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"Kiss Of An Angel 5"

I don't know HOW I was able to go to sleep last night! Sometimes the feeling in my gut is sooooo strong, that I can actually feel myself shaking! I couldn't stop smiling, not even through supper time! I'm sure that my mom and dad think that I'm jus being extra goofy these days, but my gramma knows how in love I am. She can tell. And every time she saw me smiling, she would give me a wink from across the table.

Oh wow...I don't know if there's a cure for this feeling. I don't even know if there's a mild sedative made to keep me from freaking out about it whenever he crosses my mind. When I'm sitting there, and thoughts of Tyler enter my head....every day is Christmas! And it's so hard to hold it in. So hard to focus. So hard to concentrate on ANYTHING else! I was sitting there doing my homework tonight...and I couldn't even get two sentences deep into my study workbook without my mind drifting and thinking back to Tyler's gentle hands on my waist. I love the way he holds me. It's so gentle and tender....you know? And when he pulls you in for a kiss..there's like this really slow increase in pressure, and you can feel his hands squeeze your hips ever so slightly. His lips are soooooo perfect. They're like soft pillows to me, and they totally fit my mouth. Like...when he's kissing me, you can feel his 'personality' in it. Like, his sweetness...and his cuteness...and his sensuality. Everything about his kiss is uniquely 'Tyler'. And when I feel his tongue in my mouth, I just about SCREAM! Because it's too much to handle, thinking that this amazing boy would ever consider touching me, much less giving me the thrill of my life through one of the most mind-blowing kisses ever created. I swear....I can still taste him.I can...I can still taste him!

I could hardly get my heart to stop beating long enough to go to sleep last night. But I must have managed somehow, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up with the sun shining in my eyes through my bedroom window. There was the annoying sound of jackhammering coming from the street out in front of my house, and I guess they finally started doing construction on my part of the street. There was no way for them to do it 'quietly', I guess...but I resented them for every random vibration surging through my bedroom walls this morning. I looked at my clock, and I had exactly three minutes to go before my morning alarm went off. I could have tried to go back to sleep...but...I mean, three minutes? What would be the point, you know? Besides, it's three more minutes that I could use to get all pretty and sweet for my Tyler today. So why bother even being upset about it. Nothing upsets me...not since my very first kiss! Hehehe!I swear, I don't think I ever hated weekends more than I did once I realized that I might have to wait until Monday to see Tyler again. But today was Friday, and that means more 'kissy' time spent with the most awesome boy on Earth.

GOD am I hard this morning! What the hell was *I* dreaming about?

I got up, showered, brushed my teeth extra clean....and just tried to keep my 'spacey' moments to a minimum while I got ready for school. It wasn't easy though. All I could do was think about Tyler in that dark library room, with the TV playing in the background, and our lips touching while he held me close to him. I know that I was probably being a geek again...but....sighhhh...I couldn't help it! All I could do was let the memory enter my mind until I started getting a boner, and then I'd stop and try to think about something else until it went down again. But...as soon as it did...there it was again. Thoughts of my baby. Hehehe...I'm SO weak when it comes to him.

My gramma made waffles for breakfast, and I tried to take my breakfast plate back upstairs to my room with me so I could eat there and try to bullshit on what was left unfinished on my homework...but she wasn't having any part of it. "Oh no you don't, young man. You sit right here at the breakfast table and get your nourishment." She said.

"I'm gonna eat, Gramma. Really. I just wanna finish some stuff up first.."

"It can wait until after you've eaten. Come on now, sit down here and keep me company. I haven't had anything in my ears except for that racket outside." She told me, and I had to shuffle my way back to the table. I should have known that she wasn't going to let me go upstairs. She's kind of big on 'family' time, I guess. The whole 'everybody off in their own little world' never really sat right with her. In her day, everybody 'talked' to one another, ate meals together, and communicated on a daily basis. Sighhhh...who knows? Maybe people had more stuff to talk about back then.

"So, when do I get to meet this great big beauty of yours, Ariel?" She asked me, and I dropped a piece of waffle off of my fork.

"Huh? My....my beauty?"

"Yes, your beauty. I want to see this girl that has gotten you so darn backwards these days."

"You...you think I'm backwards?" I asked.

"Giggling at the dinner table, locking yourself in your room, getting all handsome and decked out for school every day...I'd certainly call that backwards. You never did any of that stuff before."

