The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 4

by John Michael

Before we begin, a little correction:  the twins are actually a grade year ahead of what they were originally casted; sorry about the mistake.  -John

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  15, Junior at OVHS
Joshua "Charlie":  15, Junior at OVHS
Elijah:  14, 8th Grade at OVHS

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 4

Fall 2062

Decorating Elijah's room was another excuse for the boys to go shopping.  After spending thousands of dollars, most of which on new TV's for all their rooms, Elijah was completely ready for the school year.

By the end of the day, the boys went to their respective rooms exhausted.  Jamie was lying in his underwear setting up his new TV when Charlie walked into his room.  Charlie was wearing only his basketball shorts, showing his defined smooth chest and six-pack he worked hard with Jamie to achieve.   Charlie was always a turn-on for Jamie; Jamie was eager to see his brother crawl into his bed.

Charlie kissed Jamie, deciding not to take things as far as the last time they shared an intimate kiss.  Jamie was left wanting more from Charlie, but decided to let things pan out at Charlie's pace.  Charlie removed his shorts and cuddled closer to his brother.  Jamie's raging boner was noticeable, but Charlie did not say anything about it and the boys fell asleep, Charlie in Jamie's arms.

Charlie had been sleeping for Jamie for a week, something he has not done even when the boys were little.  Jamie thought this was odd, considering Charlie had become independent when he started high school.

Jamie did not mind that Charlie wanted to be closer, but this behavior was starting to worry him.  His biggest worry was that something had happened to Charlie; his other worry was how sexually attracted to Charlie he was becoming.  Whenever Charlie would smile, or come close to Jamie, Jamie would start to get a boner.  Normally, Jamie could control this, but with Charlie becoming so close, it took everything he had not to shoot off in Charlie's presence.

Jamie decided not to broach the subject of Charlie's clinginess as he lied in his bed, waiting for his brother to join him.  Jamie was surprised to see Charlie walk through the door wearing only boxer trunks.  Jamie's eyes drank in the site of his beautiful brother, not missing an inch, especially the big prize.

Charlie smiled and got under the covers with his brother.  The warmth, the smell, and now the feel of Charlie were starting to drive Jamie insane with urges and feelings for his brother.  When the boys spooned completely, the skin-to-skin feel of his nearly naked brother did not help the expanding situation in his briefs.  Jamie swallowed the lump in his throat as he put his arm around his brother's midsection.  When the boys settled into place, Charlie felt Jamie exhale deeply; Charlie smiled, knowing he was having an effect on his brother.


Jamie awoke midmorning, Charlie still asleep next to him.  After carefully getting out of bed and peeing, Jamie crawled back into bed next to Charlie.  The scent of Charlie and the sounds Charlie were making in his sleep gave Jamie instant wood.

Jamie slid his underwear off and grabbed hold of his blood engorged, four-inch dick.  Jamie began pumping his boyhood, peeking at Charlie after a few strokes.  Charlie's chest rose and fell as he breathed lightly.  Jamie thought his brother looked angelic; Jamie believed his twin brother was a gift from the universe.

It took a lot of goading from himself, but Jamie decided to reach across and touch his brother.  Jamie felt his brother's chest, and then his tight, smooth stomach, stopping at Charlie's underwear line.  Jamie stopped pounding his meat when he did something he thought he could never do.

Jamie's hand progressed forward, over the underwear-covered package, his brother's package.  Jamie allowed his hand to rest gently on Charlie's package.  Jamie did not realize he was holding his breath until he exhaled and gasped for air.  Jamie continued pounding away as he squeezed his brother's package.  Jamie's dick erupted without warning leading to one of the best orgasms he has ever had.  Jamie felt bad immediately after, deciding that this was a one-time occurrence, never to let this happen again.  Jamie wiped away his spunk, put back on his underwear, and crawled back into bed with Charlie; feeling very calm and content, he fell fast asleep.

