This story is mostly about, well, sex. It's much more erotica than anything else, which makes sense, given where it's posted. :p It's inspired heavily by the Skateboarder Ryan series, in Young Friends. Good stuff. There's still, however, a significant and (I hope) engaging storyline behind the sex, which will show some development over the eventually-numerous parts of this story. If you have comments, shoot them off to me at travis DOT bard AT gmail DOT com.

Kissing Cousins

Chapter Two

I wake twice during the night. The first time, I see the lights on and freak out; I’m sure to the pit of my stomach that my mom had just walked in and found us here. After that brief second of utter terror, though, I realize that we had just left the lights half-on. Stupid us.

I get up to turn that light off, and lock the door while I’m there. Those six AM wake-ups by five year old girls could be a bit awkward in this situation.

Addison’s half-awake when I get back in bed. “What’s wrong?” he mutters groggily.

“Nothing,” I assure him. I kiss him gently and again nestle my head into his shoulder. He’s asleep in seconds, and it doesn’t take me much longer.

A few hours later, I wake up again and marvel at the beautiful body of this beautiful boy. I stroke him a bit and kissed him on the forehead, idly wondering when this gorgeous kid with his thick cock would be inside of me.

It was a good thing that I had locked the door. I’m awakened for the third and final time by someone banging. I pull my head out from the crook of Addison’s arm, where it had somehow miraculously stayed all night. The red digits on the alarm clock claim it’s seven fourteen, but I know they’re lying; there’s no way in hell that the girls had let us sleep that long.

“Ben! Addison! Get up, you sleepyheads!” comes the voice of six-year-old Karen. She’s one of the more active of the younger cousins, and always wants us to do things with her. Generally, I enjoy it – she was so much more dynamic than everyone else around – but right now, for obvious reasons, I’m just not in the mood.

Addison wakes up and freaks out, pulling the sheets to cover up his nakedness and backing away from me in the bed.

“Don’t worry, I locked it,” I whisper, smiling. He smiles back, clearly relieved, and we exchange a quick kiss.

“You guys are so lazy!” Karen shouts. Impertinent little bitch. Well, no, I didn’t mean that. I love her, and she’s six. No need to call her names.

“Okay, okay,” I reply. “We’ll be down in a bit.”

“Fine,” she concedes, knowing she won’t get anything more from us.

As much as I would love to shower with Addison, the bathroom’s in a fairly public place and someone probably would notice, so we do it separately.

Most of our day is taken up by playing with the little kids. I really want some private time with Addison, though, not just to make out but because I want to talk to him. We really, really need to. There are so many questions to be answered. After lunch, we try to get away on the pretense of going for a walk, but that plan fails when Alex insists on coming with us. Impertinence again. I’m going to have to whip this family into shape, one day.

Our grandparents’ house overlooks a lake, which is mostly surrounded by forest; we wander around in that forest for a while. We talk about random stuff, mostly about what Alex is doing with his time: he’s big into soccer nowadays, apparently, and tells some pretty boring stories about various games of his that he clearly thinks are absolutely riveting.

We had been intentionally going uphill and across the harder paths for a while in an attempt to get Alex to give up and go back to the house. Once it becomes clear that he’s not going to, though, we just give up and headed back ourselves. I had hoped somewhat that he would want to go on by himself, but no luck there either. Damnit. When am I going to get Addison alone? I can barely keep myself in my pants, just walking around him. We at least slip in a whole lot of casual touches and feels behind Alex’s back, but it does nothing more than stymy our appetites for more.

Karen, her little sister Michelle, and Christopher occupy us for most of the rest of the day. Try as we might, we aren’t able to get anywhere to ourselves until after the little kids and most of the adults go to bed, at about ten.

In a particularly clever ploy, Addison suggests that we all watch a movie. Because John, Cassie, and Jean are still up, we decide on something dumb that they would enjoy; one of the Pink Panther movies, I think. I don’t really remember. I leave after just a couple minutes, and I had spent that little bit of time watching Addison and not the movie.

Addison follows a couple minutes after I leave. The bedroom we used last night is taken by some of the girls, though, so we go up to the penthouse, were there’s a nice fluffy carpet.

As soon as we get into the room, Addison grabs me by the shoulders and lays me on the floor. He lies right on top of me, and we kiss with all the passion of our first. My hands explore his tight ass through the fabric of his jeans as he grinds his hips into me.

Addison breaks the kiss off and backs up a bit, kneeling with his legs on either side of my hips. He goes to pull my shirt off, and I obligingly lift my arms to let him do so.

Then he’s kissing me on the neck, which feets kind of weird – I had done that to my girlfriends, but had never had anyone do it to me. He kisses his way down to my chest, playing with the little bit of chest hair that I had.

