Kyle and Me

by: 70s Child

The following story is factually based in the beginning, but subsequent chapters will a fantasy. It is based on two real people, one of which is a friend who asked me to write this story. I have used him in another story that I worked that is now finished, Geostrobe.

Now the obligatory warnings. First if you are under the age of 18, you are not supposed to be here, but I am not your mother either. Second, if it is illegal for you to be reading this material in your country or state, I am sorry. Third, if you are put off by homosexual love, then why are you here in the first place. Finally, if you are a total homophobe, I have two words for you: ****SUCK IT!!!****

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From the previous chapter:

It seemed like an endless stream of jizz erupted by the three of us. After several minutes we all fell forward on Justin and it took a couple of more minutes before we separated. Justin was in the middle and pulled the two of us to his chest.

"TK, when will your parents be home?" Justin asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon." he replied.

The three of us smiled as we suckled on Justin's hard nips. We fell asleep peacefully.


CHAPTER 9: Life for the Better.

One Saturday, my cousin Scott asked if I played the lottery. I knew my money could be used for something better than a game of chance. He said it was up to $258 million and said he was going to get several tickets. He then called me chicken for not trying it. I went with him and filled out the quick pick, handed the cashier the slip and my dollar, and she gave me my numbers for the drawing. We went home and talked about different things. Scott and I were very close and he knew about me being gay and did not care. He then turned on the lottery drawing. I pulled out my ticket and did not expect to win anything. I saw the numbers I had were 2-10-14-29-36 with the powerball number of 40. As the numbers were coming up, I had all five white balls match, so I did win something. When the powerball dropped, the number was mine. I had to blink several times and I turned to Scott, who was straight, and I kissed him on the lips.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" he demanded.

"I WON!!" I yelled.

I danced around the room and waved the ticket in the air. My cousin looked at me as if I were lying, but I showed him the ticket and he plopped on the sofa.

"Shit, your rich." he said.

"I know." I replied.

The next couple of days were nerve-wracking because I had to wait until Monday to take it to the state lottery office. I drove to the nearest office and I entered. A middle-aged woman was at the reception area.

"May I help you young man?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "My name is Bryan Robinson and I won the lottery."

I showed her my ticket and she verified it. She went to her supervisor and they both came out. The gentleman came to me and shook my hand.

"Mr. Robinson congratulations." he said. "You are one lucky man. We would like to take your picture for the newspaper."

"Cool" I responded. "When do I get the money?"

"Well we have to verify a couple of things." he said. "First, do you want the 30-year payment or the lump sum payout?"

"I guess the 30-year." I told him.

"There will be some forms to fill out." the gentleman said. "You will receive a check each year in the amount of approximately $5.3 million based on the tax structure of that year."

"AWESOME!!" I said loudly.

The gentleman smiled, but woman was not happy with my attitude. He produced some forms and went over when I would get each check every year. He did explain that taxes are subject to change, but the amount I would receive would be almost the same each year. A large check with my name and $258 million on it was produced and several members of the media arrived. They asked my name, where I was from, what I did for a living, and how I would be spending my money. That question I could not answer, but I knew I would get a new car and my own place. After the press conference, the gentleman handed me a certified check of the first payment.

"I would get that in the bank immediately." he suggested.

I thanked him and shook his hand. I left to go the bank and I entered the financial institution. I was filling out the deposit slip and it felt strange to put the figure down. I gave it to the teller and she gave me the strangest look. She then had the branch manager come to her window. He looked at the check and called the state lottery commission. They verified the check was valid and the attitude changed. They all but had me drop my pants so they could kiss my ass. I got the receipt and went home. No sooner did I get through the door, people started to call to beg for money. People who claimed to be relatives wanted money from me. I called the phone company to change the number to a private, unlisted one. They said it would take 24 hours and suggested I unplug the phone in the mean time. I did this when there was a knock on the door. Little Kyle and Brandon were there. I opened the door and let them in, then closed it quickly. They looked at me and though I was acting strange.

"What's the matter Bry?" Brandon asked.

"I fuckin' won the lottery Saturday." I replied. "Now I got people calling to beg for money."

"Damn." Kyle said. "So what are you gonna do?"