Elijah and Charlie were in the game room with their cousins, Ondrej and Karl, when Jamie came in from another "date."  Jamie had a huge smile across his face that said everything.  Charlie wanted so badly to talk to his brother in private right now, but knew he would have to wait until later.  Tonight is the night, Charlie thought as Jamie plopped down on the sofa beside him.


Jamie swallowed hard when Charlie appeared in his doorway wearing only his tight fitting, Pikante black with blue trim 80's-retro gym short micro boxers.  Jamie watched as Charlie closed the door and walked to the bed.  There was something different about Charlie, Jamie noted.  The way Charlie carried himself tonight, the way he smiled, and the constant eye contact he was making with Jamie.  Jamie felt as though Charlie was trying to seduce him.

Jamie had no doubt that was the case when Charlie climbed into bed and then on top of Jamie's boxer trunk-clad crotch.  Jamie swallowed another lump in his throat when he felt Charlie's ass make contact with his dick.  Charlie put his weight onto his brother's crotch and squeezed his ass cheeks around Jamie's dick, causing Jamie's upper body to lift off the bed.  Jamie looked at Charlie as he began to rub Charlie's thighs.

Jamie felt a storm of butterflies in his stomach when Charlie leaned forward to kiss him.  When the boys made lip contact, the kiss they shared started soft and sensual.  As the kiss progressed into a more aggressive tone, Jamie's hands began to wander from Charlie's thighs to Charlie's ass.  Jamie squeezed Charlie's ass as the boys continued their tongue hockey.  When Jamie began to move his hand around Charlie's waist, Charlie grabbed Jamie's arms, stopping Jamie just before Jamie could grab Charlie's boyhood.

The kiss broke and both boys inhaled deeply.  Both were flush from the intensity of their making out.  Jamie signed, "What was that about?"

"I love you, Jamie," Charlie responded.

"I love you, too, Charlie."

"No; I really love you," Charlie said, his facial expression showing the strength of his words.

"Where are you trying to take this?"

"I think you know.  We both want the same things."

Jamie wasted no time pulling his brother to him and returning the kiss.  Jamie continued to rub his brother's legs and ass.  When Jamie started toying with the light blue waistband, Charlie stopped him.  The kiss broke; again, Jamie was left wondering about Charlie's intentions.

"We can't go any further until you stop sleeping around."


"And we have to be exclusive."

"You mean boyfriends?"

Charlie nodded, "yes."

"Charlie; I don't know.  I love you, a lot.  It's obvious I'm attracted to you; but, we cannot do this!  What if people find out; what if the family finds out.  We can't keep this from them forever."

"They love us, so they won't care.  Not in the long run!  I don't care who knows, I just want to be with you!"

Jamie lied in his bed in awe at Charlie's persistence and forwardness.  Charlie really wanted to take the next step with his brother, but sexual and emotional relationships have the potential to fail.  Jamie and Charlie are close, very close, and if something this petty jeopardized that, Jamie knew he and his brother would be devastated.  Jamie often romanticized the idea of taking his relationship with Charlie to the next level.  This is it, this is his chance; Charlie was giving him the green light.

"What if I break your heart," Jamie asked.  "Will you still love me?"

"You won't break my heart," Charlie signed.  "And I will always love you!"

"Okay," Jamie said.  "I'll stop sleeping around; it'll be just you and me."

"Like boyfriends," Charlie asked, smiling.

Jamie smiled and signed, "Like boyfriends!"

Charlie smiled and kissed his brother.  Jamie and Charlie both felt the excitement of taking this next step with each other.  They felt like they had a unique bond other twins could only dream of, and now, it had gotten stronger.  Jamie felt as if Charlie would be the person who would feel his lungs with every breath Charlie took, unlike his other sexual partners.  Jamie felt prepared, but was still cautious.

Jamie was surprised when Charlie rolled off him and got into place to go to sleep.  Jamie reached around and grabbed his brother's crotch only to be stopped by Charlie.  Charlie faced Jamie and Jamie signed, "What; no hanky-panky?"

"I'm not ready to pursue a sexual relationship, yet.  I want this relationship to be more than just sex."

