The LeFleur-Winfield Men V: Boy Meets Boy 1

by John Michael

In this chapter:

John Winfield:  16, Sophomore at Barbe High School (BHS)
Dustin LeFleur:  15, Sophomore at BHS
Darren LeFleur:  15, Sophomore at BHS
Jesse Daughenbaugh:  15, Sophomore at BHS

Part Five:  Boy Meets Boy -- Chapter 1

Name pronunciations:
Braud - /brO/
Daughenbaugh - /doff-en-baw/

Fall 2002

"So you like boys," Sybil asked her brother in astonishment after he had just come out to her.

"Yes," John responded.




"Yes; really!  Now, I have to go tell mom before we leave."

"That sounds like a bad idea."

"It'll be okay; she'll accept me."

"Wow; you like boys!"

John left his sister in shock sitting on the floor in his room and headed to the kitchen where he found his mother biting into an apple she had just rinsed.  His mother smiled at him when he entered the kitchen.

Without hesitation, John said, "Mom, I'm gay."

Glenda stopped in mid chew and then put her apple down next to the sink.  "What," she asked.

"I'm gay, mom."

"John, we'll discuss this when we get back from your grandmother's house.  Don't tell anyone else about this."

When John returned to his room, he looked at his sister and, with a hint of sarcasm, said, "Well, that went well!"

"She's okay with it?"

"I don't think so.  She told me not to tell anyone until after we discussed it."

"Are we still going to maw-maw Effie's house?"


"Are you still coming?"



The trip to his grandmother's house only fueled the flames welling up inside his mother.  John came out to his grandmother who said she had known all along.  John, his sisters, and his mother were back home, and John and his mother were in the kitchen together.  Glenda's gaze on her son left John feeling as if he were staring down the barrel of a loaded rifle; John was just waiting for Glenda to turn the safety off and pull the trigger.

John did not have to wait long before she said, "Did your becoming an atheist lead you to choose this lifestyle?"

"Oh, that's rich, mom!"

"Answer the question."

"Becoming Atheist could be considered a choice; my being gay isn't."

"You're going through a small phase, just like with your religion."

"Keep telling yourself that, mom, and you and I will go nowhere fast."  John got up and left the kitchen.

The following morning, John called his closest friends, starting with Dustin.  "Dustin," John said, "I'm a flaming homosexual."

Dustin laughed through the phone and said, "Okay, John.  Are you still coming to spend the night?"

"You don't have a problem with this."

"No; why should I?"

"Okay; yeah, I'm still coming over."  John hung up the phone and called Josh and Jesse to tell them, as well.  John spent the rest of the day calling his friends to come out to them.  Many of his male friends did not believe him because of his past girlfriends and his ability to play-it-straight, a defense mechanism he activated back in middle school.  John knew he was gay for as long as he could remember.  In kindergarten, John decided that he should try his best to blend in, but still embrace the fact he liked boys.  In middle school, John became self-aware of his flamboyancy after it was pointed out to him by a fellow classmate; it was here John began to curb this behavior.

John's first kiss was with a boy.  His name was Craig and it was in the first grade in the boys' bathroom at Eastwood Elementary School.  John remembered the event as if it happened yesterday.  John has had numerous crushes since then but none as strong as the crush he harbored for Dustin LeFleur.  John often fantasized about having a future with Dustin.  His fantasies did not stop with going to college together and with marriage, but with children, and even beyond that.  John knew these fantasies were far-fetched.  Dustin, John's hot jock best friend, was straight.  Straight men will be my downfall, John thought one night last week while lying in the bed with Dustin, unable to fall asleep.  Tonight, John planned to do something he did every night when Dustin fell asleep:  John would kiss Dustin on the lips for a few seconds and then fall asleep with his arm around Dustin chest, being careful not to wake him.  John would position himself and his arm in such a way, that it would look as though it was something John did in his sleep.

John was in the kitchen with his sisters and mother, eating a bowl of gumbo when he felt the very strange sensation of being beside himself.  John figured it was due to the deadly combinations of drugs he had induced a half-hour earlier in an effort to end his life.  John dropped his spoon and looked straight ahead.  This was the last thing John saw before he blacked out.


When John awoke, he was in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm.  His head was hurting and when he moved his tongue, a sharp pain shot through his mouth.  John just realized that he screwed up his suicide attempt and was now lying in a hospital bed with his mother sitting nearby.

John turned his head and saw his dad, as well.  When Glenda and Charles noticed their son was awake, they rushed to his bedside.  "John, do you remember anything that happened?"

John, now thoroughly confused, said, "No; I don't."  John was talking without moving his jaw because his mouth was in so much pain.  John also noticed that when he tried to move, sharp pain moved through his muscles, reminding him how his muscles felt after doing up-down-and-arounds on the first day of PE.  John's body hurt all over and he was very hungry.

"You had a grand mal seizure," John's mother told him.

Now John was thoroughly confused.  He asked, "What; how?"

"We don't know, the doctors want to run some tests to check for epilepsy," Glenda said.

