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"Kiss Of An Angel 7"

I woke up like...25 minutes before my alarm went off today.

I dunno, my eyes just opened up all by themselves, and the sun was all...'shiny'! Hehehe! I was actually fully energized today! So getting up was no problem at all. I hopped out of bed, and put on my fuzzy slippers, and just started getting ready for school. I know it's only gonna be boring old reviews for our finals this week, but...just getting the chance to walk to and from school with the dreamiest boy EVER at my side made this dull Monday morning feel like a whole WEEK'S worth of fireworks! I can't WAIT to see my baby again!

I washed up and tried to look cute for Tyler today. But no matter what I do, he always outclasses me. It's pointless to even TRY at this point. Omigawd...I just thought about his smile, and it made my testicles tingle! Just a little bit! Yaaayyy!!! I've gotta hurry up and eat breakfast before he ring the bell! I just...I wanna...

I want him to...'come in' for a little bit. You know? Awww, he's probably gonna think that I kiss him too much. And....maybe I do. But I've never kissed anybody as cute as Tyler before. Actually, I've never kissed ANYBODY before! And now I'm, like, addicted to it. He's so beautiful, his FACE just tastes different! you can just TASTE the 'gorgeous' on him, you know? Nobody else's face is gonna taste like that. All sweet and cute and 'cotton-candy pink'! JUST my Tyler Jordan! And I am going to seriously burn out every hormone I HAVE if he doesn't get here soon!

After today, I'll try to stop being such a spaz about the kissing thing. Promise. I just need some more today! Just for a few minutes! And then I'll stop. At least...I think I'll stop. I'll TRY! Mmmmm, GOD, he's so yummy and rad!!!

I nearly broke my neck running down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mom and Gramms were shocked to see me dressed and ready for school already. Gramms hadn't even really finished cooking yet, and they were just talking over a cup of coffee.

"Ariel? You don't have to leave for school for another 45 minutes. What are YOU doing up so early?" My mom asked.

"Nothin'...just, wanted to get an early start. That's all."

"I don't believe that for a moment. You know that right?" She said. "What are you up to?"

Gramms leaned over and said softly, "I think some young lady has gotten our sweet Ariel all backwards." And they shared a chuckle at my expense.

"GRAMMS!!!" I whined. "There's NO....'young lady'. And I'm NOT backwards!" I tried to protest, but that only made them giggle more. Then my mom finished her coffee and got up to get ready to leave for work.

"Sure there isn't." She said. "But you let her know to take care of my little boy's heart anyway." "Awwww, Mom nothing. Have a good day sweetie."

"I will." I said, and sat back as Gramms put some ham and eggs down on a plate in front of me. "Sweet! Did you burn the corners of the ham a little bit?"

"Just the way you like it." Gramms said, and started making me some toast and jam and a glass of milk. I grabbed my fork and started to heave the food into my mouth as fast as I could without burning my tongue.

My mom went out the back door, and I mumbled a 'goodbye' with a mouthful of food. And when Gramms put my toast down on my plate, she looked at me like I was insane, and pulled her hand back as though I was gonna BITE it off!

"Ariel...for heaven sakes, SLOW DOWN! You're going to choke yourself to death."

"I can't, Gramms. Tyler's coming over early today. I don't wanna be feeding my face when he comes over."

"You don't want him to see you passed out on the kitchen floor, turning blue in the face either, do you?"


"I said slow down. Let your food digest. You mind your Gramms." She said, and I did what I was told. But every time she turned her back to me, I made sure to take bigger bites and swallow as much as I could before she started watching again. Not only did I want to hurry up and finish, but I wanted to brush my teeth again afterwards. Rinse with mouthwash. That way, my kisses will be all minty and sweet and he'll wanna kiss me more. Hehehe, which would be AWESOME!

She sat down at the table across from me, and smiled at me while drinking her coffee. I rolled my eyes a bit and asked her, "What???"

"When are you going to stop being so darn 'secretive' and talk to me. You always used to tell your Gramms everything that was going on with you."

"I'm NOT backwards, Gramms. Why do you always say that?" I blushed, giving myself away.

"Well...I've been around long enough to young love when I see it. Besides, I think it's CUTE! You've been running around here with your eyes shining for weeks now."

"No I haven't..." I mumbled, trying not to look her in the eye. Great. She noticed. I guess I HAVE been acting kinda freaky lately. But it's TYLER JORDAN!!! How can I NOT be a total dork whenever I think about him??? "I'm just...happy about other stuff."

