The LeFleur-Winfield Men V: Boy Meets Boy 3

by John Michael

In this chapter:

John:  18 -- 19, Senior at BHS/Freshman at McNeese State University
Dustin:  17 -- 18, Senior at BHS/Freshman at McNeese
Darren:  17 -- 18, Senior at BHS/Freshman at Louisiana State University
Jesse:  17 -- 18, Senior at BHS/Freshman at LSU
Josh:  17 -- 18, Senior at BHS/Freshman at McNeese

Part Five:  Boy Meets Boy -- Chapter 3

Spring 2005

"John Beeson found out you took that sticker off the back of his truck; he's pissed," Darren, John and Dustin's co-worker, said to John.  Dustin was standing next to his boyfriend and asked, "What sticker?"

"When I was working in the gate last week, I noticed he had a "Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman" sticker on the back of the company box truck he uses.  I took it off at the end of the day after I closed the shipping logs."

John and Dustin started working in the garden center at Stine Lumber Company at the end of last summer.  Recently, John moved to cashiering and now works all registers, including the shipping office known as "the gate."  Tonight, John was working in the garden center.  Charles, John's dad, is an assistant manager and helped get them the job.  John and Dustin were still not out on the job and John knew what he was about to say could be risky, but he felt as if he could trust his co-workers.  John looked at each of his co-workers and said, "I'm gay."

"I know," Darren said.

"What; does Mr. Charles know," Jude asked.

"Yeah," John answered.  "I found the sticker offensive, so I removed it."

"I'm gay, too," Dustin said.

"What," Jude asked, in obvious shock.

"John is my boyfriend," Dustin added.

"I didn't see this one coming," Darren said.

"You don't like pussy at all," Joe asked, but sounded more like a statement.

"No; gay men typically do not like pussy, Joe," John said.

"So; if the pussy came to you, like it always does," Joe asked, then turning to Dustin and adding, "and you, too, you could just turn it down?"

"We don't like vag, dude," Dustin said.  "Besides, I'm already taken."

"Wow; I don't understand it," Joe said.

"If a dude came up to you and offered to have sex with you, would you take it," John asked.

"No, `cause I ain't gay," Joe said.

"Same concept," John said.  "I'm not attracted to women; not emotionally, and not sexually."

"I still don't understand how you cannot like the pussy, man," Joe added.

John decided to give up on Joe, as he was obviously too dumb to comprehend what John was trying to explain to him.  Just as John was about to say something else, the head cashier walked outside and told John that he was needed in the manager's office and that she would watch his register while he was gone.

"Good luck," Jude said.

"They can't do you anything," Darren said as John walked past the electric doors and into the air conditioning.

John walked into the manager's office.  His father and his department manager were both in attendance along with the store manager.  After John sat down he was barely paying attention until the store manager asked, "Do you think it was appropriate for you to remove property that was not yours from a vehicle that was not yours."

"Do you think it was appropriate for an employee of this company to affix a controversial advert to the back of a company vehicle?"

"That has been handled and it will not happen again, son," Charles said.  "But if you have a problem like this, you need to come to management and let us handle it."

"Okay; next time, I will do just that.  But that bumper sticker is not only offensive for the employees at this store, it's offensive to the customers and this company," John added.

"Thank you, John," the store manager said before dismissing him.

It was done, John and Dustin were both out and word spread before the day was over.  Nothing happened.  The world did not end, no birds fell out of the sky, earthquakes did not happen.  There coming out was lack-luster and anticlimactic, much to John's relief.

"Okay; now how `bout one as a group," Linda asked.

"How many pictures is she going to take," John asked his boyfriend.

"As many as she would like," Dustin answered.

"This is why I hate dances," John said.

The boys were dressed and ready to take their limo to prom.  John asked Dustin, Darren asked Jesse, and Josh was bringing his girlfriend, Katy.  Dustin had a couple of black and white disposable cameras with which to capture the memories forever.


The theme for prom 2005 was "A Night To Remember."  How lame, John thought, looking at the tickets.  John as able to get a couple's discount on the deluxe photo package for himself and Dustin, something he was surprised and excited about.

