The LeFleur-Winfield Men

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  29 -- 30, Starting Net Minder for the Boston Bruins
Kai:  29 -- 30, General Surgeon at UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Jacques:  20 -- 21, Captain of the Boston Bruins
Brandon:  24, General Surgeon at UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center
John & Dustin:  66 & 65, Parents

Part Four:  Kai-Sexual -- Epilogue

September 2052

"Why do we have a connecting flight out of LAX," Tia asked Sidney.  Tia, short for Laetitia, was a French supermodel and Sidney's girlfriend.

"If we fly to Oxnard, we can beat the traffic that leads to Malibu," Sidney replied.

"Good idea," Tia said.

"Agreed," Jacques commented.  Sidney was in Los Angeles to introduce his parents to Tia; Kai wanted to introduce Jacques to John and Dustin, as well, so Jacques tagged along.


Kai's car was already parked at the main house on the Malibu compound, the house where the film Last Action Hero was recorded.  The Malibu compound was the last piece of residential property John and Dustin owned in the Los Angeles area.  The main house, where Sidney, Kai, and their brothers grew up was sold to Paris and Zach for four dollars.  The Lido Island beach house in Newport was sold to Page and Dmitry for one dollar.

When Sidney entered the house, Kai was already making his way to the front door to greet everyone.  Kai hugged and kissed Sidney before moving on to Tia.  "Kai, this is Tia, my girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you," Kai said, extending a hand to shake Tia's.

"And you, as well," Tia said, shaking Kai's hand.

Kai made his way to his boyfriend and hugged Jacques tightly, saying, "Oh...I missed you so much!"

"I missed you...too, baby," Jacques said, catching his breath as Kai squeezed it out of him.  The men kissed and then followed Sidney and Tia into the back yard where John and Dustin were out relaxing by the pool.

"Hello, hello, everyone," John said aloud.  "Welcome to our humble abode."

"Hi, everyone," Dustin said, greeting Sidney, Jacques, and Tia.

Over tea, John and Dustin got more in depth with Jacques than they had on previous occasions, now that they are able to do so.  John and Dustin had to admit they were taken with Jacques.  When John and Dustin shifted their focus on Tia, they were excited that she and Sidney found each other.  Tia was smart, driven, and had the skills and credentials to market her brand, which was already very huge in France, in Europe and eventually in America.

After speaking with Tia and Jacques, John and Dustin called Sidney and Kai into the kitchen to help the chef, presumably, with the menu.  "Why are we in here, exactly," Kai asked.

"Yeah, we never help the chef with his menu," Sidney added.

"Dustin and I wanted to let you guys know that we've made our first ten billion," John said.

"The company," Sidney asked.

"No, our family," John said.

"This means that we've given nearly two billion dollars to charity," Dustin exclaimed.

"That's wonderful," Kai said, echoing Dustin's excitement.

"We also need to tell you guys about inheritance," John said.

"I'd rather not have to think about that," Sidney said, sounding somber.

"Son, we cannot live forever," Dustin responded.

"Death is a natural part of life, Sidney," John said, quoting Yoda.

"We are considering giving each of you two percent.  Given to you two, Ashley, Micah, Page, and Paris, that'll total to twelve percent," John added.  "The grandchildren will receive one percent each and your spouses will each receive a half-percent.  Adding the spouses to the twelve percent, we'll spend fifteen percent, plus the grandchildren."

"What are you guys planning to do with the rest, the other seventy-to-seventy-five percent," Kai asked.

"Charity," Dustin answered.  "At least seven-billion dollars will go to charity."

"You guys have enough stock in the company to not worry about your financial security," John added.  "Don't worry; you will all be taken care of."

"Also," Dustin said, "we are selling off the majority of this compound."

"Why...and to whom," Sidney asked.

"Well, we don't need all of this property.  We never really used it when we were younger, so one could see it's even more pointless to have it now," John said.  "Sidney, you live in Boston; Kai lives in Long Beach and has no intention of moving up here, Micah lives in San Francisco, Ashley lives in New York, and your other two brothers moved to Irvine.  What is the point in keeping all this land?"

"How much are you guys selling," Kai asked.

"The three mansions on the south-west end closest to the property entrance and the mansion on the north side," Dustin replied.  "We're keeping this mansion and the mansion next door, closest to the path down the cliff to the beach."

