Kyle and Me

by: 70s Child

The following story is factually based in the beginning, but subsequent chapters will a fantasy. It is based on two real people, one of which is a friend who asked me to write this story. I have used him in another story that I worked that is now finished, Geostrobe.

Now the obligatory warnings. First if you are under the age of 18, you are not supposed to be here, but I am not your mother either. Second, if it is illegal for you to be reading this material in your country or state, I am sorry. Third, if you are put off by homosexual love, then why are you here in the first place. Finally, if you are a total homophobe, I have two words for you: ****SUCK IT!!!****

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From the previous chapter:

I let him cry himself out. After that he turned on his side with his back to me, but he snuggled against me. My 7" sprung up and, as if it had a mind of its own, found Steve's hole. My valet pressed back until I was completely in him. Steve began to move on and off my cock, but I held him still.

"Let's just sleep." I said. "This will be our link of our life."

We fell asleep and I felt that life was good and now I had some good friends who wanted me for me.

CHAPTER 11: Never Mess With Bryan

I awoke with my cock still embedded in Steve's ass. He was moving back and forth and my balls were tight against my body. I grabbed Steve's chest and blasted six shots of cum into him.

"OH FUCK ME!!" I yelled.

As the first blast ricocheted off his prostate, Steve's dick exploded eight rounds of white cream all over the bed. He moved with pleasure and we finally came down from the ecstasy of our joint fun. I had wondered how long he had fucked himself on my rod as he got up. He went to the bathroom to prepare my bath. I got in the bathroom, the water was just right and I climbed in. Steve slowly and gently cleaned my body. As I was finally cleaned, I rose and stepped out of the tub. Steve dried my and got my clothes ready for the day. After I finished getting dressed, Steve took a shower, then dressed quickly. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen.

"So what have you got planned?" Mom asked.

"Not much." I replied. "Probably test the car out."

Steve and I finished eating and went to test drive the car. As we were getting in, Justin pulled up.

"Where are you guys heading?" he asked.

"Gonna test the car." I told him.

"Follow me." my bodyguard said. "I know just the place."

We followed him to a dirt road that was deserted. We dragged up and down the road and I hit a top speed of 145 mph. We finished out fun and I decided to get some clothes for myself and Steve. We went to a few stores and I got my valet some nice suits. I found some fun clothes for myself. We went to my house, where Steve made us lunch. The rest of the day was quiet. We watched some television and Steve stayed with me again.

The days the led to the moving day were actually uneventful. Justin, Steve, and I were always together. We developed a bond and I appreciated the friendship they gave me. I continually received some calls from people who claimed that they were relatives, but my friends intercepted those calls.

The day came for us to move in the condo and the furniture arrived on schedule. We had everything arranged the way I wanted it. My mom got the linens, pots and pans, dishes, and other sundries to go with the place. We settled in and enjoyed our first night in the condo. We had a nice dinner and went to bed together. Steve got between Justin and myself so he could take care of us. He kissed us both as he prepared to be filled from both ends. Unlike the first time, we were slow and caring. I slowly moved my cock in his ass while Justin fed his massive rod to Steve's mouth. We slowly moved in and out of his holes to allow him to adjust to them as we moved. I leaned in and kissed Steve's neck. Justin leaned to me and kissed me tenderly. We made love to Steve's body for almost an hour. Every time we were close to shooting, we would stop and relax. Finally we were ready and I released 6 shots into Steve's bowels. Justin tensed and he blasted 8 rounds down Steve's throat which he took easily. I then felt Steve's ass muscles constrict around my cock several times and I knew he was unloading. There was no noise from any of us except for grunts of happiness. We collapsed on the bed and snuggled up. With me in the middle, my two friends kept me happy and we fell asleep.

A couple of weeks later I decided to have a housewarming party. Now I did not have a chance to really speak to TK, Kyle, or Brandon since the winning day. They agreed to come to the party. As they arrived, Kyle and Brandon were closer than ever. However, TK showed up with a date. He introduced the guy as Bruce and I was visibly upset.

"Well Bry, I haven't heard from you for a couple of weeks." TK said.

"Well you knew the number." I replied. "Besides you knew how hectic my life has been since the lottery."

