The LeFleur-Winfield Men IV: Kai Sexual 5

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  28, Starting Net Minder for the Boston Bruins
Kai:  28, General Surgeon at UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Jacques:  19, Alternate Captain for the Boston Bruins
Brandon:  23, Intern at UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center

Part Four:  Kai-Sexual -- Chapter 5

March 2052

Kai and Brandon's relationship remained strained after Brandon's reaction during sex.  After a week of avoidance, made especially hard due to their living situation, Kai finally decided to sit down with Brandon.  Brandon was sitting on the balcony when Kai went outside with a peace offering of beer.  Brandon accepted the beer and watched as Kai took a seat next to him.

The two watched the city below them move as if they were the ones directing it like a video game.  "I'm sorry if I've upset you," Brandon said.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Brandon."

"I'm still confused about this gay and bisexual thing.  I'm not completely sure that I'm into guys, although I'm very attracted to you...I think you're beautiful."

Brandon paused before saying, "I'm just not ready to settle down, yet, either, Kai...I'm sorry!"

"Stop apologizing," Kai said with sincerity.  "You've done nothing wrong.  I moved things way too fast, I should have slowed down when you told me I was your first gay experience and I'm sorry for that.  Also, you can stay here if you'd like...with no pressure.  And this won't affect our professional relationship, Brandon, I promise."

Kai had become an expert at hiding his feelings when necessary, now hiding the hurt he felt from having to let go the second person with which he has fallen in love.  These feelings amplified when Brandon laid his head against Kai's chest and said, "For what it's worth, the relationship with you was easily the best in my life...definitely the healthiest."  Kai leaned forward and kissed Brandon on the head before rubbing his hair, enjoying the comforting feeling of just having Brandon here, even if Kai could not have a relationship with him.

Jacques smiled when Sidney awoke and began playing through Jacques' hair.  Jacques and Sidney's legs were entwined and their crotches were so close, one could tell the heart rate of the other just from the pulse in their dicks.  Jacques moved closer to kiss Sidney; after sharing a soft, sensual kiss, Jacques said, "Last night was fun; who would have thought I would love bottoming so much!"  Sidney smiled at this comment and then accepted another kiss from Jacques.  Every minute that Sidney and Jacques were together, Sidney could not help thinking about Kai.  Sidney started to worry about the relationship he was forming with Jacques, more precisely, how it would affect their professional relationship if Jacques wanted more and Sidney just could not offer that to him.  What the fuck am I doing, Sidney thought to himself.

"I have to go pee; I'll be back in a minute," Sidney told Jacques.  Jacques smiled and kissed Sidney once more before Sidney got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  Sidney closed the door behind himself, something that Jacques found unusual.  After peeing, Sidney looked at himself in the mirror and asked himself the question again, what the fuck am I doing?  Sidney decided that he had to end the sexual relationship before things got too far as they had with Kai.  Sidney yelled through the door, "I'm going to take a shower."  When he heard Jacques yell, "Okay," Sidney started the water and climbed into the shower, enjoying the warm spray and continued to think about his life with Kai and the tragedy of throwing away a friendship over anything trivial.

After the shower, Sidney felt refreshed and now had a new train of thought.  Sidney passed Jacques, who was dosing off again, as he walked to the bedroom door.  Before leaving the room, Sidney took off his towel and threw it at Jacques, waking Jacques.  "Get up and shower, I'm making breakfast," Sidney said.

"Ooo; are you going to make it dressed like that?"

"Like what; I have nothing on."


"I was planning to."

"Well, don't let me spoil those plans!"

Sidney smiled at Jacques and said, "Just go take a bath!"


Jacques walked into the kitchen donning his birthday suit, eager to match Sidney, just as Sidney was finishing the preparations for breakfast.  Sidney made waffles, eggs, and vegetarian sausage links and fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Jacques saw the oranges and asked, "Is that fresh orange juice?"  When Jacques picked up the glass, Sidney answered, "Yes," just as Jacques took a gulp.  "Wow; that's pretty amazing," Jacques exclaimed.

"I try."

As the boys sat down to eat, Sidney was immediately nervous about telling Jacques his feelings on their relationship.  After a few minutes of silence, Jacques asked, "Is there a reason you're so quiet this morning?"

