Laney and me
part 2


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   You will have to forgive the delay with this chapter and if you don't want to forgive then fuck you very much. I had to delay this posting because of some things that Chris had me include but then did not want anyone to know about until it was all over and the dust was settled.
   I had no idea that Chris is some sort of super secret Federal agent dude with more power than anyone else in the world.
   Now that I see the overall picture I have even more respect for him than I did before. The man has been Knighted by four countries, he has the Presidential Peace Medal and is a Hero of the Russian Republic. My boss, Tony, is working out the details for him to be recognized by Italy and Greece this summer, that is power. I guess that Greece was the hub of the whole slave market and when Chris started cleaning house over there a lot of people were surprised. Chris likes to say that everybody is shocked when they learn that such things go on in the world but they never believe that those things go on in their own backyards.
   Anyway, His Royal Highness, Cullen Muneday is now the King of Munedavia and the rest of the boys are safe at home. The bad guys are all gone and everything is well. Chris stopped into see me as he headed for Russia to open up a new school for street boys there. I asked him about this story and he told me that I should post it, but he took a copy to read, for his down moments; I sure do like to get him up.

     All right, okay. I understand. Chris told me that you guys were like this but I didn't believe him. I guess I like reading about cute boys fucking as much as anybody but...well I have my boy and he's a man. Laney and I grew up. We have never strayed from each other. Sure, we're faggots and life is full of hot cocks. We've tasted what was there but we only did it with each other's full knowledge. We have even gotten together and done lots of three ways and a few gang bangs. That is more fun than you can ever imagine. But I know what you want to hear. I have read your responses and I have to tell you, I am a bit awe struck. I didn't think my story was all that hot.
     One of the cutest little guys you have ever seen is writing all of this down and I am looking to be sure that he gets it all, even this part. His name is Jim Watkins. He is celebrating his seventeenth birthday this week and I will blow his candle. Laney and I have not been involved with children before. We have a lot to loose but we have been given a get out of jail card use the vernacular, fuck it, we're going to use it.
     I told you the last time that I work for the Doggs of Warr. The company is nationwide. I have seen some of the case files that the Doggs work and I can't believe that there are so many sex crimes before the courts. My boss is the man, Tony Dogg himself. He had this nasty case that I was so glad to be involved in. There are these men that were stealing kids off of the street and forcing them to have sex with grown men.
     The guy that busted this bunch is a very close personal friend to Mr. Dogg. His name is Chris Dickson. He has three of the victims from this bunch of slavers living in his house. He also had the sons of three of the men that live in New York in his house. Tony assigned me to represent those three boys. You can't believe the things that I learned, well you might. My young scribe writes everything that Chris does down as a record of events. Those events are available for you to read in a story they call Traveler©
. If you haven't read it you should.
     I managed to get an invitation to the wedding of another of Chris's boys, well actually two of them. Chris owns a huge mansion in Albany and he invited me to stay with him for a week or more. My boss, Tony, is staying too so I can stay as long as I want. If you have read Traveler© you know that Chris has sixty one boys in his family. Well that is going to change. He wants to save the eleven year old brother of one of the cuties in his family and then last night he brought one of the victims of the slavers home with him. This guy brings stray boys home like some people take home stray puppies.

     So, to get with the program and where I left off with part one: I am sitting naked as the day I was born, although I have a lot more hair on my body now. I am laying on the floor with Laney behind me and my head against his chest. All around me are seventy of the hottest naked dudes you ever saw. Chris and all of his family plus Mr. Dogg and, would you believe, his little boy lover. There are some other men there. One of the them is the father of two of the boys that live with Chris. His lover is a child welfare worker that helps Chris keep these boys. Another attorney from our firm with his boy, fuck what a boy. I mean there is so much hot cock in this room that I have been hard for three days now and I am getting off, often. It is just impossible not to be hard here. The really good part? I don't have to feel guilty about asking a cute young kid for sex. Most of them ask me to do it with them. This is as near to a gay Nirvana as I think I will ever be.

     Now if you are ready, Jim, start writing it down. I'll start right where I left off in part one.