Other than the obnoxious drunk kids, the dance was great.  John and Dustin, and Jesse and Darren danced the night away without any trouble from any other students.  At the end of the dance, the boys went to Dustin and Darren's place, breaking off with Josh, who went back to the house he affectionately called, "the Hell-hole."  Jesse begged his brother to move out, but Josh kept insisting that he did not want to impose on Linda and Richard.


Back at the house, it was obvious what the boys wanted to do with their respective partners.  With Linda and Richard out for the night, they all had free reign.  John and Dustin went into Dustin's room, eagerly snatching clothing off; Darren and Jesse went into Jesse's room, both with reserved attitudes.

"Do you want to do this," Darren asked.

"Yes, I do; I'm just a little nervous," Jesse replied.

"Me, too; you're my first for all of this."

Darren started unbuttoning Jesse's shirt.  Once Jesse's chest was exposed, Darren stuck his hand into Jesse's shirt and began rubbing Jesse's chest.  Jesse kissed Darren as Darren rubbed his chest.  "I think we should start off in familiar territory," Darren suggested.

Jesse allowed his boyfriend to disrobe him until he was standing in his underwear.  Jesse watched as Darren took off his clothes, stripping completely naked.  Jesse slowly removed his own underwear, matching his boyfriend's nakedness.

Darren grabbed Jesse's hand and pulled him onto the bed.  Darren had Jesse lie on Jesse's back.  Darren sucked Jesse's flaccid member into his mouth and began working on his boyfriend, trying to make the tense situation less tense.

After sucking Jesse off for a few minutes, Darren sensed his boyfriend was still nervous for some reason.  Darren let Jesse's now hard, six-inch cock fall from his mouth.  "I have an idea," Darren said, rising off the bed.  Darren instructed Jesse to follow him.

Jesse followed Darren into the bathroom; Darren started the shower and felt the water.  When it was temperate, Darren motioned for Jesse to climb in.  After Jesse was in the tub, Darren climbed in.  Darren washed his boyfriend's body, paying close and special attention to Jesse's most private and intimate areas.  Once Darren completed washing his boyfriend, Jesse kissed Darren deeply before returning the favor, mimicking all of Darren's previous moves.  Darren was now sporting a full-fledged hard-on, much to Jesse's delight.

Darren kneeled before his boyfriend and took Jesse's dick into his mouth.  Jesse was now getting into it as he began fucking Darren's mouth.  Jesse's dick fit perfectly in Darren's mouth and throat; it was as if Darren's mouth was made for Jesse's cock.  Darren felt Jesse getting close, so he pulled away; Jesse gave Darren a bewildered look to which Darren responded, "I want this to last, Jess."

Darren stood up and kissed Jesse.  Jesse wasted no time kneeling before his boyfriend and taking Darren's seven-and-a-quarter-inch hard boyhood into his mouth.  Jesse could only fit the first six inches into his mouth, but Darren was still enjoying the sensations, nonetheless.  Darren felt himself getting close and pulled out of Jesse's mouth.  The boys kissed as Darren turned off the water, deciding they were both relaxed enough to move back into the bedroom.

After Darren dried Jesse off, Jesse returned the favor.  The boys moved back onto Darren's bed, with Jesse on his back.  Darren crawled across the bed and between his boyfriend's legs.  Darren leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend; both boys were ready for the next step.  Using what little knowledge Darren had about anal sex, he leaned down between Jesse's legs.  Jesse expected Darren to suck him off again so he was surprised when he felt Darren's tongue lap at his boyhole.

Jesse was squirming under Darren's tonguing, so Darren knew he must have been creating awesome sensations for his boyfriend.  Jesse sighed when Darren stopped and grabbed the lotion.  Jesse became nervous again when he felt Darren smear lotion across his hole.  Darren lubed his dick and placed his hand against his boyfriend's chest.  Darren leaned forward and began kissing Jesse as he pushed forward, inching his way past Jesse's tight, virgin sphincter.

The pain was shocking, something Jesse did not expect.  Jesse, however, wanted this badly enough to deal with that pain.  Once Darren was all the way in, he looked at Jesse and started chuckling and sighing.  "I'm in, babe; I'm inside of you," Darren said to Jesse.