"Oh...yeah. I know." I said, hoping to avoid the question by drinking some milk. She kept looking at me though. "I'll..." No Ariel...don't SAY it! "I'll bring her by some time."

"Some time, eh?" She smiled. "Alright. I don't see what the big secret is about. She must be quite a looker to get my darling grandson all hot and bothered like this."

I smiled as I felt a blush rushing to my cheeks. "I'm not...hot and bothered, Gramma."

"Yes you are. I can tell. I haven't seen a smile that wide since your father's first love when he was 11 years old." She grinned. "It was this girl, Angela who lived next door to us at the time. She was the most amazing girl on the block. Long brown hair...your father used to put 'gum' in it when he was younger..." Just then the doorbell rang, and I just barely escaped another one of my gramma's stories.

"I'll get it!" I said, jumping up from the table.

I hurried to the door, and the house was flooded with the sounds of jackhammering as I opened it. Much to my surprise, I saw Tyler standing outside, waiting to see me even earlier than yesterday. My breath got caught in my throat for a moment, and I tried to look 'cool' for him as I attempted to speak without giggling. "Hehehe...hi, Ty...." So much for not giggling.

"Hey...I'm not too early, am I?" He asked. Omigod, that's sooooo CUTE! He thinks he's too early!

"NO! Come in....hehehehehehhehe!" STOP GIGGLING!!!! Arghhh! Get a grip!

"Cool." He said, and he walked in through the door. He smelled like he was right out of a hot shower, and his hair was still a bit wet, making it a darker blond than usual. But it looked soooo sexy on him. I could see a single droplet of water on his neck, and I was tempted to lean forward and slowly 'lick' it off of him.

When he stepped in, I just kinda stared at him dreamily for a second or two before closing the door. And then...."Who's that, Ariel?" My gramma called from the kitchen, and I was already dreading giving her an answer.

I was quiet for as long as I could be, and then, with a slight cringe...I yelled back, "It's just my friend, Tyler, Grams." Ugh! I can't believe that I used the word 'just' while describing Tyler. As though he was anything less than the most utterly amazing boy in human existence! Anything other than drowning him in total worship and admiration seemed like a blasphemy of his awesome grace and beauty. I almost felt ashamed for what I said. It was Tyler's smile, and his smile alone, that allowed me to lift my eyes from the floor.

"Well, bring him in here, let me get a look at him. You guys ran off so fast last time, I didn't get to say hello." She said, and I looked at Tyler pleadingly for him to not be mad at me for putting him through this. But you know what? He didn't even think twice about it. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and walked ahead of me into the kitchen.

Could he be ANY sweeter? Seriously!

Ouch...geez, sometimes it's like I just love him TOO much. It really hurts to be near him sometimes when I'm not ready for it!

My gramma was sitting at the kitchen table, and smiled when Tyler entered the room. How could anybody not smile when my baby enters a room, you know? Omigod...it feels sooooo weird to actually think of him as 'mine', you know? "Gramms...th-th-this is my...friend, Tyler."

Tyler gave her a really soft-spoken hello. He seemed a little shy about it, but I was literally shaking myself to pieces here! Please don't embarrass me! Please don't embarrass me! PLEASE do NOT embarrass me!!! "Ok! So we're gonna go..." I said, blushing furiously and trying to get out of there before she had a chance to say something weird.

"Well, WAIT a second! Ariel? My goodness, let me at least get a good look at the boy before you run off some place. Where are your manners?" She said, putting on her glasses, and reaching to shake his hand. Noooooo...let us run away, already! Awww, she's TOTALLY gonna do something to make me look goofy! I KNOW she is! "So you know Ariel from school?"

"Yes, Ma'am. We met through some friends of ours." Tyler said, and I was fidgeting so badly that my gramma could literally see me pacing.

"Ariel...what's gotten INTO you?"

"Nothing, Gramms!" I said through gritted teeth, giving her a stressed look that I hope gave her the hint to stop talking.

She wrinkled her brow a bit, and then said, "Well, I guess I had better let you boys run out of this kitchen before my grandson throws a fit." She smiled at Tyler, "It was good to meet. Even if it was only for a couple of seconds, Tyler."

"You too." He grinned, and waved to her as I yanked hard on his arm to pull him into the other room. I can screw up all by myself, I don't need my gramma to help me dig my own grave here. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" He asked me.

"I'm sorry, Tyler, really! I'm SO so sorry!" I whimpered.

"Why? Don't be sorry. Your gramma seems sweet."

