This is the sequel to "Sexual Crucifixion." Once again, me and Daniel are back at it ... in many ways.

The Last Supper
mr. b

I rose my head from Daniel's smooth, warm chest, broke from our post-orgasm rest, and inhaled. His eyes opened and followed me as I stood to put my clothes back on. He dressed quickly, too, as the sounds of clinking plates and adolescent laughter came from our retreat cabin. The dinner bell had rung halfway through our previous oral escapade. We were late.

I rushed inside before him, knowing it would look suspicious if we came in late together. No one noticed. I scanned the room for an empty seat and took one next to my school religious advisor. The only table with an opening reminded me of the Last Supper. Being a Christian retreat, one could imagine the number of Bible fanatics I had to deal with. Aside from Daniel and the religious advisor, there were about twelve other guys (the "Disciple Clique" was they were known back at school) at the table, all appealing enough to give head and all indulged in a discussion about faith versus law. In my boredom, I began to lean back in my chair and eye the crotches of the guys across the table from me. A variety of legs, hairy and smooth, all lined up curving downward to floor and upward into shorts containing succulent meat fit for a queen.

I guess Daniel realized what I was looking at and gave me a quick elbow to my side. He whispered to me that a senior named Jason, two guys over and across from me, had a huge cock. Then he proceeded to tell me that he knew how we could get to it later tonight. At first I was confused, thinking that, by some odd chance, Jason was gay too. But then I realized that Jason was the guy who Daniel was feasting on the night before. I remembered Daniel's bobs down on that cock shimmering in the dim light and, as the guys bustled past me and away from the table, I felt my cock stir violently and arouse me from my daydream. Daniel was gone and so were the "Disciples."

I couldn't get up right away for fear that my cock would be protruding out from me like a pleasure lever. So, after a few thoughts about enduring the rest of the Christian school retreat, my cock was dangling uninterested once again. Somehow, I made it through the after-dinner gospel-fest, singing songs over an atonal guitar, and the thirty minute pre-bedtime prayer session. I prayed for more cock.

At about 9:30pm as I sat there on my sleeping bag, I decided I should move it closer to Daniel, just in case we would be able to have a little fun while everyone else slept later on. He noticed me moving and smiled, his red lips wet with his own saliva, his blue eyes dancing with the soft lamp light. I laid down my bag next to his and imagined him sleeping next to me. I began to inhale the aroma of his musky, old spice scent and take heed of the numerous white, crusty spots on the lining of his sleeping bag -- no doubt from his late night sessions with his sleeping neighbor. I think in my horniness, I began to rub my leg and, before long, I had to place the lower half of my body inside the bag before the other guys saw my hardness striking a tent in my crotch. Gradually, the guys began to turn in, some after brushing their teeth, other after discussions with the retreat teacher-leaders, and others coming back from the girls' retreat cabin. Finally, Daniel slipped off his t-shirt and khaki shorts and slid his pale body into his sleeping bag. His back was turned towards me.

I eyed the back of his fuzzy neck, admiring the clasp of his gold chain, and followed the trail of downy blonde hair until it disappeared at the small of his back and then restarted again at the elastic of his plaid boxers. His shoulders spread wide and the light bounced small shadows off his slightly defined muscles. The cute hairs disappeared as the lights flicked off. It was bedtime at last. Conversations dwindled to faint whispers that gave way to soothing snores. Daniel stirred only slightly in his sleep, as my eyes remained fixed on his bare back. After about an hour of laying still, my dick throbbing uncontrollably in my underwear, I slowly extended my hand from underneath my sleeping back and rested it on Daniel's lower back. He took a deep breath, awaking and acknowledging my touch, and remained facing away from me. I slowly and gently ran the back of my warm hand up his spine, caressing the soft little hairs. I slid my fingers back down and to the start of the elastic hugging his lean waist. Breathing slowly and deliberately, I lifted his boxers out from the top of his ass and slid my hand into the steaming warmth inside. The prickly hairs of his ass cheeks poked the palm of my hand as I rubbed my way into his crack. I massaged his soft, but firm, ass and delicately fingered the opening of his tight, hot hole. I could see his back stiffen as I slowly pushed my middle finger into the grasp of his squeezing sphincter. His back rose with a troubled breath as the first inch of my finger entered him and threatened to go further. With no lube, I was sure pain was tingling through his nerves, but I persisted in an attempt to make my presence behind him known. Finally, as if to give up, I felt his hole contract around the top of my middle finger and saw his back heave up with a huge breath of discomfort. My finger slipped out and my hand slid out from inside his underwear as he turned over and faced me with his eyes screaming passion and his lips glistening wet.

Our mouths smooshed together leaving room only for our tongues to connect. Quickly, we kissed and, in the next second, he turned back over. I eased myself over to him so that my chest pressed against his back and wrapped my right arm around his exposed side and to his smooth, squishy chest. As I took a glance at him, I noticed that his right arm had extended out to the sleeping bag next to him and that he was slowly unzipping it. My dick flexed through my boxers into his back as I watched him slide the flap up and off his neighbor's sleeping body.