"Other stuff, huh?" She grinned, and I rolled my eyes again. "Alright, alright. I'm not gonna FORCE a tortured confession out of you if you don't want to tell me." She said. "You just make sure you treat her right. We're Daltons...and we raise nothing but 'gentlemen' in this family."

I tried to go back to eating fast again, but she was watching me this time, so I had to sorta 'pace' myself. I hope I'm not being too weird. I just...I need time to be perfect for him, you know? Yeah...perfect.

"Do you think you're ready for all these fancy tests this week?" She asked me.

"Sure. I'll do ok, I think. I studied a little bit with Tyler. He's awesome in math, so...he helped me a little."

"Tyler again. I swear, that boy is ALL you ever talk about anymore. You two have grown so inseparable lately. You are NUTS about him, huh?" She asked. And I don't think she really knew the extent of what she was saying...but it only made me hide my eyes even deeper into my breakfast plate as I tried to avoid her trained instincts.

"We're not....THAT close, Gramms.." I said quietly.

"Seem awfully close to me. I hardly see how you have time to spend with anyone else, as much as you go on about him." She smiled. "He must be one heck of a good friend."

"Aww....he's alright, I guess. We just..."

At that moment, the doorbell rang!!! And I nearly SCREAMED! I jumped up from the table so fast that I scared the HELL out of my poor Gramms, and she was clearly startled, letting out a little yelp of her own. I bumped the table with my legs, and it rocked so hard that it tipped my glass of milk over. I attempted to get it before it rolled off of the table and broke on the floor, but there was still a mess. Arrrrghhh!!! SHIT!!! I grabbed some napkins and tried to wipe up the mess at the speed of light! But I ended up just pushing the spill to the edge of the table and causing it to drip onto the floor. I buffed it up faster and faster, and worried about how many seconds it had been since Tyler rang the bell!!! Awwww, he's WAITING outside! What if he gets mad? What if he goes away???? Stupid damn MILK! HURRY UP AND GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!

"Ariel....A-A-Ariel....STOP! Honey, stop...just GO! You're making it worse. I'll get it, just go." I tried to clean it better, but she had to literally grab my hand. "Ariel...go answer the door. Go."

I winced a bit, wishing that I hadn't made another mess. "Sorry, Gramms."

"It's alright, just...try not to break anything on the way to the door. That includes either one of you LEGS." She said, and started me the perfect opportunity to 'escape'!

I RAN towards the door, and snatched open so fast that it nearly knocked me in the head! And then...there he was. My sweetheart! My magic wish come true!

I know that people say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but Tyler Jordan's beauty was sooooo universal. NOBODY could deny it. There could be someone who absolutely HATED Tyler with every fiber of their being...but they would NEVER be able to say that he wasn't a perfect ten, inside and out! My whole body just felt weightless whenever I got the chance to see him up close. And when he smiled....ohhhhhhh, when he smiled...every day was Christmas! I swooned at the door, just diving into those big blue eyes and allowing his pretty face sweep me right into speechlessness.

"I'm so sorry, Tyler. I uhhh...I spilled some...some milk, so..." I opened the door to let him in, and he grinned at me.

"I'm not too early, am I?"

"NO!!! No, you''re awesome." Did that make any sense at all? Hehehe, I don't care. I'm staring an angel in the face right now! Me being a nerd isn't going to ruin this moment.

"Thanks. You too." He giggled, then he looked over my shoulder. "Hiya, Gramms!"

"Good morning, Tyler." She replied.

"Omigod! You called her 'Gramms'! Oh wow, that's so CUTE!" I said, wide eyed and already thirsty for his next kiss.

Tyler winked at me, and I got so weak that I actually dipped at the knees, already starting to get hard for him. Tyler looked into the kitchen and asked, "What happened?"

"Well, no offense to you, Tyler, but I think 'YOU' happened." She grinned.

Tyler gasped a little bit, and looked at me. " spilled."

"It was an accident..." I told him.

"It wasn't an accident making HER clean it up, ya dork!" He giggled. "Do you need help, Gramms?"

"No no...I've got it. We've all gotten used to Ariel's little 'accidents' in this house. The fact that it's still standing at all is a blessing, believe me." She replied. "But for what it's worth, you're awfully sweet to ask. Do you want some ham and eggs I can make ya some."

