher the second I heard the bell rang. Sighhh, I can't believe I'm doing this.

"When do you need it for?" He groaned.

" period?" I asked. He gave me a sideways look.

"Next period?"

"I wanna get it out of the way, sir." I tried to hide my true intentions, but sometimes it just felt like the whole world could read my mind just by looking at me.

"Hmmm..." He said, and started to write out a pass for me. "You know...if you were just a bit more careful, inconveniences like this wouldn't be necessary." He said, signing his name to it.

"Yeah. Whatever. Thanks." I said quickly, and took the slip of paper from him before he could mouth off anymore about his stupid foot. Why can't he just let it go and forget about it already. Now that I think about it, I wish I had put his dumb ass in the hospital. Jerk!

Walking out of that classroom made me slightly nervous as I was now forced to talk to Tyler into coming with me. I held onto that pass with a clenched fist, hoping and praying that I wasn't pushing my luck on this one. But...there was something in my desperation that gave me courage. It was just a tiny bit, but it was growing with each step. And when thoughts of what could happen in just a few and Tyler alone, what could possibly stop me?

The thought had barely entered my mind when I saw Hailey and her friend Amber practically cut me off at the end of the hall. Normally, all I have to do is guide my eyes to the ground and walk past them without being hassled by the school's favorite teenage princess. But they were apparently waiting for me this time. And when they stepped away from the lockers and said, "Hey, Ariel..." I literally felt my stomach tighten up in frustration. Not now. PLEASE, not now. Just leave me alone.

Hailey gave me her fakest friendly smile, and said, "You're going to lunch now, right?"

"Maybe." I grumbled, feeling the seconds tick away that I could be spending wth Tyler.

"You're going to go see Randy and Ryan now?"

"Sighhh....what do you want?" I asked.

"I gave him a note today, and we're supposed to talk know, what happened." She beamed. "I need you to tell me everything he says, ok?"

"You what?"

"Look, I can meet you here right before 8th period classes. And you just let me know what he thinks about the note and all."

"That's really out of my way, Hailey. My 8th period class is on the other side of the school." I told her.

" can be a couple of minutes late, can't you?" Her demanding voice was trying to work its black magic on me. Trying to persuade me to do her bidding the way almost everybody else does in this place. I didn't even answer at first, just avoided looking her in the eye at all. "Good!" She said, taking my silence as a yes. "I'll be right here. Remember, talk to Ryan, and ask him about the note. And ask him about me. And ask him if he wants to get back together with me. And THEN...ask him..."

"No." It was in a soft voice, and I wasn't even sure myself if I had said it at first. But as Hailey stopped in mid conversation, I peeked up at her insulted eyes through my hair.

"Um...excuse me?" She said, both her and Amber staring me down.

Then, looking her in the eye a bit more bravely now, I straightened up my back, and said. "No. I'm not gonna do that."


"I said NO! And that's that!" I told her. "You know what? Maybe if you weren't such a selfish heartless bitch all the time, Ryan would wanna talk to you, and you could ask him all of these moronic self centered questions yourself! Instead, you try to bully ME into doing it for you. Well, I'm not your personal assistant, and I'm not going to help you wrap your ice cold clutches around the heart of one of my best friends. So if you want him, go get him. Just leave me the hell out of it!" I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't shaking. Hailey has basically been pushing me around since the third grade when she held my face down in the mud to show she was stronger than me. But I'm tired of being scared of her and watching everybody around here bow down to her tyranny like she matters any more than the rest of us. She's JUST a person! A monopolizing spoiled little girl who happens to be genetically 'well built'. Well, I don't give a fuck HOW pretty she is! I've GOT a boyfriend! And I need to get to!

"How DARE you!" She squealed, but I pushed my way between her and Amber. "Amber, are you gonna let him talk to me like that?" She shrugged her shoulders, offering no help. "I don't need your help anyway, you LOSER!"