"Yes, you are, babe!  Now, take me, Darren Richard LeFleur," Jesse said in an almost whisper.

Darren could not believe the words coming out of his boyfriend's mouth, but he needed no further convincing.  Darren started driving into Jesse slowly and steadily, until he was sure Jesse was used to his size.  Jesse noticed the pain slowly starting to subside and pleasure taking its place.  The sensations Darren was creating for him were exciting; Jesse subconsciously started stroking himself, prompting Darren to pick up the tempo.

Darren felt himself getting close and really started pounding his boyfriend.  Just as Darren thought about where he would come, his orgasm overtook him.  Darren's dick pumped come deep into his boyfriend as Darren grunted aloud.  The sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt in his life, or imagined.

The sensation was also unlike Jesse had ever felt in his life; his boyfriend, the love of his life, sharing this deeply intimate and personal experience with him.  Jesse forgot he was masturbating, but after Darren's second squirt of many, Jesse unleashed a powerful orgasm, shooting his spunk all over his chest and the bedspread beside him.

After the boys climaxed, they stayed still for a few minutes, frozen, unable to move.  Finally, Darren collapsed onto his boyfriend and into the mess Jesse had made.  Jesse used his masturbating hand to hug his boyfriend and his other hand to stroke Darren's hair.  It was as if time was moving in slow motion when Darren and Jesse looked at each other.  For a few moments, they thought about what had just transpired; Jesse began crying and Darren began laughing.  The boys kissed more adamantly than they had ever done before.  "I love you's" were not needed; their actions alone spoke the words they could not speak out of exhaustion.

"So...does anyone know what school they're going to," John asked the group before taking a bite of the banana nut bread Linda had made.

"LSU," Darren said.

"Me, too," Jesse added.

"I'm going to Ryan Street High," John announced, using the local slang to describe McNeese State University.

"Ditto," Dustin said.

"Me, three," Josh said.

"I'm going for something that deals with urban planning or development," John said.

"I want to go for athletics," Dustin said.  "I think I want to be a high school, or a middle school, coach."

"Anything to do with Biology," Josh said.

"I want to go into corporate law.  I just hope I have the balls for it," Darren chuckled.

"I want to become a counselor," Jesse said.  "I want to help kids in need."

"I'm glad something good is coming out of the mess that was our family," Josh said.

"There are two things good that came out of our family, Josh," Jesse countered.

Josh smiled at his brother before getting up and kissing Jesse on the forehead.  "I'd love to stay, but I promised Katy's dad I'd go golfing with him."

After Josh left, the boys continued to discuss plans for their future.  John was delighted to learn that Dustin wanted multiple children.  Darren was happy that Josh was okay with having only two children.  The entire group was especially happy that all their friends were happy and safe while becoming more accepted every day.

John, who was still surprised that graduating nearly four-hundred students only took an hour, was standing outside the Burton Coliseum waiting for his boyfriend to emerge.  Dustin and Darren walked out carrying their graduation certificates.  Dustin and John posed for pictures for their parents and friends, followed by Darren and Jesse, Josh and Katy, and finally, a group photo.

The next step was to meet at Bennigan's for the dinner.  Darren and Jesse went to Josh's car, Josh and Katy went to his car, Dustin followed John to his car, and the other family members went to their respective cars.  Once both graduates were in John's car, Dustin was wondering when John would put the car in drive and leave the parking lot.

"You know, traffic isn't getting any better," Dustin said.

John turned to Dustin, leaned forward, and kissed him deeply.  Once the kiss was broken, John produced a ring box.  When John opened the box, two rings were shining in the sunlight.  "Are you planning to marry me, Mr. Winfield," Dustin asked.

"Yes, Mr. LeFleur," John answered.  "Since I can't afford the engagement ring I wanted to buy for you, I decided to get up promise rings instead."

"So...we're engaged to be engaged?"

"Yes, we most certainly are," John said before kissing Dustin again.  Dustin and John exchanged their rings before leaving the coliseum.  John was immensely happy, and he knew the feeling was mutual with Dustin.