"What about the tunnels," Sidney asked.  Sidney was asking about the underground tunnels John and Dustin added to connect the cellars of the six mansions that made up the property.

"We've sealed those up, with the exception of the large wine reserve under the cul-de-sac and the tunnels that connect this house to the guest house and the reserve to this house and the guest house," John answered.

Sidney sighed and said, "It's too bad you guys don't own so much land closer to Boston; I'd love to buy some for five-bucks."

During dinner, the men spent time watching their children interact with their boyfriend and girlfriend.  Jacques and Tia grew on John and Dustin as quickly as the night unfolded.  John and Dustin were very pleased in the choices Kai and Sidney made and hoped this was going to be a continuing trend in their lives.


Kai and Tia were astonished as Sidney showed off his near-stripper moves on the dance floor at the club.  "My man has moves I didn't know about, apparently," Tia said.

"Where did you learn how to dance like that," Kai asked.

"Jacques could answer that one," Sidney said laughing with Jacques at an inside joke.

Once Jacques regained composure, he said, "We passed up a place offering stripping classes, so we just randomly walked in and decided to take it for fun."

"It became a thing...a weekly thing," Sidney added.  "Let's show `em what we learned."  Jacques and Sidney began dancing very sexually on the dance floor.  The started out solo, but slowly moved together, and were nearly having sex on the floor.  Tia and Kai watched astonished as Sidney and Jacques were almost having sex with their clothes on.

"Okay, I think we get the picture," Tia said in a stern, yet playful tone.  Jacques went back to Kai and Sidney went back to Tia.  The group danced with their respective partners for a few songs before taking a break.  After fueling up, Kai and Sidney took to the dance floor.  Sidney was determined to get at least one dance with Kai, he did not anticipate their first dance being a slow dance.

"How old-fashioned," Kai whispered into Sidney's ear as they were dancing close.  "I didn't know clubs still played slow music."

"Me, either," Sidney said as he pulled Kai closer.  The two were so close, the felt as if they could mold into one person.  Sidney noticed Kai was a lot more defined than when he and Kai were last together.  Kai also noticed Sidney had gotten larger.

"I love you," Sidney uttered into Kai's ear.  Kai squeezed Sidney tightly and replied, "I love you, too."

At the end of the night, Kai, Jacques, Sidney, and Tia shut the club down.  In the parking lot, Sidney and Jacques hugged each other as Kai and Tia hugged.  When they switched, Tia gave Jacques a quick hug and a peck because Jacques speaks French.  After a long, loving hug, Sidney and Kai kissed deeply, in front of their lovers.  Once the kiss was broken, Kai and Sidney still held on to each other as they looked into the other's eyes.  "Love you, Sidney," Kai said.  "Love you back, Kai," Sidney exclaimed.  The boys laughed and shared another, small kiss before parting ways, Sidney and Tia back to Malibu, and Kai and Jacques to Kai' penthouse.


"Wow, nice flat," Jacques said as he walked over to the large windows in the kitchen.

"I like it," Kai said, trying to sound modest.  Kai walked behind Jacques and wrapped his arms around Jacques.  Jacques grabbed Kai's arms and squeezed before turning around to kiss Kai.  The two men pursued the kiss with vehement passion, as if it were their last.  Kai began unbuttoning Jacques' shirt, exposing Jacques' beautifully sculpted, smooth chest.  Kai kissed Jacques' neck, then his chest, and finally, came back to his lips.

After Kai and Jacques parted, Jacques reached forward and began unbuttoning Kai's Oxford.  Jacques felt Kai's large muscular pectorals and said, "You have an incredible physique."

Kai smiled and allowed Jacques to continue exploring.  Kai allowed Jacques to remove Kai's shirt.  Jacques kissed Kai's chest as he unbuttoned Kai's pants.  Kai grabbed Jacques' hand as Jacques grabbed the zipper.  "Follow me," Kai said, holding Jacques hand and leading him to the master bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, Kai stopped at the bed and allowed Jacques to continue.  Jacques knelt before Kai and lowered Kai's zipper.  Jacques lowered Kai's pants and then reached for Kai's underwear.  Kai stopped Jacques and said, "Not, now."  Jacques stood before Kai as Kai stepped out of his pants.  Kai removed Jacques' shirt, kissing Jacques' massive arms.  Like an expert at his craft, Kai unbuttoned Jacques' pants in one smooth pull and pushed them down, watching them collect around Jacques' feet.