     Oh god. I can't believe it. Laney fucked me last night. Yeah I fucked him but so what. He had his huger cock up in me and he made me feel so...I want to do it again. He looks so cute as he lays beside me sleeping. I have moved the sheets back and I can see his smooth, hard body move as he breathes. His cock is lying there with its soft little head resting on the pillowy softness his two enormous balls in a silky smooth sack that I love to lick. The only thing better than laying here looking at him is holding him and feeling his body against me and his cock in me.
     I want to bend over and suck him off but I don't want to awaken him. We fucked until really late last night and I wore my baby out. He needs his rest so he can do me again, all day. My ass is begging for him. I can't believe how great that really feels. I was always afraid of that. My dad raped me and that hurt like all kinds of fuck but Laney loved me so softly.
     We decided that we were hungry for food so we got up and went downstairs. Women are bad but they get hundreds of times worse when they become mothers. Our mothers made us both want to cry. They teased us about the noise we made during our playtime. I couldn't take no more and I ran back upstairs. Laney was right with me and he fell across me and held me close.
     "I hate her!!"
     "No you don't." I don't but she had hurt me, bad. I don't make jokes about her licking Daffy's pussy. Ewww, that made me sick at my stomach. I had to tell Laney why I had a sick look on my face. He was ROTFLHAO when mom knocked on the wall at the foot of the stairs. She asked if she and Daffy could come up. Well she is mom so I said okay.
     Our dirty underwear was on the floor and the room looked a mess. I hadn't noticed that it smelled really funky. They did. Both of them sniffed and mom walked over to open the windows so a breeze blew through. "At least our room doesn't smell like stale shit when we lick pussy," mom said as she grinned at me. Oh fuck!! She had heard me.
     "Look boys, I am sorry. I had no right doing that to you. We both love both of you. We have no distinction between you, you are both of our sons. I wouldn't hurt either of you for the world, but I did. Please forgive me."
     What could I do? I had to rush over and hug her. We had thought that no one could hear us way up in our big old room. Daffy said she knew a way to help us to have our privacy. They asked us to go shopping with them so we went to this big old warehouse place where they had millions and millions of long rolls of carpet. Most of the rolls were bigger around than I am tall. we walked and looked and touched and felt carpet for hours.
     Mom told this fag acting salesman that we had an upstairs room with a vinyl floor. She said that the floor was cold and we would freeze our feet in the winter time. The salesman kept looking at me and licking his lips. He looked at my crotch once too often. Laney saw him and stood in front of me. I yelled out around him, "What are you, some kind of queer or something? You keep looking a my dick and licking your lips. I'm a kid, ass wipe." Everybody in the store was staring at us. This man in a suit came over and sent our salesman away as he kept telling me how sorry he was that I felt threatened. Mom said we got a heck of a deal on the carpet and we even got the extra thick pad for free.

     Daffy called from the bottom of the steps for us to come down. Mom was sitting in the middle of the floor of a spare bedroom. She had several boxes sitting open around her. I knew what she had at once. She was holding the handmade quilt that my grandmother had made for my bed after my dad... She held it close to her as tears rolled down her cheeks. I didn't say a word. I just sat down and put my arms around her. She covered my legs with the quilt and we sat in silence.
     I always wondered what we would do with all of these thick quilts. I mean it doesn't get cold here like it does back in Kansas where mom was raised. Mom had an idea. We unfolded all of the quilts and laid one on top of the other. When we were satisfied that we had two distinct sizes we measured. We had twelve double bed sized handmade quilts. There were twenty four queen sized quilts.
     Mom dragged us off to the home center. She knew exactly what she wanted but didn't know what to buy. Our sales rep called this old man over. He led us to his little corner that was tucked in between refrigerators and lumber. Mom sketched her idea. The old man studied it then he took a large sheet of paper and drew a perfect picture of what we wanted. He did what he called an exploded view where all of the pieces had dotted lines to the other pieces. It was clear what we had to cut and how long to cut then which pieces went where.
     He was concerned with us using power tools. We told him that we had taken wood shop in school the year before. His eyes lit up and he asked us where we went to school. He knew our shop coach. He called Coach Milburn up and told him what we wanted to build but he was concerned with using hand tools to make the end caps that would lock everything together. Coach was glad to help us. He asked if we could go to the school and he would meet us.
     Mom and Daffy bought all of the wood but the old man pointed out that we were displaying history and maybe we should dress it up a bit. Our moms sorted through shelves of brass thingies then we loaded all of it up in the car and headed over to the school.