"No thanks..." Tyler started, but my hands had already began to creep and craw up to his arm to pull him away from the doorway. It was like they had a mind of their own, and I was getting more impatient by the second. Oh God...I'm touching him again! It seems like it's been soooo long since I touched him. Awww, he smells awesome! C'mon, Ty...I need you. Don't make me wait. "...Hehehe, I ate already before I left the house."

I tugged at his arm a bit harder, and Tyler giggled in the cutest way, a little blush appearing on his face. "C'mon, I wanna show you something." I said softly, trying not to smile too much. was that moment that I noticed a bit of a silence falling over the room, and when I looked back at my Gramms...she was, like...'different'. I mean, her was like...she was smiling like always, and then...all of a sudden, the expression had changed. She was looking directly at me as though she had somehow seen something in me that she had never seen before. Her eyes briefly wandered over to Tyler, then back to me, and she straightened up. What was that? What??? I have to admit, I experienced a moment of sheer terror as I realized that she was watching me clinging desperately to the arms of another boy in the doorway of her kitchen. And I instantly snatched my hands back from Tyler's arm like he had burned me.

I didn't know what to do. Do I hide my guilty eyes from her? Or do I just sorta...'run'? I wanted to run and get out of her sight, feet refused to move until I was sure that I wouldn't look suspicious running away from her. Not...not that I didn't look suspicious standing right there in front of her.

Gramms stared at me for a moment, then turned around to throw the wet paper towels in the trash can. "Well...why don't you boys go on upstairs and...get ready for school. I'm just gonna...finish my coffee." Then her eyes swept over to me again as she dried her hands, and it made me feel weird to have her look at me like that. I hope I wasn't being...'backwards' again.

Somehow, my hands found their way to Tyler's arm again, and I softly pulled him along to follow me to the stairs. It wasn't really something I needed to worry about. I don't think so. The important thing is that I get to be with my baby for a few minutes before leaving for school. It's the biggest highlight of my day.

When we got to my bedroom, Tyler couldn't even close the door all the way before I put my hands on his shoulders and stood up on my tiptoes to press my lips against his. felt sooooooo good! It was like this big release for me, and I couldn't hold back for a second longer. I pushed my tongue into his mouth right away, trying to get as MUCH enjoyment out of my boyfriend as I possibly could before having to stop myself. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his soft blond hair tickling the surface of my skin, and I pressed into him until his back finished closing the door for us.

My rapid heartbeat was causing me to breathe soooo hard, but kissing Tyler never seemed to be enough. I kept trying to kiss him deeper and deeper, until I was just totally absorbed into the act itself. We bumped up against my bedroom door a few times, and I tried to get even closer, rubbing my hardness against his as I began to whimper in his arms. God, I love him soooooo much! So good! So very very VERY good!

"Hehehe, Ariel...wait. Wait WAIT....hehehe!" Tyler said, having to practically fight me off of him! He was smiling...but I seriously turned DEEP purple in the face when I realized that I was practically ATTACKING him!

"Omigod! Oh....oh wow...Tyler, I'm sooooo sorry! I just...awwww...I'm sorry..."

"NO! No, it's okay! Hehehe! I just...hehehe, I didn't expect so this morning. Are you sure you're ok?"

I know Tyler was grinning and all...but I felt SUPER humiliated, just the same. "I'm being a dumb ol' VIRGIN again, aren't I?" I sulked.

"Aww, No WAY! You're being awesome! That's the sexiest greeting I've ever gotten from anybody in my whole life! Hehehe, k?" And he gave me a sweet little candy kiss on my lips. I swear...I could actually taste the beauty of his smile! "I just...I don't wanna get you in trouble while your grandmother is downstairs. You know?"

Dammit!!! Ho long until I can legally get a place of my OWN! "Sighhh...I know. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. We'll have all the time we need on Wednesday to make up for it." He said, and I actually felt my heart stop when he said that. Wednesday! That's the day after tomorrow!!! I've only got, like, 48 hours to figure out how to have good man sex!!! What the hell am I gonna do??? I can't just...WING it! Tyler's prolly like....a GOD at having sex! And I'm like...this little teeny tiny ant on the ground! I'm gonna be all hard and poke his eye out or something, and then he's gonna be MAD at me! Or worse...he'll LAUGH at me! And then he'll tell me to get out! And he won't wanna be boyfriends anymore! Arrrgh! I wish I had a way to practice! I'm gonna hump my pillow when I get home! That's it! I'm gonna hump my pillow, and kiss my teddy bear, and then I'm gonna get a raw sausage out of the freezer and...