"Well I'm gonna hide out for a couple of days." I told him. "Then I plan to get my own place. I figure a condo."

We sat and I ordered pizza. After I hung up the phone and unplugged it, there was a knock on the door. I saw it was Jason and TK. I let them in and reloaded the door. They sat down and I told them about the lottery. I did tell them I planned to get a condo and a car. There was another knock on the door and Steve was standing there with the pizza. An evil thought crossed my mind. Steve had invited me when he said I sexually harassed him, when in fact it was he who was coming on to me.

"Steve, how would you like a job making more than you are now?" I asked innocently.

"Sure. What is it?" he asked.

"Well I won the lottery and I will need a servant to keep my new place in order." I replied.

"You're shitting me." he said.

"No. It's the truth." I replied.

"What would my duties include?" he queried.

I approached him and forced him to his knees. I pushed my hardening rod into his face. I felt his mouth open to caress my cock. His tongued traced my jeans and he was kissing my hardness. The other guys approached and I saw four hard dicks straining in their pants.

"You think you would like this job?" I questioned.

"FUCK YEAH!!" he cried out.

I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. I glared at him and decided to teach him a lesson. I unzipped my pants, yanked my 7.5" out, and slapped him across the face a few times.

"From now on, it's sir." I ordered him.

He held his head down and whispered yes sir. I ordered him to kiss the cocks of my friends, but not to lick their thickness. He walked on his knees and kissed their poles. I saw in his eyes how he wanted more and I had something special planned. After he finished, I ordered him to his feet.

"Now you will quit your job." I told him. "You will then report to me tomorrow."

"Yes sir." he replied.

I paid him for the pizza and he left. As I entered the living room, my friends looked at me. Justin smiled and sat down on the sofa. TK came up to me and kissed me passionately. Kyle and Brandon were kissing and fondling each other.

"So are you gonna make him your servant?" TK asked.

"Yeah." I responded. "And besides we'll have some fun with him. Justin, aren't you adept in fighting and martial arts?"

"Yeah." he said.

"I'm gonna need a bodyguard." I said. "You want the job?"

"Sure." he said. "And no one will harm you."

We ate and then watched a movie on TV, but it was boring. We decided to go to my room and stripped quickly. We were all on the floor and began to swallow each other deeply. I had Justin in my mouth, TK had me. Brandon swallowed his brother, while Kyle had his namesake in his mouth. Justin was working on Brandon's cock. Our mouths were moving on and off the cocks and everyone was finger-fucking the hole of their recipient's dick. It was not long before the first load was released, which was Justin's. His thick cream flooded my mouth and I swallowed it continuously. TK was the next to shoot, which Kyle took like a pro. Brandon received Kyle's liquid, then Justin drank Brandon's teen cum. TK was the last to be rewarded, but I shot eight times in his mouth. After several minutes, we laid on our backs in exhaustion.

"Man that was awesome." Kyle said.

"So what are gonna do when you move?" Brandon asked.

"Duh. Visit." I replied.

"Where you gonna move to?" TK asked.

"A nice condo." I told them. "Probably four bedrooms. And get a car."

"What kind?" TK queried.

"'67 Corvette." I said. "But it'll be hard to find."

"I know a guy who is selling one." Justin said. "He restores old cars then sells them."

"How much does he want?" I queried.

"Not sure." Justin replied. "We can see it tomorrow."

Everyone began to dress and I was upset. I was going to be alone. TK gave me a kiss and said he would see me the next day. My friends left as my parents came in the door. Everyone said goodnight, then I told my parents what happened. They saw the phone was unplugged. I told them that I had the number changed to give them more privacy. I told them we can pay off the bills tomorrow, then I would be looking for a condo. Though it upset my mother, they knew this was the best thing for me. I went to bed and dreamt of my new found riches.


NOTE: Here is another chapter folks. I know that the next couple of chapters will the be the last of the story. Bryan and I have talked about it and we decided to develop it into a different line. And please, before you ask, no Bryan did not win the lottery. Bryan is doing well and the stitches came out today. He has a loving cousin, who is straight, but is also a caring person. If you have any comments, please feel free to email me at Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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