     Coach Milburn looked at the sketch that the old man had made then led us over to the band saw. He had taught me how to use the saw in class but he still stood there and went through every little detail. He took one of the oak boards and walked over to the table saw. He made Laney set the width of the cut and slip in the guide. He showed us how to use a feather board to prevent the cut piece kicking back and hurting us.
     We needed seventy two end caps. Laney cut twenty then coach had him take a break. I cut twenty then Laney cut another sixteen and I did too. Next coach attached a vise thingy on the drill press and he had me chuck up a wide spade bit. Coach took a cut end cap and measured then marked a dot on it. He put it in the vice and lined everything up just right. He turned on the drill to slow speed. He told us that we didn't want to burn the wood. Very carefully he lowered the bit to the wood until the point of the bit dug into the pencil mark he had made. He locked the vice and used a grease pencil to write down the exact position that it was in.
     He let the bit cut less than a quarter inch deep then pulled back. He loosened the vice and moved it to a notch he already had figured. He had me line the vice up and make the next cut. I tightened the vice then brought the bit down for a perfect match. He had me finish cutting that block then I did thirty five more. I had to watch the marks on the drill plate so that the vice would hold the wood exactly where we wanted to cut.
     When I had my end caps cut he took the bit out and asked Laney if he still remembered how to run the sharpener. While Laney sharpened the cutting tool coach led me to a long bench with a wood vice on both ends. I placed one end cap into each vice then I slid the a dowel in. Coach handed me a power drill and told me to watch the bubble on the side so that my cut would be perfect. I drilled a tiny hole through the end caps, all the way through the rods. Coach told me to slide those caps to the center of the rod and leave them together so that they would match up later.
     Laney finished his cuts and began to drill his pieces while coach drew a template from heavy cardboard. He lay the template on the finished block and traced around it. He led me to the band saw to cut the curly shaped face. While Laney used the band saw I was attaching a block to each end of skinny oak board then I slipped the dowel back in place. Our moms studied the finished brackets and gave us a big hug. Right in front of Coach. He giggled and ruffled our hair. I didn't know he had kids. He had two boys who would start school there in the fall. They were twins.
     Coach asked our moms about the finish. They hadn't really thought about it but coach told them that he had been working on a project and the paint booth was ready to go with clear shellac. He showed moms some work from classes in the past and how shellac looked on oak. Mom saw the birdhouses and asked what had happened to the one I made. I forgot to take it out of the tree at the old house. Laney had left his in the old garage.
     We hung all of our brackets in the paint booth and let the coach spray them. They would have to dry overnight but we could call him and arrange to come by and get them the next day. Daffy drove straight over to our old houses. Mom talked to the people who bought our house and the man went with me to get a ladder. He climbed up and took my birdhouse down. There was an abandoned nest in it. I fished that out and tossed in the trash. Mom scolded me cause I couldn't wash my hands. I should have waited. The man laughed at me and showed me a bar of Lava™ hand soap in a tray over the water spigot. That was a neat idea. I used to wash up at that very spigot but I had no soap.

     Laney and I hung our bird houses on a tree branch that spread over the upper deck. If our moms had seen us they would have had a cow. Laney climbed up on the rail and then put his foot on my shoulder as he climbed up on the branch. He put his bird house back aways so that it could be seen from the ground. He put mine closer to the deck. We didn't want to put them too close together cause the birds wouldn't get inside and fuck the shit out of each other and that is what we both needed so bad.
     We just got naked and began to suck each other right in the broad daylight. Course nobody could see us cept from a helicopter or something. I love Laney so much. I had all of him deep inside my mouth and I still wanted more. He had his fingers working my ass and I was on the edge. I got my fingers up him and instantly he filled me with the vitamin C that I love. Chocolate is mom's vitamin C but Laney's vitamin Cum has more protein and it is warm and fresh. I get to see it come out of the factory and Laney likes to lick it off of my face like my little kitten.
     We really wanted to lay there all night but Daffy was in the back yard yelling for us to come and eat. We were eating but we kept that to ourselves. We told our moms that we were going to sleep on the deck under the stars. They told us to take plenty of blankets because we were high enough on top of our hill for it to get chilly before morning.
