Kyle and Me

by: 70s Child

The following story is factually based in the beginning, but subsequent chapters will a fantasy. It is based on two real people, one of which is a friend who asked me to write this story. I have used him in another story that I worked that is now finished, Geostrobe.

Now the obligatory warnings. First if you are under the age of 18, you are not supposed to be here, but I am not your mother either. Second, if it is illegal for you to be reading this material in your country or state, I am sorry. Third, if you are put off by homosexual love, then why are you here in the first place. Finally, if you are a total homophobe, I have two words for you: ****SUCK IT!!!****

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From the previous chapter:

"Bryan, I want to learn more." Kyle said. "And I want you to teach me."

"Kyle, you're my friend." I replied. "And I won't hurt you because I love you."

"Bryan, I love you too." he said with a smile.

We cuddled up and kissed passionately. We fell asleep in each others arms with smiles on our faces.

CHAPTER 6: A Wild Time With the Brothers

Friday I got a call from Little Kyle. He said he wanted me to come over the next day for a surprise. I had wandered what it could be, but I waited. As the morning came, I rose and got ready for the day. I called Little Kyle's house and he answered.

"Hey Kyle, what time do you want me to come over?" I asked.

"Right now." he replied. "And your gonna stay the night right? The `rents are gone for the weekend."

"Sure." I said. "I'll be over in just a few."

We hung up and I packed some clothes, drove over to their house. I knocked on the door and got no answer. I knocked again and still no answer. I checked the door and found it to be opened. I entered the house and looked in the living room, then the kitchen. I walked up the stairs and heard the familiar sound of sex. I heard Little Kyle speak.

"Yeah bitch, take this hard cock." he said.

"Yeah fuck my hot ass." another voice said, which I recognized as Brandon's.

I opened the door and saw Brandon on his hands and knees, with Little Kyle slamming his huge 8" in and out of his brother's ass. I dropped my bag and stripped in record time. Brandon had his eyes closed, but Little Kyle saw me and waved me over. I knelt in front of Brandon and brushed the head of my cock across his lips. Brandon's eyes flew open and he began to panic. He opened his mouth and I pushed my rod half way into his throat. Brandon was a slut, because instead of trying to get my dick out of his mouth, he took the entire thing in to the base. Little Kyle and I began to develop out rhythm and Brandon enjoyed being fucked from both ends. I was right about Brandon because he was a great cocksucker. All one could hear was the grunts and moans of teens having sex along with flesh slapping flesh. Sweat poured off our bodies so much that the bed was soaked in it. After thirty minutes the pressure became too much. We went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Little Kyle exploded first as his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

"SHIT!!" he cried out when his first volley blasted into Brandon's ass.

This set Brandon off as he spewed his first load on the bed. This great bottom boy increased his suction on my cock that it felt as if he were trying to suck my balls through my hose.

"MOTHERFUCK!!" I moaned.

My first shot filled Brandon's mouth with my thick cream. I released six more shots, which Brandon swallowed with pride. We collapsed on the bed and Brandon was in the middle. When we were sufficiently recovered, I turned to the brothers.

"So how did this happen?" I asked.

"I came home from school Monday." Little Kyle said, "I heard some groaning coming from our room. I found Brandon jerking his pud and pushing Mom's dildo up his hole. I walked in and he began to panic."

"Yeah, but Kyle stripped and his cock pointed at me." Brandon continued. "I pulled the dildo out, handed him some lube, and the rest is history."

I smiled. These two hot brothers were now fuck buddies and I hoped I would be part of it. The next move surprised me.

"Bryan, Kyle said you tongued his ass." Brandon said. "Will you do me?"

"Kyle, raise his legs." I ordered, which he obeyed readily.

The pink hole winked at me as Little Kyle's cream oozed out of it. I tasted the juices and shoved my tongue deep into Brandon, which caused him to gasp loudly. I enjoyed the taste of Little Kyle's jizz as it fell onto my tongue. Brandon's 6" rose and leaked precum on his tight abs. His brother lapped it up greedily. I stopped and I looked at Little Kyle, who nodded and smiled. I put lube on my dick, placed it at Brandon's hole, and pushed in to the hilt. Though he was just recently fucked, Brandon was amazingly tight. I began to fuck Brandon slowly and he slowly slid his legs around my waist. Brandon then spread Little Kyle's ass cheeks and began to tongue his brother's hole. Though Brandon was hesitant, he began to tongue fuck his brother. Brandon had a really long tongue that looked like it was 6" long. I pictured Gene Simmons from KISS tongue fucking Little Kyle. My rod kept pressing Brandon's prostate and he moaned during his oral manipulation. I was close to flood this hot ass. I saw Little Kyle's balls tighten and we shot our loads simultaneously.