Kai instructed Jacques to lie on the bed.  Jacques felt Kai's weight as Kai climbed on the bed beside him.  Kai began massaging Jacques' shoulders, much to Jacques' delight.  Kai kneaded away Jacques tension and put Jacques into a very calm state.  Jacques felt Kai hook his fingers under Jacques' form fitting Under Armor boxer briefs.  Jacques lifted his midsection so that Kai could remove the shorts.  Kai ran a finger down the crack of Jacque's beautifully shaped ass.  Jacques moaned when Kai touched his asshole.  Kai kissed both cheeks before he started massaging them, causing Jacques to moan again.  I hope he's a screamer, Kai thought as he continued massaging Jacques' lovely mounds.

"Let me do you," Jacques said, sitting up and instructing Kai t lie on his stomach.  Kai was surprised at Jacques' expert massage and was even more surprised that Jacques actually made him whimper.  Jacques turned Kai into Jell-O under his touch.  Kai subconsciously raised his hips, allowing Jacques to remove his boxer briefs.  Jacques kissed Kai's cheeks and then nibbled at the hairy area close to Kai's hole.  Kai moaned out, "Oh," as Jacques continued his path towards Kai's hole.  Jacques found Kai's hole and started rimming it, drenching the thick, dirty blond hair around the area.

After a few minutes of rimming, Jacques removed his tongue and said, "Flip over."  Kai complied, exposing himself to Jacques for the first time.  Jacques wasted no time; he took the plunge on Kai's blood-engorged dick, taking nearly the entire shaft into his throat.  Jacques continued working Kai's dick, finally able to take the entire dick into his throat.  Jacques played with Kai's large balls as he continued sucking Kai's dick.

After a while of sucking, Kai instructed Jacques to lie beside him, giving Kai access to Jacques' dick.  Kai was amazed at the length and girth of Jacques' dick, but wanted to tackle it as best he could.  Still enjoying the sensations Jacques was giving him, Kai took Jacques into his mouth.  Kai was able to fit all but one-inch of Jacques thick, long meet into his mouth and throat.  The boys continued the sixty-nine position until both boys were good at pleasing the other, with no dick exposed.

As Jacques continued working Kai's dick, Kai allowed Jacques to fall from his mouth.  Kai's new focus was on Jacques' beautiful, hairless pucker.  Kai licked, nibbled, and sucked his boyfriend's tight asshole.  Jacques was starting to moan loudly around Kai's dick, sending amazing feelings throughout Kai's entire nervous system.  Jacques removed Kai from his mouth and focused on Kai's large testicles, sucking one at a time.  Kai's tongue was now penetrating Jacques' virgin-tight hole.  Kai decided Jacques was ready to move to the next step.

Kai moved away from Jacques and flipped Jacques onto Jacques' back.  Jacques grabbed a pillow for leverage as Kai lubed his dick.  Once in position, Sidney slowly slid his manhood into Jacques, stopping once he was buried to the hilt.  Jacques remained hard and moaned out his approval.  Kai could sense that Jacques really liked bottoming, which is great for Kai, who is a natural top.  Kai pulled out nearly the entire length of his dick, and then sunk back into Jacques slowly.  Jacques was already moaning loudly, much to Kai's delight.

Kai sunk all the way into Jacques and then grabbed Jacques around his back, pulling them into a sitting position.  Kai turned around and put his back against the wall; without hesitation, Jacques began riding Kai's dick.  Kai began fucking Jacques, matching Jacques downward strokes with an upward thrust.  Eventually tiring of this position, Kai moved forward, careful to keep his dick lodged deep within Jacques.

With Jacques now on his side, Kai was able to go deeper, harder and faster.  Jacques moaned loudly and even made a high-pitched squeal at one point, something that surprised Kai.  Kai continued fucking Jacques in different manners, trying to test his range of moaning.  Kai was fucking Jacques harder and harder, but Jacques remained hard and moaned in delight.  Kai wanted even more power behind his thrusts, so he moved Jacques on to Jacques' stomach.  Kai's dick never left Jacques' rectum as the two moved to a new position.  Kai was now fucking Jacques in earnest, using his body weight to slam deep into Jacques.  Each slam caused Jacques to moan louder and louder and Kai loved every second.

