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Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.
If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
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          It had been so much fun. Laney and me walked home together everyday. We teased, we chased, we just plain had lots of boyhood fun. But something was different on that day. Laney seemed to be contemplative. He wanted to touch more than usual. When we wrestled to the ground I lay there looking up into his eyes. He almost always had me on my back within seconds after we started to wrestle but somehow this was different. I could feel his cock pressing against mine for the first time ever. It felt so good. I hoped and almost prayed that it would not end. I couldn't pray about it. I mean how would that sound? "Dear God I am queer for this boy. Let him love me as I love him." God would strike me dead on the spot.
          At Laney's house we ran around to his back door. His mother is worse than mine with her cleanliness. She tells Laney that if a single bit of grass is found in the front room then he will be down on his hands and knees cleaning the entire carpet. I think he would be cute on his hands and knees. Naked. Hard. In front of me. Yeah, I have it bad. I am so much in love with this freak.
          Laney, short for Lancelot Symington Dixon, showed up in my life two years ago. They moved in on a Friday. School was to start the following Monday. My mother dragged me over to help unload their car. They had his granddad with them and his pick up truck was full of boxes, stacked neatly and in rows. I thought at the time how neat everything was. A rental trailer was hooked to the back of his granddad's pick up and it was packed neatly also. There was no room left for a cock roach to have moved with them, thank goodness. I hate those things.
          A car pulled up to the curb and three of mom's friends from work jumped out and started to unload the trailer and pick up. Mom introduced me to Laney and sent us to unpack the car. In less than an hour everything was empty. Mom gave each of the men a cold beer and they each gave her a kiss. They each had to run their hands through my hair and they did the same to Laney. There are two of those men that I really like. The other one is okay but he looks at me with this funny look that made my little part tickle. Mom dates them all and one of them is sure to end up being my dad.
          Laney's mom's name is Daphne. Laney calls her daffy and to her face too. I would get so slapped if I did that to my mom. Daffy wanted to take all of us to lunch. Mom argued with her but Daffy won and we all went to the Hometime Buffet™ where we could pile our plates as high as we wanted and get all of the drinks we wanted. There are two other all-you-can-eat chains nearby but they charge extra for the drinks. At Hometime™ I get chocolate milk and soda and iced tea then I finish with chocolate milk or hot chocolate when it's cold outside.
          So anyway Laney and me're beating each other off in his backyard. That's what we call getting all of the grass and dirt off of each other before we go in his house. We get a laugh out of it. Two of our friends were messing around at school and they had to stop for the bell. They were both covered in dirt and grass and trying to brush it off. I popped off and said, "why don't you beat each other off like Laney and me do." The hall grew silent. The eyes of every student within a hundred feet were staring at me. I thought about what I said and was about to cry when Laney grabbed Tommy and began to brush the grass and beat the dirt off of his back. "Like this dudes. Beat each other off to get the grass off." I grabbed Chris and began to brush his back off as all of the other students walked away laughing at the dumb freshman. Whew!!!

          Something was different about the way that Laney was brushing my back that day. It had been weird all of the way home. Something was about to change our lives forever. Laney grabbed my shoulder and got right in my face. "You keep your god damned mouth shut or I will fucking kill you. Do you understand me?"
          My heart stopped. I felt an old pain rip into me. I leaned over and picked up my books then I headed for the door. "Hey dude, where are you going?" Laney grabbed me and spun me around His face froze as he looked at me with tears streaming down my face. "What's wrong, Robby? Did I do something?" I nodded at him but hung my head as years of pain rushed throughout every fiber of my being. "What man? I am sorry. I won't ever do it again if you will tell me what I did. I love you too much, Robby. Don't walk away without telling me what I did."
          Did he say he loved me? How could he know? I love him so much that I ache all over. I long for him. His face is all I see when I take my one straight subject in hand everyday. Sometimes two or three times a day. "I love you to, dooffus. That's why it hurts."
          "What? Tell me." Laney had his arms around me. He was holding me. My knees wobbled and I couldn't stand up. Laney helped me to his bed. He pulled my shoes off and sniffed of them. This was wrong. Laney never did anything like that before.
