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Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door

Part three

I was feeling good as I drove the short distance to the hospital to visit Scott again. Knowing that his mother would be in jail for what she did to him, and that he would be staying with us was keeping my spirits up. I pulled into the hospital parking lot and worked my way up to Scott's room. When I got to the intensive care ward, I was shocked to not find him there. After talking to the nurse, she told me he was moved to a private room, as his condition had improved greatly. They gave me the room number and I headed directly there. I knocked on the door, and heard his voice call out, "come in."

I opened the door to see Scott's smiling face beaming at me. At first glance, I noticed that almost all of the wires and tubes were gone from his body. He only had one IV in his arm.

"Kyle! I'm so glad you came back" he greeted me.

"You look a lot better than this morning, dude" I replied.

"Thanks. I'm feeling better, but still very sore. Dude, can you help me out with something?"

"Sure, like what?" I inquired.

"I have to pee like a German race horse, but I just can't pee in this bottle they gave me" he said, indicating the plastic urinal left by the nurse.

"Um, well, ok, if you really need to me too."

"Just help me get into the bathroom. I'll pee in the jug. They want to see how much I produce, but I just can't do it in the bed" he pleaded with me.

I walked over to the bed and uncovered him. He had one of those annoying hospital gowns on that tie in the back, but never seem to stay tied. I helped steady him as he held onto the IV rack. We slowly made our way over to the small bathroom in the room. I couldn't help but notice his gown was open in the back. My eyes casually fell on the firm creamy white globes of his perfectly shaped butt. I felt some stirring in my pants, and decided to look away.

"Like what you see?" He asked me with a huge grin on his face.

"Um, well, sorry, but your gown was open. I was just making sure everything was where it should be" I answered, trying to keep my humor in the embarrassing situation.

"Ok. Well now you owe me a peek of your bum" he replied, still with the menacing grin on his face.

As we entered into the bathroom, I was trying to figure out how to hold him up and hold the bottle and all. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face.

"If I let go of the IV rack, I'll fall on my face. Do this," he instructed. "I'll hold the rack and put my arm around your shoulders. You hold the bottle and hold my dink so I don't spray all over the place. Hurry tho, I can't hold it much longer."

I immediately turned beet red with embarrassment. I managed to pull his gown up and hold it out of the way. I couldn't help but notice his very firm belly. He had a slight treasure trail just below his navel, that widened as it merged with his nicely trimmed pubic patch. His pubes were a very light brown, and looked so soft. I slowly reached out for his flaccid four inch penis, and held it firmly while aiming it into the plastic bottle. As soon as it was lined up, he let the stream flow.

"Ohhhhhh man that feels good" he exclaimed loudly.

I turned even more red than I was before. I wasn't sure if he meant it felt good that I was holding him, or felt good to be relieving his overfilled bladder.

"Man Kyle, I have been holding that for so long. What a relief it is. Thanks for coming along when you did, dude."

"Glad I could help, bro" I replied, while intently watching his gorgeous penis eliminating it's burden.

I could not help the growing stiffness in my pants. The way I was leaning around him to make things work, my hardness was pressing firmly into his hip. There was no way he could not tell I was hard. I noticed that Scott was looking down and watching me as I held his penis. After he finished, I shook him a couple times to shake off the remaining dew. I couldn't bear to let go of him, and just stood there for a moment holding his penis. We were both staring down at my hand on his tool. All of a sudden, I felt him growing in my hand. Slowly, I began to stroke him, ever so slightly. The more I stroked, the harder he got. The harder he got, the more I stroked him. In no time, he was at full hardness, sporting a very nice seven inch member that was fairly thin and nicely shaped. I was mesmerized by the sight of it in my hand. I had never held another guy's penis in my hand, let alone rubbed one. I felt him begin to tremble slightly, as if his knees were going to give out. That brought me back to reality, and I looked into his clear eyes.

"You are so amazing Scott. You have a great body. But, we should get you back to bed before the nurse comes in and finds your tool in my hand" I told him logically, but with a smile.

"It feels so good Kyle. No one has ever touched me like that before. Maybe we can try it again later" he answered with sweet smile on his face.

With that, we maneuvered Scott back to his bed and got him situated again. I retrieved the bottle and placed it discretely near the bed, out of view. I covered him back up with the sheet, and noticed that he was still tenting. I smacked the tent lightly with a "down boy" comment. Just at that moment, the nurse walked in. Scott shifted slightly and I noticed the tent wilt quickly away. He looked at me and gave me that prize winning smile of his. I pulled a chair over to his bed and turned on the TV as the nurse checked him over. She collected the bottle near the bed, commenting on how good a job Scott did, marked the chart, and cleaned the bottle out in the bathroom. She then returned to Scott to tell him her shift was over, and the night nurse would be in shortly to check on him. He thanked her and she turned and left the room.


I chould tell Scott was getting tired. He was drifting in and out of sleep as we were watching TV together. Most likely from the meds.

"Well I'm gonna go and let you get some sleep" I offered Scott.

"Thanks a lot for coming to visit me, Kyle. I really needed the help peeing. That was so fun" he replied with a smirk. "Will you come see me tomorrow?"

"You know I will dude. I have to work in the morning, but I will be over after that. Hopefully you won't have to pee to bad before then" I told him with a grin.

I leaned over and gave Scott a kiss on the cheek. He smiled warmly and closed his eyes. I could tell he was already well on his way to a restful sleep. I turned to leave and whispered good night to him. I felt so good as I walked back to my car. It would be so nice to have Scott living with us. I couldn't wait.

I know it's short, but I will be writing more. Keep checking back.

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