"You through up everywhere in the kitchen," Charles said.

"There is also blood everywhere from the IV," Glenda added.  "When every the paramedics would put the IV into your arm, you would rip it out and curse at them, sending your blood flying all over the walls.  Are you sure you don't remember any of this?"

"Positive; I really don't," John said, now feeling extremely sleepy.  "If I'm going to be here a while, can you bring my Dreamcast?"

"Okay; we'll get your cousin to get it for you."


John stayed in the hospital doing tests and chatting with family members.  John kept the suicide attempt to himself as it seems no one noticed.  From the description of the mess John left in the kitchen, John figured he had thrown up most of the drugs.  John had his cousin, Jared, remove the suicide note when Jared grabbed his Dreamcast.  The only way Jared would not tell anyone about this event is if John promised he would not try it again; John promised.

At Hot Topic, John and Dustin were buying decorations for their backpacks when Dustin found a large rainbow patch.  "John; I found something for you!"

John wanted to come out at school, but without having to climb on top of the library and shout it from the roof of the three-story building.  The patch was perfect in its size and was shaped like an actual rainbow.  John hugged Dustin and bought the patch.  "This is going to be so fuckin' cool," John said, looking at the patch.  "I'm glad you found it."

"Four eyes are better than two."

"Okay, that's new."

"Ignore that I just said that.  I would like to undo that phrase."

"You want to un-say what you just said?"


"Sorry, Dustin; nor redactments."

"That's not a real word."

"Well, now we're even.  What are we eating for lunch?"

"I want some Popeyes."

"Try again; this time, try something within walking distance."


"Ooo, a chicken wrap; sounds good to me!"  John and his crush, left the Prien Lake Mall and headed to the KFC in the mall's parking lot.

When John reached the bathroom, a third blue Post-It with religious text was affixed to the mirror.  John did not bother reading it; instead, he removed the note, wadded it, and threw it away.  John was wondering if his mother would ever run out of bible scriptures to scribble and place throughout the house.  Fuck her, John thought.  She has to know I'm not reading this shit!


It was the third week of school and John's coming out process was going smoothly, for the most part.  After teaching the class about "SOHCAHTOA," Mrs. Klepzig had stepped out of the classroom to talk with the teacher across the hall.  Trey Braud, who was John's friend last year, turned around and said, "I hear you're a fag, now.  I have a dick that needs suckin' today after school."

Trey thought he was only in earshot of classmates who would side with him...he thought wrong.  "Doesn't that make you a fag, too, Floyd," Dustin asked, fuming with anger.  Floyd was Trey's actual name.  "What would compel you to ask another dude to suck your dick, and then call that person a fag?

Trey turned around when he realized no one was coming to his aid.  John laughed to himself and flashed a quick smile to his knight in Polo and khakis.


Fuck, he is so cute, John thought while sharing a malt with Dustin.  Huggy Bears was located on Nelson Road between Barbe High and S. J. Welsh Middle schools and was always packed at three-fifteen after school.  "Thanks for sticking up for me and drilling fucktard a new one," John said.

"Anytime, dude.  What are best friends for?"  John smiled when Dustin said this.  John and Dustin's faces were inches apart as they finished off the malt.  John could feel the heat coming off Dustin.

When the drink was finished, John and Dustin backed off the straw and John said, "I love you, Dustin, I really're a great friend."

Dustin smiled and said, "Are you trying to make me your boyfriend?"


"What; am I not boyfriend material?"

John smiled and said, "You are definitely boyfriend material."

John paused and asked, "Would you consider me datable?"

"Once you clean up that potty mouth, yes...I'd date you."

Dustin did not need thanks; the huge grin on John's face said everything he needed to know.

John walked into the kitchen to eat with his mother and two sisters when he passed up his dad and a friend of his dad's at the computer.  While sitting at the table, John's dad came into the kitchen, looks at John, and said, "We need to talk!"  John looked at his mother, who shrugged her shoulders.  John felt immediate dread when he walked out the back door, turned the corner, and saw his dad lighting up a cigar.

Before John could say anything, his dad asked, "Do you have something to tell me?"

John thought about what this could possibly be about, but after coming up with nothing, he said, "No."

"You don't have anything to tell me?  Okay.  What about your email?"

John thought about the gay porn spam mail Pandora's Boxes he opened and swallowed the lump in his throat.  "What about it," John asked.

"Are you gay?"

John looked away from his dad, started pulling paint off the shingles on the side of the garage, and said, "Yeah."

"Does anyone else know?"

"I told Sybil, Devin, Mom, and maw-maw Effie."

"You told your mother and my mother; when the hell were you going to tell me?"

"Soon; I was worried about your reaction."

"How would you know if you never told me?"

"I wouldn't and that's the scary part.  Mom didn't take it well."

"John; women can't understand this stuff.  This is something that you need to come to me man-to-man about!  Next time, don't hide this stuff from me, okay?"


"You can go back inside."  John gladly went back inside the house, but was surprised and relieved that his dad took this so well.