"Fuck you." he responded.

I was ready to throw him out, but he was Justin's cousin and I did not want lose my bodyguard and friend. I ignored him and continued with the party. Other than that, the party went well. Jeremy brought a friend from South Carolina named Jeff. He was cute and he began to talk. I found out he had a love of cars, so I showed him my `Vette. We got along and exchanged email addresses along with our Yahoo Messenger names. Jeff said his was bigcock96 and I smiled at this. The party broke up, so Justin, Steve, and I crashed in the living room. We had become very good friends and they were overprotective. Anyone who tried to approach me on the street had to get through them, unless they knew them. Justin turned to me and nudged me.

"So what happened with TK?" he asked.

"He got a new boyfriend." I replied. "I didn't wasn't to get you in the middle, being he's your cousin."

"Well sometimes he can be an asshole." Justin said. "Besides you're a great person and friend."

He held my hand ad I began to feel close to him He smiled at me, but I thought he saw me as just a friend.

We decided to go to bed and I went to my bedroom suite. I turned on my computer and pulled up Yahoo Messenger. I had added Jeff to my buddy list and as soon as I did, Jeff was online. We began to chat and we agreed to meet the next day for lunch. An email popped up from Jeff and it was a picture of him nude. Now either he was a grower or his name was a lie, because he had about 3". He did request a nude picture of me in return and I told him I do not share my picture on the internet. He seemed disappointed, but agreed. We chatted for a little while longer and then said goodnight. I went to bed and fell asleep quickly.

The next day I got up and readied myself for my lunch date with Jeff. My parents came by and my dad suggested I get a lawyer for estate planning. I agreed and I looked in the phonebook and found an estate lawyer. I called his office and set an appointment for that afternoon. I went to the restaurant Jeff and I agreed to meet. We sat down and ordered our food. While we waited, we got to know each other further. Jeff told me he dated a girl through high school and had been to bed with his girlfriend. She had just notified him they had a child together. I listened and wondered why he would tell me this. I thought he was a nice guy and easy to talk with about anything. After we finished, I paid the check and I needed to go to the lawyer's office. We set a date for the next day.

I arrived at the attorney's office and was greeted by his secretary. As I waited, I wondered what I needed to tell him. The secretary got me out of my daze and escorted me to the office. I entered and saw a messy desk and a man in his forties who did not dress like a lawyer. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Ed." he said. "Please have a seat."

I dropped in the seat in front of his desk and he sat in a large chair. He pulled out a pad and pen, then was ready to work.

"So Bryan, how may I help you?" he asked.

"Well I just got a lot of money." I replied. "My dad suggested that I plan for the future."

"Well proper planning is important." he said. "A will for your loved ones and prudent investments are a wise move."

He took detailed notes about creating the will. Ed asked me who I wanted as my beneficiaries and I explained that my parents were to be the main recipients of my estate, but Justin, Steve, and my cousin Stephen were to get a share of the monies.

"Ed I have to ask, you don't look like a lawyer." I asked. "Are you any good?"

"The best." he replied. "I don't bill myself out at $500 an hour against $50,000 per yearly retainer if I was sorry. I'll look out for your best interests."

"I should tell you I'm gay." I told him. "That's the reason I want Steve and Justin to receive some of my monies."

"And?" Ed responded. "What's the big deal. So am I."

He did explain that a lot of states did not approve of gays inheriting anything unless they were family members, but he would make sure that the monies due Steve and Justin were given to them. He did ask who I wanted as an executor to my estate and I decided on Ed since he had no vested interest in the money. I paid him the $50,000 retainer and he called a reputable brokerage firm to help me invest my monies. We would meet the next day to work out the investments.

"Thanks Ed." I said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

We shook hands, I left the office, and drove back to the condo. Steve and Justin were there talking intently, but stopped when they saw me. I got curious, but they were tight lipped.

"So what's going on guys?" I asked.

"TK called and he got belligerent." Steve said. "He told Justin that if he would put you over family, he could go to hell. And he said for you to fuck yourself."

"Justin, I'm sorry that TK is being like this." I said.

"Don't worry." he replied. "He's just being an asshole."