"Um...we need to talk," Sidney started.

"Are you breaking up with me," Jacques asked sounding devastated.

" were never...together..."

"Never together!  I don't understand!"

Sidney was now getting worried and it showed when he tried to say something else, but instead just opening and shutting his mouth and looking at his plate.  Sidney was confused when Jacques started to laugh.  When Sidney looked at Jacques, Jacques was holding his stomach and was almost on the floor.  Sidney was staring at Jacques when Jacques stopped laughing and said, "I'm just fucking with you, Flower!  I know we were just fuckin' around; it's no big deal!"

"'re okay with ending the sex?"

"No; I don't see why we have to."

"You have a good point...with which I have to disagree, however," Sidney said.  "You and I have really great chemistry, but no future together.  I had a wonderful friendship that ended because of the exact thing we're doing right now.  You're my teammate and one of my best friends and I don't want this relationship to become toxic.  That and you said that you're already ready to settle down and I don't want to get in the way of that process.  I love you, Jacques."

Jacques was now behaving with seriousness when he responded, "I love you, too, Sid.  If this is what it will take to keep our friendship strong, then so be it."

"Thanks for understanding."

"Thanks for coming clean."

The boys shared a kiss and continued eating.  Sitting around the house naked with Jacques made it hard not to get horny, so the boys ended up jerking off together, something Jacques was still unhappy about.

Sidney had cancelled the call four times over a span of two hours before finally letting the phone ring.  The first time the call completed, it was when the call went to voicemail and Sidney was content to listen to his friend's voice.  Sidney decided not to leave a message.  Thirty minutes later, Sidney made the call, but this time, he was met with, "Hi, Sidney."

Sidney took time to hear his friend's voice, to listen for any changes since they last spoke, to listen for any sign of his happiness, and to absorb the fact that he is finally talking to his best friend.  "Hi, Kai," Sidney said.

The landing at John Wayne International was a little rocky leading Sidney to hope that this was not foreshadowing.  After coming off the plane and walking into the lobby, Sidney's heart nearly stopped when he saw him.  The two men stood in the busy lobby staring at each other, waiting for someone to make a move.  Kai did not expect Sidney to move first, nor did Kai expect Sidney to run toward him.  Sidney wrapping his arms around Kai's neck and breaking down was unexpected behavior, as well.  As Sidney cried onto into Kai's neck, Kai wrapped his arms around Sidney's waist and held Sidney.

"Kai, I'm so sorry," Sidney said between sniffles and sobs.  Kai squeezed Sidney tighter and felt Sidney's earring rub against his cheek.  Kai recognized the earrings when he first saw Sidney in the lobby.

"He just went semi-pro," Kai said to John, looking at the studs on display.  "We should get him something extra special."  The jeweler looked at John for confirmation; John agreed with Kai and said, "Do you have something pink?"

"Yes, we do."  The jeweler moved to another portion of the counter and showed John and Kai unset pink jewels.  "We have high quality pink diamonds ready to be set into any piece of jewelry."

"That's perfect," Kai said.

"Yes, it is," John agreed.  "We'll take the white gold earring studs with these diamonds."

"How big?"

"A quarter-carat each."

"Okay; we can do that.  That will run about ninety-seven-thousand dollars before taxes."

"Okay, sounds good," John said, pulling out the

"Kai, snap out of it," Sidney exclaimed, pulling Kai out of his memories and back to the present.

Kai looked at his friend, smiled, and said, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking about the past.  I miss you, Sidney."

"Can we go somewhere private; I can't handle breaking down in the airport again."

Kai smiled and said, "Sure."


"Why is it that my key code no longer works, but yours does," Sidney asked as the two entered the beach house in Newport.

"I dunno, ask Page or Dmitry, they own the place now."

"How much did the rents sell this place to them for?"

"A dollar.  They sold the main house to Paris and Zach for four."

"Wow; what about the Malibu compound?"

"They still own it."

There was a pause before Sidney said, "I'm sorry for the stupid and selfish way I toyed with your emotions and just all-around used you.  I'm your best friend and I knew better."

"Wow, Sidney, that's some apology.  I have something to be sorry about, too.  I manipulated you, constantly.  I exploited you and coerced you into going against your will multiple times, even when you wanted to stop before one of us got hurt...or both.  You are not all to blame, Hell, you're not even seventy-percent of the blame.  It is mostly my fault that the events that led to our falling out even occurred in the first place."