          Everyday since school started two months before Laney and me went to his house to do our homework. When we got there Laney would pull off his shoes, shirt and jeans. He always stood there in his briefs long enough for me to drool then he would flip his ass at me and run into the bathroom. When he came out he would be dressed in an old pair of shorts and a tee shirt. He would flip his underwear into the dirty clothes basket in his closet. Each day I hoped that he would leave the room so I could grab the tiny garment and smell of him in them. Every morning I brought a change of clothes to leave at his house. After school I would enter the bathroom to change into them.
          That day he pulled my pants off of me. He stood and stared at my crotch for the longest time with this look on his face that turned me on, somehow. He appeared to be perving on me. I couldn't help it. I boned. I moved my hands to cover up but he pulled them away. He held my hands on my chest with his left hand and he pulled my briefs down to hook under my balls with his right hand. I was shaking so hard that my teeth chattered together.
          My cock was standing straight up. Laney wrapped his hand around it and just held me. That felt so fucking good. Yeah, of course you know that no one had ever touched me there and all of that stuff like I read about in the stories that I get off to on Nifty. Laney just held my cock as it throbbed in his hand. Twice he pulled his hand to his face and licked that web of skin between his thumb and forefinger. I could only imagine what he was doing and it made me so fucking hot.
          Laney looked me in the eye then bent over and kissed me. Fuck yeah!. I opened my mouth and let him do as he would. And he would, everything I had ever read about. I will forever have to taste of that tongue of his as often as I can get to it. He wiped his long, wet appendage over each tooth. He wiped between my gums and my cheek. He throughly cleansed the roof of my mouth and he sucked the living daylights up out of my central being.
          I was struggling to get free. As Laney withdrew his tongue he let go of my hands. I threw them around him and pulled him back down. I rolled over so that I was on top of him and I returned his kiss with every lick, poke, probe, and suck that I could muster. His hands moved to my waist to push my briefs off of my butt. He held one globe in each hand as he kneaded it and made goose bumps run all over my body. Then....he reached between us and held my cock again.
          I pushed him away and just lay there trying to figure out what the fuck was up. Laney bent over and took my cock in his mouth. I humped into his face. I went into lust over drive. I grabbed the back of his head and mouth fucked him until I filed his mouth with my cum. That's when I came too. I had not known what the fuck I was doing. I had my heart's secret desire, my cock in the mouth of my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I wasn't about to stop. Now it was time for him to kill me.
          Laney wasn't about to let go of me. He just kept sucking my cock. I was so fucking turned on that I didn't even go soft. I was trying to pull away but he held on to me and moaned, deep in his throat. It wasn't until I felt his tears running down between my legs that I caught on to something else going on with him. I managed to extract myself from the best place ever. I had to look into Laney's face and see what was going on. I moved to face him. He was crying, hard. His face was all distorted and he bawled. He cried quietly but he was having a hard time catching his breath as spasms swept through him.
          I managed to get my arm around him and pull his face to mine. I licked at his tears and kissed his lips. He opened his eyes and they were full of his watery tears that just kept pouring out. I held him tight as I kept up the kisses. "Don't you hate me? Everybody hates a faggot. Don't you want to run home and never see me again?" he asked me.
          "Why should I hate you? You only did what I have wanted to do to you since the day we unloaded your furniture and moved you into this house. That first night you slept at my house because your's was in such a mess. I wanted to get into bed with you and suck your dick. I wanted to....I don't know. I have never done any of this. I just wanted to do anything that you would let me do before you killed the little fag boy across the street." We both began to laugh.
          I started in on getting Laney naked. All I had on was one sock and my shirt pushed up under my chin and arm pits. Laney removed that while I unfastened his jeans, one button at a time. I was squeezing his massive cock inside of his pants. A huge wet spot showed where the head of his cock was. I bent over and sucked his hard head and got a good taste of dirty blue jean filtered pre-cum. Laney raised his butt off of the bed as I pushed his tight ass jeans down to his thighs. That was as far as I got for awhile. I had managed to push his briefs down with his jeans and his huge cock stood there like a beacon calling me home.