"She IS sweet...she just...I don't want to the sweetness to wear off and the weirdness to settle in. That's all."

Tyler giggled a bit to himself. "Why? Does she have some naked baby pictures of you somewhere? Maybe I should go back and talk to her some more."

"NOOOO!!!" I said, shocked and reaching up to cover his mouth with my hand. I did it so fast that I didn't even realize that I was reaching out to..to...touch him. On the LIPS, of all places! I YANKED my hand back quickly, and lowered my head with a jerk. "Sorry.."

"Hehehe, chill out, Ariel. I was kidding!" He smiled.

I peeked up through my dark bangs to see a hint of his gorgeous smile. "Really?"

"Well...maybe. Depends on if she really has the pictures or not." He grinned, and with a sigh, I looked timidly at the stairs leading up to my room. I hoped that it wasn't too obvious, but it's not like I could help it. I turned an even deeper shade of red, and shyly dug the tip of my shoe into the carpet as a small fit of giggles bubbled their way through me.

"Umm...so..." I had to take another breath before asking, the cranking and clashing of construction practically rattling the windows of my house. But even though my whole body was trembling at the moment...I fought to stay focused enough to put the words together. "...Do you wanna...like...go upstairs...or...or something...?" My hands started to quake, and when I saw Tyler smile, I started giggling again.

"Ok." He said.

"O-ok...." I repeated nervously.

There was a moment where I just stared up at his sweet blue eyes, neither one of us moving. Then he said, "Lead the way."

"Oh...yeah. Right." I started walking up the stairs...but once I got up two or three steps, I stopped. And I turned around to gently reach for Tyler's hand. Aww, I hope he doesn't think this is 'corny'...but I just...I wanted to hold his hand. You know? I don't know what I was doing, but...when he reached up to hold mine too...sighhhhh, I almost melted right out of my clothes. I held it all the way upstairs and into my room. Tyler's palm was so soft, so warm...it was like holding silk.

As soon as I got him in the center of the room with me...I found myself just staring at him in awe again. He was just slightly taller than me, so from my angle, the sunlight always hit the awesomeness of his eyes just right. I swear..they were, like, a different shade of blue for every day of the week. And each one was prettier and more glorious than the last. Tyler leaned forward a bit, and he playfully rubbed noses with me before giving me a gentle kiss on the lips. A little yelp escaped me before I tightened up my lips and cut it short. He giggled again, and gave me another few pecks while I held my breath. Then he said, "Come on...do it."


"Make the sound. I like it when you whimper." He smiled.

"Unh unh...I don't wanna." I smirked.

"Seriously, do it. For me?"

Awwwww....that's no FAIR! He knows I'd do anything for him. He kissed me on the side of the neck, and I giggled from the ticklish sensation of it, but tried not to whine like a little baby the way I usually do. But he wouldn't give up, and even though I tried my HARDEST to stay quiet..a little squeal or two made it to the surface.

"Hehehe, I will NEVER get over how cute that is!" He said, and I blushed even harder as I used my arms to try to keep his lips off of my neck long enough to catch my breath.

"I'm...I'm glad you think it's cute, Tyler." I said. "Hehehe...I kinda thought you would think it was stupid."

"Nope." He said, and he kissed me on the lips, a bit longer this time. I had to rest my hands on his strong shoulders to keep from falling over. And when our lips parted, he asked me, "You wanna lock the door? Just for a few minutes?"

Omigod....omigod!!!! I...I just...WOW!!! "Umm...uhhh..." I looked back at my door and bashfully bit my bottom lip. "Well...I can't."

"Oh. Well that's ok if you want to just...head out and start walking to school...?" He asked.

"No!" I said suddenly, trying to control the volume of my voice. "I mean..it's not that. My door...it doesn't have a lock on it." I was a little embarrassed to say it, but I told him the truth. "My dad says it breeds a desire for isolation in teens, so...he kinda doesn't allow me to have a lock on my door." Please don't think I'm weird, Tyler. Arrrgh! Stupid teen pop-psychology bullshit!

"That's ok. Hehehe, we can 'chance it'...right?"

Breathe, Ariel! Breathe! "Y-Y-Yeah....totally." I said. "Oh...um...wait." I opened my bedroom door, and made sure to look downstairs to make sure that my gramma wasn't milling around somewhere down there. The construction was making enough cover to keep her from hearing anything weird, as long as she stayed downstairs. Then I slowly closed my door as tightly as I could. "Ok...ready." I smiled. And it was then that Tyler placed his hands on that magic spot on my waist. The spot that seemed like it was made just for his tender hands and long fingers to go there. And I attempted to stop trembling long enough to tilt my head and kiss the lips that I've been craving to touch my whole LIFE!