"It already is.  We've known each other literally our entire lives; I think we're passed the dating phase."

"We haven't even been on a "date" date.  I want this to be real!"

The little fuckin' cock tease, Jamie thought.  "Okay; we'll take things at your pace."


Charlie kissed his brother and turned around.  The two started to spoon, this time Jamie kissed the nape of his brother's neck and cuddled closer than before.

Before they went to sleep, Charlie said, "And don't touch me while I'm sleeping!"

Jamie swallowed another lump in his throat and closed his eyes.  Sleep overcame both boys as they comforted each other throughout the night.

Even though he had already visited the campus during orientation, Elijah was still in awe of its size as Paris pulled up to the school.  The boys exited the vehicle and headed into the center of the campus.  Elijah felt a little out of place as he was introduced to the upperclassmen that made up the twins' friends.

As the day progressed, Elijah learned about different clubs and organizations he could join while on campus.  Joining a gay-straight alliance was necessary, but Elijah was also interested in government; that day, he decided to join the Democratic Party and officially file to run for mayor of his homeroom.

Elijah also noticed the make-up of his homeroom was almost completely lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered students.  Elijah immediately thought back to scheduling when he filled out that he identified himself as a transgendered student.  Hmph, I wonder why do they segregate us, Elijah thought as he took a seat.


Elijah ran into Jamie while walking to the Angie Chabram-Dernersesian Building.  Jamie smiled and asked, "Hey, Eli; how goes your classes, so far?"

"Awesome," Elijah responded with excitement.  "I love this school!  But I have one nagging question."


"Why are we segregated?"

"I thought you'd ask that.  Population concentration equals power in the federal student government.  You are more likely to be elected in a homeroom of your peers than in a more diverse homeroom.  It's only homeroom, though; we only go there once a week to hear from our elected officials."

"Oh; that explains things."

The one-minute bell rang and the boys said their farewells before parting to go to their respective classes.

Elijah was enjoying his new school and was starting to make friends, which was important if he wanted to be elected mayor.  He had no complaints about making the switch to OVHS -- until he saw a familiar figure roaming the courtyards and pathways amongst the sea of citizens, the term OVHS called its students.

There is no fucking way that asshole followed me here, Elijah thought to himself, feeling immediately alarmed when he saw the figure's face.

It was Brent Hearst; his tormentor had followed him from New York all the way to Los Angeles.  This motherfucker is sick, Elijah thought as he weaved through the crowd, avoiding Brent, who, for some reason was trying to get his attention.


"I think I have a stalker," Elijah told his cousins as they walked from the Milk Building to the parking lot.  Jamie and Charlie stopped walking, prompting Elijah to do the same.

"Huh," Jamie asked.

"It's Brent Hearst," Elijah said in an uneasy tone.

Jamie furrowed his brow and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Elijah cried.  "I think I would know the face of the asshole who made my life a living hell!"

"You should tell someone," Charlie signed.

"I know," Elijah said.  "Not now, though.  I don't want to give my parents reason to remove me from here."

Charlie and Jamie looked at each other and then back at Elijah.  Their faces said exactly what they were worried and feared about.  Elijah reassured them, saying, "If he approaches me, I'll get a teacher; until then, I'll just let this pan out."

"Okay, dude," Jamie said.  "But I don't like this idea.

The boys continued walking to the car, all feeling apprehensive about Elijah's decision.

Spring 2063

It was another good day for Elijah, and it was especially good because he had not seen Brent all day.  Maybe that creep went back to NY, Elijah thought as he rounded the corner.  Elijah stopped in his tracks and felt the blood drain from his face.  Brent wasted no time approaching Elijah in the empty hallway.

Elijah turned around and began to run in the opposite direction of Brent, but was not fast enough to outrun the athlete.  Brent, although younger than Elijah, was much larger from playing rugby.  He grabbed Elijah by Elijah's shoulders and lifted the boy into the air and against the wall.  Elijah began to yell, but was silenced by Brent's hand.

End of Chapter 4

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