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"Kiss Of An Angel 9"

It was so warm outside. Not too warm, but warm, you know? It was like...the perfect day. Hehehe! I enjoyed it for a few minutes, then heard my Gramms come to the screen door and tell me to put some shoes on. Hehehe, it's funny, but I was so happy that I had totally forgotten. Tyler does that to me. When I think about him, every breath I take is like this big inhalation of helium. God...I *LOVE* this feeling! Hehehe, it tickles!

I got the morning paper and brought it back inside. My Gramms demanded that I have some breakfast to start my day off right, but I made sure to fix my plate myself. I didn't want a lot of food. I wanted my teeth white and my breath perfect. She kept trying to get me to eat more, but unh unh....not today. This is my 'special' day.

I went upstairs to my room, but not before looking at myself in the mirror for a bit first. I feel kinda embarrassed about it, but I kinda made some faces in the mirror. Hehehe! I know it's silly, but if me and Tyler end know...having sex today....I wanted to know what my 'sex face' looked like. I don't wanna be ugly when he looks at me. I wanna be cute and stuff. Like he is. Whoah...I wonder what Tyler's sex face looks like! Omigod...I'l bet it's like the hottest thing ever! Oh man...if I see him get any cuter, I'm gonna cum all over myself! Hehehe, oops, I cussed. Even in my own head that sounds weird.

I went back in my room.


I sat on my bed for a few minutes.

I don't really know why.

I was sooooo excited that I just couldn't stop shaking! Hehehe! I just...I was kinda scared to move at the moment. Like if I moved too soon, the dream would end and I'd end up being all dumb and alone again. No, I wanted to do this right. Everything today had to be extra extra perfect. was like...if I called Tyler too early then I might start screwing things up. Like...what if he's tired? What if he's all sleepy, and I wake him up too early because I'm being a freak, and then he doesn't have a good time today? He might'cranky' or something.

But THEN I started thinking...what if I don't call, and he calls me first? Then he'll think that I didn't wanna go over there and be with him today. He already said that he feels like he's 'pushing' me into doing stuff against my will. But I'm not scared. I SWEAR I'm not. Tyler just....makes me really 'squirmy' sometimes. I just...I'm not as good at making moves as he is, I guess. But I don't ever want him to think that I'm anything less than absolutely CRAZY about him. So I should call him first, right? I should...I should make myself, like...'available' or something. I want him to know that I want him too.

But...if I call too early....awww! I suck! This is hard! I've come so far, and I'm almost there, and now I'm just...I'm falling all to pieces. I'm such a coward.

Ok....ok....I'm gonna go grab the phone. I have the phone. It's right here in my hand All I have to do is dial his number. I memorized it. Hehehe, Tyler has a cute phone number. I know that sounds silly...but it's true. The numbers just...I dunno, they sound cute together. I like it. Hehehe!

Whoah....ok, I'm feeling a bit queasy in the tummy now. Oh no, what if I get sick? I brushed my teeth until they hurt this morning. I can't get sick now. Nope. Perfection. That's what I'm gonna be today. I'm gonna be Tyler's super cool dream boy if it kills me.

I should drink more pineapple juice. Or wait...I already had one last glass of pineapple juice this morning. No more. Wait..will my kisses taste like pineapples if I drink any more? Do they taste like pineapples already? Maybe Tyler doesn't like pineapples. Oh God...what if he's allergic to pineapple??? What if I accidentally squirt my 'sticky' in his mouth and he starts to choke and I have to call the hospital???, Ariel, that's dumb. I'm thinking too much. I should just go. Just like this. But I have to call first. I should call. Or....or I could just go over there. a 'surprise'. No, but what if he calls here before I get there? Then he'll think I'm not home. Even worse, he'll think I'm not answering the phone on purpose. Then he might leave. And if he leaves before I get there, the whole day will be ruined. And I'll try to explain it to him later, but he'll just think that I'm a liar. I just....awww...why am I squirming so much. Just call. I'll just call. I'm gonna call. Right now., now. Right...right NOW!

Ok...I'm calling....

I got the phone and felt a bad case of the shivers come over me as I dialed Tyler Jordan's number. Is it COLD in here? Can't stop shaking. I gotta try to not wiggle so much while I'm talking. Makes me sound weird. Stop it, Ariel. STOP!

"Hello?" Omigod...I didn't think he was gonna pick up the phone right then. That was way too fast. I hadn't braced myself yet. it, Ariel, SAY something! "It''s Wednesday." What? Is that the best I can come up with? Tyler knows it's Wednesday. The entire world knows it's Wednesday. I should have waited another five minutes. It's too early. I knew it. I'm ruining everything already...