Fall 2005

John and Dustin awoke to text messages and announcements on the news stating that school had been cancelled until the following day, after Hurricane Katrina cleared the bottom half of the state.  The boys watched in horror as the Katrina devastated the New Orleans area.  Darren and Jesse, having evacuated Baton Rouge, were staying at Linda and Richard's house until the storm blew over.  In Louisiana, everyone was used to having large storms and hurricanes; like earthquakes in southern California, it was a way of life.  John and Dustin were actually surprised to find that school was cancelled, considering the storm was mainly affecting the eastern part of the state.  John's question was answered when the power went out which was followed by a deep rumbling sound that shook the entire building.

"Well, crap," Dustin said from the kitchen.  "No cooked breakfast for us!"

"I'll take cereal."

"I know you will."

"Quit being picky and fix something to eat," John said, joining his boyfriend in the kitchen.

About One Month Later

John unlocked his cell phone and looked through the text messages.  He then listened to his voicemail.  John had one message from his dad asking John to pick up some lunch.  John thought this was odd, as it was just another weekday and Stine could not have been that busy, not even at the new larger store.  Some days, John felt he spent more time telling people that the Country Club store was closed when they moved to the larger store on Nelson Road than actually helping customers with sales calls.

When John entered the parking lot, he noticed the store was extremely busy, including the drive-thru lumberyard.  Maybe this place will finally start turning a profit, John thought.  John thought it was odd that the garden center was closed because it was usually the busiest department at the start of fall.  John parked near the garden center and walked to the front door of the store.  Once inside, he saw a fellow cashier frantically trying to keep up with the hordes of customers.  Customers were buying duct tape by the bag full, Plylox by the box full, wood screws five pounds at a time, power drills, flats of water, generators, DeWalt radios, flashlights, batteries, gas cans, and extension cords.  John had the nagging feeling that something was not right.  These items never sell this well during this time of year; what the Hell, John thought.  No one was buying lawn mowers, garden hoses or tools, soil, plants, winterizer, rye grass, vegetables, pressure washers, pool chemicals, or any other items normally associated with the fall.

John's cell phone rang just as he spotted his dad helping a customer with a flat of water.  After seeing Dustin's name, John flipped open his Razr and said, "Hello, babe; is the world coming to an end, or something?"

"No, but the mayor just ordered a mandatory evacuation," Dustin said into the phone.

"What; why?"

"The hurricane."

"Another one?  Where is it headed?"

"Here; haven't you been watching the news lately?"

"No; I've been too busy with school."

"Well; it's coming for us and it's supposed to be very bad.  Where are you?"

"At work.  And you couldn't tell me about this before?  We do live together, Dustin!"

"Sorry about that.  You have work today?"

"No; I'm bring my dad some food."

"Get over here, we need to evacuate!"

"I'm going to evacuate with my family, honey.  I'm not leaving until my dad leaves."

"Okay, just get over here so I can hug you."

"Okay; love you."

"Love you, too."  John hung up the phone just as his dad walked toward him.

"Hey son, do you want to stay and help."

"I can't; Randy Roach just issued a mandatory evacuation.  I have to go help mom and the girls."

"Okay."  Charles grabbed the food from his son.

"When will you be home?"

"They're telling us that we'll be opened until four o'clock."

"So, like six?"

"Yeah, probably!"

"Okay; we should be ready to leave when you get home."

"Okay; see you later, son."

"See, ya, dad."


"Hey babe," Dustin said, kissing John.


"You should hurry and pack."

"Do you know if everyone has a plan?"

"Yeah; Darren is coming with me and the fam; Jesse was invited, but decided he wanted to stay Baton Rouge because classes are only cancelled for a day.  Josh is going to Denham Springs to stay with some of Katy's friends."

"Where are you guys going and why is Darren going?"

"San Antonio...and I really don't know why Darren is coming."

"Wow!  Are you guys planning to have a hurrication?"

"Funny; maybe that's why Darren wants to come," Dustin said, chuckling.  "Where are you going?"

"I don't know, yet.  I'll find out once my dad gets home this evening."