          I didn't hesitate. I dove deep onto his cock. I gagged and almost choked myself to death as I tried to get every foot of it deep in my mouth as Laney had done to me. His cock felt so at home in my mouth. As much as I love his tongue I love his cock more. I wrapped my hands around his balls. They were a little bigger than mine. They fit my hand so well.
          Laney was moving. I was holding on. I didn't want him to withdraw his cock. A few seconds later I had a most pleasant experience as I felt Laney go back to sucking my cock while I sucked his. Everything they say about sixty nine is correct. They just need to put some stronger adjectives in there to really describe the terrific sensation of sucking a huge cock as your best friend sucks yours.
          I had to taste Laney's cum. I have gotten brave a few times and licked my fingers to get a taste of my own but I always chicken out when it comes to taking a big glob of it to my mouth. I was not going to allow myself to think about it this time. I was going to make Laney cum directly into my mouth as he had just done for me. That way I could not miss the full effect.
          I was so glad that I didn't miss the effect. Laney's cock swelled up to more than twice its size and it snaked deep into my throat as gallons of hot cream gushed forth and filled my mouth with all that Laney is. I couldn't breathe. I had to pull off so that I could swallow and catch a breath. The taste that flooded my mouth when his cock broke free turned me on so big time. I had to have more of that. I wanted to put in an order for several gallons of take out.
          I surprised myself when Laney shoved a finger up my ass and I shot a second load into his hot sucking mouth. I returned in kind as I pushed a finger into his butt. His cock went even deeper in as we suckled the other draining every drop of cum we could find. I was sensitive in that I had just cum twice but I was afraid to pull away for fear of Laney pulling away.
          His ass lips were squeezing my finger so I began to finger fuck him. I felt around for that hard nut that all of the stories say is just inside a boy's ass hole. I found it and got another three foot of cock down my gullet only this time it came with another creamy load.
          Sated at last we rolled aside and turned to hold each other and kiss some more. I tasted my cum in his mouth and I know that he could taste his. We both probed and licked as far as we could reach trying to get all of that flavor for ourselves.
          "What did I do to make you sad before?" Laney asked me as we lay with my head on his chest.
          "That look on your face and those words," my whole body shuddered as my mind raced back to another time, another place, another person.
          "What words, babe? Tell me so that I won't ever say them again." He was really upset and I knew that I had to tell him my worst secret.
          "You sounded just like him...." I started to cry again as I recalled all of those times. Laney pulled me to himself and moved his hands over my naked back and butt. I was covered in goose flesh as warm fuzzies rushed throughout my body.
          "Who, babe? What did I say? Please tell me. You are scaring me now. Did someone do something to you?"
          "Mom and dad had a huge fight and dad came to my room. He grabbed me up and ripped my pajamas off of me. Laney, please don't hate me. Laney, he raped me..." I was bawling now. I was so ashamed of what had happened and I knew that Laney had to hate me because I had let him do that to me.
          Laney just held me and cried also. I thought for sure that it was over with us and the friendship we had developed. "My dad did that to me too, Robby. That is why we moved here. My dad is in prison and everybody in town knows why. The kids at school called me daddy's little fag boy. Some of the guys offered to take over for dad since he would be gone for twenty years. Mom found out what they were saying and doing to me when they painted daddy's boy on the side of her new car.
          "Mom had to have the side of the car painted to cover it up. She called granddad and he came down and helped us to move here. She wanted to be near your mom, her best friend through highschool."
          "Oh, Laney." I grabbed him and held him as I felt his pain.

          When I woke up it was dark outside and we had a blanket over us. We were still naked. Mostly, Laney still had his pants around his ankles. I was up against Laney with my arm across him. He had his arm around me and my leg was over one of his and laying in between them. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I snuggled my head into his chest as he tightened his arm around me for a one armed hug. Then his eyes popped wide open.
          "Did you get the blanket?" I thought that he did. We sat up. His door was shut. We heard talking and knew that his mother was home. Quickly he pulled up his pants as I put on shorts and a tee shirt. Without shoes on we went out to the kitchen. My mom looked at us as we came in.
          With a huge smile on her face she said, "I was just about to come and awaken you two. Dinner is ready. Are you hungry?" Silly question. We're teenage boys and something smelled so good. "You might want to go wash your face and hands but hurry. It's on the table."
