I had an idea and decided to explore it. Fear not, I will be back to Jake and Matt soon. Meanwhile, take a look at this. All the normal legal stuff is in effect here. Don't copy what is not yours, and don't read what you shouldn't. Oh yeah, this one is completely fictitious. Enjoy.

~dream weaver

Knock-knock-knocking on Heaven's door

I was tired. It was a little after 10 on a Friday night. I had just gotten off work and was driving the half hour drive back home. I don't have a really exciting job, I just bag groceries at one of those big super food stores. Nothing glamorous, but it gets me money. I was driving my beat up old '92 Honda civic. I had a CD playing, kinda loud, of some songs I found on the net by Lasgo. I was minding my own business, kinda getting into the rather depressing lyrics of some of the songs.

I came out of my self-induced daze long enough to see him sitting out on the curb. I had to swerve to miss taking his legs off. As I passed him, I noticed that the odd figure was Scott Jordan, a kid I half way knew from my class. I also noticed that he looked to be crying pretty intensely. I slammed on the brakes and swerved the car over to the curb about a half block away. I chunked the tranny into reverse and backed up to where Scott was sitting. Throwing the car into park, I turned it off and got out. I cautiously walked up to Scott, and that's when I noticed the blood streaked on his face.

Ok. I'm getting ahead of myself. I tend to spaz out sometimes. I'm Kyle. Kyle Swift to be more specific. I am a quite nondescript 16-year-old sophomore at West Jefferson. Ok, right off the bat, I'll tell you I'm gay. Don't tell anyone though, cuz no one else really knows. I'm just your ordinary, fun-loving type of guy. I have a few good friends, and a lot of acquaintances. Everyone tells me they love my sense of humor. I have to admit that it's great when people laugh at my off-the-wall humor. One of my best "acts" is when I act "gay." A lot of people have told me that I worry them, cuz I do the "act" a little too well. Well DUH! I just like to have fun with it, and it always keeps them guessing. Most of my friends would fall off their chair if they found out I was really a poofter. Ok fine. I suppose you want a description. Typical. Just like everyone in every chat room that exists. Ok, fine.

Well, I stand about 5'9" in my Doc Martins, I weigh a whopping 152 pounds soaking wet, I have fairly straight dark brown hair, which really contrasts with my crystal clear blue eyes. Gawd the curse of my eyes! Everyone is always staring at them. I don't know why, they are just eyes. Ok, for all the perverts out there, yeah, I have a decent six pack ab. Well, more like a four pack, but it's there. My bod is fairly well defined, certainly not overly muscular by any means. I halfway work out on some weight equipment in the basement when I feel fat. But anyways...

"Scott, dude, what's up? Why you sitting out here in the street? Dude, I damn near cut your legs off with my car."

I got no reply from Scott. I did see that he was still crying, and holding a towel or something up near his mouth. I tried again, touching his shoulder slightly.

"Scott, dude, what's wrong? You ok?"

"Fuck off" he replied nastily.

"Whoa. Dude. Relax. It's me. Kyle. You look not so good dude."

"Fuck off" he replied again, with much less venom in his voice.

"Well, Ok. If you really want to right out here in the street. You want to get naked first or should I?" I asked in as joking a manor as I could manage.

That got his attention. He raised his head, and just stared straight into my eyes. My damn eyes again. I swear he was looking right through me and right into my soul. It was almost as if he could read my deepest, darkest secret. He knew. Scott Jordan, at that very moment, sitting bloodied on the side of the street knew that I was gay. I felt a sharp chill run through my bones. I just stared back into his bloodshot eyes. That's when I saw the smile start to appear on his face.

"Asshole" he replied through the growing grin. "I'm in pretty rough shape here, Kyle."

He lowered the towel from his face. His smile faded as he saw the expression on my face change, and the blood drained from my face. That's when I saw him up close. At first look, I could tell he was missing at least two teeth, his nose appeared to be broken, both eyes were growing a wicked shade of purple, and he had a very nasty cut across his forehead. I also then notice that his shirt was hanging open, missing all the buttons. His jeans also looked like they were ripped in a few places.

"Oh my fucking GOD, Scott! Who the hell did this to you?" I screamed at him angrily.

"Well, I'll sound like a total wimp if I tell you" he said sadly.

"Dammit Scott. Tell me who did this. I will beat their ass."

I was pissed. Nobody should be treated like the way Scott was. I couldn't help but stare at his mangled face.

"Well, actually, my Mom did it. She came home drunk, started yelling and screaming something about me being a total loser. She grabbed a bat and started swinging at me. She connected a few, as you can tell."

"How did your shirt get ripped?"

"I was trying to run out the door to get away. She grabbed my shirt with a death grip. I guess I ripped the buttons off when I pulled away from her."

He said the last part in a bare whisper.

"Dude, get in the car, NOW. I'm gonna take you to the emergency room" I insisted to him.

He didn't hesitate. He staggered as he tried to stand. I immediately grabbed him around the waist to steady him.

"Ow" he groaned. "She nailed me in the side too"

"Sorry dude" I replied as I slid my hand further down to his hip.