I gave Hailey the finger and kept walking. I think I heard her mumbling some other hateful curse words and the like in my direction, but I really didn't care. I was smiling again by the time I turned the corner. God that felt good. Then I thought about it....oh geez....did I just give Hailey the finger? I don't know what's going on with me today, but this is the most invinceable that I've felt in...forever.

I hurried downstairs to see if I could find Tyler before he bought his lunch. I knew that they wouldn't let you take food and stuff into the library, and if I waited until he ate it all, it'd be too late to really...'do' anything. You know? I hope I catch him. I really really hope I do. Now that the plan is in motion, I doubt that I could wait another 24 hours before I get to hold him again.

I got down to the lunchline and manuevered my way through the crowd, standing on my tiptoes, hoping to catch sight of him. Awww, where is he? Then, I saw a flash of blond out of the corner of my eye. The kinda blond that was exclusive just to Tyler. I could tell that shiny mass of golden splendor anywhere, and was almost stuck like a deer in headlights at the sight of it. God, he's soooo beautiful. I had to snap myself out of it as he was loading up his tray with stuff. I scrambled my way over and surprised him by suddenly appearing at his side. "Hey!"

He looked over at me, and his smile greeted me warmly. "What's up? You're down here earlier than usual. Do you want an extra desert today? I don't want mine, really."

"No. I don't need it." I told him, leaning closer and lowering my voice. "I was thinking...maybe you with me for a minute?"

He was a bit confused. "Come with you, where?"

" know...maybe you could skip lunch? I've got a...a room..." I saw somebody walk past us with his tray, and I stopped talking. Then I looked around, and whispered, "I got us a room."

"A room? Ariel, what are you talking about?"

"You know...I got a 'place'....upstairs, in the library." I don't think he was getting it, but I couldn't really go into details in the lunch line. "Come on. I'll show you."

"But what about lunch?" He asked.

"We have to go now. We only have a half hour left." I said, and that's when I saw the look on Tyler's face change. I think it just clicked. He blushed a little bit, and with a grin, he left his tray, full of food, right there on the railing.

"Let's go!" He said, and I let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness he didn't think I was being a total perv about this. We bolted up the stairs, and Tyler asked, "Are you sure about this? How did you work this out?"

"I nearly broke my teacher's foot with a VCR!" I said.

"You WHAT???" Tyler giggled sweetly. "You are dangerous when you wanna be, you know that?"

"Hehehe, um...I guess." I bashfully entered the library, feeling my breath getting heavy and labored. My hands began to tremble, and knees were losing their strength. As I approached the librarian's desk, I must have had the guiltiest look on my face. I doubt I was hiding my excitement very well at all, not shaking the way I was. I gave the lady at the desk the pass with the appropiate course description and video catalog number. She looked at me over the rims of her glasses, and that only succeeded in making me even more nervous.

"Do you have a partner with you?" She asked.

"Um...yeah. R-r-right here." Tyler stepped forward a bit, and I swear that I could smell the faint aroma of his shampoo. I was beginning to tent out the front of my pants something fierce, and swung my backpack down to hide it. The librarian looked up, obviously noticing my somewhat strange behavior, but reached under the desk and gave me the video tape set anyway.

"Take room 7, near the back." She said, and I had to fight to keep from jumping up and screaming 'yes'!

"Thanks." I said politely, and tried to walk to the video room without running top speed like a kid at Disneyland. Tyler followed behind me, and as soon as we got into the room, I closed the door. Omigod...we were here! I was doing it! This is SO not like me!

There was, of course, a big window showing almost all of the room, but it had some open vertical blinds over them. I pushed in the little flimsy lock on the door, not that it would provide us much protection, but it would be an extra second or two of warning if the librarian decided to open it. And the tv was set up against the wall, and waiting for us. It wasn't perfect, but with my angel in the room with me, it was just as romantic as any island getaway in my eyes.

Tyler put hs bag down, and smiled at me. "Hehehe, Ariel...dude, this is, like...NAUGHTY!"