          Laney and me went to the hall bathroom and he flipped on the light. "Oh my gawrd. Oh Robby, look in the mirror." I had dried cum and drool all around my mouth. There was dried cum on my cheek and even in my hair. I looked at Laney and pointed at the mirror. He was in no better shape than I was. We were busted.
          We washed our faces and looked at each other. There was nothing for it. We had to go face our mothers. I took the longest walk of my life as I crossed that four foot wide hallway back into the kitchen. Our mothers were looking at us. Daffy spoke first, "I am glad that you two have broken the ice. I kind of think that today was the first time but I don't need to know. Robby, I guess Laney told you what happened to him. I also know what happened to you. Your mother and I go a long way back to when we were even younger than you two are now. We talked about this for a long time and we both feel that you two can lean on each other and learn to live with what happened to you."
          "There is one thing that we want both of you to understand," oh boy, here comes my mom with her psychology. "What happened to both of you is not your fault. You were molested by someone you trusted. You were both raped. You did nothing to cause it and there is nothing you could do to stop it. Daffy and I love both of you so much and we think of each of you as our own sons. Neither of you belong to me or to her but to us. We want to become a family and just get on with our lives."
          I looked at Laney and he looked at me. We both moved to the other's mother and gave them a big hug and a very teary eyed kiss. Then we sat down to a great dinner that they had fixed for us. Mom told us that our house was too small. When she and dad bought the house I hadn't been born yet. They had planned to sell it and get a bigger house when I got older.
          Daffy had taken her house because it was available but it was only a rental and it was too small. She told us that we could probably get by with two bedrooms for now. It looked like Laney and me might want to share a bed for a little while but she thought that we might outgrow that in another year or so. Daffy and mom laughed as Laney and me stared at each other. She told us that we were going to look at two houses the next day. She and Daffy had been house hunting for a few weeks and they think they have found the perfect place for all of us to live together as a family. The final decision was up to Laney and me as to which house we would buy.

          Laney and me got so excited. We shoveled our food down so fast that I don't think we chewed a single bite. Our mothers laughed at us as we cleaned our plates and rinsed them before heading back to Laney's room. It was fun undressing each other. We were instantly naked. We turned off the lights and pulled the blanket back over us and cuddled together as quickly as we could. His cock was as hard as mine.
          "So, I want to know. What did I do?"
          "You got up in my face and this look was in your eye as you yelled at me, "You keep your god damned mouth shut or I will fucking kill you. Do you understand me?" That's what he said that night that he....Laney, I saw my dad standing there yelling at me and I got so scared and I hurt so bad. I try to forget that night but sometimes...."
          "Babe, I will never do that to you again. I have wanted you so bad for so long. Like you said, the day we moved in here. I slept in your bed that first night and I wanted to grab you and suck your cock dry but I didn't know you. I needed a friend. I had no one where we moved from. Everybody turned their back on me and made jokes about me. It wasn't just one time for me. My dad was doing me for a long time.
          "I had a friend come over to spend the night when my dad came home. He was all acting weird and stuff. He kept looking a my friend then he called me to come into the bathroom. I knew what he wanted and I was so embarrassed. I went in there and just got down on my knees and was sucking his dick when I heard the front door slam. I went back to my room and my friend was gone. About two hours later the police came and talked to me and to my dad and mom.
          "This one police lady took me to the kitchen table and talked to me as we drank a glass of milk and had some cookies. I told her that dad had let me show him how much I loved him since I was five or six years old. The police lady had mom come in and sit down then she asked me to tell my mother what I had just told her. Dad had told me that if I ever told mom that she would get mad and he would have to move away and that I would never see him again. I didn't want to tell mom cause I loved my dad.
          "They sat there and talked to me real quiet like until I told mom what he had been doing. Mom just held on to me and cried.
          "The next day at school everybody knew what had happened. My friend had seen me on my knees. He grabbed his stuff and ran home. He told his parents who called the police. He had to tell them what he saw. He went to school the next day and told everybody that I sucked my daddy's dick. I had so many guys come up to me and tell me that they would let me suck them. When I got mad and yelled at them then they started calling me names and stuff. So you know the rest.