I closed my eyes as the world began to spin at top speed, and my body became weightless. It was a deep and emotional open mouth kiss that made me completely helpless from the inside out. I let my arms dangle over his shoulders, and at one point, I got brave, and gently caressed the back of his head as we made out. Wow...his hair is like liquid gold. I've never felt anything like it. Omigod! There's his tongue! Ohhh man...he's sooooo good at moving his tongue all slow and sexy in my mouth. I wish I could kiss like him. I hope he likes the way I kiss. I don't know how to do it any better. I think he likes it though. Yeah...he's totally digging me.

I felt his hands slide a little bit up my back, and my whole body tingled I whimpered a little bit, which made him moan, and pull me closer. At this point, just as my tingly feeling was getting ready to take over my whole existence...our lips parted, and we stared at one another breathlessly. And I saw Tyler's aqua blue eyes look over to my bed. My eyes followed his, and we both looked at the bed, then at each other...and then he followed my gaze back over to the unlocked bedroom door. It was risky. Risky and dangerous. It would have been impossible to explain our position if my gramma came upstairs to make sure we weren't late for school and found my boyfriend actually laying on top of me on my bed. Although...just thinking about that...MADE ME SO FUCKING MAD THAT I DIDN'T HAVE A LOCK ON MY GODDAMN DOOR!!!!

I hated to do it. I mean...I *HATED* to do it!!! But I looked back into Tyler's eyes, and slowly shook my head to tell I couldn't. STUPID!!! The hottest blond boy in the world wants to lay down and make out with you, you LET him!!! Right??? I felt so ashamed that I literally wanted to CRY! But Tyler was quick to lift my chin with his fingers and smile at me, reconnecting his lips to mine to let me know that it was ok. Then he whispered, "Another time, k?" And I nodded, anxious to just get my mouth back on his so I could taste his tongue again.

This went on for another five minutes easy, and I had to open one eye every now and then just to look at the clock and make sure that we weren't late. I kept peeking at it, and then losing myself in the kiss again, now almost pinned up against my closet as Tyler pleasured me in ways that I didn't even know could be achieved through kissing alone. I didn't even need AIR, just so long as I had my Tyler's lips pressed up against my own. It was so HOT! There was a lot ofpassion in it, and my knees buckled as I let his embrace completely carry me away into some kind of fantasy reserved for just us two.

I could feel his hardness against mine...and my stomach tied itself into tight knots as I realized that he was just as turned on as I was. This was MORE than kissing! This was like SEX! It's like I'm having SEX with Tyler! I mean...um...right? Sex is like...like this, right? Oh God, what if it's BETTER? What if being naked totally makes it better! What would Tyler look like naked...oh geez...I'll bet he's totally rad when he's naked. Sighhhh...

I whimpered more and more, the sounds of my boyish whines drowned out by the jackhammering workers downstairs, and the more I gave into it, the more sensual Tyler got. I was almost ready to say 'fuck it' and lay down on my bed with him anyway! But then....JESUS...one of Tyler's hands moved slowly from my waist, and then moved...you know...'down' a little bit in front. And his hand actually...like...'touched' me. You know...like touched me...in that place where nobody else has touched me since I started bathing myself. That was a high pitched whimper that I couldn't hold back, even if I tried. It was like...he ran his fingers back and forth across my hardness, and then he kinda took hold of it through my pants and squeezed it. I heard the door of my closet rattle as my back slammed against it and I nearly collapsed to the floor. But Tyler held me steady, his lips still kissing me deeply as a soft moan vibrated through his lips and into mine.

I was scared for a moment...terriied even...but I took a chance, and I let my hand slide down Tyler's chest, almost hyperventilating as I got close to touching him in such an intimate way. I held my breath, and let my hand linger for a moment on the side of his thigh before he lightly grabbed my wrist, and slid my hand to touch it for him. It was sooooo hard. And long. It was sticking out to the side, and a little bit down his leg. I let my fingers touch it and give it a few little experimental squeezes. Wow...his was just like mine. I could feel it. It was...it was...REALLY cool. I swooned, as he rubbed me up and down, and I tried to coordinate the same motion on his. I was touching Tyler Jordan's PENIS!!! Like...SERIOUSLY!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I'm holding it in my hand! His tongue is in my mouth! Just thinking about it caused my whines to get much MUCH worse, which turned him on even more....and then....and then...