When Kai felt himself getting closer, he took his dick out of Jacques and flipped Jacques over.  Once Jacques was on his back, Kai plunged back in quickly.  Kai grabbed Jacques' dick and started jerking as he was pounding away.  Within seconds, Jacques was coming in huge globs on his pillow, shoulder, chest, and stomach.  As Jacques was coming, Kai unleashed a torrent of his seed deep into Jacques, thrusting each time he ejaculated.

Kai let out a deep breath and then collapsed on Jacques, smashing Jacques' come between them.  In this position, Sidney could not help thinking about the fun times he had with Brandon and how saying, "I love you," too soon ruined what they had.  Kai also realized that he was ready to settle down and was not willing to waste his time on someone who did not share those sentiments, so this would be the decisive moment.  "I love you," Kai whispered into Jacques' ears.

After a moment of Jacques not answering, Kai started to worry that maybe he was being misled again, until, a Jacques whispered, "And I love you!"  Kai pushed himself deeper into Jacques and the two stayed like this for over ten minutes, enjoying the feeling they were creating for each other.

June 2053

"Wow," Brandon said, looking at Kai's certificate.  "A whole year ahead of schedule, Kai; now I really want to be like you!"

Kai chuckled at Brandon's exuberance and said, "You definitely have potential.  Just keep your head above water, Brandon.  Focus on learning, not on getting ahead; you'll be a better doctor, and person.  And don't end up single at age thirty; you're too smart for that!"

Brandon smiled before asking, "What am I going to do without you?"

"You have my number and if I change it, I'll call you first so you can have it, Brandon.  You can do this; you have the knowledge and the confidence."

Kai reached out and rubbed Brandon's face.  Brandon reached up and held Kai's hand in place.  For the first time, Kai saw Brandon tear up.  "I'm still gonna miss you," Brandon said.

Kai smiled and pulled Brandon into a tight embrace, holding him and massaging the nape of his neck while he cried.  "I love you, Brandon," Kai said.

Brandon stopped crying and sighed.  "I love you, too Kai," Brandon said, before looking into Kai's eyes.  Kai knew he should not do what he was about to do, but he could not fight the urge.  Kai and Brandon seemed to gravitate toward each other as their lips met in the middle, equidistant from their starting points.  Kai and Brandon kissed ardently as Kai began groping Brandon.  Brandon grabbed Kai's wandering hands and stopped their pursuit without breaking the kiss.  Once the kiss was broken, the two men looked into each other's eyes, wanting more, but each knew they could not for to do so would be crossing the Rubicon.

Kai began stroking Brandon's face and zeroed in on Brandon's lips, tracing them with his thumb.  "You're so beautiful," Kai said.

Brandon smiled and responded, "Thank you."

"You deserve to find a partner who will love and cherish you, Brandon.  Don't settle for mediocre."

"You mean find someone like yourself?"

"Find someone better."  Brandon kissed Kai again, but the kiss lasted a few seconds before the two parted.  "You have my number and my email.  When Mass Gen gives me a work email, I'll send that to you, as well.  If you need any letters of recommendation, just let me know."

"Okay.  I love you."

"I love you, too."

After one more hug, Kai left UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center one last time.

"This is great you got a job, but is it a career path," John asked Kai over a cup of tea.  Kai was visiting his fathers at the Malibu compound to discuss his move.

"It is," Kai responded.  "I'm going to help set up and lead their advanced diagnostics department."

"That sounds great son," Dustin exclaimed.  "We are very proud of you, but are you ready to accept this responsibility?"

"Yes, this is what I've been wanting.  I am ready for this challenge."

"Good, Kai," John said.  "We are very proud of you, son."

Kai smiled and responded, "Thanks, dads.  I love you guys!"

"We love you too, son," John and Dustin said in unison.  The men took turns kissing and hugging their son and wishing him well.

Kai was searching through penthouse listings in the living room of Sidney's house when he stopped at the words "Ritz-Carlton Boston Common."  Kai texted the reservation times to Jacques and waited for a reply.  Jacques took a minute to reply and Kai took half that time to book a walk-through of the penthouse.  Kai was ready to buy an apartment and move out of Sidney's house.  One could deduce that Kai did not like having to share a house with Sidney and Tia, but that was not the case.  Kai wanted his own place, just for himself and Jacques.  Having this many roommates felt to college-y to Kai.