          "Robby, I liked sucking his dick. I like sucking yours. I guess I am a fag. Do you hate me now?"
          "No babe. I will never hate you. I guess I have known for a long time that I am gay. What my dad did to me was when I was ten years old. I already liked to look at other guy's dicks when I could. I used to find ways to see other guys. I never knew why until I met you. I never wanted to suck anybody till I met you. I never want to suck anybody else but you but I want to suck you all of the time and Laney... I will let you do know....back there. I would like to have you do me like that. I think that you will do me good and I love you so much and I..." He shut me up with a kiss.
          "I almost asked you to do me back there until you told me about know. I was afraid that you wouldn't want to do that," he almost whispered in my ear.
          "There is nothing that I don't want to do with you. I am yours, you hot hunk of man flesh. Take me. Grrrr." He did. Not back there. Not yet. We turned around and sucked each other all night long but this time we locked his bedroom door.
          Our mothers were in their bathrobes at the table with a cup of coffee in their hands. Laney and me took out some cereal and sat down at the table with them. "Don't eat too much. We are going to the pancake house as soon as everybody gets dressed," Daffy said. I hadn't poured any cereal yet so I just had a glass of milk. Laney can eat all of the time so he ate what he had in his bowl then we ran into get dressed.
          "Ah, Laney? Does your mother have two beds in her room?" I knew the answer but I had to ask. He looked at me and shook his head. We locked our eyes together and twisted up our noses, "EWWWWWW!!!!" Then we fell over laughing. How sick was that?

          At the pancake house I ordered a waffle with bananas and strawberries. Mom got her famous blueberry pancakes with blueberries all over the top. But I had to look as Daffy spread peanut butter between each of her pancakes then poured honey over it. Really it didn't sound so bad. I like peanut butter and honey. I did pickup my plate and asked for another table when Laney poured sausage gravy in between and on top of his stack of pancakes. He is just plain weird. However he eats me and I eat him and he tastes so good so I guess I could deal with it and sat back to eat my cakes before they got cold.
          Daffy passed me some boysenberry syrup and told me to pour a little bit on one bite. Hey, that was good. I got wild then and dipped a small bite of my dry waffle into Laney's gravy bowl. It tasted like biscuits and gravy only a little sweeter. I guess I need to try some new things. I don't know if I am ready for the next new thing though. I have read about rimming and I...well, I have to try it. It is Laney, after all.
          "Boys, do you have a problem with Daffy and I sleeping together?" Suddenly I was aware that we were in a public place and I heard laughter behind me. I just knew that everybody heard my mom make a remark that everybody would think was gay. Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder and I screamed out.
          Sandy Peters jumped back and stood staring at me. I tried to talk but I was tongue tied. "Are you okay?" she asked me. I told her that I was thinking about something else and she startled me. She giggled at me and so did Trish Hall. "We were wondering if you would like to, er um you know, like go to the dance with us, umm next week, you know?"
          I had my breath back and I had my mother giving me that look. I know that look and I knew that I better say yes or die horribly, on the spot. "YES!" I shouted then kind of giggled and calmed down. "Yes, I would be honored if you would accompany me to the freshman mixer at school next Friday night. My car is not available to me right now so I will have to ask my mother if she would mind driving us over. What time should I call on you?" She giggled at me as mom and Daffy looked at each other in amazement. I vaguely heard Laney asking Trish Hall if she would go with him.
          The girls told us that they would see us at school and they would tell us when to pick them up. They ran away to rejoin a group of girls that I had not seen sitting in the next section of the pancake house. My face was so hot as I looked into the smiling eyes of my mother.
          An old man at the booth across from us looked at me and smiled. "That was very nice, young man. That is how I met Sylvia here. We were about your age and went to a dance together. We dated all through highschool and then we got married. It will be sixty two years next Saturday." The old woman next to him smiled and hugged his arm.
          Of course mom and Daffy started talking to them and before we left there they had agreed to go to an anniversary party for the ancient couple the next week Mom asked me if I heard them tell me that they had four kids and five great great grand children. I didn't hear but mom talked about it the rest of the morning. At least she wasn't talking about sleeping with Daffy. That's just queer. Then I looked into Laney's eyes and I wanted to go to bed. Weird, huh?