It was Jason. He was in only his briefs -- his chest noticeably hairy in the partial darkness, one arm folded over his furry stomach and the other down to his side. Daniel did his work like a pro -- carefully lifting the elastic of Jason's briefs and rolling it down, tucking it under, to expose a limp, cut cock surrounded by a brown bush of hair. Daniel paused a second, scanning the room for open eyes or raised heads, and then began to awaken Jason's cock with affectionate fondling. Within seconds, the cock was ready and standing a stiff seven inches above Jason's sleeping, lifeless body. I loosened my grasp on Daniel as I watched him bury his blonde head into Jason's crotch.

As Daniel bobbed his head familiarly up and down, I began to notice his round ass again, as it seemed to point at me from the rest of his curved, sucking body. This time I was not gentle. I jerked Daniel's boxers down past his knees and exposed him from his sleeping bag. I placed both of my hands on the backs of Daniel's prickly thighs and buried my face into the crack of his ass. I flicked my tongue out over his musty crack and along the rim of his wrinkly asshole. Like a bowl of porridge, I ate his ass, lapping in and out of his opening and licking fiercely around the edges. I could feel his thighs tightening around my forehead as he continued to suck on his slumbering friend. I used my hands to spread his cheeks wider and insert my tongue further into his anal dessert. I wiggled it like an exposed worm before he jerked his head up and pushed my head away.

"You're gonna make me cum," he whispered excitedly in my ear.

I suggested we switched places so I could get a taste of Jason. We did, and, sure enough, Jason was sleeping as I expected -- his cock still stiff, slick and shining with Daniel's saliva. I admired the hair encircling his nipples and the trail of fur leading down his dormant body to the main course below. I grabbed Jason's wet cock and shoved it into my hungry mouth. I slurped on the swollen head and licked curiously at his piss slit. In seconds, my boxers were yanked down and off and I felt strands of hair followed by the heat of Daniel's mouth on my ass. His tongue dug relentlessly between my ass crack making me shudder with delight. It was almost like I was holding onto Jason's cock to keep from drowning in Daniel's oral ecstasy. He made his way from my asshole up underneath my sweating balls and to my dick, dripping with streams of precum. Every once in a while, Jason's hairy cock throbbed in my mouth and I glanced to make sure he was still sleeping. I sucked on his knob only to take my mind off the wonderful mouthjob I was getting myself.

I could take it no longer. I took Jason's rigid cock from my mouth and rolled over so that I was on top of Daniel's head, fucking his sucking jaws. I swiveled around back into our familiar sixty-nine position, me on top, and Daniel at my mercy. Knowing soon that my hips would not be able to stop thrusting into Daniel's oral vagina, I bent down and did my duty. His dick was oozing precum and bouncing around with the stimulation of my tongue. I engulfed it completely, letting his pubic hair tickle my cheeks and nose. Daniel's feet flexed and his toes wiggled with sexual hunger. I used both hands to guide his cock into my throat and various fingers to grasp his smooth, slightly hairy balls. As I bobbed my head in a fit of sucking passion, I noticed movement beside us. I quickly stopped sucking and noticed Jason was stirring. I turned my head and saw Jason's eyes fixed on our sucking heap just a foot away from him. I started to panic until my eyes caught sight of his cock still standing and still glistening wet. He was jerking off. Jason's eyes met mine and he lowered his as if he was unholy. I began licking Daniel's dick again. As me and Daniel resumed, so did Jason. He gripped his cock with his left hand and yanked on it like he was possessed by some sexual demon. The excitement grew as me and Daniel realized we had an admirer.

I could feel the cum bubbling in my balls waiting for the right moment to shoot down Daniel's throat. Jason, too, seemed lost in a frenzy of orgasmic potential while I felt Daniel's thick cock dancing and flexing between my lips.

Daniel was first. The head of his bulging cock spewed jets of thick, warm liquid into my mouth. My hands involuntarily squeezed his balls making him buckle and thrust his cock upward into my throat. Shot after shot lambasted the back of my esophagus, quenching my seminal thirst. Not a second later, my hips began to jerk uncontrollably and flex. His tongue wiggled on the tip of my cock just as my nuts exploded with my inner passions. Simultaneously, I felt squirts of hotness on my side and back. Jason was emptying himself just as Daniel was draining my lustful liquids. Daniel's cock began to soften in my mouth and my own flexed sporadically to expel the last of my cum. Jason was panting above us with his cock dripping splotches of cum onto me. Daniel let my dick slip out of his mouth as he gasped for breath. The three of us laid there in a heap of spent cum and energy. Jason laid back down, rolled his briefs back up and closed his eyes. I rolled myself off of Daniel, turned myself around to face him, and gave him an tender kiss on his smooth, wet lips. I then laid back down in my bag, glanced once more at Daniel's smooth nakedness, his dangling gold cross, and closed my eyes.

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