"I don't like that answer, John.  Texas is probably the best place to evacuate to.  Hotels are booked all over Arkansas, Mississippi, eastern Louisiana, Alabama, northern Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and central Texas.  Believe me, we've looked!  We were lucky to find this room open in Canyon Lake."

"Canyon Lake!  You guys are going on a hurrication!"

"Seriously, John; you know they're closing the Sabine bridge in a few hours.  All the other entrances into Texas have already been sealed off."

"Don't worry about me, Dusty; we'll get out of here, trust me!"

"Okay; but I still don't like this.  Call me when you have a plan to let me know what it is and where you're going."  Dustin kissed his boyfriend and added, "I love you, John.  I want to see you when I get back, so you had better evacuate!  We still have countless children, careers, and a marriage to look forward to!"

"I love you, Dustin," John said, kissing his boyfriend just as passionately as the words were uttered.

After the kiss was broken, Dustin repeated, "I love you, too."  Dustin grabbed his backpack and the final box of his belongings at went outside to his car.  John watched as Dustin drove off, evacuating what was about to become a disaster area.


The traffic leading to Baton Rouge was insane.  John was glad to have his sister accompany him on the trip, or he felt that he would have died of boredom.  Gridlock on the Interstate-10 corridor was so bad that evacuees had started grilling in the middle of the road.  People started leaving their vehicles and crowded around the grill.  Soon, a hurricane evacuation party began.  There was the typical bar-be-que food along with deer, rabbit, quail, alligator, and frog.  John got alligator and frog legs to eat in his car.  His sister got deer and alligator.

John and his family finally arrived in Baton Rouge after midnight.  Glenda had talked to her sister and found a place to stay.  The only problem is that her sister's relatives were likely sleeping at this hour.  Parked in front of a hotel, John walked to the hotel, only to find the front doors locked.  John spotted someone inside who worked for the hotel and caught her attention.  She cracked the door and said that all their rooms were booked.  "Can we just sleep in your lobby for the night," John asked.

"No, sir; that's against our policy."

"You're telling me that you actually have a policy that forbids evacuees from sleeping in your lobby?"

"Yes, sir."

"How dense do you think I am?"

"Sir, I have to go."  The worker closed and locked the door and then left out of view of the entrance.

John and his family slept in their cars for the night; a very frightening experience because they had to sleep with their windows down because of the heat.


The following morning, John awoke and found out that everyone was still alive, in one piece, and no one was "MIA".  John found out about the plan and texted it to Dustin.  Dustin called John, elated to hear from his boyfriend and to tell John that it took them sixteen hours to get to San Antonio.  John told Dustin that it took them nearly seven hours to get to Baton Rouge.  This was the first hurricane either of them had to evacuate for and both knew this would be etched into their memories forever.

During the week John stayed in Baton Rouge, he met with Josh and Jesse.  The three went to the Mall of Louisiana and were hit on by multiple men and even offered modeling jobs.  At the end of the week, John's parents found out, from their aunt, who had stayed in Lake Charles to look after his grandfather, that although the streets were not passable, she was able to walk to their house to find it intact after multiple trees had fallen in their yard.


Hours after getting in contact with Glenda's sister, Charles found out he had to return home for work and Glenda felt the family was overstaying their welcome.  The new plan was for John to bring his sisters to Houston, stopping in Lake Charles to meet up with their aunt.  Charles and Glenda would go to Lake Charles and stay with Dennis Stine and the other supervisors and managers from the Lake Charles Stine store.  Stine was the first home improvement store to reopen after the storm.  They would make one stop before Lake Charles in Jennings to pick up John and Charles' pay stubs and to get supplies from the Wal-Mart there.

Now leaving Jennings with his, and Dustin's paystubs, and his sisters accompanying him, John followed his mother and father to Lake Charles.  As the caravan neared Lake Charles, the destruction of Rita became evident.  John was shocked at how horrible the landscape looked.  As they got closer to Lake Charles, the destruction got worse.  The highway was empty; and, when they arrived in Lake Charles, so were the streets.  With the exception of military personnel, the city looked like a ghost town.  John was instructed to go directly to his aunt's house, while his mother and father went to their house, on rumors the electricity was working.  Once John and his sisters rendezvoused with their aunt, the crew wasted no time getting on the road and heading for Houston.