          Mom is always good to her word. They had two really nice houses for us to look at. The first one was five bedrooms with a tiny little swimming pool in back. A large bedroom had been added that opened out to the pool. There was also a door from the family room and the kitchen window looked out over the pool. The yard had a chain link fence around it and everybody around could stand in their kitchen and look out at the pool.
          I asked mom if Laney and me could have the new bedroom by the pool. She told me no. She told me that she might change her mind in a few years but for now she felt that she needed to be where she could watch over the pool. I didn't really like that house all that much anyway.
          The next house was really nice. It didn't have a pool but it did have a big eight person hot tub on the raised wooden deck. The hot tub was set above the large bedroom at the back of the house so it would be up off of the ground. There was a stairway leading down from the upstairs to the deck around the hot tub. There was a six foot fence around the tub deck that hid it from all of the neighbors, even next door where they had a deck up on the back of their house.
          Mom told me and Laney to go upstairs and look around. Within seconds we both knew that this was our new house. The upstairs was one monster of a room. It was big enough to roller skate in. The room had windows out to each side of the house so you could see everything. There were two large closets that were as big as my bedroom back home. Well almost, they did look that big. There was a large bathroom with no tub but a big shower with two shower heads. Laney and me giggled at that. We could shower together.
          The street out front ran along the ridge of a hill with the houses set back on the very crest of the hill. The view was fantastic. We stepped out to the deck along the back to see down to the hot tub and found a stairway going up that we had not seen from below. We went up the stairs to find a huge deck, about twelve feet square built right on top of the house. From there we could look down on every other house on the street and way out over the city below.
          I mean, it is not like we on a mountain or anything. The hillside was not all that high up. One of mom's boyfriends told us that the house sat nine hundred feet higher than the center of town. When we stood on the roof deck we were four times higher than the roof of the tallest building in town. A real plus for the deck, a three foot high wall ran all of the way around it. No body could see anything that we did up there. Laney and me leered at each other as we talked about sleeping naked under the stars. GONGA.

          Our mothers knew which house we would choose. I guess you would have to be stupid not to know. I figured out why mom had been nagging me so much lately about keeping my room clean and my clothes picked up. She had been letting people see the house while I was at school. Our house was already sold. Laney and Daffy had to move out of their house at the end of the month. We had to get a move on.
          Mom called the people to tell them that we would buy their house. They were anxious to sell it. With the money Daffy had from selling her house and the money mom got for selling ours they paid cash for the new house. We went out for a humongous steak dinner to celebrate after the closing.
          "Uh, mom. I uh, I've been thinking 'bout something. What if Laney and me didn't like, you know, like each other?"
          "Dear, that is why we have waited for two years. We had to be sure that you two could get along. We hoped that you would be friends. We are so glad to see how deep your friendship goes."
          "You are glad that we are faggots?"
          "Robert Allen Wolfe don't you ever say that again. You are not a faggot." Mom was mad. Her nostrils were flared out. I almost expect to see fire shoot out when she gets that mad. She took a deep breath and smiled at me. "Son, neither of you has had an even break in life. You are fourteen years old. You are at the big change in life when everything is new and exciting. You may be gay. You may not. Only time will tell. For the time being I am glad that you two have a friend to lean on."
          "Did you and Daffy lean on each other when you were little?" Mom's face tightened. I was suffering from a serious case of foot in mouth disease that evening. We had never discussed our moms' relationship since that one question at breakfast a month earlier.
          "Girls are a little different than boys," mom began. "Girls can be close without people calling them names. We were best friends since grade school. We used to play dolls with each other. Ours was not a sexual relationship until much later in life. We both met boys and married but they were wrong for us. We have stayed in touch with each other by letter and telephone all of our lives. When I learned what happened to Laney I begged Daff to move here and be close to me. That is when we discovered that we love each other.
          "We are both happy that you are good friends. When Daff came home and found you naked and asleep in each other's arms we were overjoyed. Do we want you to be gay? Of course not. We want you to be who you are. We know how life works. We both have gay friends. We talked to them. Not about you so don't get all antsy. We just asked about how boys grow up. Neither of us has ever been a boy so we don't know what goes on in a boy's head.
