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Dream weaver

Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door

Part 2

It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when I felt someone shaking me awake again. This shaking stuff was really beginning to piss me off. I opened my eyes to find my mom staring down at me.

"Hi mom" I greeted her softly.

"Kyle, is everything ok? What's going on?" she asked rather upset.

I proceeded to tell my parents about finding Scott alongside the road, and how I brought him here, and the police talked to me. About 15 minutes later, I noticed the same doctor from last night walk into the waiting room. He introduced himself to my parents and then began to tell them what was wrong with Scott.

"...well we moved him to the intensive care ward. They will keep a close eye on him for a few days. I'm afraid he hasn't regained consciousness since the surgery. For now, that's probably best, as it gives his body a chance to heal and he will be in severe pain. Kyle, you may go visit him if you want, but no more than five minutes."

"Thanks doc. And thanks for taking the time to let me know what's going on with him."

I gave both my parents a big hug. I felt very lucky to have such great parents all of a sudden. I told them I'd be back in a few minutes, and I followed the doctor to the intensive care ward. The nurse outside his room warned me that his face and body would be quite unnerving, and that I should be prepared for it.

I put on the protective clothing that the nurse gave me, and quietly slipped into Scott's room. I walked over to the bad and just stared down at his face. The blood was all cleaned up, but his face was one massive ugly bruise. It looked like he had wires holding his mouth shut. He had tubes and needles poked all over his body. His chest was bare, and he had wires and sensors all over that part of him too. I could see several ugly welts and bruises on his body. Tears began to spill out of my eyes as I looked down on this fragile looking guy. My heart began to break, just thinking about how one person could do such a thing to another, especially one's own flesh and blood. I decided then and there that I would help the police in any way I could.

Gently I reached out and took hold of Scott's hand. It was soft and warm, and I just held it. The tears would not stop running from my eyes, and some spilled onto Scott's hand. For some reason, I leaned over and softly kissed his fingers. All I wanted was for him to wake up, and to smile that smile that I saw on the side of the road. After a bit, I couldn't even see the ugliness that was spread across his body. All I could see was the soft beauty of a boy that was badly beaten. I knew at that moment that I was falling for Scott, and that I wanted to make sure no one would ever hurt him again. I started whispering to him. Something mindless, I'm sure, since I was in no frame of mind to make sense of all this. I know I was whispering his name over and over into his ear. I kept telling him to wake up, that I was here waiting for him, and that I would take care of him. Such odd things for a 16-year-old to think and say. I didn't even know if he was gay. I didn't care. All I knew at that moment is that I wanted to be his world.

I know this sounds cliche, but as I was talking to him, I felt his fingers gently squeeze mine. It startled me. I didn't know if I should call the nurse or what. I didn't have to wait for an answer, as the nurse immediately came in the room.

"Did you touch any of the machines young man?" she scolded me.

"No ma'am. I was just whispering to him, and I felt him squeeze my hand. Is he ok?"

"Well, it seems his EEG is indicating some increased brain activity. It tripped an alarm on the console" she replied more calmly.

The nurse set about checking all the wires, tubes and needles in Scotts body. Once she was sure everything was situated, she turned to leave.

"Keep doing what you were doing. It seems to be helping him come back to us" she said with a smile as she left the room.

I pulled up a chair by Scott's bed, and took his hand in mine again. This time, I squeezed it more firmly. I began whispering to him again in his ear. With my other hand, I began to gently stroke his hair. His hair was dirty from all that he went through, but it felt like silk in my fingers. I kept stroking his hair, squeezing his hand, and talking to him.

"Scott, it's time to come back to me. I only just met you, but I don't want to lose you."

I couldn't believe what I was saying to him. Where were these words coming from? I felt his hand move again. It was more than a twitch this time. It was a squeeze. I'm sure of it. I continued talking to him. I kept whispering his name, and telling that I was there, waiting for him to come back. I told him everything would be ok from now on. I felt another squeeze in my hand. I was getting through to him. I excitedly looked out the window to see the nurse closely watching us. I was encouraged by her smile. I kept whispering Scott's name. I kept telling him it was time to come back. I was holding his hand and whispering in his ear. All of a sudden, I felt his head turn slightly. I raised my head and I found myself staring directly into his beautiful dark brown eyes. I noticed they were no longer bloodshot like they were last night.

"Hi Kyle" he whispered meekly.

"Scott, you're going to be ok. I'm here now. I won't let anyone hurt you" I promised him.

"Thank you for rescuing me last night Kyle. I think I would have died if you hadn't stopped."

I felt the tears coming again. I couldn't even answer him.

"I'm so tired Kyle. I just want to sleep" he barely managed to get out.

I whispered to him, "it's ok Scott. You sleep. You're going to be ok. I will check back on you later."