It was like I had NO warning at all! NONE! All of a sudden, my body shook violently, and I stood way up on my tippy-toes as I quickly pulled my lips back from Tyler's expert kiss. "Uhhhhhh....uhhh.....ohhhh....oh noooo!" I cried, and before I could even push his hand away, I felt my boner pulsing like CRAZY! It was flooding my underwear with more juice than I've ever unloaded before in my entire LIFE!!! I had to reach back and hold on to the closet and the wall to remain standing, but I just closed my eyes and stood helplessly as the warm gushes of semen splashed the inside of my pants. I bit my bottom lip hard, hoping that the powerful tremors wouldn't cause me to pass out as my legs twitched and my ass wiggled back and forth, my body still trying, pointlessly, to cut back on the growing mess. It took what seemed like an ETERNITY to settle down again and actually get my breath back. And when I did...I opened up one eye to peek at Tyler's reaction.

I was TOTALLY humiliated! This is by FAR the STUPIDEST fucking thing I've ever done! He's gonna LAUGH at me! I know he is!He's gonna wish he never met me!Who does this? I just came all over myself! Awww, he's gonna think that's sick! Why didn't I get my 'warning tickles' like usual??? I would have....stopped or slowed down or....or something!

There was no way to 'hide' i, so I did the only thing I could do. I apologized. "Tyler...I didn't know I was about to...sighhhh....I'm sorry." I was so embarrassed that I refused to look him in the eye. This is NOT cool! This is what babies do! This is stupid!

"Do you need, like, a 'tissue'...or something?" He asked, and I got even more mortified.

"I've....I've got it. There's some by my bed, so..." No no no! Don't tell him THAT! Great! Now he knows that you keep tissues by the bed to jack off with too! Nice going doofus! Why don't you show him the teddy bear you used to practice kissing on when you were ten! I'm sure he'd get a kick out of that too now that we're completely making ourselves look like 'Geek of the Year'!

Tyler saw me squirming. I felt soooo bad inside that I was literally 'shrinking' in size right before his eyes. I paced back and forth a bit, not knowing WHAT the hell to do with this rapidly cooling splatter-game in my pants! Oh God, it felt so gross! Why did I let this happen! STUPID!!! Stupid, stupid....fucking **STUPID**!!!!!! Arrrrgh!!!!

"Are you ok?" Tyler asked me, being all...sweet and cute again. FUCK! I spoiled everything! The whole morning is RUINED!

"Ariel? Are you boys leaving soon? You'll be late!" My gramma called upstairs, making things worse as I paced faster!

I was almost crying, but held those tears back with every bit of fight that I had in me. "What am I gonna do? I can't go to school like....like THIS!" I sniffled.

"I'm sorry, Ariel. Really. I shouldn't have..."

"NO!" I yelled. "No, Tyler, PLEASE don't be sorry, ok? Please? I couldn't take it if you thought this was your fault. I'm just a...dummy head, that's all."

"Hehehe, a what?" He giggled, and somehow, the look on his face got me to smile.

"DON'T...this is...serious." I pouted.

"Look, just...clean up really quick and change your underwear. I'll watch the door." He said.

My eyes nearly exploded! "Right here?" I asked. "But..."

He didn't even really....REALIZE that he was asking me to be...like...half NAKED in front of him! I stuttered and stumbled over my own breath, but when my gramma called again from downstairs, Tyler opened my bedroom door and said, "Just a few minutes, Ms. Dalton. Ariel's just making sure that he's got all his homework together first." Buying me another few minutes before she came up to 'check' on me.

I don't think I ever turned a darker shade of purple than I did when Tyler gave me the signal to hurry up. I couldn't MOVE! I was so scared, and yet...so 'turned on' at the same time! My tears were still kinda balanced on the edge of my eyes, but I suddenly felt this weird smile spread out on my face all by itself. Tyler whispered, "Hurry up! Go, go!" and he slowly closed my door again.

Hehehe, I felt kinda...'naughty' about it...but I undid my belt and pants and then turned my back to him so that I could change. I looked back over my shoulder to see him watching me. An...awwwww, it was REALLY flattering that he wanted to watch me get all 'nakey' and stuff...it was a bit too embarrassing for me to have him...you know...see me just yet. Not like this. I just...I wanted it to be a bit more special than...a big mess and a limp dick, you know? It's silly, but...Tyler's my everything. He deserves soooo much better. I asked him to turn around, and he blushed and did as I asked him.