"Kai, that's a lot of blame to place on yourself; I really do have some shared responsibility in this as well.  I was the other participating party."

Kai knew this was false.  Mentally, Kai was smarter and stronger, something Kai discovered in high school when Sidney allowed Kai to top him.  Kai used this knowledge and the knowledge that Sidney did not like being considered close-minded on the issue of sexuality.  Kai exploited this fact every chance he got, without thinking about the mental stability of his best friend.  Kai's guilt stemmed from this fact, something he knew Sidney would not understand, something he would have to live with for the rest of his life.

"No matter who was responsible and how much any of us was responsible, that's in the past and it was picayune.  That is no reason to throw away the best friendship the world has ever seen," Kai responded.

Sidney smiled and started to tear up.  When he felt Kai's lips touch his, he started sobbing again.  "I love you, Kai!"

"I love you, too, Sidney."

"Never again!"

"Never again!"

April 2052

Sidney looked at the picture on his phone before saying, "He's cute."

"I know," Kai replied

"Have you two know?"

"Yeah; we dated for a while."

"He wasn't your type?"

"No, he definitely is.  I fucked things up by going too fast."

"Is he gay, straight..."

"He's still questioning, but he says he's likely bisexual."

"What are you guys doing in this pic?"

"We were at a Valentine's party.  It was the first time we went to a work function as a couple.  I really like him.  He's smart, talented, funny, and he keeps me young.  He came into my life at just the right moment...when I most needed someone to brighten it up."

"Sounds like you love him...not like."

Sidney paused and added, "Did you say the `L' word?"

The silence on the other side of the line followed by the long pause answered Sidney's question.  "I'm sorry, Kai."

"Hey," Kai chuckled, "it's not your fault.  I'm ready to settle down, he's not."

There was a pause before Sidney said, "I know someone who is ready to settle down.  He's young, talented, pretty smart, and funny.  And, you'll get to marry a hockey player, like you've always wanted!"

"I only want one hockey player," Kai said, laughing, while toying with the gold band Sidney gave him before returning to Boston.  Inside the band the phrase, "Friends `til Eternity, Love Sid," was inscribed.  Knowing better than to put it on his ring finger, Kai decided to put it on the same finger, but on the right hand, instead.


"How old is he?"

"He's nineteen."

"Wow; he's still a baby!"

Sidney laughed through the line and then said, "He turns twenty this September!"

"He's still young!"

"So, are you a go?"

"Is he a go?"

"I don't know yet, I'll have to ask."

"If he wants to settle down with an older man, then I'll do it."

"Older man?  Kai, you're only nine years older than he is.  And he likes older men.  And you're not just any older man, you're my best friend and you're a famous doctor."

"I'm not that famous."

"You're pretty famous; I have every article and medical journal that you appeared in, even the ones in other languages.  You're like Jesus; you've been translated into every major language!"

Kai felt a sense of pride wash over himself as he listened to his best friend.  "Wow, you followed my progress?"

"Yes; wouldn't miss your accomplishments for the world."

"I really love you, Sidney."

"And I really love you, too, Kai."

After a pause, Kai said, "Okay, go ask him and let me know what he says, ASAP!"

"Will do."

"Bye, Sid."

"By, Dr. Kai!"


"Bye Kai."


"He's hot," Jacques exclaimed, looking at Kai's picture on Sidney's iPad.  "And he's a doctor?"

"One of the best in the world."

"Is that an exaggeration?"

"Possibly; he is my best friend."

"He's big."

"Apparently he works out to relieve stress," Sidney said, smiling.  "Yes, or no?"

"Yes; definitely yes!  I'm not sure about a long distance relationship, but I will love to try with him."

"He's a great guy; you won't be disappointed."

"I better not be, or else you're paying me for time lost!"

"I'm already letting you stay here for free!"

"You're rich."

"I know," Sidney replied, chuckling.

