Kyle and Me

by: 70s Child

The following story is factually based in the beginning, but subsequent chapters will a fantasy. It is based on two real people, one of which is a friend who asked me to write this story. I have used him in another story that I worked that is now finished, Geostrobe.

Now the obligatory warnings. First if you are under the age of 18, you are not supposed to be here, but I am not your mother either. Second, if it is illegal for you to be reading this material in your country or state, I am sorry. Third, if you are put off by homosexual love, then why are you here in the first place. Finally, if you are a total homophobe, I have two words for you: ****SUCK IT!!!****

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From the previous chapter:

I leaned in and kissed him. Little Kyle panicked, but my tongue grazed his lips and he parted his lips. We kissed gently, but I also gave him a small surprise. I dropped some of his cum into his mouth, which he swallowed. We broke our kiss and we smiled at each other. I lifted Little Kyle up and knelt down to bring his boxers up. As I went up, I flicked my tongue on the tip of his cock, which caused him to giggle. We reentered the house and I went to the living room, while Little Kyle went to his room. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

CHAPTER 5: Kyle's Coming to Terms With Himself

A few days later, Kyle came over to talk. He was wearing a dress shirt and pants. He looked like he was at work. He had a very concerned look on his face. He sat on my bed and looked at me.

"Bryan, I think I'm gay." he said. "My problem is I don't want anyone to know."

"Kyle, we're friends." I replied. "We can keep this between us. Besides we can have fun too."

"I want to learn, but I'm afraid." Kyle said.

"We'll take it slow." I told him as I approached him.

I began to kiss him and he responded in kind. I caressed his hard chest and began to unbutton his shirt. I felt his skin touch my hand and his tension was overwhelming. I stroked his chest lightly and he began to relax. I finished undoing the buttons and slid it off his shoulders, then arms, upon which it fell to the floor. He took the bottom of the t-shirt I was wearing and removed it. Our bodies met and I could feel his intense heat. I gently pushed him back onto my bed and began to unbuckle his belt. I then undid his pants while I lowered his zipper and his pants fell to his ankles. I could feel his hard 5" cock strain in his boxers. I gently pulled it through the opening and enjoyed his precum that leaked from the tip. I brought the clear fluid to his lips and gently ran it around his two perfectly shaped object. He licked the fluid off as he undid the shorts I was wearing. He felt my raging 7" dick and he pulled it through the opening. He wiped my precum and gently moved his fingers around my lips, which I licked off. I gently pushed him on his back and pressed my body on his. We started to passionately kiss again and our bodies rubbed against each other. I started to lick down his body as I coated his face with my saliva. I licked and lightly bit his ears. I moved to his neck and tickled his Adam's apple. I moved down his firm chest and worked on his dime-shaped nipples. I bit them and created moans and shrieks of pleasure from Kyle. I worked on each until they were extremely hard and erect. As I continued down, I met his treasure trail and matted it down with my tongue. I moved around his bush and cock to suck his balls. I took each in my mouth and had Kyle thrashing on the bed. I licked back up to his rod and gently played with the shaft and the head. I tongue-fucked the slit and was rewarded with a torrent of precum. I worked on his entire dick skillfully sucking his rod and played with his balls. I know he would not last long with what I was doing, but I had more in store for my friend. As I felt his balls start to tighten, I moved off his cock and grabbed the base. Kyle slowed his breathing and looked at me with a confused look.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked.

"Oh there is more to come." I told him.

I went down and spread his legs wide and moved my tongue along the sensitive area between his balls and ass. All Kyle did was arch his back and groan loudly. I lifted his legs and exposed his virginal hole. I saw his sweet, pink hole which I ran the tip of my tongue around. Each time I moved to the opening, Kyle thrashed with glee.

"OH FUCK!!" he cried out several times.

His hole opened ever so slightly and I probed my tongue into him. The more I probed, the more Kyle's ass opened to me. I could feel his body was ready for an intense orgasm, so I grabbed the base of his pole again and he looked at me as if I were crazy.

"Why did you stop?" Kyle asked. "I was ready to shoot."

"Trust me, if you think that was hot, this will drive you crazy." I responded.

I wet my middle finger and placed it at his hole. Kyle tensed, but I kissed him tenderly and his muscles relaxed. Once his ass opened, I slipped my finger in to the second knuckle before Kyle tensed. I wiggled my finger at the first knuckle and Kyle began to relax.

"That hurt at first." he said. "But it feels great right now."

I swallowed his 5" to the root and proceeded to move my finger all the way into the last knuckle. I found his prostate and massaged the magic button repeatedly. Kyle tossed and moaned loudly as I pleased his entire body. Again he was ready to shoot and again I stopped the momentum. Kyle looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Please let me shoot." he begged. "I'll do anything."

"Anything?" I asked with an evil grin on my face.

"YES!! YES!!" he replied with urgency. "Just let me cum, please."

I began to work his cock back into my mouth and continued to perform on his prostate hard. I used my other hand to work his nips. I knew I had Kyle and he would be willing to do more. I felt his balls tighten and I pressed hard on his prostate. Kyle's back lifted off the bed and gurgled a little.

"SHIT!!" he cried out.

The first of ten blasts hit my mouth and his cock pulsed with white protein juice. He flooded my mouth with his essence and I swallowed it, except for a small portion. As the last of the seed entered my mouth, I pulled my lips along his shaft. I moved up and kissed Kyle with love. I gave him his sweet cum, which he took as a baby bird from its mother.

Kyle felt my hard 7" and he did to me what I did to him. He began by working down my neck, to my nips. Kyle was a fast learner as he worked down my abs, then went around my dick to my heavy balls. He took each one in his mouth, which was driving me crazy. Kyle then went to my 7" and he tried to be a sword swallower, but to no avail as he gagged. But he tried valiantly and actually got 5" comfortably in my throat. He pulled off after a few minutes and licked past my balls to my rosebud. He was hesitant to stick his tongue near my hole, but he plodded forward and dove into my ass with gusto. The sensation he gave me was driving my entire being wild. He then wet his finger and shove the entire length in my hole. The shock had me clamp my ass shut, but I relaxed in just a couple of minutes.

"Slow down Kyle." I said.

He smiled at me and began to work my ass and cock with outstanding skill. He found my prostate and massaged it very well. My impending orgasm was churning from my nut sac. Kyle was not aware of my explosion as he continued to move up and down on my cock and fed on my precum.

"KYLE I'M GONNA SHOOT!!" I yelled, but too late.

Before he could respond, my first blast erupted into Kyle's throat, almost choking him. Seven more blasts flew into his mouth, which he handled with great mastery. As he pulled his mouth off my rod and cleaned it, he moved up and gave me a wonderfully warm kiss. He also fed me my white love potion. He got on his side and snuggled up to my chest.

"Bryan, I want to learn more." Kyle said. "And I want you to teach me."

"Kyle, you're my friend." I replied. "And I won't hurt you because I love you."

"Bryan, I love you too." he said with a smile.

We cuddled up and kissed passionately. We fell asleep in each others arms with smiles on our faces.


NOTE: Well folks, here is the next chapter. How as you can see, this is the 17-year-old Kyle. I hope that you enjoy the chapter. If you have any comments please email me at Please make sure you put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add it to the Readers' List.


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