Suddenly, Tyler kissed me on the lips again, and he smiled at me. "Hehehe, you looked like you were worrying yourself about nothing again." He said. And when he kissed me again, he whispered..."It's ok, Ariel. I love you. I love you so much that I can't enjoy a single ray of sunshine without you. You really don't have the power to screw that up. Not even if you tried. So stop looking like a frightened little rabbit in my arms, ok? Hehehe, it's cute...but I don't want my baby to worry about anything. Not when he's with me."

The sentiment of it rushed through me like a runaway train, my insides turning to jelly, my legs turning to wet noodles. And just as I opened my mouth to say something sweet to him in return....


Awww, I burped!!! And it was short, but it was kinda loud! Omigod! What did I do???

I don't know if it was the burp itself or the look on my face that set him off, but Tyler suddenly started laughing at me, and....ARRRGHHHHH!!!! Why the hell did I DO that????

"I'm SORRY!!!! Omigod, that's rude!" I whined, turning purple in the cheeks.

"Hahahaha!!! What the hell...? Sometimes you are TOO much, you know that?" He said, and had to sit on my bed to gather himself again, letting it fade into a few giggles here and there.

"I was just...eating breakfast really fast, and then you came over, and you make my stomach go all 'wiggly' when you say stuff like that to me, and I just..." I tried to explain in a way that made sense. Instead I just closed my eyes, and sighed, "...Gosh, Tyler...sometimes you just make me so sick." It took a couple of seconds to realize what I said, and my eyes popped open as wide as they could! "NO!!! WAIT....I didn't mean...that you actually, umm...make me SICK! No, that's not what I meant at all! I mean that you make me FEEL sick when you tell me you love me." Awww, WAIT! That's not any better! What the hell am I DOING??? "NO!!! You don't make me...I's not that I'm sick because of YOU! I'm sick because....I mean my stomach gets really squirmy because you're awesome...and then I"

"Hehehe! Shhhhh, I know what you mean. And I think it's sweet." He said, and it was the only thing that could relieve the panic in me. If only for a few minutes. "Just make sure to warn me next time. In case I wanna lean in for a kiss. Hehehe!"

I bit my bottom lip and looked down at my shoes for a second. "Ummm...k. I will." I stood there for a moment, and then I quickly sprung up on my toes again to give him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you." I said softly, my voice cracking a bit from the emotional strain.

"I love you too." He said, and I accidentally let out this little high pitched squeal by mistake. I had to hold onto his arm to keep from falling backwards, and it felt foolish, I know...but...everything about my sweetheart is just so exciting and perfect! He's soooo special! GOD...I wish I had more time to kiss him today. I'd probably end up tackling him again.

I saw the time, and knew that it was time for us to get going. To be honest, I was kinda surprised that Gramms didn't start hollering up the stairs for us to get moving. I gave Tyler a kiss on the lips, thinking that the quick little peck was gonna be enough. But the second our lips parted, I wanted another one. "Sorry, hehehe!" I said, and kissed him again. And then ONE more time...just because. Then I reached for my bedroom door and opened it...but I had to close it again. Ok...I need just ONE more! one LONG kiss! With some...with some TONGUE in it! Mmmmm, yeah! Hehehe! "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, hehehe! I'm almost finished!" Wow....Tyler's lips are sooooo soft and moist. And I made sure to get his tongue this time too. I heard his breathing pick up a bit, and he hugged my narrow waist against him as I tried to keep my whimpers to a minimum. I've never known what it was like to kiss somebody this way before. To, like...just see them looking really pretty, and then, just 'kiss' them. It made me feel like he was all 'mine', you know? Heh...Tyler Jordan's all mine. That thought made me so hard that I thought I might make a mess again. Lucky for me, Tyler knew when to stop.

"Wow...Ariel..." Hehehe blushed! Awww, he's so CUTE when he blushes!

"What?" I smiled bashfully.

"Ummm, uhhhh....hehehe..." Tyler actually stuttered a little bit! Oh WOW!!! He's like...lost for words! What do I do??? What do I do??? "Every time I kiss's better than the last time. You haven't been practicing on any other boys, have you?"

I gasped in shock, and my smile vanished completely. "NO!!! Oh Tyler, NOOOOO! I swear!!!"

"Hehehe, Ariel, I was KIDDING!"