"Hehehe, Ariel?" He said.

"Um, yeah. It's me. Hi..."

"Sweet. I was kinda sitting here and wondering what time I should call you."

I held back a gasp, but tried to be cool about it. "Oh really? So...what time? I can hang up if you want."

He giggled again. It always made me feel sooooo good inside to hear him laugh. Even if it was at me because I was being goofy. He was like, "Don't be weird, hehehe! It's adorable, but save it for when you come over. I can't wait to see you." I was quiet for a moment. Speechless. So wrapped up in my own gooey feelings of infatuation that I couldn't do much more than breathe into my end of the phone. Then Tyler asked, "'re still coming over today, right?" Yikes! I didn't realize that I had been quiet for so long.

"Yeah...." I said really softly. I was blushing so hard that I nearly started running a fever from it. "Umm...uhhh uh..." I was trying to talk to him. I was trying really hard. But I just couldn't think of anything good to say. I pushed and I pushed....but I had nothing to offer. It made me uncomfortable and I started squirming again. Oh please don't screw this up right now. Please please please! I just want him to know how I feel. I just wanna...I dunno...make him believe me. I guess there's only one way to do that. So I cleared my throat, and I clenched my fist, and I curled my toes up tight to keep my feet from bouncing so bad. And I said, "Tyler...I've been kinda....anxious about today. But I really REALLY wanna see you. Ok? I'm just...a little nervous." Was that bad? I hope that didn't sound bad. "Is that...ok?"

I could practically hear Tyler's smile get bigger over the phone. And he said, "It's totally ok. Ariel, I've been up for over an hour now....just waiting to hear your voice. I guess you could say that I was...anxious too."

"Omigod, really???" I blurted out.

"Of COURSE! Hehehe, you're my sweetheart. Everything about you is beautiful to me. I just...I want you to know that today is all about love. Love and fun and just...spending some time together. Ok? Nothing else. Honestly, if you came over and shared a sandwich with me and nothing else, I'd still be walking on air."

"Oh..." I didn't mean for that to sound disappointing. But I think it did anyway.

Then Tyler was like, "Then again, if you wanna come over here and get completely naked while I give you a six hour tongue bath...I'd be MUCH happier!"

It totally caught me by surprise, and I laughed a little louder than I wanted to. I covered my mouth to dull the sound a bit. "Omigod!!! TYLER! Hahaha!" It made me wiggle helplessly inside, but I didn't back away from it this time. Unh unh! I WANT this! I took a chance and said, "Can I, um....give you a tongue bath too then? Because...that would be, you know...rad."

"Hehehe, we can flip a coin to see who goes first. Either way we both win." Oh wow...did he really just say that? This is really gonna happen, isn't it? Oh wow! Oh wow, oh WOW! "Come over whenever you're ready, k? But don't take too long, cause I'll be waiting."

"Umm...k." I smiled. And I know that I was being extra bashful about it, but I forced it out anyway. "Ummm, Tyler....?"


"........I love you. K?" I said. "I love you soooo much."

Then he says, "I love you too, Ariel." And it was like my whole WORLD turned pink! Pink and fluffy and maybe a little bit weird. But it was a zillion times better than it was just seven seconds ago. I almost didn't want to hang up. My hands were shaking and I think I kinda hung up by mistake, but...yeah. I had to lay back on the bed for a few moments and just stare up at the ceiling with a grin before I could move again. Just...I was too overwhelmed to think straight. It was simply too much for my little body to handle. I think I just needed a few minutes to just...breathe. That's it. Just breathe.

Hehehe, there go those tickles again. Hehehe, I like how funny it feels to be this far in love., he's waiting on me. I should go. I'm gonna...I'm gonna go. Wow...I'm actually gonna go.

I felt like I was in a daze as I walked out the front door and got on my bike. I planned for my bike to get me there faster, but I think I was too dreamy to really ride that fast. It was hard to keep my head from being in the clouds. Everything was so pretty today. It just made life awesome, you know? I kept thinking about kissing Tyler's super soft lips, and letting him put his hands wherever he wants to on me...and I swear, if I sighed any more to myself, I would have passed out and totally fallen over in the street. Hehehe, but I couldn't help it. This was the day. This was really the day.

That shaky achey feeling started again as I got close to his house. I thought for a moment that maybe Ryan or Randy would come down the street and see me...but the street seemed pretty empty. Good. They'd tease me something awful if they saw me going into Tyler's house all alone.'m here.