I quickly reached into my dresser to pull out a fresh pair of underwear, and got a new pair of pants out of my closet. I laid them out on my bed...and then peeked back at Tyler who was looking the other way. I felt something...umm...kind weird inside. Like...like, I shouldn't make him turn around. Or...sighhhh...I don't know what I want. I just...I'm glad he's here. With me. Right now. It's...awesome.

I took off my pants, facing the other direction, and saw my underwear soaked clear through with stickiness. I had to practically 'peel' them off of me, and let them slide carefully down my legs. I peeked over my shoulder again, so TOTALLY naked from the waist down in front of the boy of my dreams...and hurried over to the dirty clothes hamper to shove my clothes in there. I could NOT believe that I was already getting hard again after an orgasm of that magnitude. But I hurried back over to my bed to clean myself off. I grabbed a handful of tissues, and started the awful process of wiping what I could off of my...'thingie'. It was a weird process, but I think I got most of the sticky juices and residue off. The whole thing was making me hard as a rock, and having Tyler right there in the ROOM with me was making it worse! I spread my legs a bit more, and shuddered when I squeezed the last few dribbles out and cleaned the tip. God...Tyler was only a few feet away from me. I could actually hear him breathing. In fact, it almost sounded like he was panting just as loudly as I was.

I nervously peeked back over my shoulder a third time, and this time...I caught Tyler peeking at me! He totally played it off, and snapped his head back around. But then he started giggling, and that made me blush and giggle too. "Quit it! You're cheating!" I said, and he apologized. But when I finished wiping off the excess and balled the tissues up to flush once we got out of this room, he was peeking again. And this time, as I bent over to pull on a new pair of underwear...I made sure to wiggle my cut little bare ass a bit to keep his attention.

He instantly gasped out loud, and whispered, "Omigod...DUDE!" He quickly turned back around, but when he peeked again, I made sure he still had some nice cheeks to look at, as I slowly pulled my underwear up the rest of the way. I think I honestly heard Ty whimper a little bit himself this time! Hahaha, it's not something that I would have done for ANYBODY else in the world..but...truth be told...I kinda liked having Tyler watch me. I liked letting him...'see me'. And when I pulled my pants up and walked over to grab my backpack, his face was super red from blushing so hard. "Umm...hehehe..." He was at a loss for words.

"I'm glad you saw me." I said, and I just...laid my hand on his chest for a second, just so I could feel his heartbeat for a moment. That subtle little thump in his chest is so cool to me.

He gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and said, "You are, by far, the BEST 'tease' I've ever had, you know that." He tenderly ran his finger across my cheek, lifting some of my hair and tucking it behind my ear for me. "I don't know what my life would be if I didn't spend it so in love with you."

My knees began to shake, and I think I stopped breathing entirely when he said that. But I tried to respond anyway. "Umm...ok....hehehe..." I told Did I just say 'ok'? What the hell does THAT mean? "I mean...cool." NO! That's not any better! You're supposed to say something...WARM and awesome to him! Go! Do it! "I....love you too. I mean, like much. I mean...a lot. Wait...I mean..."

He kissed me again, and said, "Shhhh, hehehe, I got it. Your eyes say it all." And then, he let go of my hips and headed towards my door to open it up. I knew that we had to leave...but....dang it...I COULDN'T let him go yet! So I put my hand on his shoulder, pulled him back into my room, and gave him this...really big, really deep tongue kiss...and tried to get it all out of my system before we had to go outside and 'behave' for the rest of the day.

Hahaha, the look on Tyler's face was soooo cute! He was like, "Okaaayyyy.." Then he watched me go to the upstairs bathroom to flush the tissues and wash my hands. When I came back, he couldn't stop grinning. I walked past him, and I felt his hand TOTALLY grab my ass, making me jump and accidentally bump the little table in the hallway. A vase started to wobble and Tyler caught it JUST before it fell, looking up at me as we both started giggling at each other. He whispered, "Sorry. I couldn't help myself." And then he did the sweetest thing ever! Just as we reached the top of the stairs, he reached out for MY hand this time...just to guide me down the steps the same way we came up! Omigod...he's like, TOO perfect to be true! Tyler is SO unreal!