I helped him get into the car, and reclined the seat back to help slow his bleeding. I ran around to the driver's side and jumped in, throwing the car into gear and speeding off toward the hospital. I barely stopped at the stop signs in my rush to get there.

"Kyle, slow down. You're gonna kill us" he replied seriously.

"I'm ok Scott. Just keep pressure on your face. Try to slow the blood" I told him as I sped to the hospital.

Finally, the hospital appeared, and I raced to the emergency entrance, honking my horn like a mad man. A nurse came running out to see what was wrong. I jumped from the car, telling her Scott was in the car, and he was just beat badly with a bat. A moment later, more people appeared with a gurney. They managed to get him out of the car on onto the gurney and whisked him inside.

I caught Scott's eye before they wheeled him in. I heard him yell out, "wait for me Kyle."

I had tears in my eyes as I nodded to him, and watched his broken body being rushed inside. The nurse that first came out approached me and told me to come inside. She started to ask me all sorts of questions: who was he, who was I, what happened to him, where did I find him, on and on and on. By now, my head was spinning. I gave them a brief accounting of what I knew, and asked if I could call my parents. She showed me to an unused desk phone and left me alone.

I called my parents, to let them know what happened and told them I wanted to stay and see how Scott was going to be. They agreed, and told me to call if I needed anything. The nurse came back and told me that the Police would be there shortly, and I should just sit and relax, as they would have more questions.

I slumped back in the chair, and my mind started to wander. I couldn't believe Scott's own mother could do such a thing like that. I had always admired Scott from afar. He always seemed to be the quiet shy type. I never really saw him hang around with anyone at school. I had even made up my mind a while back that I should try to make friends with him. I cursed myself for not doing that earlier. It sucked that I had to meet him face to face in a situation like this. I really knew nothing about him or his family. His short blond hair and short, slender frame always were appealing to me. Man, why didn't I make friends with him sooner?

All these thoughts were spiraling through my head as I drifted off to an uneasy, exhausted sleep in the comfortable chair. It wasn't much later that I felt someone shaking me lightly. I opened my weary eyes to see a police officer standing over me, shaking my shoulder.

"Wake up son, we need to ask you some questions" he was saying.

I sat up, and wiped my eyes with the palms of my hands. Slowly, my brain came back to life, I remembered what had happened.

"Where is Scott? Is he OK?" I asked uneasily.

The officer replied, "I just talked with the nurse. Scott is in emergency surgery. He was in very bad shape. Were you hurt at all Kyle?"

I was surprised that he knew my name. Then I remembered that the nurse had asked me my name. She must have told the officer.

"No. I wasn't there when he was attacked. I found him sitting on the side of the road. I go to school with Scott, but I don't really know him at all" I told the cop, barely taking a breath.

The officer and his partner proceeded to ask me about everything I knew. The questions lasted about 15 minutes before they had what they needed. They said they were going to Scott's house to look for his mother, and that they would return later. Once they left, I went back to the nurse's station. I asked if she knew the status on Scott. She told me there was no news, but if I wanted to lie down, I could lay on the couch in the waiting room. She showed me to the more quiet intensive care waiting room, which was deserted. She told me to lie on the couch, and said she would bring me a blanket and a pillow. She returned a couple minutes later, presenting me with the comforts of home. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was dead asleep.

Some time later, I realized I was being shaken awake again. "What's with all this shaking?" I thought moodily to myself.

This time, I woke to the image of an older man dressed all in green hospital clothes. The nurse had told the doctor I was in the waiting room. I guess he thought I was family or something, because he started to tell me about Scott.

"Kyle, Scott is in very bad shape. He has a broken nose, three missing teeth, a broken jaw and several cracked ribs. He also has a fairly severe concussion, and the most worrisome problem is that he has a burst appendix, as well as some other internal damage."

"Is he going to be ok, doctor?" I asked, incredulously.

"We just can't tell right now Kyle. Whoever did this to him fully intended to kill him. I am quite sure of that. We are going to do our best, but that person may have succeeded in his goal."

"Doc, Scott told me his mother did this to him with a baseball bat" I replied tearily.

"Well, when they find her, she will be locked up for a good long time. Trust me on that."

"Can I see him doc?"

"Right now, Scott is in intensive care post-op. I really can't have you there right now. He condition is still very critical. Why don't you try to get more sleep? I will come talk to you in the morning after I check on him. If he improves through the night, I will let you see him. It might help him to see a friendly face."

"Thanks Doc" I replied as I was already slipping back into a fitful sleep. I then thought of my parents, as they would be worried sick. I went back and found the night nurse and asked to use the phone again. I called my parents, and let them know what was going on. I told them I wanted to stay and see Scott in the morning. They asked if I wanted them to come down. I told them I would be ok, that the nurse was letting me sleep on the couch, and gave me a pillow and blanket. They told me they would come down first thing in the morning. I thanked them and hung up. I went back to the waiting room and laid back down. I immediately slipped into a very uneasy sleep. I dreamed of people chasing me around with bats and chains. I said a quiet prayer for Scott during one of the times that I jolted awake form the nightmares. Would this night never end?

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