I kept smiling. I was smiling so wide that my cheeks hurt. I couldn't stop, not even when I pushed my cheeks down with my bare hands. I teased my hair a little bit, and smoothed my clothes...checked my breath....ok. So..just ring the doorbell now. Just...ring it.

I almost missed it with my finger because I was trembling inside. But I finally hit it. Oh made me hard in my pants just hearing his doorbell chime. Just knowing that he was seconds away from opening that door. That we were seconds away from being alone together. There I go....smiling again. Giggling even.

Tyler opened the door....and he was even more beautiful than I remember. Considering that I think about him all day and all night, that's saying a lot. His eyes met mine, and I instantly started giggling again. I couldn't help it. I don't think my emotions knew what to do with themselves. I lowered my head a bit and tried to hold them back as my face turned super red, but it didn't help much.

Tyler wrinkled his forehead a bit with a smile, and he said, "Um, hello?"

"Hehehe, Hi Tyler. Hehehehehe..." No! Ok, I look silly now! Stop giggling already. He's gonna think I came over here to kill him or something. I bit my bottom lip a little, but I couldn't stop. "Hehehe, I'm sorry..."

"Are you ok? What's so funny?" He grinned.

"Uhhh, nothing. I just...hehehe, I can't stop myself." I was so embarrassed, but Tyler just giggled along with me. It was cute. Everything he does is cute. I reached up and took one side of my hair, pulling it as far over my eyes as I could to hide my face.

Tyler said, "Awwww, omigod! Don't do that. That's almost too cute for me to bear! Hehehe, come in! Hurry up, come in!"

I felt weird stepping into his house and all, but it was cool. He uh...he smelled good. Really good. I found the courage to look him in the eye, and he looked back at me. I didn't know what to say. I don't think he did either. But for that moment, just standing there was enough to make me feel light as a feather. You know, Tyler's only like an inch or two taller than me, but at that moment, I felt like he practically towered over me. Maybe it's just the fact that his cuteness is kind of intimidating at times. Something about his beauty just...humbles you. It's amazing to see. It really is.

"Sooo...." Tyler looked like he was turning pink in the face. Oh wow....he's sooooo CUTE when he starts to blush!!! "...Come in. I was just..watching some TV, so..."

"Oh, ok. Yeah." I said, but I didn't move. I was still kinda quivering inside, and it was still hard to hold back the giggles...but I was trying to be cool about this whole thing.

For a second, I thought Tyler was leaning forward, and I thought to myself, 'YES!!! The first kiss of the day!' So I closed my eyes and puckered my lips up...

Then I noticed that there was no one kissing me back, and peeked. I guess Tyler had just walked past me and wasn't leaning forward at all. Leaving me standing there looking like a big dork for almost ten seconds. I don't even think he saw me. Thank goodness for that.

I awkwardly made my way into his living room, where he sat down in the middle of the couch. He had on these long shiny soccer It made his hair look even more blond than usual. Then again, maybe it was the sunlight coming in through the closed curtains. He had his sexy little sock feet tucked underneath him, and this glaring white t-shirt. He looked so awesome sitting there that I was nervous about moving over to sit with him. The only reason I ended up rushing over was because I felt myself getting hard again. Sometimes my boners kinda come out of nowhere. And once they get started there's no stopping 'em. I didn't want to look like some big 'dirty birdy', just coming over to Tyler's house with my peenie meat all urgent and leaky like some kind of boy whore. That looks freaky to some people.

I came over and sat next to Tyler, but he instantly scooted over a bit closer until our legs ere touching. That didn't help to make my 'situation' any better though. Especially when he looked directly at me and gave me that winning Tyler smile. It was, like...really close to my face. And he was so hot that I felt myself leaning away from him involuntarily. I held my breath for a second, and he took a hold of my hand. His touch was so gentle. Soooooo very tender.

"Hehehe, it's ok, Ariel. Relax. I'm just happy to have you here. Get comfy, ok?" I think it made me feel a little bit better, but only by an inch. If I calmed down at all, I only did it because I wanted Tyler to be happy. Then...he leaned over, and he lightly rubbed his nose back and forth across my cheek. It was, like...the cutest thing ever! And he gave me a little kiss and asked, "Hey, you want me to make us some popcorn? We can find a movie or something watch if you want. I'll close the big curtains and it gets dark in here pretty quick."