          "We have learned that hormones control a boy's every thought until he is about fifteen or sixteen. By that time he learns how to control himself. Boy's are more sex driven than girls and have an unceasing need to find sexual release where girls can contain themselves.
          "I am worried about the two of you. You are very deep into each other and I don't want either of you to get hurt. I am afraid that one of you might want to end the sexual part of your relationship before the other one is ready. If that happens I hope that you don't begin to argue and become enemies. Don't tell me that won't happen. It could. Again, only time will tell.
          "Our new house has four bedrooms downstairs. If you need your own space later on we have the room. Daff and I may be living in a childish fantasy. We believe that everything will work out fine. Neither of us wants reality to be different than our dreams. We hope that each of you will find the love and sustaining partner that you deserve. We would like to have grandchildren sometime in the future. We will take life as it comes and learn to deal with whatever it has for us. Is that fair?" I put my arms around her and hugged her. I have a neat mom.

          Me and Laney have slept in my larger bed since that first day. We have to be together like all of the time. Me and him decided that we would go back to being just friends without no more sex and stuff. We got in bed and just talked for a few minutes then we scooted together and put our arms around each other for a few more minutes. His dick was so hard and it was dripping on me so I just sorta held it and he took hold of mine. We wanted to be friends and friends help friends, right? So we kind of like sucked each other.
          I can't help myself. I asked mom if she breast fed me. She told me no that she didn't have enough milk so we asked Daffy. She didn't do it to Laney neither so we guess that we have to suck cock to get the milk that we missed as babies. I don't care. I love his milk. I could drink it by the gallon jar full. I think he likes mine too cause he always has my cock or my tongue in his mouth.
          We got our moms to buy us a huge bed for the new house. It was what they call a king size but I think that more than a king could sleep on that bed. Laney and me tried laying in every direction that we could think of and neither one of us had to let our legs hang very far over the edge of the bed when we like sixty nined each other. We could stretch out and suck in total comfort. That was going to be great.

          The night that we moved into the house it was freaking cold outside. The wind was hollowing and it sounded as if the whole house would blow down. Me and Laney both had an idea. We wanted to go to bed early but the wind kind of was scary. We decided that we were no longer little kids and held hands as we went up the stairs to our room.
          We never talked about it but I guess we were both thinking the same thing. I turned on the lamp on my side of the bed. I had placed a blue scarf over the lamp shade so that it blocked a lot of the light and made the room feel sexy. I opened the drawer of my little bedside night stand and took out a box of condoms and a tube of edible lube, cherry flavor. I dropped my pants to the floor and turned to face Laney.
          He was still getting things out of his drawer but he was already naked. I looked at his tight sweet ass and I knew that I was going to eat there that night. Laney straightened up and placed a thin green scarf over his lamp which added to my blue light. He turned to look at me and we laughed. He had condoms and strawberry flavored lube. We both had the same idea.
          We got to the middle of the bed and locked lips. I felt his hot bod against mine and the fear of the noise outside left me. I was in Laney's arms and nothing could hurt me. I looked at him. He is so beautiful. His face is so soft. His skin is as smooth as velvet. He has this really thin line of hair on his upper lip. I love to lick it. I had to have more of his taste. We were so hard we hurt when I finally got control of myself. "Babe, I want you to fuck me."
          "No way, dude. I can't do that to you. I want you to do me. I want to feel what it is like. I want to give myself to you all of the way. I have to have you inside of me, tonight."
          "Why can't you do me? Cause a my dad?"
          Laney looked at me and nodded his head. "Rob, I love you so much. I will never hurt you like that. I will be your, what do they call it? bottom? I want to have you in me. I love it when you put your fingers in me. It makes me feel so good inside. I want to feel your big fat cock way up inside of me."
          "Laney, I want to feel the same thing. My dad raped me. I was ten years old. Man I don't never think bout that no more. I love you. I think that the best thing in the whole wide world would be to let you have all of me like two lovers. I want to make you happy, babe. I want to get all of you that I can get before you grow up and start liking girls and leave me. I will always love you but I want memories, not dreams of what might have been."