I hugged him and returned the embrace. It was as if he held it longer than just a friendly hug, but I put in the back of my mind.

Days passed into weeks and I continued to see Jeff, but things became strange with him. He seemed very forceful, almost commanding. He told me he was a take charge person, but it seemed more than that. What I did not know was Justin had looked into Jeff's background. He sat me down and we talked. I normally would have been upset, but the truth was very revealing.

"Bry, Jeff is into the master/slave routine." my bodyguard said. "He likes to dominate and torture his companions. And he also takes their money, then dumps them."

I was fraught with various emotions. I felt anger, depression, guilt, and rage. How could I let myself be taken by this person. I wanted to hurt him, but Justin had already derived a plan. Jeff was to come over that night. As the doorbell rang, Steve answered it and escorted him into the living room. I acted as if nothing was wrong, though I wanted to beat him within an inch of his life. We were going to watch a movie, so Jeff was going to the media room while I acted as if I were going to get some snacks. Justin was waiting for him and clocked the door. He said it would be better if I knew nothing about what was to happen.

Justin shoved Jeff to the floor and pulled out four sets of cuffs. He yanked the man up and pushed him over the leather couch. He proceeded to cuff Jeff at both legs and arms. Justin then tore the clothes off the body of the guy I was falling in love with.

"So you want to make Bryan your slave, huh?" Justin said with a sadistic smile on his face.

"I would never...OUCH!!" Jeff screamed.

Justin brought a belt across Jeff's ass hard. Seven times he did this, which reddened the man's ass. Justin produced some papers and yanked Jeff's head up by the hair. Jeff read the IMs he sent to people he knew about making me his next slave and becoming rich.

"You know I ought to make you eat your words." Justin said to the captive master.

He wadded up one piece of paper and shoved it in Jeff's mouth. Justin ordered him to eat it, which Jeff did reluctantly. After he swallowed the first sheet, Justin made him eat the remaining nine sheets. As the last of the IMs went down his throat, Jeff thought that would be it, but he was very much mistaken. As his mouth opened, Justin put a tennis ball in it and he duct tapped it to Jeff's head. He then put a dog collar on the man's neck with a leash.

"How does it feel to be the slave bitch?" Justin asked sardonically.

He then moved in front of Jeff and showed his 8". From the shadows Steve appeared and his massive member was pointing straight at Jeff. The man's eyes widened because he knew he was about to be raped. He struggled against the cuffs, but they were tight around the joints. Justin moved to Jeff's rear while Steve applied nipple clamps to the man. Steve twisted the chain between them, which caused Jeff to moan in pain. Justin spread the cheeks of the Jeff and rammed his thick cock all the way in the hole without lube. Jeff's body shot up as much as hit could and he let out a muffled scream. He began to cry, but it was barely audible because of the ball, while Justin rammed his dick harder and harder in the very sore ass. Tears streamed down his face and he whimpered from the assault. Steve cut the tape on one side of his face and removed it none-too-gently. It yanked skin and hair from Jeff's head and Steve yanked the ball from his mouth. Jeff move his jaw, but before he could utter a sound, all 10" of Steve's pole was crammed down Jeff's throat. He sputtered and gagged on the intrusive piece of meat. Steve had grabbed his hair and face-fucked his mouth with no mercy. Jeff was given no pity and he was used as a common slut. Both Steve and Justin were close to releasing their sperm into Jeff and as if choreographed, they slammed deep into his body at once. Jeff felt the hot seed of Steve's flow down his throat and fill his stomach lining. But there was so much some of it did spill from his mouth and onto the couch. The abusive former master felt is bowels expand as Justin's cum surged into it. As they finished filling him, Steve pulled out and slapped his cock across Jeff's cheeks. As Justin removed his semi-hard rod, some of the cum and blood dripped out of the mancunt. He saw the cum, blood, and shit on his dick as he went to Jeff's face.

"Clean that cock boy." he ordered.

