The Lament of the Tortured Soul


Authors Note: This story is completely fiction. It is not based in anyway on actual events. Any resemblence the characters have to any living person is completely accidential. Saying that though many of the characters share traits with one person (it was completely unintentional) who unfortunately left us at the end of January 2002. Shadow as he was known to the people he called friend, the people who loved him and the people he left behind miss him greatly.

This story is dedicated to him. Rest easy my love we’ll be together again soon.

Chapter 15

The audience was silent for several moments before slow steady clapping could be heard, each member of the audience rising to their feet as they did so.

In a quiet corner of their designated dressing area backstage Nick had his arms around Josh. They didn’t hear the small boy come up to them until he cleared his voice. He was from one of the other performances and was barely able to look Josh or Nick in the eye.

“Your performance,” he said in a voice barely able to be heard, “If … if that was your life how would you get help?”

“You already have.” Josh and Nick said together.

~ Fin ~



Nick and Josh were at peace. They were high up in a distant mountain looking out over a vast cloud covered valley. They were above the cloud line wrapped in each others arms surveying the valley below.

Where the cloud was thin they could see the green canopy of the forest that stretched from the base of the mountain all the way to the sea.

The melodious song of birds could be heard rising from the canopy. It was a sad almost airy song mourning the end of another day as the sun slowly slipped lower on the horizon.

The silvery white cloud faded through yellow, orange and red before turning purple and finally black as the sun finally slipped out of sight giving way to his brother the moon to rise in his place.

“Do you think it is over? After so many lives do you think we have finally won?” Josh asked enjoying the warmth that came from his inner being whenever he was near Nick.

“I think this is only a temporary reprieve my love.” Nick answered sadly, “The world isn’t ready for the likes of us and until it is the Harveys will always be there driving us apart. But I will take all the moments with you I can and treasure them in a place within my heart that no one can ever touch.”


At the end of January 2002 Josh lost his life as the result of a hit and run accident as he walked from a movie theater after purchasing tickets to one of his favorite movies “The Fellowship of the Ring”.

The person in the car was never identified.

Mr. Harvey had been released from prison a week before.

Nick now spends his life waiting and preparing for the battle that will come in his next life.

The lament of the tortured soul.

Big thanks to Oldie for proof reading this story.

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