"FUCK!!" I cried out.

"OH GOD!!" Little Kyle yelled.

"MMMMM!!" Brandon moaned.

I shot seven loads of sweet cum into Brandon's ass as it spilled out. Little Kyle's rod blasted a shot of cum onto my chest, with six more all over Brandon's body. Brandon's load shot all over his chest and abs six times, which mingled with Little Kyle's juice. We licked the sweat and cum off out bodies, then decided to take a shower. We used their parents' bathroom since it has a huge shower stall. We washed our bodies off carefully, paying particular care of our cocks. We dried ourselves off, then decided to have some lunch. As we ate, Little Kyle asked me a favor.

"Bryan, I have wondered what it feels like to be fucked." he said. "Would you fuck me?"

Brandon and I were flabbergasted. I thought Little Kyle was cute, but I thought of him as a very sexy top. But who was I to refuse his request. We finished lunch and went to their parents' bedroom with their king-sized bed. I knew Little Kyle could take a finger, but my large dick would be a different story. I instructed him to be down on his stomach and Brandon placed a pillow under his brother. We go the lube and I put some on my finger, then his hole. I eased the finger slowly into his boypussy and he groaned with a mix of pain and pleasure. His muscles contracted, then loosened as I worked the finger around his hole. I put more lube on my fingers and his hole, then worked two fingers into his tight virgin hole. Though he groaned in pain, his anal canal became accustomed to the intrusion. I moved a third finger and tears welled in Little Kyle's eyes.

"OH GOD IT HURTS!!" he yelled.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked with great concern.

"No." he said as he cried. "Let me get used to it."

We stayed like that for over twenty minutes until Little Kyle relaxed totally. Brandon and I were calmed him with kisses and caresses. I worked the three digits around his sweet hole and he began to push back on them.

"I feel so full." he said panting. "But it feels so good."

I put some lube on my hard 7" and began to make sure it was nice and wet. I slowly removed my fingers and put my dick at his boypussy. I pressed forward and my enlarged head popped through the ring. Little Kyle tensed and nearly took my rod off.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" he cried. "IT HURTS!!"

I did not move and inch to let him grow accustomed to my thick cock. For almost fifteen minutes I remained motionless as I felt Little Kyle relax his ass. When he was completely relaxed I pushed a little into his teencunt until he tensed. He relaxed much quicker, then I moved more into him until I felt his smooth cheeks pressed against my bush. I laid on Little Kyle for several minutes, kissing the back of his neck. It felt like he was purring. I slowly started to prod my cock in and out of Little Kyle hole. My body moved up and down and my dick nudged his prostate. We continued that way until I saw how left out Brandon looked. I pulled Little Kyle up to his knees and he pushed on his hands. Brandon's cock was at his mouth and he took his brother's rod all the way in his mouth. Brandon and I began to develop a steady rhythm and Little Kyle moaned with great delight. I did tough his rod and it was tremendously solid and dripped precum all over the bed. Brandon was the first to release with five shot of white juice.

"MMMMFFFF!!" he cried out.

I was very close to shooting my load and my piston rammed faster and faster. Little Kyle kept slamming back on my cock, trying to force more of it into his body. I sensed we were both going to explode at the same time. Little Kyle threw his head back as his first shot hit Brandon.

"SHIT!!" he cried out.

Eight more blasts flew from his rod all over the kid. When he shot, his muscles clamped down tight and his hole seemed to milk my cock. I shot eight loads deep into Little Kyle's bowels. All three of us collapsed on the bed, kissing and fondling each other.

"Man, that was awesome." Little Kyle said with a smile.

"I told you so." Brandon said with a smirk.

"Man I want to thank you guys for including me." I said.

"Hey we ain't finished yet." Little Kyle said. "Brandon told me he wants to get double-fucked by the both of us."

"Huh?" I queried in disbelief. "Both our cocks in your ass? DAMN!!"