I was almost breathless already. But I nodded my head. I don't know why. I don't think I even wanted any popcorn. But I could never say no to Tyler. He could have asked me if he could cut out a kidney and sell it on the black market for money, and I would have nodded just the same. "Uh huh...." I said, trying to swallow.

"Ok, cool. It only takes two minutes. I'll be right back, k?"

Tyler started to get up, but something in me panicked all of a sudden, and I reached up for his shoulder, pulling him back down again. And I thrust myself forward and gave him this really weird kiss on the cheek. It was a bit hard and I mashed my nose, but....I dunno. I was kinda glad that I did it. Hehehe, I think Tyler was surprised. His eyes opened wide, and we both giggled for a moment over how clumsy it was. But then he held my hand again, and he said, "You're so adorable. You know that?" And he lightly gave my arm a tug, and I just kinda went with it. And then...he kissed me. Like...he 'on the lips' kissed me. It was so sweet. So soft and amazing. And then he lightly brushed my hair out of my eyes, and he said, "I'll be back in a second. Ok?" I was speechless, but I nodded and giggled for a second or two before I stopped again.


Tyler got up, and it was then that I realized that I was so hard that if he so much as ran his finger over the surface of my arm that I was going to totally flood my boxers. I needed to tone down the excitement before I end up having an orgasm all by myself and not sharing it with my boyfriend. 'boyfriend'! Just thinking of Tyler as my boyfriend was almost enough to turn my tickles into a great big mess. Calm down. That's what I needed to do. Calm down. I looked around the corner to make sure that Tyler was preoccupied with the popcorn and the microwave....and then I quickly reached in my pants to angle my boner upwards where it wasn't sticking out all obscene and freaky-like. Just touching it made me whimper out loud. It felt so good that I slid down on the couch and had to catch my breath again.

"Did you say something?" Tyler asked from the kitchen. Oh no! He heard me? I'm so 'noisy'.

"N-N-No...I'm ok. I mean....I didn't say nothin'..."

"Ok..." He said, and I heard the microwave start up. To be honest, I was still kinda tingling from just touching myself, and I was still really really hard. Something about my lips being pressed against Tyler's soft skin just does something to me. But at least it didn't 'show' so much. That was a plus.

A minute or two later, Tyler came back with the bag of popcorn, and he closed the heavier curtains to make the room a bit darker, and we just...watched some weird movie for a little while. I mean, I was still nervous, but he just...let me get used to being this close to him. You know...just...'close'. He sat right next to me, and sometimes he'd hold my hand and smile at me. And sometimes I'd smile back. I wasn't quite sure how to get from there to anything sexy...but just knowing that he was smiling just from this little bit of helped me to breathe.

My mind was spinning around with so many thoughts that I couldn't really do much more than sit there in silence. My heart was pounding so hard that I was certain that Tyler could HEAR it! But...after about twenty minutes, I knew that I wanted to take a chance on just getting a little bit more. I didn't want to be a chicken today. Not today. I didn't have any idea what I was doing, and even if I had a clue, I had no idea that I'd be any good at it...but this was my first chance to really experience what it's like to love someone who loved me back this way. I just didn't want to miss it.

So...even though I was shaking myself to pieces at the time...I took a deep breath, and I moved just a half inch closer to Tyler. And then I gently leaned over and laid my head on his shoulder. I didn't know what else to do, but I was hoping that it would be affectionate enough to spark a little something in the long run.

Tyler's arm moved up and went over my shoulder to hold me close. I got such a sweet chill when he did that. He gave me a squeeze, and he kissed the top of my head. And he just...held me. He really held me. My arms went around his slim and spongy middle, and I squeezed him back. Tyler is so warm. I like that he's so warm.

Another few minutes passed, and my arms relaxed a bit. But it was then that I felt something on the back of my elbow. I think, deep down, I knew what it was...but I didn't look right away. My heart started beating even faster than ever before, and my breath got shorter. But I let my arms rest a bit more, and I could clearly feel Tyler's hardness against my arm. Oh man...I'm touching it. I'm touching it, and it's Tyler's, and....I'm the reason that it's stiff like this! It was almost too much to process...but I put a bit more pressure on it, and without saying a word...I felt Tyler spread his legs a little bit wider.

Tyler kissed the top of my head again, and I felt his fingers running softly through my hair. It was quite possibly the most soothing, most comforting feeling in the world. And yet, I couldn't help but continue to tremble in his arms. I had been waiting for this moment for sooooo long that I wasn't quite sure what to do with it now that it was within reach.