"Oh...yeah. I knew that." I said. "I mean, I practice on my teddy bear sometimes, but..." NO!!!! I thrust both my hands up to cover my mouth! STUPID!!!! ARRGHH!!! FUCKING STUPID!!!! Don't tell Tyler THAT!!!

"Say what?"

"NOTHING! TIME TO GO!!!" I said, and pulled the door open, almost hitting him with it. I slung my bag over my shoulder without loking, and felt it roughly BASH the side of Tyler's head as I spun around. It was too late for him to defend himself against it, and I knew just from the vibration that I had knocked him a good one. "OOOH! Omigod, are you ok?"

He rubbed his forehead a little. "Ummm...I think so..."

"GOOD! Let's go! We'll be late! The less he thinks about that 'teddy bear' comment, the better! I'm such a DOOFUS! Ugh! I wish I could edit my life before anybody else gets to see it. I could cut out all the 'dumb' parts.

Tyler and I went downstairs, and I said goodbye to my Gramms in the kitchen, but I didn't get an answer. Which was weird. "Gramms?" I went back to see her sitting at the kitchen table, her fingers wrapped around the coffee cup....just kinda staring out of the kitchen window. "Grammy?"

"Huh?" She said, snapping out of her trance.

"We're...we're leaving for school. K?" The way her eyes looked at me, I had to wonder if I had done something wrong. Well...not WRONG, really was strange. The last time she looked at me like that, Davey Fittermann had beaten me up and stolen my bike. I was so hurt and upset for letting him take it from me like that. I wanted to cry every day for being so weak! I just remember her looking at me with this expression of...pity, you know? Like, 'awwww, you poor baby'. I don't know what it was about that look, but she was giving it to me again. And I kinda didn't like it. It was scary. I don't like scary things. Life is scary enough without them.

" and Tyler had better get a move on then." She said, and still seemed to be trying to shaking herself out of her trance. Then she looked me in the eyes, and said, "You be hear?" She put such an emphasis on 'safe'. Safe from what? What did I do?

She looked back down at her coffee cup, and I felt kinda bad, so I walked in really quick and gave my Gramms a kiss on the cheek. "I'll be home right after school, ok?"

That made her smile a bit. "You're a sweetheart. You do that. I'll make a snack for you."

"K! See you later!" I hurried out to leave with Tyler. But I couldn't get that look out of my head. Who knows? Maybe Tyler really DID make me all 'backwards' and stuff after all.

But....I dunno, it's kinda cool. Hehehe!

We walked down the street, making our way towards school, and Tyler kept smiling at me. And when I tried to hide my smile from him, he would reach over to tickle my side. Or he'd wink at me. Or he'd say, "Arrrriiiieeeellll....?"

And I'd giggle and say, "Hehehe, WHAT???"

And he'd whisper, "I love you."

"STOP THAT! That's no fair!"

"Hehehe, why not? I wanna see if I can make you burp again."

"Nooooo, Tyler! DON'T!" I whined with a smile.

"C'mon, do it. It's cute."

"No it's not! I'm like...a 'pig' or something!" I told him.

"You are NOT a pig. You're my boyfriend, and I love you." He said. Awww, he makes it soooo HARD not to squirm around him! Or wiggle! Or 'SQUIGGLE'! Yeah, that's it....'squiggle'!

"I..." I had to take a deeper breath to finish. I think I ran out of air. "...I love you too....Tyler." Saying it out loud was like filling my heart with helium until it was almost ready to burst. But I was getting better at it. Little by little, it was getting more comfortable to see.

We were getting closer to the school, and we could hear the kids and see the building a few blocks in front of us. So, as usual, we started slowing down our pace. Trying to savor every moment that we could before having to be all 'normal' again around people. I wish I had something cool to say to him, but I just kinda walked beside, peeking at his beautiful face and giggling like a baby in front of him.

That's when he said, "You know...there isn't a moment of the day that I don't think about kissing you, Ariel. I mean...right now, I can hardly control myself. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do."

"Me too." I said, just above a whisper. "Actually...the last time I'feelings' for somebody else, it didn't work out so well." I couldn't believe that old heartbreak still stings from time to time. "He kinda had somebody else already, know. Bad times."

Tyler lowered his head a bit. "Yeah, same here. The last TWO times actually. I was kind of starting to think that the whole 'boyfriend' thing wasn't for me. It hurt too much, you know?"