John spent only three days in Houston, but managed to get lost six separate times, three of those times just trying to find the neighborhood Wal-Mart.  Getting back to Lake Charles, however, was very easy.  John drove ninety-miles-per-hour the entire way back.  There were no police on the highways.  There were also no people once he passed Beaumont.

John was called back to Lake Charles because he was the only cashier supervisor the managers were able to reach after the storm and someone needed to count and record the money.  John's first stop was his apartment.  From the outside, the apartment complex looked as horrible as it always has.  John had to park on the side of the road because entrance to the parking lot was impossible due to down branches and trees.  John walked to his apartment and inserted the key into the doorknob.  John was only able to open the door with barely enough room to fit his fingers.  John pushed with all his weight until the door started to budge slightly.  Frustrated, John started kicking the door in, eager to find out what was blocking the way.  Knowing that this was not an option, John closed and locked the door, and went around back.  John needed to find a way to climb the tall fence without hurting himself.  John saw a ladder in the parking lot of the hospital across the street.  Must have blown from a roof somewhere, John thought as he crossed the road.

John returned with the ladder and climbed over the fence.  The gate was latched from the inside, so John could exit without the need of the ladder.  John cautiously lowered himself into the back patio and gasped when he turned to look through the sliding glass door.

The upstairs apartment was where John and Dustin's apartment used to be and in the middle of the space was what John assumed was the roof.  John looked up and was able to see into the upstairs apartment, what was left of it, and the sky through the huge hole in the roof.  Not knowing what else he could do, John texted his boyfriend the horrible news along with pictures of the apartment and then left, leaving the ladder against the fence.

Six days after John returned to Lake Charles, power and street lamps were up in the entire city, a feat pundits said would take the mayor and police jury over a month to accomplish.  Most of the citizens were ready to get back to a sense of normalcy, but unfortunately, for many them, displacement would become their new normal.  Dustin had come back the day prior only to discover his parents' house was destroyed from the flooding of south Lake Charles.  Darren was already back in Baton Rouge, enjoying the vacation, even though his classes were only dismissed for a day.

"What are you guys going to do," John asked Dustin, staring across the street at the massive debris pile in the elementary school parking lot.  John and Dustin were sitting on the back of Charles' truck at John's house.

"My parents are planning to move to Houston while the house gets fixed.  It wasn't the water, it was the mud."


"There was like two feet of mud throughout the entire house.  Everything has to be replaced.  The entire house has to be stripped; all the walls have to be removed."

"Damn; I didn't know it was that bad."

"Darren wanted to take off this first semester to try and help, but mom and dad forbade that."  Dustin looked down at the cup in his hand and, in a very low voice, added, "There's not much any of us could do right now, anyways."

John wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pulled him close, and comforted him.

"My parents are offering to pay for an apartment," Dustin said.  "The only problem is we just have to find one."

"It's a good thing we had insurance," John said, continuing to squeeze Dustin close.  "I'm staying with my parents in my old bedroom.  My sister isn't too happy about that because she has to move back in with our baby sister.  I'll ask them if you could stay."

"You don't have to do that."

"Dustin; don't be ridiculous.  You have work and school."

"Work, yes; school, no.  They're saying that school won't be open until November."

"I know.  You're staying here, though.  I'm not separating from you again, Dustin."

"I love you, John."

"I love you, too, Dusty."

McNeese was out for over a month, pushing finals back to the week before Christmas.  John and Dustin were not only busy playing catch up with their other classmates at school, they were also working very hard at Stine, offering a much needed service to a community in need.  Most towns in Cameron Parish, the parish south of Calcasieu were completely wiped out.  The levees and storm walls protecting Lake Charles were breeched, flooding the southern part of the city, as well as the lakefront and neighborhoods along Contraband Bayou.  Trees were toppled everywhere in the city, landing on homes, crushing many of their roofs.  The entire region was devastated; Stine picked-up customers as far away as east Louisiana and even southeastern Texas flooded the store in search of much needed supplies.