     I got my butt plowed so well. Laney showed me what a great and caring lover he is. I asked him if I could just have him all night and I would do him another night. He spooned up close and kept it up in me most of the night. I kind of lost count after four times. I didn't care how often we fucked, it was just feeling him moving in me that made me feel better than I ever had before ever.
     I never really thought about what an all night fuck would produce but the blanket was a good candidate for the garbage. I knew I couldn't get away with that one so I carried it all the way down the back stairs as Laney put the pillows and shit in out bedroom. I took the garden hose and blasted the spot. Eww, it was nasty. I tossed the wet blanket over the clothes line and blasted it again. I should have tossed it over the clothes line when it was dry. It was kind of heavy. I was running water and everything and I had pee so bad so I moved behind the blanket and peed on the grass.
     Laney stuck his head around the blanket and called me a pervert. He took the hose from me and blasted off my ass and legs. He told me that I didn't want to know what he washed away but he said the blanket looked great in comparison. I ran for the back stairs and up to our room for a shower. Some kids were riding their bikes over the edge of the hill and they yelled and whistled at me. I hadn't thought about nobody seeing us.
     I took a shower without Laney. He was dressed so I guess he already took one. I ran down the stairs for breakfast, I was famished. Mom pushed me to the back door and we went to Denny's™ for a Slam™ breakfast. We had to go to the school and get the racks we had made. Coach watched as we nailed the little brass thingies over the curved edge of the end caps. They really made the whole thing stand out. He took one of the long brass nails we bought and showed us that we had drilled the holes just a little bit larger so we could push the nails down through the cap and into the dowel to hold it in place without dinging our work up with a missed hammer stroke. The nails only served as pins, he told, us they weren't structural.
     The four of us spent the day laying the quilts around the room to see where we thought that they looked best. We had them spaced out pretty nice with very little room between panels. Coach had told us that he used a polyurethane stuff to paint with. He said that it was oil based and was totally dry. He told us that we would never have to worry about the finish staining the quilts. He told us that water based paint could draw moisture and ruin them. I'm not really wild about them but mom loves them and I can see what we were doing was going to keep our noise down.
     Our moms held a quilt in place as me and Laney pushed a dowel in place then the quilt was let hang as long as we could get it over each dowel. The dowels were really close to the back board and it squeezed the blankets so they were held tight. Before dinner time we had all of the walls covered with long hanging quilts. The room was so quiet it was scary. It would really get quiet the next day when the carpet people came.
     Laney and me weren't ready to take no chances without the carpet. Laney had rubbed me up all day. It was kind of cute, like him. He wanted it, bad. He kept telling me that he itched. He wanted to go do it in the middle of the day and I did too but I could just see my mom come up the stairs and tell us how cute we looked as we fucked like a pair of frogs with our legs spread out wide. Mom's weird that way. She really is. You would have to know her but she would think that me and Laney goin at it would be cute. I don't think that her and Daff would be cute. In fact I think that would be so gross. Daff told us this joke that made me gag. She said women are faster then guys. She said women go lickety split while guys are still busy packing their fudge. She is so gross but Laney loves her so I guess we'll keep her around. Laney got back at her when he told her that guys can go sixty nine but Daff said that girls can too, I left the room for awhile.
     Laney finally got his way. I was really getting hungry and mom wasn't in the kitchen. I was kinda starin in the frig, you know, just looking. I had this container of blue berries in my hand and thought I would just pop them like grapes but mom goes like, "Why don't you go see what Laney's doing." She took the berries away from me and hugged me. She told me that she loved me and that she would see me in the morning. Mom's are bout the weirdest people I know.
     I went up the back steps and Laney looked over from the upper deck. He gave me his, "Come get me big boy," look. His eyebrows looked like he had a tick in both eyes. I was laughing at him but I shut up when I got up high enough and saw him naked with a huge ole boner wiggling up and down calling me to it. I just knelt down on my knees and knee walked over to him and took him all the way in my mouth.
     Fuck, you oughta try it. His cock is so sweet. Keep your fucking mouth and hands off of my man. Just take my word for it, he tastes great. He was horny. He started pounding his cock in my mouth and filled me up with his hot cream in seconds. I didn't want to let go. I put my arms around him and just nursed on him as I felt of his soft smooth skin. My finger were on fire as I felt him. Oh fuck he feels good.