Having made four wins in game five, the Bruins not only moved to the semifinals, the team also got a small break.  Sidney and Jacques were in Los Angeles before the next schedule was even finalized.  Kai was waiting for them at the gate.  Once, Sidney and Jacques walked up to Kai, Sidney introduced the two, saying, "Jacques, this is my best friend, Kai, and Kai, this is my very close friend, Jacques."  Kai and Jacques exchanged handshakes and, "Nice to meet you's."  Sidney hugged both men and headed to the car rental booth to visit his parents and give Jacques and Kai some time alone.


"So, you're a doctor," Jacques said, starting a conversation as the two drove to Kai's favorite restaurant.

"Yes.  I'm actually a surgeon."

"That's pretty cool.  What kind of surgeon are you?"

"Um...general; I'm kind of a multipurpose surgeon.  I'm what you would call flexible.  So, you're a forward?"

"Yes.  I'm actually a center-forward," Jacques said, laughing after his statement.  Kai joined the laughter, helping to ease the pressure.


"How long have you and Sidney known each other?"

"Twenty years."


"You can say it; we met when you weren't even born."

"I was only going to think it," Jacques said, showing off his pearly whites with a beaming smile.

"You look just like your brother, but there is something very different about your facial features."

"You've met Marc?"

"Yes, after a Kings game.  He went clubbing with some of the teammates and I met him at the club."

"Cool.  It's the eyes.  And my face is thinner."

"I thought so.  I see you're about to make captain."

"You're not a stalker, are you?"

"No, I watch a lot of hockey.  I used to play in high school."

"Yeah, Sidney told me that."

"Did he tell you that I was the one that got him to start playing?  He was figure skating when he met me."

"Yes, but he only told me it was a close friend, he never told me your name," Jacques exclaimed with another wide smile.  Kai was finding Jacques' smile to be very contagious and shared one with Jacques every time Jacques smiled.  The two continued their conversation, getting to know each other for the remainder of the meal.  After a tequila shot, food, and the basic nervousness being set aside, the boys headed to the beach to watch the sunset.

"I got to see the sun rise over an ocean and now I'm going to see it set over another ocean, all in one day," Jacques said sounding excited.

Kai laughed and said, "You're easily amused!"

"Yes, I am.  Must be that ADHD."

"Good, because us old people aren't really amusing."

"You're not old.  You're still beast in your profession, which I hear is very demanding."


"I don't want to go back to Boston, right now."

"I don't want you to go back, either," Kai said, looking at Jacques.  Jacques looked at Kai and smiled, indicating that he indeed had feelings for Kai, giving Kai some hope.


"I like him," Jacques told Sidney while looking out the window, into the dark skies, on the Red-Eye flight back to Boston.

"Good, I was hoping I could be a good matchmaker."

"We decided to consider dating.  It's not going to be easy, with our schedules."

"Especially during the on-season.  I'm glad you guys are giving it a go, though.  Who knows what the future holds."

Kai sat down with Brandon the day before he moved out of the penthouse.  "I'm going to miss you," he told Brandon.

"We still work together."

"I'm going to miss you living here.  You don't have to move out, you know."

"I know, I'm just ready to explore myself and I don't want to hurt you in the process."

"Okay.  Um...I was planning to do this if we were together after you completed your residency, but I don't see why not, now.  How much are your student loans?"

"One-hundred, thirty, why," Brandon asked, furrowing his brow.  Kai knew Brandon understood his intents when Brandon's face looked as if a light bulb went off.  "No, Kai!"

"Please, I really want to do this.  I'm sitting on piles of money and you're one of my closest friends.  I'd be glad to do this for you."

"I can't accept that."

"It'll help you focus on growing yourself in the medical field without having to worry about mounting debt!"

"That's not good enough."

"Do it for me."

Brandon sighed and asked, "You won't stop until I accept, will you?"

"No.  I'm pretty relentless," Kai said, passing his fingers through Brandon's hair.

"I wish I could love you the way you love me.  I'm just not ready for it."

"But will you at least accept this gift?"


Kai took out his checkbook and wrote a check.  After signing it, he handed the check to Brandon who gasped when he saw the amount.  "Do you realize you just gave me a check for three-hundred, thousand," Brandon asked, shocked.

"Yeah, I just wrote it."

"I really cannot accept this, Kai!"

"What's twice the amount?  It's not even two-hundred extra.  I'm literally sitting on piles of money...this is nothing!"

Brandon's hand was still extended toward Kai so Kai had to push Brandon's hand and the check back toward Brandon.  "You can accept it, Brandon."