After rounding the corner, Dustin and Darren's house was in view.  Dustin and Darren took a break from the long jog around their neighborhood.  After a few moments, Darren said, "Last one to the house has to weed-eat this weekend!"  Darren bolted before he even finished his sentence.  Dustin took off after his twin brother, not wanting to deal with the most annoying chore of the lawn duties.

Having had the head start, Darren beat Dustin, but the race was so close, Dustin contested the win and Darren soon gave in, agreeing to come up with something else before the weekend.  After showering, the twins separated and went to their respective bedrooms.  Once dressed, Dustin walked down the hall to Darren's bedroom.  Darren was sitting on his bed when Dustin walked in and closed the door behind him.

"I have something important to tell you, little bro," Dustin said, taking a seat at the desk chair near Darren's bed.

"I hate it when you call me that; we're only ten minutes apart."

"Darren, please, this is important!"

"Okay, that is it?"

Dustin sighed, looked toward the bottom of the bed, and said in a low voice, "I'm ga-," then louder, "I'm gay."  Dustin looked at his brother for a reaction, but saw Darren laughing, clutching his pillow and doubling over on the bed.

"What the hell are you laughing at?"

Trying to catch his breath and infuriating Dustin in the process, Darren said, I thought you were going to tell me you had some sort of deadly illness, or something.  You're gay, that's it?"

"Yeah...that's it.  So, you're okay with it?"

Darren stopped laughing and moved closer to the edge of the bed; now just feet in front of Dustin, Darren said, "Dustin, I'm gay, too."

"What; really?  Are you messing with me?"

"Don't flatter yourself!"

"Are you really?"

"Yes," Darren reiterated with excitement.  "Isn't this great; we can both check out dudes together!"

Dustin started laughing and said, "Wow; and this entire time, I've been worried about your reaction."

"Even if I were straight, I'd still accept you.  You're my brother; I love you!"

"I love you, too," Dustin said, leaning forward and taking his brother into a tight embrace.

"I made you say a curse word," Darren teased, breaking the embrace.

Dustin looked at Darren's smiling face and asked, "What did I say?"

"You said, `hell.'"

"Oh, I did; my bad."

Darren wasted no time, asking, "So; who do you have a crush on?"


"I knew it."

"Let me guess, you like Jesse?"

"I'm in love with Jesse!"

"That's cool."

"I was planning on coming out to you and then to him soon.  One down, one to go."

"Make that three; we still have to tell our parents!"

"Yeah; I think about that all the time."

"I'm worried."

"What are they going to do, kick us out?"

"Send us away for shock therapy."

"I doubt that.  People would know we were missing.  They're not going to do that, Dusty."

"I hope you're right, Dare.  I love you."

"I love you, too."

Darren was walking out the weight room when he ran into Jesse.  "Hey, Jess; do you have a minute?"

"Yeah, just give me a second, okay?"

A few minutes later, Jesse and Darren met in the gym and headed out towards the bus area.  Darren stopped in the concessions foyer, prompting Jesse to stop.  Jesse looked at Darren and studied his face, trying to decipher what was wrong with his best friend.

Darren looked at Jesse and said, "Jess, I'm gay."

Jesse looked at his friend, trying to hold back the tears that were stinging his eyes.  When Jesse started to cry, Darren started to worry.  "Um...Jess?  I'm sorry..."

"Here I was, worried about what you would think if I did what you just did.  I was actually worried about your reaction to my being gay!"

"You're gay, too," Darren asked with excitement.

"Yeah, Darren, I'm gay!"

Darren started laughing hysterically, rubbing off onto Jesse, who was now laughing between sniffles.  

"I was starting to worry for a second," Darren said.


"For what?"

"Trusting me...more than I trusted you."

"Nah; it's no big deal.  You're just scared, that's all."

"So, are you going to come out to everyone at the school?"

"I haven't thought about that.  I think I'll come out to those who are closest to me first, then take that step."

"Wow; I'm that close to you?"

"You're the second person I told; Dustin was the first."

"How did he take it?"

"Actually, he came out to me first, then-"

"Dustin's gay," Jesse asked, wide-eyed.

"Yeah; he came out first, then I came out to him.  It was pretty cool."

"That is pretty cool.  I think I'll come out to Josh."

"If you have any trouble, just call me, okay?"



"I love you, friend."

"Love you, too, friend," Darren said, smiling and then taking his best friend into a loving embrace.

End of Chapter 1

Parts of this story were planned on an Apple device.  Most of the email responses to you, my fans, were made from an Apple device.  Both of these devices carry a patent with Steve Jobs' name on them.  Steve Jobs was more than the technological innovator of the modern age, he was also a huge supporter of gay rights.  Steve Jobs publically supported same-sex marriage equality and even donated $100,000 to protect it in California.  Steve Jobs will not only be missed as a great visionary, but also as a great ally for our community.  "Stay hungry; stay foolish" --Steve Jobs (1955 -- 2011)

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