     Laney took hold of my ears and pulled me up. "THAT FUCKING HURTS DIP SHIT!!!" He was laughing at me as he pulled me close and gagged me with his tongue. What the fuck, I'll take a little pain for a hour or two of snogging him. Laney wouldn't let me go but he was trying to get my clothes off of me. I finally helped him cause I wanted to feel his skin ginst mine but it was fun making him work for it.
     I hadn't seen the table. Laney had like this whole meal laid out and he had our chairs sitting together so we could look out over the valley below and the sun setting over the mountains to the west. He had all of the stuff I couldn't find in the frig. He started feeding me broccoli flowers dipped in ranch dressing. He had baby carrots and celery sticks, jicama, cauliflower, pickle spears, radishes, cheddar cheese sticks, tiny cocktail franks, everything. He put a baby carrot in his teeth then bent over and dipped it. He turned to me to let me eat it from his mouth but he had dressing on his nose so I bit it. I was laughing so hard as I told him I couldn't tell which was the carrot and which was his nose.
     He fixed me. He poured the cold dressing on my cock and went down on me. It was so fucking cold but he made me so fucking hot that I fired off quickly. He looked at me and told me that I tasted just like ranch dressing. We had to see so we like... well we kinda did ourselves into the nearly empty bowl. Laney used a celery stick and stirred it up and then ate it.
     "Mmmmm, so good, dude." I tried it and I liked it. We wanted more but we were out of veggies. We decided to just eat the dressing straight so we got together and took each other straight down our throats.
     I had my head on Laney's shoulder and his arm around me. I was playing my fingers over his flat hard belly and he rubbed my back and sometimes down to my butt. "Babe, I want you. But I want you hard. I need you to be rough. Will you fuck my brains out of the top of my head?"
     I never knew that Laney needed to be hurt. He wouldn't even let me spit on his hole. It was hard to get it in but he kept screaming at me to push it in. Lube ain't only for Laney, it's also for me. My dick hurt trying to get through his dry ass. It felt like I was shoving my cock in a sandpaper tube, until it got inside. Fuck that dude is hot and soft inside. He is so tight and so comfortable. I listened to him moan and tell me how good it felt. I know, I love the feel of him when he gets it all the way up inside and kinda wiggles about until I mold around him.
     I felt him mold around me. I pulled back a bit and my dick was wet. It felt good on the way out. I pushed in and the wet made it feel so gooder going in. Laney was screaming at me to fuck him. He wanted it hard and fast. Shit I had already cum twice less than a half an hour ago. Somehow Laney's words did something inside of me and my cock got so hard and I had to fuck. I couldn't not fuck. I was pounding him. He was grunting each time I hit him, and I hit him hard. I could hear our bodies slapping together. His breath came out in puffs, "huhh, huhh, huhh, fuck, huhh, ohh, huhh, harder, huhh, huhh, hard, ohh, fuck, ohh, love, huhh, ohh, fuckin, love, you, ohh, fuck, hard, ohh, love, you, ohh, ohhh, ohhh, Rob, hard, oh fuck, Rob, here, ohh, don't, fuck, don't, stop, ohh fuck, babe, ohhhhhhh shiiiittttt." The mighty cum fountain spouted. I never saw so much cum at one time. He shot a solid line clear over his head. We looked at it later and it was two feet above his head. He woulda drowneded me had thata been in mouth. Fuck, I never seen so much cum.
     Laney loved it. He didn't wanta quit. He kept yelling for more. I kept fucking but I was losing power. He still wanted more. Just before I fired my load Laney made a toothpick out of my cock. He squeezed my tortured cock so tight that it will be less than pencil thin from now on. His cum poured out. Not shot like the first time, poured. I mean tons of it. It ran all over him. I was like a fire hose in his ass as I just kept on cumming and cumming. Like the Indians at Little Big Horn
     Laney told me bout that. He said the ground was white at little big horn cause the Indians just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. He says there's a picture somewhere that shows the last thing that Custer thought. He says there's this cow on the hill with a halo and below the hill are this bunch of Indians jacking off. He says the last thing Custer thought was, "Holy cow, look at all those fucking Indians."