"You realized you just erased all of my debts and I still have over a hundred-thousand left."


Brandon's voice was cracking when he said, "Thank-you!"

"Thank-you, Brandon!"

Brandon moved closer to Kai and gave him the tightest, most sincere hug he has ever given anyone in his life.  Brandon was now wondering if he had made the right choice, and would he ever find another man like Kai again.

May 2052

"The view is amazing," Jacques said, looking out the window of the Ritz-Carlton onto Boston Common.

"I can't believe you've never been in any of the tall buildings out here," Kai said.  "They're everywhere!"

"Well, I'm glad you're here to show me around my city!"

"I do like this building, though.  It has the best views."

"Would you like to shower first, or do you want me to?"

"You can go ahead and shower."

While Jacques was in the shower, Kai called room service and ordered champagne to arrive in twenty minutes.  Ten minutes later, Jacques was out of the bathroom in Under Armor boxer briefs, showing his marble statue-sculpted, smooth body.  The boxer briefs left very little to the imagination, showing Jacques' soft cock in such detail, the underwear need not be there.  As Jacques climbed into bed, Kai left to the bathroom for the shower.

Just as Kai came out of the shower in his trunks, the hotel staff knocked on the door.  The staff brought in the champagne and an assortment of fruits and chocolates.  Jacques was immediately excited to see where this would lead.

Kai popped the champagne, filled the two stems, and sat back on the bed, handing a stem to Jacques.  "Here's to finally getting what we deserve," Kai said, toasting the glasses.

"I think you meant, `whom we deserve,'" Jacques said.

"I think you're starting to know me better than I know myself, Jacques!"

"I think I really like you, Kai!"

"I know I really like you, Jacques."

"What are you going to do to make me `know' and not just `think'?"

"This," Kai said, leaning forward to place a soft, sensual kiss on Jacques that very soon turned passionate and deep.  After kissing for a while and downing the stems of champagne, Jacques and Sidney talked for hours into the night, making the fruits and chocolates disappear as time went on.  When the two finally decided to go to sleep, it was as if they had always known each other.  Every secret was revealed, including their sexual relationships with Sidney, which both men suspected.  Kai fell asleep with Jacques wrapped tightly in his arms.  Kai's warm, wet breath on the nape of Jacques' neck, along with his soft purring put Jacques to sleep soon after Kai fell asleep.  Jacques could easily get used to this for the rest of his life.

Kai's bear hug picked Sidney off his feet in the terminal.  When Kai lowered Sidney back to ground level, he said, "I love you, Sid!  Thanks for introducing me to Jacques; I really, really, really like him.  I think I'm falling for him!"

"Cool, I'm glad you two are hitting it off.  He's like my number two bestie."

"Who's your number one," Kai asked in a coy manner.

"He's blond, he has beautiful green eyes which make me green with envy..."

"I love you, Sidney."

"I love you, too Kai!"

Sidney kissed Kai on the lips in the terminal, not caring that all of Boston recognized him.  The kiss was quick by Sidney and Kai's standards.  Sidney turned and watched as his friend boarded the plane, feeling proud of his matchmaking skills.


"He's perfect," Jacques said as Sidney walked through the front door.  Sidney noticed Jacque's level of exuberance and happiness sharply increasing at the mention of Kai.  This was a great sign in Sidney's eyes.

"I'm falling in love with him, Sid!  Thanks for doing this for me!"  Jacques reached over and hugged Sidney.  While hugging Sidney, he kissed Sidney on the cheek.

"This is awesome," Sidney said.  "You'll be married to a doctor whose name is known around the world and Kai'll be married to a star hockey player."

"Who are you planning to marry," Jacques asked, not even having second thoughts about Sidney's marriage comment.

"A supermodel.  Why not?"

"Good luck with that one, buddy!"

"You just have no faith!"  Jacques laughed at Sidney's fake plight and then kissed Sidney right on the lips.  Sidney did not resist, allowing Jacques' tongue entrance, playing tongue hockey for a while.  "That's the last good kiss you get, Sid."

"Ah, is this what I get as the fruits of my labors?  Seems pretty over-ripen to me!"

"I love you, Sidney."

"I love you, too, Jacques."

End of Chapter 5

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