"Um...I know. But...I don't care if you don't." I moaned softly. I looked out of the giant window, and saw the librarian sorta look over to make sure that we were getting settled. "Put the tape in." I said, and Tyler walked over to start the video. Once the picture started, the librarian went back to reading her book. Slowly, I went to the side of the room, and began to close the blinds. Not too quickly, or she'd notice the movement. soon as they were obscurring the both of us from view, I took a deep breath, and shut off the lights in the room.

And then it was like time was standing still, and Tyler began to move towards me. With my stomach full of wiggles and my heart full of joy, I trembled in anticipation. I KNEW this would be worth it! I just KNEW it!

Tyler stood infront of me, and he brushed my hair out of my eyes. So gently that it tickled the sides of my face. I was almost losing my balance, leaning back up against the door, as he moved closer. Quaking to the point where I was almost rattling the door behind me, I whispered, "I'm sorry I made you skip lunch. I just...I felt like...I needed you." Tyler smiled at me, and tenderly kissed me on the forehead. We stood there in the dark, with only the bluish glow of the television behind us, and the muffled sounds of some weird educational video in the background.

"I'd skip anything to be here with you." He whispered back, and I almost whned out loud, but held it in. Geez, even his WORDS make me weak. He giggled a bit, and said, "Adorable..."

And then he leaned down a few inches to my height, lining his delicious lips with mine, and began to kiss me the way that I had been dreaming about since I got my first taste. All of the air rushed out of me at once, and my hands found their rightful place on the sides of his chest, just below his ribs. It took everything I had to not start wailing like a banshee in that place, but I kept it down to a few boyish grunts and sighs. I let my hands wander further back behind him, and Tyler moved closer to press his chest firmly against me. His hands rested a bit lower on my hips, and his hands began to snake their way around me as well. My mind was racing. My spirit was soaring. My body was quivering helplessly in his embrace. It was the best kiss I've ever had. Ever.

Tyler's tongue and mine met between our sucking lips, and I reveled in the feeling of having just a piece of him inside me. Tasting it, feeling the subtle friction of his tastebuds rubbing seductively across my own. Feeling his warm breath on my cheek. His hands on the small of my back. The darkness...and speaking in these erotic little whispers...the danger of getting was soooo intoxicating. All at once, I began to feel my legs shaking, and I was almost scared that I'd burst and make a mess all over myself if I didn't stop. But the more Tyler kissed me, the more my thirst went unquenched. God, he really knew how to kiss! He was perfect at it! That makes sense. He's perfect at everything. And why am I thinking so much? Just kiss him and shut up!

But it was hard to keep my mind from running around in circles. It was the only thing that kept me from melting into a puddle of jelly at his feet. Especially when he had to take a little break for air, and he just kinda pressed his nose against my cheek, hugging me and letting his hands rub small circles all over me. I could smell the sweetened scent of his breath as it blew gently on my lips, and Iopened my eyes to see the soft nape of his neck right there at my eye level. Oh wow oh wow oh wow....I've always looked at Tyler's neck and wished that I could...just once...just place a little baby kiss right there. do it, you know? I was a bit nervous at first, but I took a chance, and I tilted my head a bit to get at the right angle. I craned up, and lightly connected my lips to his neck for a little kiss. Tyler moaned in approval, so I gave him another one. Oh man...I was right here in a dark room, with my lips on Tyler's neck! I am SO gonna jack off TEN TIMES when I get home!

I kissed him again, but let my lips linger on his neck this time, sucking and gently chewing at the soft smooth flesh there. Tyler's hands gripped me tighter, and he tilted his head back to give me full access to my favorite area. I hungrily pressed my face against his skin, my nose buried into its sensual curve, and I began to whimper a bit myself at just being able to feast there without restriction. Tyler leaned his head down, trying to nibble a bit at my neck too, and we went at it like that for a while. And then, I felt a tingle in the front of my pants. I was soooo hard, so ready to blow, that I was almost at the point from no return. Can you have an orgasm just from kissing? I didn't even know that was possible. Then again, I never kissed anybody before yesterday, so how would I know? Tyler gripped my hips, and pulled me closer against him, and the tingle got stronger. Ok....ok....maybe you CAN have an orgasm just from kissing! Should I stop? Maybe...maybe if I just slow down a little...I won't....ungh...I won't...