I held his hand for as long as I could before my gramma came out to see us off. She was wiping her hands off on a hand towel as Tyler and I jerked our hands apart. I swear...my palm never felt so cold before. "You boys have a...good day..." She said, seeing the look on my face. God...I must have looked *SO* guilty! "Ariel, you look..."

"OK!!! Gotta GO, Gramms! Bye!" I grabbed Tyler by the arm and charged for the door as fast as my legs could carry me, and swiftly slammed it behind us.

Tyler could hardly say a single sentence without laughing the entire time we were walking to school. Something about me being a dork really entertained him for some reason. Hehehe, I guess I should be thankful for that, huh? I must be the most 'entertaining' boy on the planet to him. Still..his eyes never looked at me with any judgment whatsoever. Of all the things I've done TOTALLY wrong, he only seems to fall deeper and deeper in love with me because of it. I don't think I could turn him away if I tried. I almost wish that I could just relax and take comfort in that...but...hmmmm....not just yet. I should probably stay on my guard for just a little bit longer.

Omigod...hehehe, I can't believe I let him see me naked! That STILL makes me quake inside.

I almost didn't want to separate from him once we got to school and had to go to classes again. But there was something incredibly comforting about his smile that morning that felt like it could hold me until lunch time when we got to be together again. "So...I'll see you later?" He asked.

I nodded with a sheepish grin. "Uh-huh..."

"Cool." He backed away from me, and then added, "Maybe next time...I can give you a peep show." Oh wow...I thought I was gonna literally chase him down, pounce on him, and kiss him until security had to jump in and split us up! I swear, seeing him leave me, it really just...HURT! Ugh! The further he got away from me, the more it ached inside my belly. And when he was out of my sight, it felt like half of me was just 'gone'. Just....'gone'. Sighhhh, I don't know why I hurt over him so much, I just...I just do. And it feels awesome.

I don't think I paid attention to anything anyone said to me for the next forty minutes or so. School really isn't equipped to deal with somebody who's THIS much in love. It's just words and number and dates and blah, blah, blah. More distance between me and the greatest joy of my life. A waste of valuable time while I wait to see the blue 'summer lake' splendor of his eyes again...as he stares at me as if I was the only person in the world who mattered. What could possibly succeed in my getting my attention after that?

"Ariel?" I heard the voice, and had to bring myself back down to Earth as I saw Randy sitting next to me. I didn't even see him come into the room In fact, I didn't even really pay attention to the fact that I was already in my art class and that my day was almost half over.

I turned to smile at him. "Hey. When did you get here?"

"Hehehe, just now." Randy's genuine smile made me blush, and he said that I looked awfully 'happy'. I doubt that I could help it. Thoughts of kissing Tyler until I burst flooded my thoughts every second of the day.

I thought about the way his long, wet, tongue felt twisting its way around mine, and the tenderness of his grip on my hips, and then...the feel of his hardness through the material of his pants. What would it be like to touch it without anything else in the way? Or taste it? Or maybe even...suck it? HARD! The thought created this really ticklish sensation in me, and it spread out over my whole body so fast that I couldn't keep myself from giggling. Randy was staring at my goofy attitude, and I said, "I'm just thinking about stuff."

"Good stuff?" He asked me.

"Yeah. Hehehe...good stuff." I did what I could to hide my smile, and straighten myself up. But thinking about Ty my whole existence so...silly and sweet! I couldn't contain myself. Randy was still looking, that adorable grin of his gracing me with its appearance, and I told him, "Sorry. It's just...they were doing construction outside of my house this morning...so..."

"They were doing construction outside of your house? Annnnndd....that makes you happy?" He said.

"It did today." Ohhh...there it is again. The feeling of Tyler's hand on me...touching me. Sighhhh...he smelled soooo good this morning. How can he always smell so good. Just like sunshine. When I was able to focus, Randy looked somewhat confused, and as much as I wished that I could tell him...this was hardly the place. This isn't something that I could whisper quietly. I'd definitely have to 'scream' it out loud at some point "Never mind. Hehehe, it's uhh...it's a long story."