We rested for a couple of hours and just held each other. We began to stroke our dicks and we were as hard as before, so Brandon set us up to do his fantasy. Little Kyle and I faced each other with his legs over mine. Our poles met down to the balls and the sensation of Little Kyle's nut sac touching mine was electric. Brandon took the lube and greased both our rods while Little Kyle and I used two fingers to stretch his boypussy further. When he was ready, Brandon held our two poles together and put his hole over them. He pressed down and they strain appeared on his face, but both heads popped into him. He stopped to adjust to the massive invader for a few minutes. He then turned to Little Kyle as he sunk on our rods. He then rotated to me and lowered further on our cocks. I saw the grimace on his face as he took out rods deep into his teencunt. He turned twice more until he had all 15" of teen meat in him. The sweat poured off his body profusely as he rested on our poles. Brandon slowly rose a little and began to slowly ride our cocks. The feeling of Little Kyle's dick rubbing against mine drove me crazy. Brandon's moved assisted in the feeling as he twisted as he went up and down. We also must have been hitting his prostate because after fifteen minutes, Brandon erupted without touching himself.

"SHIT!!" he yelled out as five shots of teen cum blasted from his 6" cannon.

His ass muscles contracted, but Little Kyle and I were able not to cum. Brandon stopped as he came, then resumed the ride of his life. His cock remained hard and we continued to enjoy the sensation of his ass stuffed with our sausages. I felt my balls to tighten and I could feel Little Kyle's retreat also. We were imminent of releasing a huge load. When Brandon sat down, the two of us exploded deep into his rectal canal.

"FUCK!!" Little Kyle screamed.

"MOTHERFUCK!!" I bellowed.

I could feel Little Kyle's rod pulse against mine and we both shot eight thick ropes of jizz into Brandon. Brandon also had his second orgasm, which was very dry. Brandon fell back, still with our dicks in his ass. After several minutes, he began to extricate himself off our cocks. Little Kyle and I had softened, so his ass was easy to remove. We cuddled up with Brandon in the middle. He fondled out sticky cocks as we fell asleep.

We woke up, realized it was almost 8 pm, and we were hungry. We decided on pizza, but I ordered form a place where I knew a guy. Steve and I are in the same class in nursing school and I heard he was gay. He was cute and I wondered if he was gay. He was 6'2" and 135 pounds. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. I set my plan in motion and I told it to Brandon and Little Kyle. They smiled at this, so we waited. Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Brandon answered the door in all his glory. Sure enough, it was Steve who delivered the pizza. Little Kyle and I heard the conversation.

"Pizza...WHOA!!" Steve said in shock.

"Hey, come on in." Brandon said.

"Um...Er." Steve uttered.

Brandon led him in the living room where Little Kyle and I were stroking our cocks. Steve stared at our hard rods and gulped, then licked his lips. The bulge in his pants showed his interest.

"Hey Steve." I said. "See something you like?"

He blinked, then smiled. He dropped to his knees and took Little Kyle's 8" into his mouth with one move. Steve was an expert cocksucker as he moved over to my rod and enveloped it to the base. The suction he produced was amazing. Brandon sat next to me and Steve moved over to him. He continued for fifteen minutes and Steve was rewarded with three loads of cum in his stomach. He looked up at with a huge smile.

"Shit, pizza's on the house." he said. "I would love more of that again."

"Sure Steve, anytime." I said.

I got my wallet and paid him for the pizza with a healthy tip. He tried to refuse but I was persistent so he took it. I patted his ass and he smiled at me with a wink. He leaned in and gave me a kiss, which I accepted readily. I let him out and went to the living room for pizza and sodas. We devoured the food and drinks after a full day of sex.

We went to bed and decided to have one more romp. Little Kyle began to eat his brother's hot ass, while I spread his ass to eat his hole. We made sure both holes were nice and wet for the cocks that were to impose on them. I got the lube and gave some to Little Kyle, then applied a good amount to my pole. Little Kyle loved his cock with Brandon's boypussy and was swallowed entirely. I then put my dick with Little Kyle's hole and pushed forward. Unlike Brandon, Little Kyle's ass was still tight, but he was able to accept me easier. When I was able to slide all the way in very snuggly, we began to fuck each other. It took us several minutes to get a rhythm, but once we did, the sound of sex seemed to full the house.


"YEAH TAKE THIS COCK BOY!!" Little Kyle said to his brother. "Oh Bryan you are so hot."

"Man you're so hot Kyle." I said to him. "You guys are so sexy."

We continued hot and heavy for thirty minutes. Sweat poured off our bodies and I knew we were so close. I grabbed Little Kyle's hips and slammed harder and harder, while he did the same to Brandon. I rammed my dick deep in one more time and spewed my jizz deep. This set Little Kyle off as his ass muscles pulsed against my dick seven times. Brandon spew a nice load onto the bed. We collapsed on the bed and with me in the middle. We smiled at each other.

"Thanks guys." I said. "This has been one hot day."

They kissed me tenderly and we fell asleep.


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