I’ve been describing Addison as tall and skinny, but I guess I’m about the same. We’re both about six foot, and he weighs one forty and I weigh one fifty five, which I guess makes me a lot less skinny than him but still on the thin side of average. Neither of us have any significant amounts of fat – he’s intense into running, and I’m pretty big into rowing – but where he’s all lean muscle and tone, cardio stuff, I’ve got some regular muscle to go along with it. Anyway, everything I just said was basically a long-winded explanation of why I’ve got some tits – they’re my pecs. In any case, Addison is sucking on them.

When he got to the nipple, my left one, he sucks on it lightly for a bit, playing it around with his tongue, then takes a little nibble. That feels a lot better than I expected; I’m already completely hard, which is pretty uncomfortable because I still have my jeans on.

Addison moves to the other nipple, which feels just as good, and then slowly works his way down my stomach until he reaches my waist. He kind of nuzzles my crotch with his face, which is only getting me more desperate for some release.

Rather than taking my pants off, as I had hoped, he reaches up to tweak my nipples again with his fingers. He does the same thing he had just done with his lips using his hands, a little more quickly, and then rubs my dick some, just a bit, with one hand as he works his head down my legs, rubbing his face along my thighs.

I’m not wearing shoes, but he takes my socks off with his teeth, which makes me giggle. After he takes the first one off, he pops my big toe into his mouth and starts sucking. He goes along my toes, licking and sucking, and then takes a big lick of the arch of my foot, inspiring more giggles.

His hands are caressing my thighs now. I take one of my hands, which had been up until this point been lying idle on the floor, and just kind of grope myself through my jeans. I need something going on with my crotch or I’ll just go insane.

Addison repeats the same procedure with the other foot, inspiring more giggles. You know that little electric rush you get from some sexual contact with someone, whatever; I’m getting that constantly, running from my toes to my dick.

He gently puts his hand on mine and guides it away from my crotch. I take it up to remove his shirt; I just want to see his sexy chest. He lets me do that, then takes over again.

After a little more crotch-nuzzling, I’m just about ready to blow in my pants. Right when I don’t think I can take any more, Addison at long last snakes his hand back up from my thighs, undoes my fly, and pulls my jeans off. The boxers stay on, and the crotch-nuzzling resumes.

That doesn’t last very long before Addison finally hooks his fingers into my boxers and slowly, so slowly, pulls them off of me. Now I’m completely naked, lying here with my beautiful cousin on top of me, about to give me a blowjob. Damn.

Addison puts his face in at the base of my cock and slowly, slowly sticks his tongue onto its base. An electric shock flashes through me. I’m hard enough that my foreskin has pulled itself back, which never happens.

He brings his tongue up my shaft, sending more and more of those electric pre-orgasms through me. He reaches my head and brings his tongue up to the little slit, then starts licking up the precum that was oozing out.

Maybe Addison’s ready to get to the real thing – I sure wasn’t about to complain – because he then takes me in his mouth and starts sliding his way down. I get a little bit of a tooth-scrape on the side, but that’s okay, because Addison notices and sort of brings his lips over his teeth. He goes down until the tip of my dick hit the entrance to his throat; he tries to go deeper, but coughed and pulls back.

“Don’t worry about it,” I reassure him frantically, afraid it’ll scare him off. “It feels amazing anyway.”

Addison replies by starting to bob his head on me, going in as deep as he comfortably can and back to just short of the point where I’d pop out. He gets going fast almost right away, his tongue stroking me everywhere, and the feeling is indescribable. There’s just nothing that compares, at least that I’ve done so far. I bet full-on sex is better…damn, I can’t wait.

As he’s doing this, I stroke his wonderful long hair. His neck muscles are clearly getting tired pretty quickly, but there was so much foreplay, and it was so good, that I came just as he started slowing down. When I feel that on its way, I kind of by instinct grab tight onto the back of his head and thrust myself into him, my head pressed up tight against the hole to his throat. I explode right into that hole in what seems like the biggest, most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

I pull myself out quickly, realizing that he probably hadn’t liked that ending so much. To my dismay, I see Addison coughing and choking. “Are you okay?” I ask, terrified that I had hurt him. “I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry, I don’t know why I did that…”

My beautiful boy shakes his head, coughs one last time and then visibly swallows a couple times. “That’s cool,” he smiles, “don’t worry about it.”

We’re now both sitting on the ground, a few feet apart from each other. I’m still barely recovering from my orgasmic high, but, well, my cousin needs me, and I heroically sacrifice my own self-interest for the greater good. Yes, that’s right: I move next to him and kiss him.

Addison’s very eager to receive my humanitarian work. He tastes a little weird, and I realize it’s the residue of my own dick and my cum on his tongue. Weird.

We slowly break apart, and just kind of stare at each other. He has those stereotypical almond eyes that you get lost in; they’re just so cute on him, especially with the couple strains of blond hair laying in front of them.

“Your turn,” I say softly. Addison grins and came forward to kiss me again.