The penthouse was massive.  It had sixteen closets, three bathrooms and two half-baths, a large terrace that wrapped around the three bedrooms and connected to the breakfast area, a massive kitchen with lots of counter space and a bar separating the kitchen and the breakfast area.  The penthouse also had a large dining room, a massive living room, and a massive master bedroom.  The penthouse was U-shaped, offering unsurpassed wrap-around views of downtown Boston and Boston Common.

Kai was in love with this penthouse, though he could not gauge how Jacques felt.  Once the two left the penthouse, Kai asked Jacques, "So, what do you think?"

"It's big.  I've never been in an apartment that big before."

"Do you like it?"

"It's expensive.  What if we move after we have kids?"

Kai was excited to hear Jacques talk about children, but not excited to hear Jacques thoughts about moving out before they even moved in.  "What do you mean?  It has three very large bedroom, a terrace, and a pool and gym in the hotel."

"You don't think our children could use a backyard?"

"I think they'll be fine, hon.  Kids grow up in apartments all the time.  This apartment feels like a house, though."

"And what about neighbors with children...or the lack there of.  I just want what's best for our children."

"As do I.  When we have children, we'll reevaluate where we are, our surroundings, and any other thing that effect the growth of our children.  We can always move; it's not a big deal."

"Okay...I'm glad you at least see that."

"So, should we get it?"

"Yes; you can buy it."

Kai smiled at Jacques and unlocked his phone.  "Yes, that sounds good," Kai said into the phone before hanging it up.  "It's ours!"

After moving their belongings into the penthouse, Jacques, Kai, and Sidney dove onto the nearest sofa in the living room.

"Moving into a penthouse sucks," Sidney cried.

"Ah, it wasn't that bad," Kai countered.  "At least this building has freight elevators unlike my last."

"How is that any different," Sidney asked.

"Larger elevator, less trips," Kai answered.

"Honey, we're home," Jacques said.  Kai laughed at Jacques comment.  Sidney and Jacques soon joined Kai's hysterical laughter, completely exhausted.

"I'm glad you're here, Kai," Sidney said.  "I really, really missed you."

"I really, really missed you, too," Kai said.  "We have partners, now, so we can't date each other like we did in high school and college."

"You two used to date," Jacques asked.

"It wasn't really dating, we just called them dates," Sidney answered.

"I miss them, though," Kai said.

"Maybe we should continue them," Sidney offered.

"I definitely agree with that," Kai said.

"I'm moving to Cambridge," Sidney said.

"Where in Cambridge," Jacques asked.  "And why, now?"

"Washington Avenue," Sidney answered.  "This will be the house I plan to raise my kids in; I wanted a larger back yard."

"That's a great reason," Jacques answered.

Kai changed the subject, wanting to talk about anything that would be a sure sale of the penthouse in Jacques' eyes.  Jacques loved Kai and Kai loved Jacques, Kai was certain there would be middle ground.  The group chatted and laid on the sofa lazily before moving to the terrace and doing the same.  Kai was already thinking ahead to his plans he had with Jacques the following day.

After a lovely night of great eating at No. 9 Park, Kai and Jacques were now seeing level on the penthouse.  Jacques' answer to Kai's insistence was, "You're lucky I love you!"

Now full, the men decided to walk through the Common to get back to the Ritz-Carlton.  Jacques was jovial as he walked with his arms wrapped around Kai's left bicep.  Kai was now beginning to realize just how much he really liked younger guys.  Kai kissed Jacques as the two passed Frog Pond and the tadpole playground.  When the Common Pavilion was in view, Jacques unhooked his arm and ran to the Romanesque gazebo.  Once Kai made his way to the gazebo, his beau was standing in the middle, beating his chest and yelling into the night.  Kai laughed as he climbed the stairs of the gazebo and stood behind his boyfriend.  I really love him, Kai thought.

Jacques had his arms stretched into the air, forming a V-shape above his head, when he turned around to see Kai behind him, on one knee.  Jacques covered his mouth with both hands as Kai opened the ring box and asked, "Jacques Belanger, will you give me the very great honor of becoming my husband and partner for the rest of our lives?"

Jacques smiled behind his hands, then, lowering his hands, said, "Yes!"

After Kai put the ring on Jacques finger and stood up amid applause from onlookers, Jacques nearly knocked Kai over as he hugged Kai tightly.  "I love you so much, Kai," Jacques said.

"I love you, too, Jacques!"

Jacques looked into Kai's eyes before leaning forward to kiss his fiance.

End of Part 4

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