Kyle and Me

by: 70s Child

The following story is factually based in the beginning, but subsequent chapters will a fantasy. It is based on two real people, one of which is a friend who asked me to write this story. I have used him in another story that I worked that is now finished, Geostrobe.

Now the obligatory warnings. First if you are under the age of 18, you are not supposed to be here, but I am not your mother either. Second, if it is illegal for you to be reading this material in your country or state, I am sorry. Third, if you are put off by homosexual love, then why are you here in the first place. Finally, if you are a total homophobe, I have two words for you: ****SUCK IT!!!****

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From the previous chapter:

I sat in the room and Kyle was sleeping like a baby. I had closed the door and I kept looking at my friend in a deep slumber. My mind went into overdrive. I took the piss bottle and raised the sheet and blanket on the bed. I reached and raised the hospital gown slowly. Kyle's soft 4" rod appear and I slowly began to stroke it. Either Kyle had not jacked off in quite a while or he was having one hellacious dream, he became very hard almost instantly. I stroked his cock slowly and his breathing became heavy. Precum leaked out of his cock and I had a taste of his clear liquid. As my hand sped up, the more ragged his breath became. I saw his egg-shaped nut sac tighten. I placed the jug at his cockhead and the first volley flew into the container. Each successive blast flew into the jug and his breathing was erratic. The monitor did speed up and I was afraid of being caught. But he finally released the last load and it trickled on my hand. Kyle's breathing slowed and the monitor returned to normal. I released his cock and licked the remnants of the jizz off my hand. I smiled, but was still scared of being caught. I took the jug to the bathroom and cleaned it out. I put it back and I sat by Kyle's bed until 7 pm. I got up to leave and my heart stopped.

"Thank you." Kyle whispered hoarsely.

CHAPTER 2: Mutual Fun

I was ready to run, but I also thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Kyle looked as if he were sleeping so he could have been dreaming. The next day he came home after the doctor checked his arm. For several days I would go over and Kyle would just give me a strange smile. After a little while that stopped, so I thought nothing of it.

Kyle had dated several girls from school, but he never bragged on what he did. I had seen him kiss some of the girls and many of them found him very cute. I could not argue that point, though I harassed him every so often. One thing I could say that no one else could, he was my best friend. I noticed he changed girlfriends quite often.

A couple of months after the surgery and the doctor told Kyle his arm was healed, he came over for a sleepover. I laughed at him when he said that he forgot a clean pair of shorts.

"Hey no problem." I said. "You can swing free tonight."

"You better not touch me." Kyle said as he gently pushed me in fun.

"Touch your sorry ass?" I retorted. "Hell I wouldn't touch you if you were the last guy on Earth."

We played around on the computer for a while, then watched a little television until Kyle looked at me.

"Julie and me broke up." he said.

I thought here we go again. Every time he separated with a girl, I would get how it was always his fault or they just did not see eye to eye. This time was the biggest slut in school wanted him to fuck her, but he could not. He did seem a bit upset, but would not say why.

"Hey, you know the girls adore your sorry ass." I said.

He did not se3e the humor in the comment and I apologized. We sat back and watched television until 11 pm, then went to bed. We stripped down and climbed into bed. Since I had a nice double bed, be relaxed and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was pressed against Kyle's back. My arm was over his body and my cock got hard fast. From his breathing he seemed to be sleeping and I decided to try to play with his rod again. I reached over and found his dick and it was harder than the first time. I began to stroke him slowly and carefully. His dick seemed to jump with every stroke. I reached down and felt his smooth nut sac and the contents moved gently in my hand. Kyle let out a moan and I stopped. I felt his hand on mine and began stroking his cock with my hand.

"Don't stop." Kyle said. "Please don't stop."

I continued to move my hand along his cock, each time caressing the head. The moaning resounded in the room and I knew it would not be much longer. Kyle's breathing became very ragged and as the first load exploded from his dick, Kyle let out a deep sigh. He did shoot five heavy blasts and the last of his jizz dribbled from his prick. I wiped it on my hand and brought it to my lips. The taste of his jizz was like a fine wine with its own bouquet. I then heard a licking sound from Kyle. I smiled as I caught my friend tasting his own juices.

"Any good?" I whispered in his ear.

"OH FUCK!!" he exclaimed. "I wasn't doing nothing."

"Yeah." I said and sniffed. "And I supposed that on your lips is gloss?"

I could see his body from the light that was peeking through my window. Kyle began to cry. I held him tight against my body and stroked his body. I kissed his hair and his neck to calm him down. I looked at him and wondered what to say. I turned his body so he was on his back. His left hand had cum in the palm. His face was tear-stained and I kissed his forehead. He looked at me and tried to speak.

"Let me guess, you're trying to figure out what the hell is going on." I said.

Kyle nodded only slightly. I stroked his hair and body. From the time I knew him, I always loved Kyle, but knew he was off-limits. Even in the hospital was the only way I figured I could have him. But all that changed and I kissed Kyle on the lips gently. He froze and stared at me. I brought his hand to my lips and gently licked some his sweet sperm. I brought it back to his mouth and his tongue lapped a large amount into his body. We continued this until his hand was clean. I looked at Kyle and he smiled slightly.

"Bryan, I've been thinking a lot." he said. "Could I like girls and guys?

"Yep." I responded. "That makes you bisexual."

"Are you bi?" he asked.

"I'm gay." I told him. "And I will tell you, I've thought you were hot since we first met. Now maybe we can at least have fun."

"I really enjoyed your jacking me when I was in the hospital." he smiled.

"FUCK!!" I said in shock. "I thought you were asleep."

"I was until I was ready to shoot." Kyle said. "I've never had another guy stroke me before. As a matter of fact, no girl ever did."

"Kyle, you can tell me the truth." I said. "Are you a virgin?"

Kyle was very quiet, but nodded his head affirmatively. I laid on my back and my 7" cock was hard against my abs. Kyle turned on his side and looked at my hard rod. He gently stroked it like petting an animal. My body tingled all over with the feeling of bliss. Kyle took my dick in his hand and slowly moved up and down. Precum began to leak out and he put some to his lips. The more he stroked, the more precum appeared, and the more he took in his mouth. I knew the way Kyle was playing with my dick I would shoot my load very soon.

"I'm gonna cum." I said panting.

My ball sac tightened and the first shot of hot jizz flew to the middle of my chest. I released several more blasts until it dribbled around my crotch. Kyle brought the cum on his hand to his mouth and liked it off. He made sure his hand was clean. I scooped some sperm off me and enjoyed the taste. Kyle began to lick me all over and he ate all the jizz off me. I looked at him and he looked at me in return. His eyes met mine and I saw the concern in his eyes.

"I can't be gay." he cried. "But I'm having dreams about you. Why?"

I pulled him to me and held him. Kyle tried to push away from me, but I held him close. He cried into my chest and I had no answers. He could be gay or he could be experimenting. I guess time will tell.

NOTE: As I explained the next chapters will be fantasies, however Bryan, the main character, told me of an escapade he had with Kyle and three of his friends. I will be adding those to the next chapter as soon as I get some information from Bryan. And for those who want to know, no I am not Bryan. Bryan is actually 19 and his friend is 17. I am just the writer who puts this down on paper and on the internet. I really enjoyed the first emails on the story and I will add a few more before calling it quits. The main reason is that Bryan wanted it to reach a certain point. Once I get there, the story cannot go further. If you have any comments, good or bad, please email me at Please include the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List. And from the first batch, it will be a long list.


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