I know what I was thinking. But I was too scared to do it. I tried to push myself, but my hand wouldn't move. I fought myself tooth and nail in my mind, and soon found a way to get my hand to slide back and lay, palm down, on Tyler's soft tummy. I let it rest there. My heart was throbbing up against my lungs, making it even harder to breathe than before. But my eyes glanced downward, and I saw a definite tent in Tyler's shorts. I was entranced by it. It was soooo beautiful. Even though I couldn't really see it through his was beautiful anyway. I thought about asking permission first, but I was afraid to speak. I might ruin things if I speak out loud.

So...I waited almost another five minutes. He didn't push me. He didn't say anything at all. But every time my hand rubbed his flat belly, his fingers would play with my hair a little bit faster. I was trembling soooo bad. What do I do? I'm such a virgin. Ugh! Ok...I'm'm gonna touch him. That's it. If I touch him, then...I'll be happy. We'll both be happy. At least I can say that I did that much today, even if I don't do anything else.

My hand quaked with anticipation...and after a few more rubs of his stomach...I let it go down a bit further. My breath got caught in my throat. My stomach fluttered with a mad collection of butterflies. But I let my hand raise up slowly, and then land gently on the had bulge in Tyler's shorts.

For a second, Tyler gasped a little bit, and his thighs flexed a little as his legs opened even wider. At first I thought that maybe he didn't like it. My hand jerked back and I just kinda hovered over it. But as Tyler's warm embrace gave me another squeeze, and another kiss landed on my forehead...I let my fingers rest cautiously on it again.

It jumped a bit. I felt the hardness swell and stiffen up under my hand. It was soooo warm. Even warmer than the rest of him. It was enough for me to wrap my fingers around, those green silken shorts making it feel even more slippery than it already was. I felt it's shape from top to bottom. The sculpted head could be felt, even through his shorts. It was soooo hard and soooo soft at the same time. Like a warm bath towel wrapped around a towel rack in the bathroom. It was like I could feel Tyler's heartbeat through my fingertips. I gripped it a bit more through the material, and it jumped again. The long muscle tightening and hardening from my touch. I moved down a bit more, and felt his balls. They were so much softer than the rest of him. I liked them a lot though. I palmed them gently. I didn't want to hurt him.

My mind was lost in a sensual haze. And the more heated I got, the more those infatuated tremors overwhelmed my body from head to toe. And then...I felt my head going lower on his chest. It was almost like it was happening all on its own. I didn't want to stop it though. Oh GOD! I was SOOOO nervous!

But, the tip of it was almost touching my nose. The heat coming off of it was warming my cheeks. And I just...I closed my eyes, and I pressed my whole face against it. I just wanted to bury myself in its warmth and it's sexiness and I felt Tyler's hips move a little bit, and I moved my face back and forth in his lap. I could feel his hardness kinda flop around back and forth across the tip of my nose, my lips lightly chewing at the pulsing heated rod as I inhaled his candy sweet fragrance. I felt it jumping wildly in his pants. When I moved, it moved. And his fingers tangled themselves in my hair again, making me whimper out loud. Making me weak. Exciting me to the point where I almost came myself.

And then...just as I was nearly about to suffocate myself from smashing my nose and lips into his groin, Tyler's body shook, and he suddenly slammed his knees together to keep from exploding. He had to yank my head up from his lap to hold it in. He was soooo turned on. He looked me in the eye, and kissed me deeply on the lips...his tongue going wild as I tried my best to keep up with him.

The second he broke the kiss, I moved my head back down, but he said, "Whoah...wait. Ariel....umm..."

Oh no! Oh no, what did I do? Terrified that I had gone too far, I said, "I'm sorry! I just...I was just..."

"No. No,'s ok. It's...hehehe almost too ok." He said. He seemed so breathless. His face was red. And he smiled at me in the cutest way. " you wanna go in my room? Maybe...get more comfortable?"

He seemed nervous. Why was he nervous? I should be the one who's nervous.

"You want me to stop?" I said, just to make sure.

"Hehehe, no, I want you to keep going. Just...not in here." He kissed me on the lips, and I saw him reach for the remote to turn off the TV. "Come on." He said, and he took me by the hand. I heard myself whine a little bit in a high pitch when he helped me to my feet. I thought it was stupid, but he just rubbed his nose against mine and signaled for me to come with him. He was so hard that he had this tent sticking out in front of him in an almost comical way. But I loved it. It was sexy. So sexy. I followed him. I'd follow Tyler anywhere.

And if this day gets any better than it's been so far...I don't know if I'm gonna be able to stand it.

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