The odds stacked against John when he discovered all of his books, notes, and study material were stolen when his car had been broken into while he was working.  Dustin was understandably infuriated, but John decided the only thing he could do was muster on.

John only had one final left:  Chemistry.  John knew this would be difficult and that he had to score well to pass the test.  Today was the day of that test.  Luckily, John had friends in the class who provided notes for him to study.  While John was studying for the final, Dustin was in the kitchen helping Glenda cook.  Over the course of their stay, Dustin had learned to make many of John's favorite meals from Glenda.  Dustin had grown on her and on John's family; he was accepted as part of the family.  John's mother even had a full one-eighty on her acceptance of John and Dustin, to the point of fully supporting gay rights, including marriage equality.  John was very happy for this experience and was grateful that something positive came out of this disaster.  John and Dustin had found a new apartment and would be moving out in January, after New Year's Day.

John was sitting in his room looking over stoichiometry when he felt a feeling he had only felt one other time in his life.  John ran into the kitchen and yelled, "Something's wrong, I don't feel good!"

Glenda and Dustin both ran to John's aid as John was walking with his arms extended, feeling, quite literally, beside himself.  The last thing John heard was his mom ask, "John, what's wrong," followed by Dustin saying, "I think you need to lay down, hon."


When John came to, he was in the hospital and he had missed his final.  John sat up immediately and looked around the room.  Dustin stood up and walked over to his boyfriend.  John's entire body ached, his tongue hurt, his head hurt.  John knew what happened, he just had a hard time believing it happened again.  John started crying as soon as Dustin placed his hand on John's shoulder.

Dustin held his boyfriend just as Glenda walked into the room.  Glenda rushed over to the other side of her son's bed and asked, "Do you remember anything after you came into the kitchen."

John shook his head, "no."

"You had another grand mal seizure," Glenda said.

"Another," Dustin asked, astonished.  "You mean this has happened before?"

Glenda nodded in the affirmative.

"The last one I had was when I came out, in the tenth grade," John said.


John refused to stay in the hospital while his last final was still up in the air.  He noticed that some of his friends had called him, but he needed to contact his professor first.  John called Dr. Darbeau and explained to him what had happened.  Dr. Darbeau seemed very worried; John could not blame Dr. Darbeau, as he had to console the class after a student committed suicide earlier in the semester.  John reassured Dr. Darbeau that everything was fine now and that he would be ready to take the final.  The final was rescheduled for Saturday morning with Dr. Darbeau's Organic Chemistry class.  John called his friends immediately to let them know what happened and to stop worrying, although he felt that he actually made them worry more.


John sat on the bed in his old room looking at his boyfriend.  "Dustin, hon; I have a secret to share with you."

Dustin nodded and leaned forward to listen.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone what I'm about to say to you...ever; okay!"

Dustin nodded and said, "Okay."

"That tenth grade," John paused and swallowed back his tears, looking away from Dustin.  "I was trying to kill myself."  John looked back at his boyfriend, only to see a look of deep concern reflecting back at him.

John heard Dustin's voice waver for the first time when Dustin asked, "Why...why would you do something like that?"

"It was something so stupid now that I look back on it," John said, looking at his fingers, which he began to twirl.  "My mom is everything to me.  She is literally my rock.  When I came out, she took it in the worst way possible.  She made me feel like I was worthless every single day.  It was hard, Dustin."

"She's better, though; or is that only when I'm around."

"No; she is categorically better.  I'm glad I didn't go through with it, but I thought my seizure was caused by all the drugs in my system."

Dustin immediately leaned forward and hugged his boyfriend.  Dustin kissed John on the neck and said, repeatedly, "I love you."

Eventually John calmed down and asked, "I don't know what's causing this crap, and neither do the doctors.  I'm not epileptic.  They want to do a sleep-depravation test to try to induce another seizure, but I don't want to do something like that again.  It's like playing with fire."

"I think your seizures may be stressed-induced," Dustin said.  "I read about that in my psychology class."


"Yeah.  I'll explain later, just go to sleep; we'll talk tomorrow after your final."

"I love you, Dustin."

"I love you, too, John."

Dustin kissed his boyfriend and the two fell asleep in each other's arms.

End of Chapter 3

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