     I done good, I painted my ground white. But Laney wasn't through yet. I couldn't keep it up so Laney rolled on top and wiggled around until my cock was back in him. He was using short strokes as he kept fucking himself and he was jacking his dick. It was kinda cool and it turned me on again.
     Laney was so funny as he pounded his mighty pud. He was so horny tonight and I was glad to be there to share it with him. He started to cum again and he aimed it at my face. I opened my mouth and caught a lot but I could feel it all over me. He sat there for a few moments then he grinned all weird like. He started pissing on my chest. He was holding his dick down so it wouldn't go in my face so I just pushed up under the head of his dick and let him wash his cum off of my face. I opened my mouth and drank some of his yellow liquid. It is better than champagne. I don't know if it is better than beer cause I ain't never had beer yet.
     The blanket was a disaster. I realized that it was the same blanket from last night so I told Laney I would go wash it. He led me to the back corner of the deck. He had a garden hose up there. We put the blanket over the rail and washed it down. I had to pee but Laney stopped me. He got down in front of me and told me to wash his hair. I didn't get much washed before he had all of my cock in his mouth and I was pissing down his throat.
     We used the hose and he had a bar of soap to wash each other squeaky clean. He had two big towels which we wrapped up and he led me to the table. He had set it so nice. He had a small charcoal grill in the corner with two small steaks laying there. The fire was out so the steaks weren't real warm but Laney could warm anything up with one of his smiles. He had baked potatoes and salad and everything. We sat and ate and enjoyed being with each other as we looked down on the city lights below us.
     "So dude, you gonna get tongue from Sandy tomorrow night?" I so didn't want to talk about that. I wished that I had never told her I would go but the damage was done. School will be over in just a few more weeks and it will all be a forgotten nightmare.

     "I dunno. I guess I'll kinda see how she takes off. I mean she may not even want to kiss me."
     "She'd have to be crazy."
     "Fuck Robby, look at you. I can't go ten minutes without kissing you. You are so fucking hot, babes. I mean it. I'm not the only one who thinks so either. I see Cal checking you out. I think he wants to do you."
     "Cal? I mean he's hot and all but he's got nothing on you. Fuck, I would rather be with you anytime."
     "You'd let him go down on you. I know I would."
     "You would? For reals? You think he would?"

     The next morning I didn't want to go to school. I wanted to stay home and let Laney fuck me all day and forget about the party. We got to school and headed for the cafeteria. I had breakfast but I was so scared. OJ sounded good so Laney and me headed out there. Trish saw us first and she came running over. Sandy was not far behind.
     "We got something to tell you guys. We can understand if you don't want to and all but my mom," Trish was near tears. "My fag brother and his boyfriend have to take us tonight or I can't go. Mom's afraid that you might get... well however boys get." I really felt sorry for her. Laney always knows what to do. He put his arms around her and helped her to sit down. I mean we are only in the ninth grade. If he held her some teacher would have a cow and we would all be grounded.
     We sat down around her and Sandy held my hand. She told me that she didn't mind but she was afraid for me. I asked her why. She told me that Cal wanted to get in my pants. She said it was all he ever talked about. She was sure that he put his boyfriend up to make Trish's mom make this stupid rule just so the two of them could be alone with me and Laney.
     I had to think for a minute then it dawned on me. Cal Peters is Sandy Peters brother. Laney says Cal pervs on me. Cal hangs with Trish's sixteen year old brother Ray. I know for a fact that Ray is gay. I know somebody he did and I saw him do it when I was in the sixth grade. Fuck, what were we going to do?

     I'm sorry. I had to take a break. Laney got so hot that he attacked me, but who am I to complain, that boy can suck my skeleton out through my cock head. We weren't the only ones that needed a fuck and suck, the room was rife with hot sex and my cock almost didn't go down, Laney was more than glad to help me so I helped him as well.
     I asked young Jim to wait for the events of July of 2007 to play out before he tries to post any of this, I think that Chris has some big plans coming up and I might want to include them in this story.
     The end of our week was marred by the death of the matriarch that had lived in the house all of her life. Her grandson was one of the married boys that lives with Chris, and most of the boys knew, and loved her.
     The day that the family buried her the two boys that had been married on Saturday the tenth, became daddies. Jay and his wife had a daughter that they named Jaybee and Brad and Lou had a son that they named Beej.