"Oh..." I said.

"But then...I saw you...and even though you barely lifted your head to speak to me as you...hehehe, ran out of the house...I felt like you were just the most adorably gorgeous boy that I had ever seen. As much as I tried, I couldn't get you out of my mind. I don't just impressed me. And just within a few seconds of actual contact."

I felt like falling OVER when he told me that. I began to quake gently, trying to react in a way that didn't make me look like a total geek. "That day was...ummm...I was in a weird mood that day." I said.

"Didn't stop you from being beautiful. I don't think anything can. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Don't cry, don't cry, don't CRY! That would be babyish and dumb! STOP IT! Then Tyler looked ahead, and the school was right across the street. We had to wait for the light, and he turned to me to say, "I don't know how I'm gonna make it through a whole day without kissing you again. Hehehe, I'm really gonna miss you."

I kinda thought to myself for a second or two, then I bent over and started digging in my backpack. I got my notebook, and went right to the middle, where I could get the CLEANEST page of paper that I could possibly find!

"Hehehe, what are you doing?" He asked me.

"Wait....just a second." The light changed, but we just stood on the corner. Gosh...I hope he likes this! I ripped out the piece of paper and I drew a little square right in the center of it. JUST big enough for what I had planned. Then...I brought the page up to my lips, and I closed my eyes, and I kissed it deeply. "Mwah! Here...." I said, handing it to him with a blush.

Tyler grinned. "What's this?"

"It's a 'Kiss-Me-Back' square. I kissed the spot in the middle, you get the urge, and you wanna kiss can just kiss that square, and you'll know that your lips are touching mine. It'll be like...being right there with me. You know...if you want it." I said. Please don't think I'm being goofy, Tyler! I hope thinks it's just...'cute'.

I saw Tyler smile so wide, and then he held the paper up to his sweet, angelic lips...and he kissed it. "Mwah! I like it." He said. "I'll keep it with me all day."

"You WILL???" I said a bit more excited than I wanted to. "Ahem...I mean...yeah, cool."

"Yeah. But you might wanna make me some more. I might wear this one out pretty quick." Ohhhhhh....omigod! My stomach got all squiggly again, and we almost missed another light before I grabbed my back and made a dash for it. Geez....Tyler's the bestest boyfriend ever! I hope I'm eve HALF as interesting to him as he is to me.

The school day was kinda boring really. Too many people worried about their finals. Not me though. Not really. I took a few notes here and there, but it's not like I really needed it. I don't think about ANYTHING other than Tyler and homework on a daily basis. I didn't have many other distractions, so picking up on the reviews and all wasn't much of a challenge.

To me, the weirdest part of my day came as I was going to my locker right before I went to lunch. I was mining my own business....and believe it or not, I saw Hailey in the hall with a friend of hers. I swear, my nerves tighten up whenever I SEE her! She's always mean to me! And when she's not, she's trying to USE me for some reason. So I was totally looking forward to ducking my head down and not saying anything to her at all. But...she actually STOPPED me today. And I couldn't believe my ears when she actually told me, " know....I'm sorry if I was nasty to you. Ok? I was going through some bad times, and it wasn't right to try to take that out on you. So...I'm sorry, ok?"

I almost had to look behind me to see if someone was sneaking up with an Iron PIPE or something to hit me over the head! Hailey is NEVER nice to me! And when I say NEVER....I mean *NEVER*!!! Which kinda makes me think that she's up to something. But...considering that I didn't know what that something was just yet, I just kinda said, "Uhhhh...thanks, Hailey."

She's like, "I mean it, ok? I was being a bitch. I just want us to be friends again."

AGAIN??? I'd rather be friends with a rabid WOLF! "Uhhh, k." I said. "Can I go now?" Why am I asking her permission? I should just leave, right? Yeah...I should just leave.

"Sure. I'll see you soon, k?" She said, and her friend rubbed my shoulder as she left. Ok, so what the hell is going on here? This isn't right at ALL. I'm seeing the sweet kisses and all, but it's the TEETH I'm looking out for! I hope she's not looking to mess with Randy and Ryan again. Because I'd push her out of a window if I thought she was screwing with my Randy's relationship. It wouldn't take much thought. And I wouldn't lose much sleep either.

I was a bit confused by her sudden 'affection' towards me, but I just went to my locker to put my books away so I could eat something. I'll worry about her later. I opened up the combination lock, and opened the locker, all my books in hand.