That day, all I could do was think about him...and every second, I would just...slightly elevate the situation in my mind. I let my thoughts get kinda...um...'racy'. And that made me giggle even more as I tried to hold my sketchbook in my lap to hide my excitement. I thought about slowly taking Tyler's pants down, and licking him up the inside of both thighs as I held him in my hand. I wanted to, like...'stroke' him while I licked his balls. And I'd...I'd suck him sooooo good. And soooo slow. And then we'd kiss some more. And I...I wanted to kiss his chest, and his cute little navel, and then suck on his neck for, like....HOURS! I grinned some more, and I think Randy was looking over at me to see what the hell was wrong with me, so I tried to cover it up with a few coughs and go back to work. But the second the room got quiet...my thoughts went right back to him. And I wondered what it would feel like if Tyler had walked right up behind me...and wrapped his arms around my stomach, and kissed me on the neck as he pushed himself into me. All the way. Like...I'd totally let him...'do' me, you know? I want it. I want him inside me. Moving...and breathing...and kissing...oh baby, that would be so hot. Just for me and him. Just us. Making love until I made him explode. Ohhhhh....I REALLY have to stop thinking about stuff like this! I'm gonna get kicked out of class if I start whimpering to myself in here.

The bell finally rang, and I took my time getting my stuff together because my boner was TOTALLY hard right then! Arrrgh! What's worse, Randy seemed to be waiting around a bit too. So I managed to secretly point my boner up into the waistband of my underwear, and awkwardly stood up. Note to self....it's VERY hard to bend over and pick up your backpack when you've got a boner tucked in your pants!

Randy and I walked out into the hallway, and he asked me, "So are you gonna tell me what's gotten you so weird today, or what?"


"Awww, you're not gonna tell me?"

"I'm sorry. You're not mad are you?" I asked, just to make sure. I'd really tell him if he wanted me to. Despite everything else going on with my heart right now...I'd do anything for Randy. He's still kinda my...'first', you know?

"No. I'm not mad, Ariel. Just curious." He smiled. "So...come on, spill the beans."

"Hehehe...I can't."

"Is it Tyler?" He asked.

I started giggling again. Something about just hearing his name...makes me swoon. "Maybe...." I said, and he gave me a sideways look. "...Ok, so...yeah. But that's ALL I'm gonna say, ok?" I told him. "I'm just..happy. Really really happy."

There was a pause in our conversation, and I got lost in thoughts of me slowly rolling around on my bed with Tyler on top of me...kissing me passionately while I lifted my legs up to let him...to let him...

"Wait...you guys didn't have SEX, did you?" Randy asked, and I suddenly came CRASHING back to reality with a gasp!

"Omigod, Randy, NO! We...I...we never..." Aww geez! I mean...I...I THINK about it an awful lot! I mean...Tyler's so hot, it's not like I never thought about...really, like 'REALLY' asking him if he wants to. I just...umm...didn't get around to that part yet. "...No...we didn't...do it yet..." I told him, and shyly looked down at my shoes, letting my hair block my eyes from Randy for a second so I could think.

"Oh. Ok. It's just...you seem so...giddy today."

"I am? Oh...I didn't mean to make it look like...well, no. We just...umm..I don't know, anything about...'that stuff'." Oh God...what the hell am I doing? I don't know anything about SEX! I mean, I KINDA know some stuff that I heard before...and I kinda wanna 'do stuff' with Tyler, but...oh shit! What if I'm no good at it? What if I suck? What if I cum all fast and Tyler has to jack off or something instead? I'm SUCH a virgin! This isn't right! This is all wrong! Here I am thinking about sexy stuff, and I don't even know how to DO any sexy stuff yet! I need....I need to figure some stuff out or something. Yeah. Yeah...I just need to...figure some stuff out. "You know what? I've gotta go." I told Randy. "I...I need to go get something from my locker. I'll see ya later..." Shit! Awww geez! What am I gonna do? I've gotta find some way to get some sex knowledge before Tyler comes over to my house again on Monday. Or after FINALS! OR DURING SPRING BREAK!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

As I was walking away from Randy, trying to clear my head, I saw Amber and Hailey coming around the corner. I REALLY did not have time for either one of them today! Seriously! Hailey opened her mouth, like always, and barely got out my name, "Ariel..."

Before I put my hand up in her face and said, "I'm not talking to you." And then I just kept walking! FAST! Thank God she didn't, like....'jump' me or something. It's SO embarrassing getting beat up by a girl!

Ok...so...all I gotta do is teach myself how to have sex...in a single weekend. Umm...I can do that. Right? And by the time Tyler gets his hands on me, I'm gonna be like a total sexual dynamo! I'll blow his mind! I just know it.

I'll figure this out somehow. Don't worry. It'll be the best sex ever!

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