     Laney and I packed it up on Thursday the sixteenth. We wanted to get back to Manhattan and rest together for awhile. We had been gone so long that the food we had was spoiled but I love shopping with Laney. He is as crazy now as he was when we first met. I don't ever want to loose that little boy inside of him.
     Yeah, I got an invite to Chris' biggest homo bash ever, and Laney went with me. Well, so did everybody. Chris invited Laney and me in person before we left after the hottest week of my life. When we got to work Monday morning Tony called both Laney and me to his office. He told us that he had several e-mails from Chris to be viewed on our computers. He handed each of us four business cards. Each card contained only thirty two characters, not all of them English letters or numbers. Tony had us sit at computers in his office as he showed us how to switch between different language keyboards. We had to enter each set of characters from the cards to see a video file from Chris.
     Chris told us that he had a vacation planned that he hoped would surpass any vacation any of the attendees had ever taken. He told us that he would be most honored if we would join him. He had some work for each of us do. We were to go to our offices and leave word that we were not to be disturbed, on pain of death. Our full instructions would be in the e-mails that Tony was going to show us how to retrieve.
     This was really starting to get kind of cloak and daggerish but after having worked near Chris for the last three months I know why. Chris is not a cop in the sense of the word but he has more power and authority than any cop or Federal agent in the country. I was about to learn that his power comes from a super computer that the government wants and will do anything it takes to get. Tony stood up from his desk and panel opened on the wall between the built in bar and his private restroom. At shoulder height was a keyboard and a thirteen inch LCD monitor on a swing arm that could be brought down to comfortable height to sit and work. The monitor had to be swung out to see the smallest computer I have ever seen. Oh, I've seen Micro Towers in catalogs but never up close.
     The simple nine inch by eleven inch case face had a temperature indicator, a firewire port, two USB ports and a power button. The simple logo of Foss International was the only identification on the unit.
      Tony took out four cards like he had given us. "Keep the cards in order. The first character on each line is that card's position. This first card has an A the second card has a 2 the third card a C and the fourth has a D. Be careful as you type. Some of these characters are nasty little buggers. I kept trying to use a Japanese character here but that little squiggly right there makes this Korean. You'll go crazy if you work at this system long. For security purposes it shuts down every ten minutes. You will get a tone after which you have to quickly type in the first eight characters of card C to continue. If it shuts down you have to enter all one hundred and twenty eight digits, from the beginning."
     Tony handed each of us a USB flash drive. I was looking at mine. It had Transcend™ and 8GB written on it. He told Laney to step up to the keyboard and insert his drive into the bottom port of the computer. A new security screen popped up which Tony carefully walked Laney through. He had to code the stick as being his alone by entering his own password and password reminder. Tony told us that we could change that password at anytime but if we were to mislay our flash drive nobody could get to the data encrypted on it. He told us that Transcend makes a very good encryption of their own but it would never be as secure as what we had in our hands.
     I stepped up and set the passcode for my flash stick. Two windows were opened on the small screen. Tony entered his password and another screen opened that asked him what he wanted to do? Tony typed a line that I couldn't read from my position. A voice came on line, "Is that you Tony?"
     "Oh no!! I did it again, Andy. I can't get all of your security systems in my head." Tony whined.
     "You are about to time out. Give me a palm print and PIN, quickly." Tony laid his left hand on a palm reader as he entered his eight number PIN with his right hand. "Okay, that's better. I thought somebody was wearing a Dogg mask." I love Andy's sense of humor. He's the same age as me but he has it altogether.
     "Let me set palm prints for your partners. Chris wants them to have full access to the system for now." Tony had me lay my hand on the palm pad and enter my own PIN of eight to fifteen digits. Laney did the same then Tony pointed the cursor to the information he had entered and the light on the front of the small computer case flashed. The tiny blue lights on the flash sticks flickered then the screen collapsed. Tony had each of us remove our flash units then he closed up the computer cabinet.
     I sat down to my computer and looked at the four cards. I had to find four places to hide the cards where even a thorough FBI toss wouldn't find all of them. I decided that card C was very important and so I would put that one in my billfold. I learned that Tony left card D with his secretary. I talked to Laney and we both did the same. Each of us left the same card D in the care of someone else so no one would have two parts. I put card 2 in my wall safe and card A was relegated to the back of my desk drawer. I hope that is secure enough, at least for the present. I'll find a place totally away from the offices.