You know...I wish I had a picture of Tyler to put up in my locker. I mean, I should really, like, draw one. a 'secret' one, just for me. I won't put it on the door or anything, because everybody will see it every time I open it up. But maybe in the back of my locker somewhere. Something cute! Oooh, could draw him with his shirt off! And sorta have him biting his bottom lip like he does sometimes when he's being shy. He's soooo CUTE when he does that! I need a colored pencil that matches JUST the right color of his blond hair! Or...or prolly, like...TEN different colors! Different shades of yellow and gold. Yeah, like...'perfect'. Oh wow...I'm totally gonna start on it when I get home!

I just want something to look at, you know? Maybe...maybe I could try drawing

"Hey!" Came a voice from beside me, and it was Tyler! The sight of him startled the heck out of me! And my arms were full of books. So when a sudden swoon came over me and I bumped my elbow against the locker door, I spilled my books all OVER the hallway floor! Awww, NOOOOO!!! I'm being stupid again! Why do I always do CLUMSY stuff in front of boys that I like??? "Oh man, I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" He asked.

"No." I said. "Well....yeah, kinda." I told him. " REALLY though." Ok, I should just shut up now.

"I didn't mean to. I just...I wanted to talk to you."

"Why? What's up?"

"No...not just, like, a ten second conversation or anything. I mean...I wanna go to lunch with you. You know, somewhere else. So we can be alone for a while." He said, and I leaned against the locker, trying not to let my smile split my ace open.

"Really? With me?" I said, and he gave me a weird look, as though I should KNOW that already. "Hehehe, I guess so, huh? Sorry. I'm still...not used to someone like you...wanting to be with someone like me."

"You deserve a smack for that, Ariel. But if you come have lunch with me, I'll consider saving it until later. That way you won't have to get the 'slappy face' in front of all these people."

"Hehehe, k?" I blushed. And just as I fidgeted a little bit, Tyler took my 'Kiss-Me-Back' square out of his pocket, and he kissed it right in front of me! Awww, he LIKES it! Omigod!!! "You still have my square!" I giggled.

"Of COURSE I do! I'm not giving this up for anything! I'm guarding it with my life!" He said.

"Hehehe, you don't have to do all THAT."

"Yes I do! It's worth it!"

"I hardly think a kiss from lil' ol' me is worth much of anything." I giggled.

"I think it's worth all that and lot more. Just because you pressed your lips against that particular spot, and I got to see you do it." Then he got this really wicked gleam in his eye. "But....then again, if you wanted to INCREASE the value....maybe you can press something more 'private' up against this square and then I can lick and suck on it all day."

I gasped out loud, my jaw dropping as I hid my face a bit from the overall...'naughtiness' of it!!! "OMIGOD! TYLER!!!" I said, unable to catch my breath as I tried not to laugh.

"Hehehe, I think my teachers would have to kick me out of class if I was sitting there sucking on a piece of notebook paper and masturbating furiously in front of everybody else!"

"STOP!!! Hahahaha!!!!" I said in a loud whisper! "Omigod! Don't SAY that! No!!! Hehehe!" I LOVE him soooo much when he's being dirty!

"You know what I REALLY want you to put on some paper for me? Your butt! I wanna, like...hump your butt square!" He chuckled!

"WHAT??? Nooooo! Quit it!" I snickered! "Hehehe, why?"

"Because...your ass is like...'perfect'! Did you know that?"

"It is NOT!" I said, then I looked around for a moment or two...and I whispered, " think my ass is 'perfect'?"

Tyler giggled cheerfully, then he leaned forward to whisper in my ear. Oh wow...just feeling his warm breath on my ear was enough to give me a major boner! "You know...the other day when you had to change your underwear in front of me, and I peeked...?" He asked, and I nodded, trying not to laugh. "Well...I have been touching myself ten times a day just thinking about your hot little ass wiggling in front of me. All tight and is the cutest ass...I have EVER...SEEN! I would totally lay my head on it, and fall asleep!"

"Hahaha! You'd fall asleep on my butt?" I said.

"Yep! Maybe even face down! So I could kiss it while I dream about my baby!" Tyler grinned, and then closed his eyes with a smirk. "Mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!"

It made me laugh out loud, which only caused him to laugh out loud too! We are gonna have SOOO much fun on Wednesday! I swear to God, I would totally let him fall asleep on my butt and kiss it in his sleep! Hahaha! I WOULD!