Before Jeff could protest, Justin shoved his rod into the mouth. Jeff could taste the shit and blood mixture. He wished he could pull back, but he was held in place by both Justin and Steve. After his pole was cleaned, Justin pulled out, hard and dripping. He slowly stroked his cock, which caused Steve to get hard and he jacked his hard piece. They stroked harder until their juices blasted all over Jeff's face. Fifteen shots of love juices covered him, which dripped on the leather couch. They slapped his face with their cocks until his cheeks were fire-engine red. They uncuffed him, who slowly raised up and Steve noticed several cum stains on the sofa and floor. He also noticed cum dripping from Jeff's cock.

"Damn the boy liked it." he said. "Clean this shit up."

"Yes sir." Jeff replied meekly.

Steve grabbed the chain that connected the nipple clamps and yanked them several times while Jeff cleaned up the mess with his tongue. As he finished, Justin unlocked the door and saw me standing there. I started to feel sorry for Jeff until I the realization of what he tried to do came back.


"Please sir, let me stay." he begged. "I will make a good slave."

I was so enraged, I punched him in the balls. He doubled over and grasped for breath. I proceeded to strike him several times until I collapsed.

"J-Just get out." I said.

He gathered his tattered clothes and began to leave. He turned and stared at the three of us.

"How did you find out?" he asked.

"Its' amazing when you meet people." Justin said.

He elucidated about some of Jeff's slaves who readily talked after they came upon Justin and Steve's cocks. They explained about Jeff and provided the IMs that basically incriminated the man.

"Oh by the way, you will have a surprise in Taylors shithead." Justin said.

Jeff left, never to return. I figured it was a lesson that cost a little money, but was well worth the effort. I turned to Justin and hugged him. I then gave Steve the same embrace.

"What do you mean about a surprise?" I asked.

"You'll see in two weeks." Justin replied mysteriously.

Two weeks later, Justin had all three computers going at the same time. We gathered in front of the one in my room and there was Jeff. There were several cameras around him. He was bent over a small table and tied down. Around him were about 15 guys. Each of them had a paddle and they went around him like a conga line as they swatted his ass. He flinched and begged them please sir may I have another. I began to laugh as I thought of Kevin Bacon in Animal House. After each guy hit his ass ten times, one guy shoved an enema tube up his hole deeply. They emptied a full bag in him while he groaned and complained about being full. One of the group slapped his face, which caused a little blood to trickle down his chin.

"SHUT UP FUCKER!!" the stranger said. "YOU DID THIS TO US!!"

He then yanked the tube from his ass and Jeff almost immediately voided his bowels into a bucket. Three more times they filled him up with water until he shit only water.

"Okay boys, he's clean." one person said.

One guy, with a dick bigger than Steve, spread Jeff's as cheeks and shoved it all the way to his balls. Jeff cried in pain, but was silenced with a thick cock in his mouth. As he was being double fucked, the other guys were stroking their cocks around the body. The one person who was face-fucking Jeff exploded in his mouth, because we saw Jeff's throat move as he was swallowing the heavy load of jizz. The huge cock in his ass exploded right after that as he stiffened and then quivered with each blast. As one dick left a hole, another cock took its place. I did notice Jeff's own cock exploded as he was receiving the first loads of cum. This went on for almost twelve hours as each guy had a turn in his ass and mouth. Jeff had cum so many times, he had dry orgasms after the sixth loads. The final insult was when they all urinated on his spent and sweaty body. The fifteen waved to the cameras and the signal ended.

"Now that was entertainment." Justin said with a laugh.

He clicked off the computers and pulled out CDs from each. He then downloaded the entire show to several porn sites to be shown worldwide.

"Did you plan this?" I asked him.

"Yep." he said. "Jeff's former slaves wanted retribution, so we planned it down to the smallest detail. Besides, it was the final payback for what he did to you."

We went to my bed and I took each of my friend's rods deep into my mouth and received a wonderful reward of protein. They in turn began to swallow my cock and balls deeply until I exploded my own cream into their mouths. We fell asleep quite relaxed and satisfied.


NOTE: Sorry this has taken so long, but work has been a bear. Well the final three chapters are done. Bryan and I have worked hard on tying up the loose ends, but I feel the end is worth it. If you have any comments, please email me at I also appreciate to a reader that there is another story called Kyle and Me. I guess when you have a good title, others will want it. Please put the title of the story in subject line along with where you are from so I may add it to the Readers' List.


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