          Damn that boy can kiss. I think that his tongue was two feet longer than it ever had been as he mounted up on me and buried it in my throat. His body just seemed to meld into mine. If someone were to have seen us they would not know which arm belonged to whom or which leg was on which body.
          I twisted around and got my legs around him. I was grinding and humping like crazy. I reached between us and put his dick against my hole and it just went in. No pain, no resistence. His cock slid all of the way inside of me. I felt instant warmth. I locked my ankles behind his butt and pulled my legs tight causing his cock to go all of the way.
          Laney raised his head and looked at me, "Dude, I don't have a rubber on."
          "I don't think I am in any danger, babe. The worst that can happen is I have your baby. I would like that Laney. I would really like to have lots of your babies. Oh fuck man. You feel so good inside of me. Don't ever take your cock out. Stay there forever." I knew that couldn't happen but I loved the feeling of him in me.
          "Rob, you are so hot inside. I have never felt you grab me so tight. I think that you are going to crush my dick, so good. I have I have to move. I want to fuck you so much right now. My cock is about to explode. It wants to feel you..." he began to pump my ass. All of the pleasure I had thought I felt got hundreds of times better. I felt the full length of him slide in and out of me. My ass hole was alive as the swollen veins of his massive meat moved in and out through it. My butt nut was screaming with joy as the ridge of his cock head raked back and forth on it. Deep up inside of me I felt his cock head push and shove as my guts were slammed over and over again.
          I was yelling at him to fuck me. I heard myself saying to him, "harder, faster, oh fuck me babe. Fuck me forever." I know that is what I said because our moms laughed about it the next morning. Shit. I am so going to have to stuff Laney's sweaty underwear in my mouth when we fuck again. I was so embarrassed that I cried. I saw Laney crying too. They wouldn't let it go until we got up and ran back to our room. We stayed there all day.
          I did fuck Laney that night. He was just in love with it as I was. He had to be opened up before I could get it in. I used my tongue instead of the lube. I was so glad that I did. Laney's ass tastes better than apple pie. Well almost. He was going crazy as I ate him and shoved my fingers up in him. I licked my fingers and tasted of his deepest inside parts. I am hooked on his ass forever.
          When I fucked him he went crazy. He was flopping all over the bed and fucking back at me. He kept telling me how much he loved me and he begged me to never stop. I didn't want to but I started to cum the best cum of my life ever. I didn't want to stop cumming. It felt so fucking good feeling my jizz shoot up inside of him and knowing that it was going to be a part of him forever.
          I couldn't move a muscle. I was breathing so hard and my head was swimming. I just fell aside. I guess I passed out cause when I awakened Laney was sucking me and playing with my balls. He told me that I tasted wonderful. He was tasting his own ass but I didn't say nothing. I moved about and sucked him. I could still taste butt on his cock. It tasted kind of like Laney.
          We woke up still sucking but needing to pee like mad. We ran to the shower and peed on each other. That was so weird. I grabbed him and we kissed as our cocks pointed up and coated our bellies and pubies with hot yellow piss. I knew that next time I was going to let him piss on my face. I just had to see if his piss tastes as good as his butt hole.

          Mom and Daffy still live in that big old house. Laney and me go see them as often as we can. We always stay in our room upstairs. We never gave the two what they wanted, grandchildren. But they are happy for us. We have never messed with anybody else and no one knew we were gay until we moved to New York City's Village. We bought ourselves a brownstone there and take the subway to work each day.
          We are both associates with a law firm that handles high profile sex crimes. My uncle Christopher Rottweiler is a partner. All of the seniors have names of dogs. The big boss is named Tony Dogg and the firm is called the Doggs of Warr. I am currently assigned to a case as an assistant to Mr. Dogg who is prosecuting this dude that sold kids as sex slaves in Europe.-see Traveler
          A law associate is a fancy word lawyers use for gofer. I get to go for all of the detail work that the big lawyers don't have time for. Oh well, it's not bad. There are a lot of percs and everyone has to start somewhere. If you would like I will tell you about the case I am working on now. Well, not the case but this one dude in it. He is some kind of super secret federal dude but he is as gay as Laney and me only he is really into some of the cutest boys you ever saw. Mr. Dogg took me and Laney to a party at this dude's house with all of these boys. Well let that be another story for another time.

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