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*!!! There was a light pounding at the door right behind my head, and Tyler and I both nearly jumped out of our skins! The librarian's voice was on the other side of the door. "Open up please." Her voice was stern, but least so far! Tyler and I both ran to jump into our chairs in front of the video, and opened our notebooks to some old pages of notes from other classes to make it look like we were doing something. Then...another knock. "Boys? Open up please." Her voice was stronger now, and we knew that one of us was going to have to open that door. So Tyler stood up to do it. And that's when I saw the most beautiful thing on God's green Earth! There was a definite bulge in the front of Tyler's pants. Hard, and sorta pushed out to the right. He adjusted the long lump and turned it upwards to hide it a little better...but I swear, I never wanted to jam my face against another boy's crotch so bad in my LIFE! I blushed furiously as Tyler walked over to the door and unlocked it before the librarian used her key.

"What's up?" Tyler said, poker face in place.

"What are you boys doing in here?" She asked, and my veins felt like they filled up with ice. I was terrified. Shit! Shit, shit, SHIT!!! She KNOWS! She caught us! That's it! It's all over! I shouldn't have done this! We're gonna get sent to the principal's office! What if the principal tells my PARENTS??? He's gonna tell my parents, and Ty's parents, and then Tyler's gonna totally *HATE* me!!! Arrrgh!!! What the hell did I DO this for?!?!?!

"We were just watching the video. Why?" Tyler asked.

The librarian turned on the blinding flourescent lights above, and walked in. There was really nothing to see. Just me sitting in a chair at a table, and a video playing on tv. I didn't dare turn around. I was too busy praying that she would just go away and forget that she ever even saw us come in here. She sniffed the air, as if checking to see if we were smoking cirgarettes or marijuana in there or something, and gave us both a suspicious look. Then she said, "Ok. locking this door. Do you understand? The blinds stay open, and the lights stay on. If I see them closed again, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take away your privaleges."

"Ok. Sorry." Tyler smiled, and the librarian looked over at me again as I peeked at her out of the corner of my eye, too afraid to move. Hoping she wouldn't notice me, like a bug on the wall. Then she nodded, and acked out of the room to leave us alone. We were lucky to get away with just a warning. I don't think I breathed ONCE the whole time she was there, I'm surprised that I didn't pass out.

Tyler giggled happily to himself, and then he plopped down in the chair next to me. "What?" I asked.

"Hehehe...THAT...was wild!" He said.

I blushed a bit. "Hehehe, really?" I asked. I thought for sure he'd be furious at me for almost getting him in trouble.

"YES! That was awesome!" He was...happy. He actually got a rush from it, I think. "Dude, turn around and check! Is she looking?"

I looked, and sure enough, she was staring right through the window at us. "Omigod, she's looking right at us! Hehehe!"

"Shhhhh!!! Look at the movie! Pretend we're working!" Tyler and I giggled out loud, playfully shoving one another while trying not to get kicked out of there. And a potentially tragic situation suddenly turned into one of the most fun moments we had ever spent together.

But when the giggles had settled, and we were left with fifteen minutes of watching a video that we didn't want to see in the first place...Tyler took my hand in his under the table, and he just held it. I mean...he just held my hand for the rest of the period while we watched the video. He'd rub his thumb back and forth over the top of it, and I'd do the same. And we would occassionally smile at one another. Hehehe, it was almost like kissing...but with your hands. I was almost just as satisfied.

"Don't worry, Ariel. We'll make pans soon. K? I promise." He said, and we spent the rest of our time together enjoying the beauty of silence. There aren't enough 'wows' in the world to ever explain how I feel around him.

Plans. We're gonna make plans. I have no idea what that means...but if it's anything like the make out sssion we just had...then yes...let's make 'plans'.

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