"I love you Kyle" he whispered before his eyes were shut again and he was off to sleep.

I stood up, kissed him on the forehead, and laid his hand back at his side. I wiped my tears on my shirt sleeve and turned to leave.

"I love you too, Scott" I whispered back. I swear I saw a smile creep across his sleeping face.

As I was leaving the room, the nurse came in.

"You did great, hun. I was afraid he would not come out of the coma. You are a good friend to him" she said as she kissed me on top of the head.

I found my way back to the waiting room and my waiting parents. I collapsed in my mom's arms, and started sobbing heavily. She just held me tight and rubbed my back, allowing me to get all my emotions out. After a bit, I told them I wanted to go home and sleep. On the walk to the car, I told them what happened in the room. We stopped at the emergency room nurse station to leave our home number and address in case the police needed to contact me. I climbed into the car with my mom as my dad drove my car back home. Once home, I immediately went to my room, stripped to my boxers and climbed into bed. I was out by the time my head hit the pillow. I didn't even care that I was supposed to be at work in an hour. I knew my mom would call my boss and explain what happened. I have the world's best mom. I only wish Scott could say the same.

It was quite awhile later when I heard noises out in the living room. I opened my eyes and saw my alarm clock showing 3:00. I knew it must be afternoon, as I could see it was still light out. I felt my stomach growl, and remembered that I hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours. I dragged myself out of bed, curious as to what the noise was I heard. I stopped briefly in front of the mirror. I just stared back at the person in the mirror with the clear blue eyes, the start of a six pack, and the extremely messed up hair. I made a mental note to take a shower after I found some food.

I wandered out into the living room in just my boxers, my normal attire around the house. I noticed that two police officers were there talking to my parents. They noticed me come in and introduced themselves to me. They asked me to sit down, and that's when I recognized that one of the officers was the one that was talking to me last night. I sat on the couch, and tried to shake the fog from my head. That's when my stomach rumbled, and everyone started to laugh. I told them I hadn't eaten for a while, and my mom said she would get me something to eat while I talked to the officers.

"Kyle, do you remember me? I was the one that you talked to last night" one of the officers stated plainly.

"I remember, yeah" I replied back.

"Kyle, last night we went looking for Scott's mother. We found her at a local bar, already too drunk to barely walk. We noticed blood on her clothes, so we immediately took her to the station. When she woke up this morning in the cell, she apparently remembered what she had done to Scott last night. She was a bawling mess, and admitted to everything she could remember."

"She's going to stay in jail, isn't she?" I asked worriedly.

"Most definitely. The prosecutor most likely will charge her with attempted murder of her own son. Right now she is very distraught, and is on suicide alert. Whatever she is charged with, she will most likely be going to jail for a good long time."

"Good. I saw what she did to Scott. He is a total mess" I flatly replied.

"Kyle, I have been talking to your parents while you were asleep. We are very concerned about Scott. Once he gets out of the hospital, he will have no place to live. I've talked to DCFS, and they agree that it may be a bad choice to place him in foster care during all this. We're concerned about him trying to commit suicide as well."

I just stared blankly at the officer. I was reliving in my mind the events that happened last night. I shuddered with the thoughts.

"Your parents have agreed, with your approval, to allow Scott to stay with your family, at least temporarily once he leaves the hospital. I know you don't really know him that well, but we think it might be the best for him right now. Would you be opposed to that idea Kyle? He has no other family that we can find."

My eyes opened wide. I looked at my dad to see his reaction. He just smiled at me. I couldn't believe this could be true.

"Well, I told Scott in the hospital that I would take care of him. I think that is what brought him out of the coma. I'd love to be able to do that if you can make it work" I replied happily.

"Oh, I hadn't heard he woke up. That is really great news. Well I will talk to DCFS and let them know you have all agreed. They will contact you to sign the temporary papers sometime today. Will you be going back to see Scott today?"

I looked at my dad, and told them both that I had promised Scott I would return. I didn't want to break my promise. My dad indicated that it would be ok.

"Well, please tell Scott that we will need to get a statement from him soon. We won't bother him for a couple days, since his mother confessed. Let him know that we will stop by next week and talk with him. Thank you Kyle, and to your parents for helping us help Scott out."

I stood and shook both their hands as they got up to leave. They told us they would keep us informed of anything happening in the case, and thanked us again for our help. After they left, I ran to my mom and gave her a big hug. I then ran to my dad and hugged him as well. I couldn't believe they agreed to let Scott stay with us. What am I saying? Yes I could too believe it. They are great parents. With that, I scarfed down the sandwich Mom had brought out for me, and downed the glass of milk. I told them I needed a shower, and then I wanted to go visit Scott again. They told me to wish Scott well, and to let him know he had a place to come when he got out of the hospital.

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