     I locked my door and made sure that my computer screen was turned away from my window so that no one could see it. I opened the files on my Flash drive. Chris had made up hundreds of e-mails to people all around the world. To the copies of the e-mails I had he inserted an addendum that gave detailed information on some of the most powerful men in the world. Things like their favorite drink or food. Their wives and children's names, ages and birth dates, and anniversaries. He suggested that we not forget these dates when we meet these people. He said that they are all sensitive men that enjoy having someone pay attention to them. I think they sound like egotists that need to be stroked. "Please don't write that down Jimmy. Chris will kill me when he reads that." The little fart wrote it down didn't he?
     To these e-mails Chris attached pictures of that man with a very under aged boy. The two were involved in serious sex acts. I am confident that the three of us are the only people to see e-mails to other people. These were copies of the e-mail that he sent to only the man in the picture. He did that to make them read what he inserted afterwards.
     Chris was strong in his wording and I could see him speaking. He wanted us to see the attached set of e-mails that he sent to the first man. Our mission was to make these men plan to attend a huge camp out for the month of July. He told us that everyone of these men need to be at that camp out. He wanted his legal staff to be able to talk with authority to change some state and federal laws. He is seeking special treatment of the people that harmed the children depicted in the second set of e-mail.
     He had short clips of men involved in anal sex with tiny boys of about five years old. In his notes to me he told me that the boys in the pictures were the men's own sons and that their twisted molestation continued from the boys' ages of about four until they were rescued at the age of fourteen. He told me that I had met some of those boys when I attended the wedding party in Albany. I wanted to throw up then go kill some dudes.
     After our reads of the files we had a conference about the work that Chris had for us to do. We discussed the cards at that time also. We all agreed to leave card A in a secure place not associated with our office. None of us can conceive of the FBI, or anybody else searching our office but we have to be careful. We all remember the Koala Bears that burglarized Mr. Coles offices in Albany.
     Tony explained that if anyone got this code all it would do is to open a screen to ask for the individual's passcode. Even then the system was as secure as that individual's security let them access it. He suggested that we be creative in hiding our cards. Some one could break into his house and get one and into his office and get another. They could get the one from his secretary and then club one of us over the head and have it all. Since Laney and I live together he didn't think that we should each hide a card at home. This was getting so difficult.
     I asked if Chris had to use this code. Tony told me Chris has it memorized and can enter it so fast his fingers are a blur. He said that Chris can surf between the keyboard changes as easy and clicking to a new website. I know the man is a marvel. I quickly learned that he has a total photographic memory. He remembers everything he reads, hears, or sees and will quote it verbatim at anytime, even years later. What a mind, and a body to boot. I slept with him but I'll tell you about that later. I got a pin.
     I had several dozen phone calls to make. I was given a special password and counter sign for each man that I called. I stressed the necessity of their attendance at the camp out and assured them that it was extremely secure. It would be a month long fuckaboyfest, as well as business. Basically Chris was lobbying these policy and law makers and I was assisting him. He wanted confirmation so that he would know how much housing to provide and how much food to buy. He did tell me that for this party everyone was welcome to bring his own special boy but he wanted names for background checks. He will not let someone bring a quest along that will go out blabbing to the world what they did with their summer.
     When Tony told me that I broke up. I can just see some fresh faced young teenage boy pass in a paper at school. "I went camping with my special daddy and I got my pretty little ass fucked." Well, I had to write papers about my summers when I was in school so it could happen.

     I guess it is time to get on with it. I am surrounded by seventy naked boys in Tucson now. Chris dragged ten more boys into his home in the two weeks I was in The Apple. I am handling the adoption of two youngsters by the name of Cramer. These kids want to know what it was like with a steady boyfriend during the dark ages. Hey, I am not that old. I am only twenty eight but I guess that's ancient to a teenager.
     I am not going to tell you about the camp out. I want you to read Traveler© for yourself. You will go crazy at Chris' wedding. Nobody suspected that. He and Cory stood there before the old chief or medicine man or whatever he was and... It is just to beautiful to ruin for you so go read it yourself.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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