"So...maybe you'll let me get a closer look on Wednesday? You know...up close." He asked, all of a sudden.

"Ummm....maybe." I said. GAWD! I felt so wicked saying that...but I meant it.

"'ll let me touch it too? There are so many parts of you that I haven't kissed yet." He bit his bottom lip, and it drove me CRAZY!

"There's....lots of parts on you too. Maybe...we can take turns?" I said, and when he gave me a look of surprise, I covered my face with my hand and giggled to the point where I started trembling inside.

Tyler and I were kinda looking at each other, blushing from the moment we were having, when I suddenly noticed Randy and Ryan coming over to say hello. Oh no! We were being all giggly and perverted! I didn't want them to see that! Hehehe, I'm a GOOD boy! Until Tyler corrupts me, that is!

"Hey, what's going on?" Randy asked. And I just kinda tried to hide my face in my locker a little bit. Hehehe, but Tyler kept smiling, and it was seriously gonna crack me up if he didn't STOP!!! I wanted to give him a silent signal to knock it off, but when I tried to look in his eyes, I almost burst out laughing. So I just kept my head down.

"Hey guys. We were just...'talking'." Tyler told them. Randy wanted to know what we were up to, but that only made Tyler snicker a bit more. "It's nothing. We were know, having a little chat. About this and that."

"What is it?" Randy asked, and when my eyes met Tyler's sky blue gaze, I couldn't help but to giggle even harder. Even with my hand over my mouth, and Tyler started up too. It was sooooo contagious! "WHAT, already???" Randy asked, as Ryan watched us giggle uncontrollably.

Something about seeing Tyler smile...and knowing that I was, somehow, the CAUSE of it...just lifted my spirits so high that I could hardly STAND to try to contain it! Tyler had the cutest laugh ever! And with him bringing the out the naughtiest parts of me, I encouraged his enchanting smile by saying, "I was just telling Tyler to kiss my ass, that's all." Well, THAT was the catalyst that broke Tyler down completely! And he started laughing out loud at my little joke! And the fact that Randy and Ryan were both standing there, not knowing what the heck was going on, only made it FUNNIER! The harder Tyler laughed, the harder I laughed. And soon he had to lean against me to stand up! Omigod...NOBODY makes me laugh like my baby does! NOBODY!

"You two have gotten so damn WEIRD these days!" Ryan said. "We're going to lunch. You lovebirds gonna join us today, or what?"

"Nope! I want Ariel all to myself for a little while. We've gotta make 'plans'." Tyler said, and I nearly shook myself to pieces. Wow...we're really gonna do it, aren't we? Oh.....oh WOW!

I remember Ryan saying, "Hey, I've got the car on Wednesday. If you guys want me to pick you up or anything, I can just swing by and..."

And me and Tyler both must have felt the THREAT to a privacy for that day, because we both stiffened up and said, "We're busy!" At the same time.

Then Tyler said, "Yeah, we're busy that day. Well...I'M busy. And Ariel's busy. So....we're busy. With....other stuff. So..."

I was soooo hoping that would be enough. Randy would tease me FOREVER if he knew I was being 'sexy' with Tyler this week. Hehehe, not that I wouldn't wanna tell him later anyway. Ryan looked at us, and said, "Okaaaaaayyyy...well, if you change your mind, just let me know the night before."

And the two of them walked towards the stairs to go to lunch. But Tyler leaned over and whispered, I'm gonna totally bite your ass like a ripe peach! And suck a hickey on the right cheek, but not the left one, so it'll be mismatched! Watch!"

"Hahahahaha!!! WHAT??? STOP!!! Geez!!!" I said in a loud whisper, and swatted him on the arm a few times as my adrenaline pumped into my system until I could hardly stand anymore! "You're so BAD!!!"

"Yes, yes I am. So...are you gonna come to lunch with me?" He asked.

"I'd go anywhere with you, Tyler. Literally anywhere."

"Cool. Come on. Lock up so we can talk. I wanna get things straight for Wednesday. I can't wait to be alone with you, Ariel. It's gonna be....awesome."

Tyler kinda sighed when he said it, and I told him, "Mmmkay...let's go. I...I wanna be alone with you too."

There. I said it. I really said it. If it had been anybody else, I don't think I would have been ready to take a step like this. But with Tyler...MY Tyler...I was ready for anything! As long as he was holding my hand, and promised me his kiss...I could fly.

You hear me?

I can fly.

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